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Notes on the Twitter Files

Featured image Herewith a few short notes on the Twitter Files disclosing the suppression of the New York Post’s reporting on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop three weeks in advance of the 2020 presidential election. • Twitter is a powerful instrument for good and evil. Elon Musk’s efforts to create a new Twitter with a favorable disposition to free speech has made him an enemy of the regime. They are crying »

The Times does the Twitter Files

Featured image New York Times media reporter Michael Grynbaum gives us the Times’s first take on the Twitter Files. RealClearPolitics links to an accessible version of Grynbaum’s story published at DNYUZ. Turning to the story posted here on the Times site, I see that Grynbaum’s story is published on page B5 of today’s Times. Between the national news and the sports section falls the shadow. Grynbaumn provides a bemused account of the »

How the Chinese Communists Meddle In Our Elections

Featured image Forbes has a report on how Chinese state media use TikTok to try to influence American elections. It dwarfs the piddling effort the Russians made several cycles ago: TikTok accounts run by the propaganda arm of the Chinese government have accumulated millions of followers and tens of millions of views, many of them on videos editorializing about U.S. politics without clear disclosure that they were posted by a foreign government. »

Eye on John Kirby

Featured image Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, creation of a new regime favoring free speech, and promise to account for the platform’s past censorship must be one of the most important stories in the country. The Biden administration has now announced that it is keeping an “eye on Twitter” in the wake of Musk’s purchase. They yearn for the old days when stories unfavorable to Biden were mercilessly barred from the platform. »

Coming soon: The Twitter Files

Featured image Elon Musk seeks to recast Twitter as a free speech platform. He is an important player in the struggle to resist the impositions of the authorities and their supporters in social media. I am following Musk’s updates on Twitter. Perhaps most notably, Musk gives us a preview of coming attractions in the tweet below. Let it be. Buried in the Twitter Files is the saga of Hunter Biden’s laptop — »

Elon Musk trolls his critics

Featured image If he’s writing his own material and running his own Twitter feed, I infer that Elon Musk has an excellent sense of humor. It must help him keep things in perspective. I take it, for example, that he understands his critics quite well. He doesn’t want to drive them off Twitter. He will take them on in his own way. He resists their efforts to continue the censorship regime they »

Whither the Trust & Safety Council?

Featured image The Associated Press is one of the anchors of the garbage media in its newsprint form. The garbage manifests in a wide variety of aspects. See, for example, its story “Musk says granting amnesty to suspended Twitter accounts.” The headline is a bit difficult to decipher and the “reporter” who wrote it is not identified. The story, however, is datelined San Francisco. Perhaps that is all ye need to know. »

T-S found in a closet

Featured image Resuming our coverage of the Twitter death watch, I can report that Twitter is still up and running and that the new owner seems to think there is life in the old bird yet. World Cup traffic hit almost 20,000 tweets per second today! Great work by Twitter team managing record usage. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 23, 2022 Assuming that Musk is writing his own material, I think he »

Twitter death watch update

Featured image The bien pensants (hereinafter “bp“) are afflicted with heartburn resulting from Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. The heartburn is thus a good sign. Ditto with what seems to me wishful thinking regarding Twitter’s impending demise. One can’t miss the intense desire among the bp for Musk to fail. I hope he makes a go of it. The bp devoutly resist a social media platform whose limits they don’t control. I »

Trump returns to Twitter (sort of)

Featured image Every one of the several news services to which I subscribe email updates reported last night: Trump returns to Twitter! Elon Musk had been conducting his own Twitter poll on the subject — I think his purpose was facetious, but nobody seems to grok Musk’s sense of humor. The vote was close. At one point Musk suggested that bots were voting — again, I doubt we are to take the »

Twitter death watch update

Featured image I take it from Elon Musk’s Twitter feed that he has the engineering help needed to keep the site up and running. These must be some of the “hard-core” employees who have signed up for continuing duty under their new taskmaster. Just leaving Twitter HQ code review — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 19, 2022 The new taskmaster has imposed a new regime. I take it that he is unintimidated »

Reports of Twitter’s death

Featured image A celebratory glee is descending on mainstream media outlets retailing the impending death of Twitter. The theme is that Elon Musk is killing it since he took it over. The AP reports, for example, under the byline of three reporters: “More Twitter workers flee after Musk’s ‘hardcore’ ultimatum.” The New York Post has a good story here. The glee is also manifested on Twitter itself by some of its users. »

Selling Fetterman

Featured image I think this ad posted by the Fetterman campaign may be the worst of the cycle this year. You be the judge. It seems to me that everything about it is wrong. Thinking of Fetterman’s clothes — he throws a shirt to the grateful kid — is gross. He is gross. The ad takes off on the 1979 Coca-Cola ad featuring the Steelers’ Mean Joe Greene. This ad worked. They »

Elon Musk denies…

Featured image Elon Musk has taken control of Twitter and is celebrating the joys of ownership. He seems to be trolling the left, Babylon Bee style. A little media commentary, a little mockery, a little pushing back against the purveyors of fake news. This is well done. I rate it hilarious — to be filed under Laughter Is the Best Medicine. This is fake – I did *not* tweet out a link »

Hu’s next

Featured image Reuters has a good story on the forcible removal of Chinese former President Hu Jintao from the closing ceremony of the Communist Party Congress on Saturday: Hu, 79, Xi Jinping’s immediate predecessor, was seated to the left of Xi. He was led off the stage of the main auditorium of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing by two stewards, a Reuters witness at the congress said. Video footage »

Is It All in Your Head?

Featured image Having hosted Troy Senik on the mid-week podcast, I’m now back to checking on his Kite and Key Media offerings more regularly. Their latest offering, below, explores a subject that has tended to be ignored or dismissed by our public health and social policy establishment, because it runs counter to the imperatives of liberalism to embrace every possible “crisis” no matter the evidence: Mass Psychogenic Illness. The problem is likely »

Shapes of things: Facebook edition

Featured image It is past time to resume my “Shapes of things” series on our Orwellian present. This is approximately the thirty-third installment, but the first since January 1 of this year. I have fallen down on the job. The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs convened on Wednesday to hear from current and former social media executives. The hearing was called to address the impact of social media on »