Google under attack for insufficient recruiting at HBCUs

Featured image Google is under fire for the way it recruits engineers from colleges. According to the Washington Post: For years, Google’s recruiting department used a college ranking system to set budgets and priorities for hiring new engineers. Some schools such as Stanford University and MIT were predictably in the “elite” category, while state schools or institutions that churn out thousands of engineering grads annually, such as Georgia Tech, were assigned to »

Shapes of things (25)

Featured image The New York Times is a sick institution, but it is representative in a way that signifies. It is in the grip of the cultural totalitarian madness that has become something like regular order in the schools, the press, Big Tech and corporate titans, the world of the prestige nonprofits, and other precincts where the sick left holds sway. I would like to say other precincts where reality is optional, »

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Featured image Michael Powell’s New York Times story on the Smith College nightmare provides a useful summary of the events. Powell’s story also links to the 35-page report commissioned by the college. The madness at the heart of the story has engulfed our country and our culture, as we saw in the riots of this past summer. Tucker Carlson reviewed the Smith College story in a 12-minute segment of his FOX News »

Democrats play the race card on behalf of Tanden and Becerra, Part Two

Featured image The mainstream media continues to peddle the obvious falsehood that certain of President Biden’s nominees are being opposed and stalled in the Senate because they are “of color.” I discussed Politico’s lame effort in this regard on the Democrats’ behalf last night. Not to be outdone, the Washington Post weighs in with this piece by Annie Linskey here. If you read far enough into Linskey’s report, you will learn that »

Democrats play the race card on behalf of Tanden and Becerra [UPDATED: AOC chimes in]

Featured image One side benefit of the defeat of Neera Tanden’s nomination (if that’s what ends up happening) is the enjoyment of watching identity politics bean-counters explode in anger, making fools of themselves in the process. Rep. Judy Chu, head of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, and her colleague Rep. Grace Meng claim to detect a double standard in the opposition to Tanden (who is Asian, but not Asian Pacific, for »

Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World

Featured image Steve Hayward posted the new documentary on the life of Thomas Sowell here last month, but it blew right by me. In case you missed it then, I have embedded it below. It has racked up nearly 3.5 million views and more than 8,000 comments since Steve posted it last month. I realized I had missed it when the Hoover Institution’s Greg Stamps wrote this past Friday: “Thomas Sowell: Common »

Why Math Is Racist

Featured image This is actually a claim that is being made often these days: the sciences in general, and math in particular, are racist. The latest comes from Oregon: The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) recently encouraged teachers to register for training that encourages “ethnomathematics” and argues, among other things, that White supremacy manifests itself in the focus on finding the right answer. An ODE newsletter sent last week advertises a Feb. »

Inside the Times madhouse

Featured image We are rarely given a glimpse inside the struggle sessions at the New York Times. Last week New York Times science reporter Donald McNeil exited the newspaper as a result of an incident that occurred outside the Times two years ago. The Times made up a rule after the fact to justify McNeil’s exit. Aaron Sibarium recounts the background in the Washington Free Beacon story “New York Times Meltdown Plays »

Facing Reality

Featured image Charles Murray must be the bravest man in America. His new book, to be published in June, is titled Facing Reality: Two Truths about Race in America. This is how the book is described on Amazon: The charges of white privilege and systemic racism that are tearing the country apart fIoat free of reality. Two known facts, long since documented beyond reasonable doubt, need to be brought into the open »

Vaccination lessons

Featured image Today, the Washington Post ran a lengthy article about the low coronavirus vaccination rate in mostly-Black Prince George’s County, Maryland. Only 4 percent of that county’s population has received a first dose of the vaccine, the lowest percentage in the state. Yet, PG County is the Maryland county hardest hit by the pandemic, according to the Post. Is PG County’s low vaccination rate due to racism or discrimination against Blacks. »

Defund the Bastards

Featured image A few days ago, a student at the University of Minnesota created a sensation with an Instagram story in which he described being terrified by an encounter with racist police officers, from which he narrowly escaped with his life: Tw: police violence and brutality/racial profiling Last night, after finishing up my homework and honestly wrapping up a pretty long week, I wanted to go take a walk outside. It was »

Demography and Destiny

Featured image Charles Blow is a New York Times columnist whose output is usually around the bend, even by the low standards of that publication. But his most recent column is surprisingly cogent. It begins with the observation that black political power appears to be ascendant: It is easy to believe that Black power and influence are growing in America, and that the logical conclusion is that a set of policies favoring »

Criticizing critical race theory

Featured image CRT is the hate that dares to speak its name. Indeed, it won’t shut up. Now peddled by Joe Biden and the functionaries of his administration, the hate has become our current orthodoxy. I am therefore feeling nothing but love for Half Black Conservative exposing the party line being shoved down our throats. Ms. HBC dissents: [L]et me make this clear: you are being brainwashed and manipulated. I don’t care »

CRT Is Sacrosanct and May Not Be Questioned

Featured image Critical Race Theory is a poisonous, racist, anti-American set of doctrines, but we are all supposed to pretend we don’t understand that. Criticism of CRT is forbidden, or will be if the Left gets its way. Take the case of Georgia, where a state representative has questions about the institutions that his constituents support with their taxes: A Georgia lawmaker is trying to find out whether any of the state’s »

Deep meaning of equity

Featured image The execrable Susan Rice has returned to public life to lead the White House Domestic Policy Council. It’s an anodyne title, but she has taken up residence in the Executive Office of the President to execute, to crack the whip, to impose discipline, to play the role of Krupskaya to Joe Biden’s glassy-eyed Weekend at Bernie’s routine. Rice emerged on Tuesday to preview the strong dose of “equity” that Biden »

Deep meaning of diversity, equity, & inclusion

Featured image The Harris/Biden administration is leading us beyond equal rights to “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” “Diversity, equity, and inclusion” is the new shibboleth of the lunatic left and it permeates the recesses of the Democratic Party. To take an example that hits close to home, the Minnesota Department of Education has just rolled out its very own “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Center” to address “systemic racism,” to “ensure students receive an »

Joe Biden’s racist civil rights nominee, Part Four

Featured image In 1993, President Clinton nominated Lani Guinier to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Guinier was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania law school (she later moved on to Harvard), and a friend of the Clintons going back to their law school days. She had attended their wedding. However, Guinier’s nomination led to scrutiny of her scholarly work and that scrutiny led to charges that she was too »