Robert Mueller

The Papadopoulos plea [UPDATED]

Featured image With news of today’s indictments of Paul Manafort and his colleague came word that former (minor) Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty earlier this month to making false statements to investigators. In addition, we learned that Papadopoulos has been cooperating with the Mueller investigation. Papadopoulos was in the news back in August, when the Washington Post reported that during the presidential campaign he sent emails to the Trump campaign »

The Manafort indictment

Featured image I can think of no one better than Andy McCarthy to evaluate the indictment of Paul Manafort. In McCarthy’s view, the indictment “is much ado about nothing . . . except as a vehicle to squeeze Manafort, which is special counsel Robert Mueller’s objective.” That sounds right. McCarthy explains: This case has nothing to do with what Democrats and the media call “the attack on our democracy” (i.e., the Kremlin’s »

Why Mueller should not be special counsel

Featured image I believe any reasonable observer, if he considers the matter independently of whose ox is being gored, would agree that it is problematic to have a special counsel with a broad mandate to investigate, unbound by some of the normal constraints of a prosecutor, a campaign and a presidency. Reasonable observers will disagree about the extent of the danger, and about the countervailing value of having such a prosecutor in »

Waiting for Mueller

Featured image ‘Round about the moment I came to the conclusion it was time to call the whole thing off, CNN reported that Robert Mueller’s team of 16 or 17 all-star prosecutors has secured an indictment of someone for something from the Washington grand jury. The indictment, however, is sealed. Whoever leaked news of the indictment to CNN is guilty of serious wrongdoing. That’s a big story too, but CNN isn’t going »

Investigate this (2)

Featured image Jennifer Kerns calls for an investigation into the placement of the Trump Dossier into the hands of the Obama administration — the hands of John Brennan in particular. Kerns doesn’t quote the Gershwin brothers song, but she’s got the refrain. Let’s call the whole thing off: As for the Russian collusion probe against Trump, it’s highly unlikely that Mueller will disband the probe on his own. After all, Mueller now »

Mueller’s case

Featured image Andrew McCarthy devotes his weekly NRO column to the unlimited mandate and uninhibited prosecutorial tactics of Robert Mueller. The column is “Mueller scorches the earth.” Reviewing the proceedings to date, Andy writes: You are forgiven if you can recall only vaguely that supposition about Trump-campaign collusion in Russian espionage against the 2016 election was the actual explanation for Mueller’s appointment as special counsel. To the extent there was any explanation, »

New York Times undercuts claim that Trump obstructed justice

Featured image The New York Times reports that special counsel Robert Mueller has obtained an “early draft” of President Trump’s letter stating the reasons for firing James Comey. Times reporters Michael Schmidt and Maggie Haberman inform us that “the circumstances and reasons for the firing are believed to be a significant element of Mr. Mueller’s investigation, which includes whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice by firing Mr. Comey.” The Times would love it »

All dreamy about the dream team

Featured image The Daily Beast serves up this puff piece about Robert Mueller’s “dream team.” It’s under the byline of Betsy Woodruff, but is so gushing it might as well have been written by the dream team itself. What I found most notable about Woodruff’s piece is the disconnect between her profile of the individual dream team members and her conclusion. Nearly every team member is, according to the article, either a »

Ex-Leahy staffer provides judicial oversight for Russia investigation

Featured image The Daily Beast reports that Judge Beryl Howell is the jurist who signed off on Robert Mueller’s request to convene a Washington, D.C. grand jury for the Russia investigation. It also says that, going forward, Howell “will be the umpire-in-chief: deciding whether or not Trump allies’ lawyers can quash subpoenas, and whether or not people like Jared Kushner can invoke what’s known as executive privilege to get out of testifying »

Mueller’s fishing expedition continues

Featured image The Washington Post reports that FBI agents raided the Alexandria home of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, late last month. They used a search warrant to seize documents and other materials. The search occurred soon after Manafort met with investigators for the Senate Intelligence Committee. At that meeting, Manafort reportedly answered questions and provided investigators with notes from a 2016 meeting between Trump campaign officials and Russians claiming »

Trump savages Richard Blumenthal on Twitter

Featured image President Trump ripped Richard Blumenthal on Twitter following a television appearance by the obnoxious Connecticut Senator. He wrote: Interesting to watch Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut talking about hoax Russian collusion when he was a phony Vietnam con artist! Never in U.S.history has anyone lied or defrauded voters like Senator Richard Blumenthal. He told stories about his Vietnam battles and…. conquests, how brave he was, and it was all a »

Mueller impanels Washington, D.C. grand jury

Featured image The Wall Street Journal reports that Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in Washington, D.C. A grand jury has already been impaneled in Virginia to investigate Michael Flynn and his work in the private sector on behalf of foreign interests. The new grand jury apparently will focus on Russia and the 2016 election and, quite possibly, on claims of obstruction of justice. The existence of the D.C. grand jury »

Trump Fights Back Against Mueller

Featured image I take it as a given that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is part of the Democratic Party’s effort to destroy the Trump administration. This is evidenced by the fact that he has staffed his investigation with Democratic Party activist lawyers and contributors to the Hillary Clinton campaign, and by his expansion of his “investigation” beyond any reasonable interpretation of his charge. This is what the order appointing Mueller says he »

The AP Runs Interference for Comey and Mueller [with comment by Paul]

Featured image President Trump noted that James Comey and Robert Mueller are “very, very good friends…which is bothersome.” So the Associated Press sprang into action to defend the two men now locked in a death struggle with the president. The AP vouches for the extraordinary, perhaps unprecedented, integrity of the men who are trying to bring down our duly elected president. In the AP’s telling, they are: …somber-faced and demanding… …more approachable »

Mueller’s empire

Featured image President Trump is now in a death struggle with Robert Mueller and James Comey. That’s the conclusion I draw from former Assistant United States Attorney Andrew McCarthy’s gimlet-eyed American Greatness column “Mueller’s empire.” Andy’s column makes several important points on which I have slightly expanded: • Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein fundamentally violates the applicable regulation. The regulation requires that the Attorney General or »

Mueller hires another Clinton backer

Featured image “Special counsel” Robert Mueller has hired another liberal Democrat to his expanding team. He has added Elizabeth Prelogar, who serves in the Office of the Solicitor General. Prelogar’s credentials are impressive, but do not appear to include prosecution or investigative experience. It looks like she has been added to help liberal Michael Dreeben, also of the Solicitor General’s Office, concoct a legal case against President Trump. As the National Law »

Should Trump fire Mueller, Part Five

Featured image Richard Painter was an “ethics” lawyer in the George W. Bush administration. He has tweeted that if President Trump fires “special counsel” Robert Mueller, then “Mike Pence will soon become the 46th President.” Painter supported Hillary Clinton for president last year. He went so far as to file a ridiculous ethics complaint against then-FBI Director James Comey over Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation. He alleged that the Director »