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Trump: Rex Tillerson is “dumb as a rock” and “lazy as hell”

Featured image Over the weekend, President Trump tweeted this about Rex Tilleson, his former Secretary of State: Mike Pompeo is doing a great job, I am very proud of him. His predecessor, Rex Tillerson, didn’t have the mental capacity needed. He was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. He was lazy as hell. Now it is a whole new ballgame, great spirit at State! Trump »

The worst job in Washington, DC?

Featured image President Trump needs a new White House chief-of-staff to replace Gen. John Kelly. Trump isn’t on speaking terms with Kelly, which has tended to limit the general’s effectiveness. Trump reportedly wanted Nick Ayers for the job. Ayers is the chief-of-staff for Vice President Pence. That job is to White House chief-of-staff as cat sitter is to tiger sitter. Ayers said no thanks. Where will Trump turn? Leading candidates are said »

Report: William Barr is leading candidate for Attorney General

Featured image William Barr, who served as Attorney General under President George H.W. Bush, reportedly is the leading candidate to become President Trump’s new Attorney General. According to the Washington Post, “two people familiar with internal discussions said the president has told advisers in recent days that he plans to nominate Barr.” Barr was the general counsel of GTE when I represented that company (as one of dozens of lawyers from at »

Alex Acosta update

Featured image Earlier this week, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein bought his way out of a lawsuit that would have given some of his victims the opportunity to testify about his predatory and criminal conduct. Victims never got that opportunity when Epstein faced criminal charges, because Alex Acosta — then the lead prosecutor, now the Secretary of Labor — let Epstein off with a ridiculously lenient sentence. Despite having committed hideous sex offenses with »

Report: Alex Acosta gave notorious pedophile “the deal of a lifetime”

Featured image In his time as Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta has done much to accommodate liberals and little implement a conservative agenda. His inaction has attracted little criticism — virtually none unless you count the occasional posts about I have written for Power Line. To make matters worse, President Trump, although he has attacked other cabinet members — especially Jeff Sessions and Kirstjen Nielsen — has had nothing but public praise »

Trump vs. General Motors

Featured image I doubt that Robert Mueller poses an existential threat to the Trump presidency. He may pose some threat, but American manufacturers pursuing their economic interests may pose a greater one. The decision by General Motors to shut down several plants in the U.S. and to cut up to 15,000 jobs illustrates the threat. The impact of GM’s decision will be felt most acutely in the industrial Midwest, including states that »

Environmental law and the Constitution

Featured image Last week, I had the honor of attending the swearing-in of Jeff Clark as Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD) of the Justice Department. Jeff was sworn in by Judge Danny Boggs for whom he clerked. Matthew Whitaker and Ron Rosenstein both spoke, as did Jeff Wood who was in charge of the ENRD for 21 months while Jeff waited for the Senate to confirm »

Another baseless shot at Matt Whitaker

Featured image This op-ed in the Washington Post is titled (in the paper edition) “Whitaker is just one more crony.” The author, law professor Jed Shugerman, argues that it’s far from unprecedented for presidents to appoint cronies to head the Justice Department. Shugerman is right. He cites Harry Daugherty (Harding’s AG), Howard McGrath (Truman’s), Robert Kennedy (his brother’s), and John Mitchell (Nixon’s). The problem, though, is that Matthew Whitaker is not a »

Judge orders Trump to let Acosta back in

Featured image A federal district court judge today ordered the Trump administration to restore the press credentials of CNN’s Jim Acosta. The ruling came from Judge Timothy Kelly, a Trump appointee. Judge Kelly based his decision on a 1977 ruling by the D.C. Circuit. That ruling was not founded on the First Amendment, and neither was today’s. The 1977 decision said the White House must demonstrate a clear process and right of »

High snobbery from the Washington Post

Featured image According to the Washington Post, acting attorney general Matt Whitaker “stands in vivid contrast to his predecessors whose resumes typically boast judgeships, partnerships at prestigious law firms, and senior roles in the Justice Department. Really? On what court did Janet Reno serve as a judge? None. She was a partner in a Miami law firm for a year. She had never held a position at the Justice Department before becoming »

CNN sues Trump over Acosta ban

Featured image The White House has banned CNN’s Jim Acosta from the White House grounds. It did so after Acosta, during a press conference, refused to stop talking after President Trump had addressed his question, and then refused to hand the microphone back to a young female staff member. The two — Acosta and the staffer — appeared to have a slight physical altercation. CNN sues under the First Amendment, the Fifth »

What do Elvis Presley, Orrin Hatch and Alan Page Have In Common?

Featured image They will receive Presidential Medals of Freedom on Friday. It is an entertaining group: along with Presley, Hatch and Page, Babe Ruth, Antonin Scalia, Miriam Adelson and Roger Staubach will be honored. Talk about diversity! Scott has written about Elvis’s patriotism and fundamental conservatism. And of course Elvis is one of the icons of American culture. Like Babe Ruth, America’s greatest sports hero. Ruth, an utterly self-created man and a »

Matt Whitaker under fire already [UPDATED]

Featured image Matthew Whitaker is President Trump’s selection to replace Jeff Sessions. Whitaker will be the Acting Attorney General. Whitaker is qualified for the position. He served as Sessions’ chief of staff and, at one time, as a U.S. Attorney. Like almost anyone Trump might have named to replace Sessions, though, Whitaker has come in for bitter criticism from the Trump haters. They make three main arguments: (1) Whitaker can’t oversee the »

What will Trump do about the caravan? [UPDATED]

Featured image In response to the caravan of potential immigrants that’s making its way towards the U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump has called on the U.S. military. According to reports, soldiers, perhaps as many as 1,000 of them, are being sent to provide support to ICE in dealing with members of the caravan when they reach the border. Sending in the military sends the right signal, I think. Perhaps it will deter some »

Under Alex Acosta, the Obama Labor Department rolls on

Featured image In 2016, the Obama Labor Department, under the radical left-wing leadership of Tom Perez, issued two notices of violation against Microsoft. It found that the company paid women in engineering and other unspecified tech jobs less than their male co-workers and that it passed them over for promotions due to gender. As I discussed at length here, the Obama DOL adopted a radical approach to finding pay discrimination based on »

Confirm ’em all

Featured image The editors of the Wall Street Journal urge Senate Republicans to keep Democrats in Washington, D.C. until every pending Trump administration nominee is confirmed. They have a point. Democrats have succeeded to a shocking (and unprecedented) degree in preventing the president from staffing his administration with the well-qualified personnel of his choice. Eric Dreiband and Jeff Clark are perhaps the two best examples of this pattern of obstruction but, at »

Eric Dreiband and Jeff Clark will finally get a floor vote

Featured image On Saturday, shortly after the Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh, Majority Leader McConnell filed for cloture on the nominations of Eric Dreiband and Jeff Clark. Both have been nominated for Assistant Attorney General positions — Eric to head the Civil Rights Division, Jeff to head the Environmental and Natural Resources Division. For Democrats, McConnell’s move surely added insult to injury. The Dems bitterly oppose Eric and Jeff because both are strong »