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Will the Mueller Switch Project Collapse?

Featured image The sentencing of General Michael Flynn could turn out to be the Waterloo of the Mueller Switch Project. The feds never could have convicted Flynn of perjury or lying to government officials–they don’t even have a transcript of what he said to the FBI! As a criminal case, it was always a non-starter. The Justice Department initially had no intention of prosecuting. But then, after Robert Mueller took over the »

Flynn’s fate (4)

Featured image Yesterday in “Flynn’s fate (3)” I posted the sentencing memo filed by General Flynn’s attorneys and concluded with a question: Will we ever get to the bottom of this story? Today’s Wall Street Journal carries a good editorial — “The Flynn entrapment” — that I believe to be by Kim Strassel. The editorial draws out the story implicit in Flynn’s sentencing memo and related evidence. Flynn’s case is pending before »

Flynn’s fate (3)

Featured image The lawyers representing General Michael Flynn have filed a 13-page sentencing memorandum with the court. The memorandum is followed by 165 pages of exhibits testifying to Flynn’s merits, record and accomplishments. The document is accessible online in its entirety here. Byron York extracts the new information that is made public in the memorandum in “Memo: FBI recommended Michael Flynn not have lawyer present during interview, did not warn of false »

A potential theory of impeachment

Featured image If the New York Times is right, Mueller’s theory of wrongdoing by President Trump boils down to “defraud[ing] voters.” This theory is worthy of ridicule. If Democrats want to impeach Trump, and I think they do, they will need theories that are more concrete. David French envisages one: a claim that Trump participated in an effort to provide false testimony to investigators. This allegation, he notes, was part of the »

Report: Mueller pressing hard on Trump Tower meeting

Featured image Rudy Giuliani says Team Mueller doesn’t believe President Trump’s claim that he was unaware in advance of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Trump campaign officials and a Russian-connected lawyer. Giuliani concludes this from his understanding of the way Mueller’s team interrogated Paul Manafort. I’m not sure I believe President Trump’s claim either. It’s not just that on the very day the meeting with the Russians was confirmed, Trump »

Manafort’s noncooperation

Featured image The Special Counsel filed a 10-page memo yesterday supporting its determination that Paul Manafort has breached his cooperation agreement with the office. The heavily redacted document is posted below. The memo notes that the Special Counsel has supporting material to be filed under seal. Manafort met with the prosecutors as well as the FBI on twelve occasions and testified twice to the grand jury. The Special Counsel asserts that Manafort »

Cohen can & cant (2)

Featured image The Special Counsel referred his investigation of Michael Cohen in part to the Southern District of New York. The Special Counsel entered into a plea agreement with Cohen to one count of false statements to Congress. Both the Special Counsel and the US Attorney for the Southern District filed sentencing memos late yesterday afternoon. I discuss the 38-page sentencing memo filed by the Southern District prosecutors in the adjacent post. »

Flynn’s fate (2)

Featured image Earlier this week in “Flynn’s fate” I noted the sentencing memo filed by the Mueller team in the case of former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn earlier this year. I have embedded the sentencing memo below. In relevant part the case against Flynn is based on FBI interviews with him about his conversations (intercepted communications) with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak following Trump’s election. This is the entirety of the »

Flynn’s fate

Featured image The Special Counsel has filed a sentencing memo and addendum in advance of the sentencing of Michael Flynn on the false statements charge to which he pleaded guilty way back when. I have embedded the 13-page document that is available only in heavily redacted form below. The Special Counsel recommends no incarceration for Flynn. He commends Flynn for his cooperation. His cooperation is ongoing. At page 1 the addendum cites »

Notes on the Cohen plea (2)

Featured image Last week I wasted no time offering contrarian notes on the Cohen plea. The plea deal occasioned the usual media “collusion” hysteria. I thought that Cohen’s plea belied the hysteria. Now RCP’s Paul Sperry adds his own reporting to a reading of the plea deal that is consistent with my own. Sources tell Sperry that Mueller apparently withheld exculpatory evidence in the Criminal Information he filed last week against Cohen »

Is it something he said?

Featured image The Daily Caller’s Richard Pollock has an exclusive report on an FBI raid. When I say FBI raid, I mean FBI raid. It involved some 16 agents making a house call on whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain. The problem here seems to be that Cain is blowing the whistle on federal law enforcement (or the nonfeasance thereof) in matters pertaining to the Clinton crime family. As if that weren’t enough, Robert »

A Mueller update

Featured image To prepare for my appearance on the Tom Shillue show yesterday, I boned up on the latest known developments in the Mueller investigation. I relied mainly on the links in Scott’s recent post, with the work of Andy McCarthy being, as usual, the most valuable. There are at least three fronts of recent activity: the Paul Manafort front, the Jerome Corsi/Roger Stone front, and the Michael Cohen front. Let’s discuss »

Notes on the Cohen plea

Featured image In connection with Michael Cohen’s guilty plea to one count of making false statements to Congress yesterday (see Criminal Information below), I have a few notes. I want to keep these notes simple consistent with a low level of confidence in my understanding of what is happening here. • The first stories previewing Michael Cohen’s guilty plea to making false statements to Congress were posted yesterday morning before the the »

Media alert

Featured image This afternoon at 3:35 (Eastern Time), I will be a guest on the Tom Shillue show. You can click on the link above to listen, or you can hear the show on SIRIUS XM Channel 450 and dozens of stations across the country. We’ll probably be talking about the recent developments in the Mueller investigation, including the Michael Cohen plea agreement, among other subjects. »

Another Cohen guilty plea

Featured image Michael Cohen is to plead guilty in federal district court in Manhattan this morning “for misstatements to Congress,” according to the multi-bylined New York Times story. I actually can’t tell from the Times story as posted at the moment whether Cohen has appeared in court yet and whether more than one charge was presented. The Times reports that “Cohen admitted to making false statements to Congress about his efforts to »

More Mueller madness

Featured image An explosion of what passes for news related to the Mueller Switch Project has appeared in the mainstream media this week. It features Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and President Trump. Insofar as “collusion” with organs of the Russian government in manipulating the 2016 election is concerned, there seems to be no there there. I should add this related media note. The Guardian entered the scene with a dubious »

Matt Whitaker under fire already [UPDATED]

Featured image Matthew Whitaker is President Trump’s selection to replace Jeff Sessions. Whitaker will be the Acting Attorney General. Whitaker is qualified for the position. He served as Sessions’ chief of staff and, at one time, as a U.S. Attorney. Like almost anyone Trump might have named to replace Sessions, though, Whitaker has come in for bitter criticism from the Trump haters. They make three main arguments: (1) Whitaker can’t oversee the »