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Mixed reviews of the final night

Featured image I agree 100 percent with John’s comments about the speeches last night of Ann Dorn, widow of a murdered retired African-American police officer, and President Trump. America should be grieving the senseless murder of Dave Dorn, not the shooting of a criminal and domestic abuser who resisted arrest. Yet, you’ll be hard pressed to hear about Dorn’s slaying from the mainstream media, and it’s doubtful that our poorly informed social »

“Elect Joe Biden and the anarchy will be coming to a town near you”

Featured image In the post just below this one, I cited a poll by Rasmussen for the proposition that unless Joe Biden gets wholeheartedly behind the police — something I doubt he’s capable of doing at this point — President Trump holds a winning hand on a very important issue. To get a sense of how the Trump campaign can leverage that hand, I invite you to watch this video that Tom »

Cancel yourselves, you lousy twits

Featured image Tyler O’Neil draws attention to Tom Cotton’s resistance to the mass hysteria of the past few weeks in “Tom Cotton EVISCERATES Cancel Culture in ‘Obelisk of Wokeness’ Speech” (conclusion in video below). Speaking on the Senate floor, Senator Cotton let the fur fly. The leftist twits have labored to mock his speech, but the evidence he cited speaks for itself and supports his conclusion. The greatest defense against against tyranny, »

The New York Times’ new standard for acceptable op-eds

Featured image As Scott recounted this morning, Tom Cotton entered the public’s consciousness in 2006 when Power Line published a letter he wrote that the New York Times had rejected. The letter attacked two Times reporters who had undermined U.S. anti-terrorism efforts by writing about a highly classified terrorist finance tracking program. Tom had a strong personal stake. The men he was leading on patrols through the streets of Baghdad were exposed »

Tom Cotton has questions for Joe Biden

Featured image We now know that Joe Biden was among the many Team Obama members who unmasked General Flynn. The mass unmasking of Flynn is bizarre and arguably problematic, but the big sin — a criminal one — was leaking the result of the unmasking to the Washington Post. With so many suspects, it may not be easy to determined who did the leaking. However, the timing of the Post’s report seems »

The media slandered Tom Cotton for asking a legitimate question. Why?

Featured image Early on in the current pandemic, before the Wuhan coronavirus virus began killing Americans, Sen. Tom Cotton raised the possibility that the virus originated in a high-security biochemical lab in Wuhan, the Chinese city at the center of the outbreak. Given the very close proximity of the lab to the outbreak’s point of origin, the suggestion was plausible. At least as plausible was the notion that the source of the »

Washington Post praises Tom Cotton to bash President Trump

Featured image Paul Kane, part of the Washington Post’s stable of Trump-hating left-liberals, praises Sen. Tom Cotton for being right early on about the threat to America posed by the Wuhan coronavirus. Kane also cites Rep. Liz Cheney for being ahead of the curve. The subtext of Kane’s article, though, is an attack on President Trump and other prominent Republicans who were less quick to perceive the danger. Kane neglects to mention »

Tom Cotton on the Wuhan coronavirus and the economy

Featured image Our friend Sen. Tom Cotton has been at the forefront of discussions about the Wuhan coronavirus and how we should respond to it. We posted his powerful denunciation of Democrats for their attempt to hold the coronavirus relief bill hostage to a wish list of pet Democratic programs having essentially nothing to do with responding to the virus. Sen. Cotton has also led the charge to hold China accountable for »

Taking the fentanyl crisis seriously, a legislative proposal

Featured image With 30,000 Americans a year dying from fentanyl, and likely more from other drugs that are laced with that substance, it’s time to crack down on fentanyl dealers. To that end, Sen. Tom Cotton has proposed the “Zero tolerance for Deceptive Fentanyl Trafficking Act.” The bill is co-sponsored by Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Kelly Loeffler. This law would create a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years in prison for those »

Trump and the Senate Republicans on China: Compare and contrast

Featured image This is the 70th anniversary of a dark day in history — the founding of the Chinese Communist dictatorship. Jay Nordlinger correctly calls this dictatorship “one of the great tragedies and horrors of modern times.” John McCormick provides examples of the horrors: A decade [after the revolution], Mao’s Great Leap Forward killed perhaps 45 million people. The Communist regime still denies its people freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and »

CRB: With the Old Breed

Featured image The Claremont Review of Books is of course the flagship publication of the Claremont Institute. I find in every issue an education in the true understanding of politics, public policy, and statesmanship. It is my favorite magazine. Purchase an annual subscription here for $19.95 and get immediate online access to the whole thing. The Summer 2019 issue of the CRB has just been placed in the mail. The editors have »

FIRST STEP’s first deception exposed

Featured image When the FIRST STEP act was making its way through Congress, its advocates claimed that only “non-violent” federal prisoners would be released from prison early. By non-violent felons they meant, in essence, drug dealers, as opposed to, say, murderers, rapists, and armed robbers. I don’t consider dealers of deadly drugs to be non-violent. Their conduct wrecks lives and sometimes ends them. But let’s accept, for purposes of discussion, the definition »

Tom Cotton’s sacred duty

Featured image In his excellent review of Sacred Duty: A Soldier’s Tour at Arlington National Cemetery, by Senator Tom Cotton, Scott Johnson criticized himself for not asking Tom about his service in the Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetery when the two met in New York City years ago. Scott says he now “feels like a fool” for not having asked questions that would have elicited some of the information contained in »

Sacred Duty: A Soldier’s Tour at Arlington

Featured image Today is the official publication date of Sacred Duty: A Soldier’s Tour at Arlington National Cemetery, by Senator Tom Cotton. It is now available in bookstores and on Amazon. Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews have already posted laudatory reviews. I cannot recommend the book highly enough to Power Line readers and want only to add this personal note. I first met Tom (as I will refer to him here) face »

Cotton joins Hawley in expressing doubts about Neomi Rao

Featured image The Washington Post reports that Sen. Tom Cotton is privately raising questions about Neomi Rao, President Trump’s nominee to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Says the Post, “though he hasn’t voiced them publicly, Cotton shares concerns outlined by Sen. Josh Hawley earlier this week about Rao’s judicial philosophy, which Hawley detailed in a letter to Rao earlier Tuesday.” Sen. Cotton is a Harvard »

Tom Cotton on the drug war

Featured image President Trump and Congress have adopted a novel approach to combating the drug epidemic in America: release large-scale drug dealers from prison. Our friend Sen. Tom Cotton is the leading critic of this counter-intuitive, if not insane, approach. Yesterday, Sen. Cotton spoke to the National Narcotics Officers’ Associations Coalition about the ongoing fight against the deadliest drug war in our nation’s history. Below is a slightly shortened version of his »

Trumpism after Trump, Part Two

Featured image Jim Geraghty has posted a thoughtful response to my suggestion that Tom Cotton might make the most natural ideological successor to Trump, and thus might be the figure most likely to keep the Trump coalition together. My suggestion was a response to Geraghty’s article arguing that there is “no natural ideological successor” because “there will be no one. . .able to bring together the same factions in the same way.” »