More Evidence of the Racism of Leftists

Featured image Prof. Josh Dunn of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs brought my attention to a nasty review of Thomas Sowell’s 2010 book Intellectuals and Society by Aidan Byrne, a Senior Lecturer in English and Media/Cultural Studies at Wolverhampton University in Britain. It was published online in 2012 on a well-read site of the London School of Economics. Byrne didn’t like Sowell’s arguments at all. According to Byrne it suffers from “a »

Biden’s nastiness and racism revealed again

Featured image Earlier today, John posted the video of Joe Biden snapping at a reporter who asked him if he has taken a cognitive abilities test. I can understand why Biden resented the question, although it was a fair one, given that the former vice president has claimed to have been tested (in some unspecified way) on his cognition. But to respond by asking the reporter whether he is a junkie was »

J.P. Sears on Wokeology

Featured image You know who doesn’t suffer from “white fragility”? J.P. Sears, that’s who. Here in this 5-minute video, J.P. offers his short course in attaining a Ph.D in “White Wokeology,” which you get through Twitter University (though he doesn’t actually say where the program is accredited). I can’t believe J.P. hasn’t been rounded up and sent to a sensitivity training relocation camp in Cambridge or somewhere. »

Countdown: Under Four Hours to the Event of the Year on Crime

Featured image At noon Central, Center of the American Experiment will livestream a presentation on crime, policing and race by Heather Mac Donald, the country’s foremost expert on the conjunction of those topics. The presentation is data-rich, and contains all the facts you need to know to debunk the “systemic racism” in policing myth. You can go to the event page to register. The event is free. Registration means you will get »

America’s Top Expert Defends the Police

Featured image Thursday, day after tomorrow, at Noon Central, Heather Mac Donald, the nation’s premier expert on the intersection of crime, race and policing, will deliver the definitive smackdown of the anti-police myths that not just liberals, but corporate America, sports teams, and many Republicans have bought into. The truth is that there is no “systemic” racism in American policing. Heather’s data-rich presentation will make that clear. How do I know that »

Schroedinger’s 1619 Project?

Featured image The headline for this post comes straight from Phil Magness of the American Institute for Economic Research, and a two-time guest on the Power Line Podcast. It refers to the de facto admission today from the impresario of the New York Times‘s egregious “1619 Project,” Nicole Hannah-Jones, that in fact it is a purely political propaganda effort. Here’s Hannah-Jones’s extraordinarily candid Tweet today: “Not a history”!! A “work of journalism”!? »

Is the Democrats’ Race-baiting Working?

Featured image The Democrats have chosen to make a dishonest attack on white people the centerpiece of their 2020 campaign. Seems like a weird strategy, since whites make up something like 65% of the electorate. But we live in strange times, so who knows? Maybe it could work. The central theme of the Democrats’ campaign is that whites are irredeemably racist, while all other ethnic groups are more or less angelic. Again, »

Worst. White. Supremacists.Ever.

Featured image The Democratic Party platform has been published in draft form, and it is a beauty. An openly racist document, it is largely an attack on white people. The platform mentions whites or whiteness 15 times, never in a positive light. I want to focus on just one of those references to alleged white supremacy: Median incomes are lower and poverty rates are higher for Black Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and »

Battles In the War Over Policing

Featured image Minneapolis is ground zero in the war over policing that has erupted across the United States. Alone among cities, to my knowledge, its City Council has actually voted unanimously to take steps intended to result in the dismantling of the city’s police force. Here as elsewhere, anti-police agitators dominate the news, but how much public support they command is questionable. Polling by my organization suggests that around 85% of Minnesotans »

Are Liberals Racists? [Updated]

Featured image Current liberal orthodoxy holds that a person is defined, more than anything else, by his or her skin color. People are mostly members of groups, not individuals; in fact, individualism is explicitly frowned upon. Members of the same racial group are pretty much all alike, and can be generalized about freely. Those views used to be the very definition of racism. In my opinion, they still are. Hans Bader expands »

Coming Soon: The Facts on Crime, Race and Policing

Featured image Heather Mac Donald is America’s premier expert on the intersection of crime, race and policing. Her 2016 book The War On Cops remains the definitive treatment of this topic. Sadly, the war on cops has not only been renewed, it has been ramped up to a degree that would have been unimaginable just four years ago. On Thursday July 30, at Noon Central, Heather will deliver a live online presentation »

The Left’s Never-Ending Purity Implosion

Featured image Fun news today that Planned Parenthood in New York has decided to remove the name of its founder, Margaret Sanger, from its local headquarters building because they’ve figured out that she was a deeply racist supporter of eugenics. The New York Times reports: Planned Parenthood of Greater New York will remove the name of Margaret Sanger, a founder of the national organization, from its Manhattan health clinic because of her »

Chronicles of the Crazy Time (16)

Featured image Time for an update on peak craziness I think. I have figured out that the left’s strategy is simply to flood us with more and more crazy until we all give in, but I don’t think we should let them off the hook by ignoring their mental breakdown completely. • First, let’s get the fake news and junk science out of the way: Men Should Limit Alcohol to Just One »

“Be black, baby”

Featured image Brian De Palma is an acclaimed movie director, and has been for more than 50 years. His best known films include “Carrie,” “Dressed to Kill,” “Scarface,” and “The Untouchables.” De Palma first came to attention with “Greetings” (1968). It starred Robert De Niro as a young man trying to avoid the draft. De Palma followed up “Greetings” with “Hi Mom!” (1970), in which De Niro plays the same character. This »

Is “Wokism” Systemically Racist?

Featured image A flippant response might be, since pretty much everything else is these days, why not? More seriously, there is a good argument that wokism implies a contemptuous, paternalistic attitude toward minorities, especially blacks. And many have noticed that you see a lot more African-Americans in the ranks of the police than in Antifa. This short video by a black police officer makes the point tellingly: Portland Police Officer Jackson Speaks »

Noxious diversity training in federal government flourishes under Trump

Featured image Christopher Rufo reports that “critical race theory — the far-left academic discourse centered on the concepts of ‘whiteness,’ ‘white fragility’ and ‘white privilege’ — is coursing through the federal government’s veins. Under a GOP ­administration, no less.” Last month, a private diversity-consulting firm conducted a training titled “Difficult Conversations About Race in Troubling Times” for several federal agencies. The training called on white employees at the Treasury Department, the Federal »

Race and equality

Featured image Earlier today, we had as one of our “picks” at the top of the homepage an article called “Race and Equality.” This is an interview with Glenn Loury conducted by one of his former students, Glenn Yu. We have new picks up now, but I wanted to capture this interview (or conversation) permanently on Power Line. Loury is an economist who teaches at Brown. He made news recently by objecting »