Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani, swamp creature

Featured image These days, Rudy Giuliani wears two main hats. He runs a foreign consulting and legal practice and he advises President Trump. These dual roles raise the possibility that Giuliani’s advice to Trump is influenced by his work for foreigners. Indeed, according to this report in the Washington Post, Giuliani touts his closeness with Trump when pitching his services to foreigners. For example, says the Post: In one meeting with a »

Trump’s Secretary of Sh*t

Featured image During Bill Clinton’s presidency, Vernon Jordan was known, informally, as the Secretary of Sh*t. Stated more kindly, it was his assignment to put out or minimize the fires that Clinton’s lack of discipline and integrity generated. I yearned for a president who didn’t require such a “Secretary.” Clinton’s two immediate successors, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, were both disciplined. Each set, or at least experienced, some fires, but neither »

What Yuri told Rudy

Featured image Yuri Lutsenko was Ukraine’s chief prosecutor from May 2016 until August 2019. Thus, he held that position at the time of President Trump’s now famous phone conversation with Ukraine’s president. Lutsenko says he told Rudy Giuliani that he would be happy to cooperate if the FBI or other U.S. authorities began their own investigation of Joe Biden and/or Hunter Biden. However, he told Giuliani that, as far as he knew, »

The Giuliani factor

Featured image There’s nothing wrong with a U.S. official asking a foreign leader for help in investigating possible criminal acts by Americans committed in, or relating to, the foreign leader’s country. There’s nothing wrong with a U.S. president asking a foreign leader to speak to and work with a U.S. official conducting such an investigation. This is true regardless of whether the person being investigated is a political opponent of the president. »