Sarah Palin

Peltola prevails

Featured image On August 16 Alaska also held a special election to fill its at-large seat left vacant by the death of Don Young. The special election was subject to the ranked-choice voting system that Alaskans narrowly adopted by referendum in 2020. No candidate cleared the 50 percent plus 1 first-choice bar for election. Republicans Sarah Palin and Nick Begich III ran second and third, respectively, to Democrat Mary Sattler Peltola in »

Palin jury finds in favor of New York Times [UPDATED]

Featured image Yesterday, the jury in the Sarah Palin case found that the New York Times is not liable for the false claim it made against Palin in an editorial. The judge had already ruled in favor of the Times but, in an unusual move, he allowed the jury to continue deliberating to a verdict. Palin always faced an uphill battle because of the high level of protection current law affords journalists »

Judge tosses Palin’s case, allows jury to continue deliberating

Featured image Judge Jed Rakoff has ruled that Sarah Palin’s libel suit against the New York Times over a 2017 editorial that falsely said she incited violence against Gabby Giffords and others fails due to lack of evidence that the Times knew what it wrote about her was false or that it acted recklessly in publishing the editorial. Judge Rakoff will allow the jury, which is in its second day of deliberations, »