Rick Berg

A Final Pre-Election Report on the PL Pick Six

Featured image We have promoted six Republican candidates throughout this election season, selected for a combination of the importance of their races and their quality as conservative leaders. With the election about to begin, here is where they stand; first, the House candidates: Mia Love has withstood a barrage of racist attacks from the Democrats and has a commanding 52-40 lead in the latest polling. She promises to be a dynamic voice »

Support Josh Mandel for Senate (Updated)

Featured image One of this year’s hottest races pits far-left Ohio senator Sherrod Brown against Power Line Pick Six candidate Josh Mandel. Josh, currently Ohio’s Treasurer, is a young (35), principled conservative who is running a great race. We heard from Mandel’s campaign this morning that their current polling has Josh up by one point. The Left is sending millions of dollars to Ohio to smear Josh and try to keep Brown »

Fight back against the smearing of Rick Berg

Featured image Mitt Romney isn’t the only Republican candidate in an important race who faces smears based on business dealings of a company that occurred when he had no role in its operation. In the North Dakota Senate race, Democrat Heidi Heitkamp has run an ad that attempts to hold Republican Rick Berg responsible for alleged misconduct by a residential property rental company called Goldmark Property Management, Inc. Goldmark Property Management has »

Fast talk in the Hot Box

Featured image We last checked into the Valley News Live/KVLY/KXJB/Fargp/Grand Forks Hot Box with Chris Berg to watch Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie defend his opposition to Minnesota’s proposed constitutional amendment requiring photo identification for voting. Ritchie had to do some fast taking to escape only slightly scathed. I posted the video and wrote about Ritchie’s appearance here. Berg subjected Ritchie to a more rigorous interview by far than he has »

Introducing the Power Line Pick Six

Featured image If you check the sidebar to your right, you will see our contribution to the 2012 Congressional elections: the Power Line Pick Six. We have selected six candidates to report on and get behind, three in the Senate and three in the House. We chose candidates who are solid conservatives and are likely to be leaders if they are sent to Washington; we have also selected pivotal races that will »