Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine’s history lesson

Featured image Lost amidst all of the other good news from the 2016 elections was the fact that Tim Kaine didn’t get to be vice president. Unfortunately, he’s still a U.S. Senator. Today, Kaine took to the Senate floor to declare that “the United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody, we created it.” This statement brought down a torrent of ridicule. Perhaps the funniest response is this piece by Megan Fox at »

Is Virginia in play?

Featured image Late last month I tuned my car radio to the local news station hoping for a sports update. Instead, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was doing what I think is a weekly show. He was talking about Donald Trump’s advertising in Virginia. The combative McAuliffe said he hopes Trump pours plenty of money into the Commonwealth because it will all be wasted. Soon thereafter, though, Clinton began advertising in Northern Virginia. »

The Kaine cacophony [with comment by Paul]

Featured image The GOP has compiled the video below of Tim Kaine making his presence felt in the vice-presidential debate event last night. The video keeps a running tabulation of Kaine interruptions that reaches 72. It seems to me that Kaine must have set some kind of a record for obnoxious behavior in such events. To surpass Joe Biden’s performance against Paul Ryan in 2012 on that score, Kaine had to go »

Try to make it real compared to what

Featured image Here’s the Washington Post’s John Wagner on last night’s debate performance by Tim Kaine: At the vice-presidential debate here Tuesday. . .Kaine turned in a performance that threatened to undermine the image of authenticity that has been one of his greatest strengths. The senator from Virginia came across as over-rehearsed, often interrupting his Republican opponent, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, with points Kaine had already made several times earlier in »

After last night

Featured image The vice-presidential debate between Senator Tim Kaine and Governor Mike Pence last night gave us two sides of Kaine: Kaine can’t and Kaine cant. Kaine can’t say he’ll be Clinton’s right-hand man. No, he’ll be her “right-hand person.” When it comes to men, Democrats are riding the culture wave and would prefer not to distinguish between men and women for certain purposes. Announcing himself Hillary Clinton’s right-hand man wouldn’t be »

Vice presidential debate shows what might have been

Featured image There were really two debates tonight during the Kaine-Pence encounter. The first was a policy debate in which the key questions were whether, on a range of issues, Obama administration is a success and whether there’s a need for major change. The second was a debate over the merits of Donald Trump and, more particularly, whether a wide range of statements by Trump can be defended. Mike Pence won the »

Tim Kaine can’t defend Hillary’s Russian reset

Featured image Today on ABC News, Martha Raddatz asked Tim Kaine about Hillary Clinton’s Russian reset: Hillary Clinton was in charge with the so-called reset with Russia. Can you make an argument that it worked, given what happened in Crimea and Syria? Kaine could not. He answered: I don’t think you can make an argument that the relationship with Russia is in a good place right now. That’s a “no.” “But,” Kaine »

Kaine shows how easy it is to skewer Trump

Featured image I missed President Obama’s speech to the convention (okay, I skipped it), but watched Tim Kaine’s. I thought the speech was a tale of two halves. The first half was mediocre. Much of it consisted of self-congratulation delivered with a certain smugness and no particular oratorical skill. The only times Kaine came close to achieving lift off was when he spoke Spanish. The convention hall audience loved it. Kaine was »

The meaning of Kaine

Featured image Yesterday, I noted how much the far left Sanders faction of the Democratic party hates the selection of Tim Kaine as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. Considering that this faction probably makes up at least 45 percent of the party, this is a concern. The outrage is justified. It isn’t just that Clinton has poked the Sanders folks in the eye, as a prominent Sanders delegate put it, adding insult to »

It’s Kaine

Featured image As expected, Hillary Clinton has named Sen. Tim Kaine to be her running mate. I discussed what I think this means earlier today. The mainstream media likes to portray Kaine as a “centrist” and a “bridge builder.” The reality is quite different. In the Senate, Kaine almost always votes the liberal line. The American Conservative Union consistently gives him a zero rating. Same with the Eagle Forum. With Americans for »