Tom Cotton

A conversation with Tom Cotton

Featured image I’m on the distribution list for Mark Halperin’s Wide World of News on Substack and accordingly received notice of Halperin’s interview of Senator Tom Cotton this past Wednesday evening (video below). Halperin drew Senator Cotton out on subjects of current interest including the latest on the Hamas/Israel war and American support of Ukraine. Early on in the interview Senator Cotton expressed the (almost certainly vain) hope that Biden has delivered »

China contributes

Featured image In an alternative universe where the bigfoot media reported the news, Alana Goodman’s findings would be a major story for reasons that require no explanation: “Foreign Nations Poured Millions Into University That Houses Biden Institute.” The university is of course the University of Delaware, about which no one beyond the borders of Delaware should bestir himself. Goodman reports: China, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Turkey have poured millions of dollars into »

The world according to Tom Cotton: A footnote

Featured image Wall Street Journal Global View columnist Walter Russell Mead writes today about Senator Tom Cotton’s new book Only the Strong: Reversing the Left’s Plot to Sabotage American Power. I know from Senator Cotton himself, by the way, that he is a great fan of Mead’s Special Providence: American Foreign Policy and How It Changed the World. (Walter only observes in passing that Senator Cotton “mentions my work in the text.”) »

Tom Cotton hangs tough

Featured image Although it was noted in the news on February 1, I first heard on the grapevine a few weeks later that Senator Tom Cotton has put a hold on every pending United States Attorney nomination. He has placed the hold over his objection to the Justice Department’s refusal to undertake the defense of four federal marshals being sued for their work defending the Portland federal courthouse in the George Floyd »

Biden expected to opt for “diplomatic boycott” of 2022 Winter Olympics

Featured image In a few months, Beijing will stage the 2022 Winter Olympics. U.S. athletes are set to participate. Nothing like the boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics in the Soviet Union is likely to occur. Neither participation nor a boycott is an attractive option. Red China is an oppressive, totalitarian state. Participation by our athletes implies that the regime deserves the honor of hosting Olympic games, which it does not. Our »