As Minneapolis rolls

Featured image Municipal authorities seek to reduce car trips in the city by increasing the use of public transit, biking, walking and rolling. By 2030, they want 60 percent of all such trips to avoid use of cars. They have vowed to achieve a modal shift. It’s an ambitious goal. Me, I’m going with the rolling option. Roll me another one, just like the other one. Hey, it’s all good and legal, »

Electric Vehicles Are Not the Future

Featured image The mania for electric vehicles is a fad that is driven 100% by government regulation. The consumer verdict on EVs has been in for a century. Some of the earliest cars were battery-powered, but they lost out to gasoline-powered cars because gasoline-powered vehicles are better. Those who have been paying attention understand that there is zero chance that our existing motor vehicle fleet will be converted to EVs. Mark Tapscott »

Devine on East Palestine

Featured image Ben Weingarten — he who wrote the book on her — alerts me to the story on Ilhan Omar in our newspaper of record: “Ilhan Omar Withdraws Support For East Palestine After Learning It’s In America.” The Bee reported yesterday: Representative Ilhan Omar has canceled a planned rally to support the victims of the East Palestine chemical spill after learning East Palestine is actually in America. “Oh… East Palestine is »