Reparations, Goodbye

Featured image We wrote here and elsewhere about San Francisco’s plan for reparations. Drafted by the city’s African American Reparations Advisory Committee, it contemplated payments of $5 million per black recipient, along with total forgiveness of debt, exemptions from business taxes, refinanced mortgages, subsidized housing, and a wide array of government programs. And you didn’t need to be a resident of San Francisco to qualify. That obviously was never going to happen, »

Take these chains from my heart

Featured image Douglas Murray has thought through the subject of “reparations” (video below). He expressed his thoughts eloquently yesterday in conversation with Piers Morgan on Sky News Australia. Murray decried the “grievance competition” staking a claim to the “hurt” suffered by non-victims as a result of slavery centuries ago. “All history has consequences and ramifications…if we were to play this fairly we would at least look at all of the countries around »

Reparations Now!

Featured image If you thought genital mutilation of minors was the Democratic Party’s least popular policy position, think again. The time has come for reparations! For years now, the Democratic Party has kept its African-American base agitated and loyal with promises of reparations–i.e., vast amounts of cold cash. Countless committees have been appointed at the state, county and local levels for the purpose of studying reparations and making recommendations. I think Congress »

First Thing, Let’s Fire All the Teachers

Featured image Well, probably not all. But when did public school education become, on net, a force for evil? At some time after public sector unions were legalized in, as I recall, the 1960s. One of the worst mistakes in the history of our democracy. Now, the teachers’ unions have mobilized teachers as left-wing activists, and a great many of those who were not comfortable with that politicization have left the profession. »

CA Reparations Committee Approves Recommendations Costing Nearly 3X State’s Annual Budget

Featured image On Saturday, a California reparations task force approved a package that, if passed by the legislature, would cost $800 billion, or nearly three times the state’s annual budget. Although the new proposal did not state the size of the payments, an earlier version called for eligible blacks in the state to receive cash (or its equivalent) reparation payments of a minimum of $360,000 each to make up for “health harms, »

Target Customer Demands Reparations, Gets Punched by Security Guard

Featured image The New York Post reviewed the police report of an incident that occurred at a Blue Ash, Ohio, Target store in October. Upon hearing that her bill totaled over $1,000, customer Karen Ivery became irate and demanded that it be paid by reparations. Ivery became so aggressive during her encounter with the manager, the store’s loss prevention officer, Zach Cotter, was forced to intervene. The confrontation ended when Cotter punched Ivery »