A day to be stupid

Featured image Last night the White House released President Biden’s recorded statement on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. This was to be the day that Biden celebrated our departure from Afghanistan. As our departure turned into the epic humiliation of the United States at the hands of forces that were instrumental to the 9/11 attack itself, he had a change of plan. While the 9/11 attack was still underway, Rick Rescorla understood »

Dartmouth’s 9/11

Featured image Following 9/11 the New York Times ran Portraits of Grief profiling many of those lost in the 9/11 attacks. The Times attributes authorship of these artful profiles collectively to Kirk Johnson, N.R. Kleinfeld, David Barstow, Barbara Stewart, Jane Gross, Neela Banerjee, Constance L. Hays, Lynette Holloway, Janny Scott and Somini Sengupta. We can’t capture the magnitude of the loss, or the meaning of who and what we lost, but the »

Starting the second 20 years of the war on terror on the wrong foot

Featured image As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we’re seeing assessments of the 20 year war on terror. We’ll see many more in the next few days. The ones in the mainstream media will probably be along the lines of a piece in the Washington Post by the paper’s book review editor, a leftist of course. He argued that 9/11 put America to the test and America failed. I think »

The Taliban forms a pro-al Qaeda government, Part Two

Featured image In an earlier post, I discussed how top jobs in the new Taliban government will be held by leaders with close ties to al Qaeda. But there’s more to this story. You can find a list of the Taliban cabinet members here. It includes four terrorists who were released by the U.S. in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl. The four are: Mullah Norullah Nori (Acting Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs) »

The Taliban forms a pro-al Qaeda government

Featured image The Taliban has announced the formation of the government that will rule Afghanistan. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Taliban gave no positions of power to other political forces, religious minorities, or women. And it pledged to implement strict Islamic rule. Of course it did. That’s what the Taliban is all about. Did the Taliban at least exclude al Qaeda-linked elements from its government? No, it did not. The »

U.S. kills ISIS-K target in Afghanistan

Featured image U.S. forces carried out a drone strike on an ISIS-K target in eastern Afghanistan today. ISIS-K is the group that claimed responsibility for the bombing that killed more than 170 people, including 13 U.S. service members, at the Kabul airport. A U.S. military spokesman said: U.S. military forces conducted an over-the-horizon counterterrorism operation today against an ISIS-K planner. The unmanned airstrike occurred in the Nangahar Province of Afghanistan. Initial indications »

What about Pakistan?

Featured image John Bolton calls attention to one aspect of Joe Biden’s decision to choose defeat in Afghanistan — the implications for Pakistan. Bolton argues that “the Taliban’s takeover next door immediately poses the sharply higher risk that Pakistani extremists will increase their already sizable influence in Islamabad, threatening at some point to seize full control.” By the way, Pakistan has nuclear weapons. According to Bolton, the Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI, is »

After the Taliban’s triumph

Featured image I hear some conservatives saying that we should have gone into Afghanistan, defeated the forces that attacked us on 9/11, and then left. The obvious problem with this view is that as soon as we left, the forces that attacked us or collaborated in the attack would have returned to power. Sure, we would have killed and captured some bad guys, but basically we would have been back where we »

Biden’s shameful Afghanistan pullout

Featured image In July, when Joe Biden announced that he would be pulling the U.S. completely out of Afghanistan, he said: “The likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.” Biden isn’t bright. He never has been. But is he stupid enough to have believed it unlikely that the Taliban would, in short order, overrun Afghanistan and seize control of the whole country? »

Biden’s dishonest defense of his Afghanistan pullout

Featured image Joe Biden is pulling the U.S. out of Afghanistan and the country is spiraling toward civil war (maybe) and a takeover by the Taliban (almost certainly). Biden is no stranger to catastrophic pullouts. As vice president, he was behind our withdrawal from Iraq which led to the rise of ISIS and the creation of its caliphate. We had to return. Biden tried to defend the current pullout yesterday. He said »

Personal Jihad

Featured image A Somali immigrant murdered three women and wounded six more in Wurzburg, Germany on Friday. Initial news accounts expressed puzzlement over the murderer’s motivation, but most now acknowledge that “Allahu Akbar” provides a clue. This is from the Telegraph: A Somali immigrant accused of killing three women during a knife attack in Bavaria told police that he was carrying out a “personal jihad”. Abdirahman J, 24, who has a history »

Tom Cotton rakes the AP

Featured image Senator Tom Cotton took to the Senate floor on Tuesday this week to review the facts regarding the AP’s relationship with Hamas. The issue arises in connection with the current hostilities — the hostilities between Israel and Hamas as well as the hostilities between the AP and Israel. Senator Cotton reviews much of the evidence I have adduced in posts since this past Sunday. I am grateful to be able »

Analyze this

Featured image Eugene Kontorovich is professor at George Mason’s Antonin Scalia School of Law, specializing in constitutional and international law. He is director of Scalia Law School’s Center for the Middle East and International Law. Before coming to George Mason, he had been a professor at Northwestern University School of Law for 11 years. In the interview with RT below, Professor Kontorovich “explain[s] why Israel is not violating international law with its »

Associated Press, Hamas propagandists

Featured image In my posts on the IDF bombing of the Gaza office tower in which the Associated Press was holed up with Hamas military intelligence, I have been groping toward a condemnation of the AP as a Hamas collaborator. The AP has called for an independent investigation of the bombing. I have called for an independent investigation of the AP. The AP’s collaboration with Palestinian terrorists is an old story. I »

Terrorist propaganda, AP style: A case study

Featured image Until I wrote the adjacent post this morning I had forgotten the article I wrote for the February 4, 2008 issue of the Weekly Standard. In the article I took a look at widely circulated AP and Reuters photographs of Yasser Arafat allegedly donating blood to the United States in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. I titled the article “He didn’t give at the office.” Weekly Standard managing editor Richard »

The AP goes Sgt. Schultz

Featured image “I know nothing” was the comic catchphrase of Sgt. Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes. He occasionally varied or elaborated on it, adding “I see nothing.” In the clip below, for example, he declares, “I see nothing. I was not here. I did not even get up this morning.” After its customary warning to protect civilian life, the IDF took out the 12-story Jala Tower housing Hamas military intelligence offices as well »

A word from Netanyahu

Featured image The message is brief but effective: “Share the truth.” Netanyahu asks viewers to put themselves in the place of Israelis subjected to the rocket attacks from Gaza. It shouldn’t be difficult, but somehow…it seems to be impossible for some. You know who they are. Via Michael Doran on Twitter. Share the truth pic.twitter.com/GYD8SZu2jS — Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) May 13, 2021 »