Susan Rice

Susan Rice unmasked

Featured image In the adjacent post John picks up on Eli Lake’s scoop regarding former Obama administration national security adviser and Benghazi fabulist Susan Rice. Let’s take it up once more once. I’ve long identified Rice as a fool and a knave. Today we go heavy on the knave as Ms. Rice is herself unmasked. Eli reports: White House lawyers last month learned that the former national security adviser Susan Rice requested »

Susan Rice In Crosshairs as Potential Felon

Featured image A major development in the Obama spy/leak scandal: former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice has been identified as a person who repeatedly requested that associates of Donald Trump (and perhaps Trump himself) be unmasked in raw intelligence intercepts. Eli Lake of Bloomberg reports: White House lawyers last month learned that the former national security adviser Susan Rice requested the identities of U.S. persons in raw intelligence reports on dozens »

Rice returns

Featured image In September 2012 Susan Rice made the rounds of the Sunday gabfests to promote the lie that a YouTube video prompted a riot that led to the deaths of our men in Benghazi. She was the United States Ambassador to the United Nations at the time, faithfully peddling the transparently false Obama administration line. I wrote about Rice’s performance that morning in “Fools and knaves.”. Rice’s performance perfectly represented the »

Obsessed with Israel; oblivious to genocide

Featured image That’s how the World Values Network summaries the Obama administration’s foreign policy. A good summary, though it excludes President Obama’s other dark obsession — appeasing Iran. What follows is the content of the World Values Network’s newspaper ad that appears under the title quoted above, and under pictures of Samantha Power, Susan Rice, John Kerry, and President Obama — a quartet described as one that “will live in infamy as »

Hillary met with Susan Rice the day before her Benzhazi “prep” session

Featured image I don’t think any serious observer believes that Susan Rice’s false claim in September 2012, presented on network talk show after network talk show, that the Benghazi attacks were the product of a video originated with Rice. Rice was merely our ambassador to the U.N. at the time. Thus, she had no responsibility for the security of the compound in Benghazi, and was not in a good position to assess »

Susan Rice keeps talking

Featured image Daniel Bassall titles the clip below of Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice “Wolf Blitzer makes a fool of Susan Rice on Iran funding terrorists.” In fairness, though, Blitzer gets an invaluable assist from Rice herself, who simply does not know when to shut up. It’s almost laughable. I’m sure Obama knows exactly what he is doing, but if I doubted it, this video might be enough to make me »

The Bergdahl deception

Featured image Today the Army announced that Bowe Bergdahl will be court-martialed on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. Given the public comments of his platoon mates on the deal that resulted in his release, the file that supports the charges brought against him must be staggering. Who can forget the celebration that President Obama orchestrated with Bergdahl’s parents at the White House to mark his return, or national security »

Why is this woman laughing?

Featured image In its annual Dubious Achievement Awards, Esquire magazine never failed to include a photo that captured Richard Nixon in an uncharacteristically humorous moment with the caption: “Why is this man laughing?” It was a joke of which Esquire never tired. Someone needs to bring the joke back in honor of the unspeakable Obama national security adviser Susan Rice, who yuks it up with Charlie Rose in the video below. Rice »

Susan Rice’s Sunday trifecta of dissembling

Featured image Sir Henry Winton once defined a diplomat as “an honest gentleman sent to lie abroad for the good of his country.” Susan Rice, by contrast, has earned the reputation of a dishonest operative sent to lie on Sunday talk shows for the good of her president. She undertook that mission in the first instance when she appeared on the Sunday shows to claim that the Benghazi attacks were a spontaneous »

Susan Rice: All is well

Featured image ISIS has advanced to the outskirts of Baghdad and into Kobani. They preside over territory that continues to grow in extent and sustain their financial needs. According to National Security Advisor Susan Rice on Meet the Press this morning (NBC account and video here), however, now is no time to reevaluate President Obama’s “strategy” opposing ISIS. All is well. “No, Chuck, this is very early days of the strategy,” Rice »

Honor, distinction, and truth in the time of Obama

Featured image The question has been asked many times: why was Susan Rice selected to appear on the talk shows to discuss the Benghazi attack? At the time, Rice was our ambassador to the U.N. There was no connection between her job and Benghazi. Now I think I know why Rice was selected. She is willing to say anything on television. Consider her appearance on ABC News to discuss the trade in »

Report: Susan Rice wants affirmative action towards Russia

Featured image To date, Team Obama’s response to Russia’s takeover of Crimea has been criminally lame. But now Susan Rice reportedly wants to take affirmative action. Unfortunately, the affirmative action she contemplates is affirmative action in the legal sense — affirmative action on behalf of women. The post of U.S. ambassador to Russia has been vacant for three weeks. Al Kamen of the Washington Post reports “we’re hearing that national security adviser »

Fools and knaves: 60 Minutes edition

Featured image Starting with several posts on the Sunday of Susan Rice’s appearance on all the network gabfests (September 16, 2012), I commenced a series under the heading Fools and knaves documenting the administration’s calculated lies covering up the multifarious disgrace of the massacre of our men in Benghazi. Last night 60 Minutes featured Susan Rice in a flattering profile. In the course of the profile she blithely dismissed the lies of »

Of Rice and men

Featured image Susan Rice is the protagonist of our “Fools and knaves” series going back to the Sunday she hit the gabfests to circulate the Obama administration’s stupid Benghazi talking points in her capacity as United States Ambassador to the United Nations. She is the protagonist, but she is of course supported by a cast of Obama administration all stars including her patron. She is a piece of work. Failing upward, she »

The Weekly Winston: Syria Policy Drift

Featured image I’ve been lax lately in my Churchill posts, but the appalling spectacle last week of the Obama Administration’s tentative and pusillanimous decision about Syria brings to mind one of Churchill’s most famous beatdowns of appeasement, his 1936 “Locust Years,” speech, which includes this peroration that applies perfectly to Obama’s Syria policy (just swap out “Secretary of State Kerry” for First Lord of the Admiralty, and “President Obama” for “Prime Minister,” »

The Edmund Hillary of foreign policy climbers falls short

Featured image Last month, I posed this question: Should the Secretary of State be a dupe? The answer turned out to be, not this dupe. Rice is a special kind of dupe — the kind who is willing, indeed anxious, to be duped in the service of those who can advance her career. Is this the unduly harsh assessment of a “right-winger”? Not really. Jacob Heilbrunn, from the other side of the »

Obama wisely opts for no drama

Featured image Let me offer my thoughts about Susan Rice’s withdrawal from consideration as Secretary of State. First, this decision probably came from the White House. Susan Rice, from everything I’ve heard, isn’t the kind of person who simply walks away from a job like Secretary of State in order to spare the country a contentious confirmation hearing. Second, pushing Rice out, assuming that’s what happened, is a wise decision on Obama’s »