The Week In Pictures

Mid-Week in Pictures: Special Thanksgiving Holiday Edition

Featured image This year we give special thanks for the meme-makers who are delivering a heaping pile of tryptophanic material about the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal, with no thanks to the Biden Administration for inflation and their inflated excuses.   And finally. . . a Turkey Day bonus gallery: »

The Week in Pictures: Well-Acquitted Edition

Featured image The reaction from the left to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse tells you all you need to know about the left’s regard for the rule of law and due process. But there was other good news this week, such as the announcement that Beto O’Rourke is running again in Texas, and I’m still wondering just what Jedi mind trick Gov. Abbott used to pull this off. And, of course, more »

The Geek in Pictures: Blowout Edition

Featured image So, the budget blowout bill has passed the House. You know things are bad when the nation’s prospects hang by the slender thread of an egotistical senator from West Virginia. If the bill passes the Senate, expect this historically high gap in favor of the GOP to grow even larger: • Meanwhile, the other blowout numbers from this week are the soaring deaths from drug overdoses: • We’re also Number »

The Week in Pictures: Inflated Edition

Featured image So inflation is back, and thus TWiP will have to raise its prices, or at least its picture and meme count, to adjust. Meanwhile, the steady deflation of the Biden presidency continues.  And the latest UN climate summit—COP 26—has adjourned with an important agreement . . . to meet again next year! Because the time for words is over, but there’s always time for more meetings where everyone says the »

The Geek in Pictures: The Usual Suspects

Featured image Time for another data-rich roundup, focusing on the usual suspects—energy, economics, and wokism. • Let’s start with the Bumbling Biden Brigade: Is the economy slowing, just as inflation is accelerating? Meanwhile, while we argue about OSHA implementing the vaccine mandate, this is a good time to review the macro evidence that OSHA has done close to nothing to affect workplace safety: • News you can use: • Some poll data »

The Week in Pictures: Total Schadenfreude Edition

Featured image Sometimes, Stan Evans liked to say when conservatives scored a big win, you just have to take the sweet with the sweet. And Tuesday’s election results were pretty sweet indeed. And the left’s reaction on MSNBC and in the rest of the media remind me of the New Yorker cartoon of the two dogs at the bar, where one dog says, “It’s not enough that dogs succeed; cats must also »

The Week in Pictures: Brandon’s Halloween Edition

Featured image So it’s Halloween weekend, and with several “Let’s Go Brandon” rap tunes topping the charts, I’d think some Biden costumes would be a big hit on the pumpkin spice trail tomorrow night, though any Biden costumes are probably stuck on a ship out in the ocean somewhere. Maybe improvise a supply-chain manager costume?   Headlines of the week: And finally. . .   »

The Geek in Pictures: No Energy in This Executive Edition

Featured image When Alexander Hamilton wrote of “energy in the executive,” he could never have imagined the lack of energy in our current chief executive, in both senses of the word: the man has no personal energy, and he’s flailing over the the kind of energy the rest of us need and use. • Let’s start with what low-energy poll numbers look like:   Gee, I wonder if Biden’s open border policy »

The Week in Pictures: Supply Chain Edition

Featured image We are happy to report that we are not experiencing any supply chain issues with regard to memes, pics, and headlines for TWiP. Hurricane Brandon continues to topple the ramshackle trailer park of the Biden White House leaving an ample debris field of comic material, while Democrats in Congress keep living up to Will Rogers’ famous line about how “I don’t belong to an organized political party—I’m a Democrat!” Let’s »

The Week in Pictures: Shatner > Brandon Edition

Featured image Brandon is still trending yuuuge, but this week definitely belongs to Shatner. Brandon will be around for a while, but really, how often do we get to indulge a full on Kirkasm? Meanwhile, Biden and Harris continue to be the ghost ship White House. How’s that reconciliation package coming? Maybe Southwest Airlines can help them land it. Oh, wait. Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

Columbus Day in Pictures

Featured image John has already dilated the self-abuse of liberals with regards to Indigenous Peoples Day Columbus Day, so I won’t add more here (except to say that when it comes to the supposed sin of “assimilation,” people ought to meditate on the deeper meaning of the seldom-noted clause in the Constitution which reads “excluding indians not taxed”—there’s a serious principle embedded in that seemingly technical phrase that is totally lost on today’s »

The Week in Pictures: Brandon for Veep Edition

Featured image It’s obvious that if Trump runs again in 2024, he should name “Brandon” as his running mate, so rally crowds can yell “Let’s go Brandon!” This is better than shouting the vernacular version, and the media will be totally flummoxed having to explain it over and over again. Meanwhile, did Facebook have the worst week ever, or what? Headlines of the week:     And finally. . .   »

The Week in Pictures: Biden’s Terrible No Good Weak Edition

Featured image The problem with believing progressive B.S. about the “side of history” is that sometimes “progress” hits a sand bar. Like this week for the Dems. So what do they do? Rage against our constitutional order, as noticed here over and over again. But we may look back on this week as the week when Biden’s presidency hit the rocks and sank.         Headlines of the week:   »

The Week in Pictures: Fib Edition

Featured image It’s pretty clear by now that the FBI should change its name so its agency acronym properly reflects its true character: Fabricated Inventions Bureau, or FIB. Of course, the White House might not like the explicit competition from such truth-in-labeling.   You know the old saying about how what American needs is a good five-cent cigar? Well. . . Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Met Gala Edition

Featured image Well, it’s been a bad week, what with the California recall failing miserably, news of a “Seven-Days-in-May” scenario playing out in the closing weeks of the Trump Administration courtesy of General Thoroughly Modern Millie, and more COVIDery from Slow Joe and His Crew. But at least we have the Met Gala! Liberals are always great for free entertainment on the hypocrisy front. And AOC is the gift that keeps on »

The Geek in Pictures: Peak Woke Edition?

Featured image • These first few charts from the great Zach Goldberg are a couple years old, but it is worth aggregating them again to demonstrate how wokery broke out from the campus and took over the media. But could this be a woke bubble about to burst? Surveys show large majorities of Americans hate this business. • The economy continues to be weird. Or in bar chart form: Contrary indicator: if »

The Week in Pictures: Long Strange Trip Edition

Featured image The most incredible thing about the many incredible things to note on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is who is leading the country right now. You’d be forgiven the mordant thought that the 9/11 attackers succeeded in their larger aims. More on this scene later today. Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »