Ron DeSantis

Dissing DeSantis

Featured image If Donald Trump is not the Republican nominee in 2024, Ron DeSantis likely will be. So the Democratic Party knives are out. This long–just about endless, in fact–anti-DeSantis rant in the New Yorker suggests how the Democrats will attack Florida’s wildly popular governor. It goes on at length about covid, and through the first 100 pages or so you would think people were dropping like flies in Florida due to »

Quote of the day

Featured image Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wraps it up early with his response to the news that Elon Musk leans toward supporting him in 2024. Just elected in Texas’s 34th Congressional District special election, Mayra Flores has more here in response to Musk’s tweet disclosing that he voted for her in his first-time ever vote for a Republican. Her response was not too shabby either. Musk responded to a follow-up Twitter query »

Freedom Is Fascism?

Featured image One of the weirdest tropes on the Left these days is the claim that freedom from government control is really fascism. Yesterday a reporter tried that theory out on Ron DeSantis, quoting a couple of Democrats who equated his Florida “regime” with totalitarian dictators like Fidel Castro. Big mistake: .@GovRonDeSantis shows how it does a "disservice" to equate Florida to dictatorial regimes. — MRCTV (@mrctv) May 18, 2022 A »

Mouse Trapped

Featured image Today Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation that revokes Disney’s virtually self-governing status in that state. The cause, of course, was Disney’s aggressive pro-groomer, anti-parent political stance. Not long ago it would have been unthinkable for a major corporation to stick its neck out in support of an unpopular, even radical political position that doesn’t even relate to the company’s business. Now perhaps we understand why. The Wall Street Journal »

Gov. DeSantis: Mr. Bigtoe?

Featured image I’m going to need help getting up from the floor laughing uncontrollably about this tweet from the pathetic Charlie Crist: Never mind trying to make the Smith-Rock episode an adjunct to a political campaign in Florida. “Bigtoed” legislation? Is this aimed to produce a backlash against discrimination and oppression of Bigfoot, and purveyors of Bigfoot erotica? DeSantis is even more of a genius than I thought. And I’m getting even »

Florida Ascendant

Featured image People vote most sincerely when they vote with their feet. One of the basic realities of our time, transcending and perhaps ultimately overwhelming many of our current political debates, is that people are fleeing blue states and moving to red states. What states are in decline? California, New York, Illinois, Minnesota. What states are prospering? Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah. And above all, Florida. Current Census Bureau data »

Democrats Still Lying About Florida

Featured image It’s pretty much a daily occurrence–Democrats spreading disinformation about Florida, one of America’s most prosperous, fastest growing, and freest states. I suppose it is the last part they really hate. The current smear is propagated by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and the disgusting Jen Psaki: .@POTUS and his Administration stand with LGBTQI+ students everywhere, including in Florida where they have passed hateful legislation targeting vulnerable students. — Jen »

Blue Governors Retreat on Mandates

Featured image The New York Times notices a trend: New York’s governor said on Wednesday that she was ending the state’s indoor masking rules. The governor of Massachusetts announced that face coverings would soon become optional in schools. And by day’s end, the governors of Illinois, Rhode Island and Washington said that they, too, would loosen coronavirus rules. The moves, which came rapid fire, one after another, mean that many of the »

Florida vs. Biden On Immigration

Featured image The Biden administration, having opened the Southern border to a massive wave of illegal immigration, is covertly distributing migrants around the country. The State of Florida has now told the administration that enough is enough. Embedded below is a letter from Governor Ron DeSantis’s General Counsel, Ryan Newman, to the Deputy General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The letter tells HHS that Florida will no »

The New York Times does Trump vs. DeSantis

Featured image My friend who reads the New York Times called my attention to this frontpage piece about tension between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. It’s by Times stalwarts Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Martin, who probably had plenty of fun writing it. They report that Trump has become unhappy with DeSantis because the Florida governor won’t say he’d step aside if, as seems likely, Trump decides to run for president in 2024. »

2021’s Man of the Year

Featured image A number of people distinguished themselves on the public stage in 2021, but the Man of the Year stands out pretty clearly: he is Ron DeSantis. DeSantis was a model of rational governance, and under his leadership Florida has moved to the forefront not just as a destination for blue-state refugees, but as a famously well-governed state. Even extreme leftists know enough to go to Florida when they can. Florida »

DeSantis Strikes Back

Featured image A good friend and frequent email correspondent has been saying for years that we need to send all the illegal immigrants to places where there is plenty of room for them: thinly populated areas like Marin County, the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, Nancy Pelosi’s mansion. That would get the wall built even faster than Hispanics voting Republican. It seems that my friend may have been emailing Ron DeSantis: DeSantis Proposes $8 »

What’s the matter with Florida?

Featured image In 2004, Thomas Frank published a widely-discussed book called What’s the Matter with Kansas? I didn’t read the book, but my understanding of Frank’s smug thesis is that Kansans, and by extension Americans (the title of the book overseas was What’s the Matter with America?), were voting against their interests, as Frank saw them, because they were distracted by cultural issues. These days, Democrats are asking, “what’s the matter with »

I’ll have what he’s having

Featured image The new ad attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (video below) is a little wide of the mark for anyone who has a clue. For Power Line readers no comment is necessary. I will only say that the ad reminds me of the famous scene in When Harry Met Sally. I’ll have what he’s having. I meant to get to this a couple of days ago and overlooked it in the »

Fear and Loathing In Florida

Featured image Democrats correctly see Ron DeSantis as a potential presidential nominee in 2024, and are doing all they can to discredit him. This video is by an anonymous left-wing group (“Remove Ron”) and closes with the slogan “Remove Ron” and the hashtag #Florever Purge. The makers of the video are banking on the idea that for most people, freedom is terrifying. Many have found the video funny and some have interpreted »

DeSantis in the breach

Featured image Florida’s great Governor Ron DeSantis responded to the oh so subtle White House efforts to disparage him and Texas Governor Greg Abbott in Biden’s latest East Room animatronic performance this week. The White House perceives DeSantis in particular as an adversary who must be taken down a notch or two. It’s in the nature of things that Biden’s disparagement will be highlighted and disseminated by the media adjunct of the »

The more I learn about Ron DeSantis,

Featured image the more I like him. My visit to Florida in April also left me with a good feeling about its governor. How refreshing to experience life in a state comparatively free of excessive covid restrictions. Now comes word, via Stanley Kurtz, that DeSantis has vetoed a stealth protest-civics bill, S.B. 146. Stanley reports: Ostensibly, S.B. 146 was designed to forward “civic literacy education.” In fact, it was a quiet effort »