Roy Moore

Roy Moore will run for the Senate again

Featured image Roy Moore, who lost the Alabama Senate seat to Democrat Doug Jones last year, announced today that he will run again for that seat. Moore’s campaign was derailed by allegations that he dated teenage girls back in the 1970s and assaulted one of them. Moore’s entry will not make President Trump happy. A few weeks ago, Trump tweeted: Republicans cannot allow themselves to again lose the Senate seat in the »

Roy Moore’s crank lawsuit [UPDATE: Election certified]

Featured image I don’t know whether Roy Moore molested Leigh Corfman 38 years ago. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other about that charming question. I do know that Moore was an awful nominee for the Alabama Senate seat, and that his nomination cost Republicans what is as safe a seat as exists in the Senate. Now, the candidate from hell has filed a lawsuit in an Alabama »

Alabama Senate race is even, but may be tilting against Moore [UPDATE: Jones Wins]

Featured image About 85 percent of the vote has been counted in the Alabama Senate race and only a few thousand votes separate the candidates. As I write this, Roy Moore is up by around 5,000 votes. The counties that will deliver most of the as yet uncounted vote are said to be good ones for Doug Jones. That doesn’t mean the precincts in question are pro-Jones, but the smart money seems »

Beverly Nelson’s credibility takes another hit

Featured image Earlier today, Breitbart ran a story called “Bombshell: Roy Moore Accuser Beverly Nelson Admits She Forged Yearbook.” What she said was she added notes to the inscription Moore wrote in her yearbook. John McCormack of the Weekly Standard countered with a story called “Moore Accuser Nelson Did Not Admit Yearbook Forgery, And Her Story Doesn’t Discredit Others.” McCormack argues that because the inscription and the added writing are clearly in »

If Roy Moore wins. . .

Featured image Senate Republicans will have decisions to make. First, they must decide what to say. Members who believe the most serious allegations against Moore and don’t think the passage of nearly 40 years matters should feel free to say Moore is unfit for the Senate and thus should resign. Once they say so, they will have done as much as Democrats did to John Conyers and Al Franken. And much more »

“The Democratic Party Is Trash”

Featured image If you thought the Alabama special Senate election couldn’t get any stranger, you were wrong. The race has been upended by a remarkably boneheaded move on the part of Democrat Doug Jones’s campaign. The Jones campaign is being accused of racism: [Jones is] now embroiled an upsetting controversy of his own: Black voters across Alabama are calling out a campaign flyer with extremely racist underpinnings. The Doug Jones for Senate »

Roy Moore For Senate!

Featured image I wouldn’t have voted for Judge Roy Moore in the Republican primary, and I tend to view him with distaste. But in the special election coming up in a couple of weeks, if I were an Alabama voter, I would cast my ballot for him enthusiastically. Why? Two reasons. But first, the latest poll results from Alabama, via WBRC TV. This appears to be a meaningful poll, as it surveyed »

Court documents raise questions about Corfman’s account

Featured image Here in the Washington D.C. area, polite society has reached judgment on the allegations against Roy Moore, and moved on. Mitch McConnell, a political enemy of Moore, rendered the verdict. “I believe the women,” he said. He didn’t tell us what facts he had reviewed or why he believed all of them. Ivanka Trump, who has a brand to protect, concurred, declaring: There is a special place in hell for »

Trump speaks about the Alabama race

Featured image President Trump made two points today about the Alabama Senate race. First, he called Democrat Doug Jones “terrible on crime, terrible on borders, terrible on the military.” Trump added: “We don’t need a liberal person in there, a Democrat.” Second, he noted that the alleged sexual misconduct by Roy Moore took place “40 years ago” and that the candidate has insisted “this did not happen.” Trump also said Moore has »

Gloria Allred won’t allow inspection of yearbook

Featured image Gloria Allred, the attorney for Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson, says she won’t permit an inspection of her client’s high school yearbook unless the Senate conducts a hearing on Nelson’ charge that Moore tried to rape her. The yearbook is important because Nelson and Allred presented it as evidence that Moore knew Nelson and had a romantic interest in her. Moore’s camp has provided reason to believe that he »

Roy Moore’s defense [UPDATED TWICE]

Featured image Today, an attorney for Roy Moore’s campaign spoke to the press. His remarks provide the contours of the candidate’s defense (as of this time) against the charge that he attempted to rape Beverly Young Nelson. The attorney made several interrelated points. All of them relate to the yearbook with the personal note Nelson says Moore wrote to her. The attorney pointed out that this is the only evidence Nelson has »