Super Tuesday

After Super Tuesday, how strong does Trump look?

Featured image A few readers have told me that I was too generous to Donald Trump in my assessment of Super Tuesday (a few others have told me I got it right). In the interest of balance, I thought it would be a good idea to share the observations of one critic: [Trump] was expected to win all the states except Texas, he did not. He did well in the deep south »

Tuesday, bloody Tuesday [UPDATED ALL EVENING]

Featured image The polls have only just closed in Georgia, but Fox News has already called the GOP contest for Donald Trump. Apparently, it’s the same old story — a big win for Trump; a battle for second place between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Virginia, mercifully, has not yet been called. Reportedly, Marco Rubio is competitive with Trump in the Commonwealth. Similarly, in Vermont, John Kasich is apparently running well. Hillary »