Did the FBI Rig the 2020 Election?

Featured image That’s what Mollie Hemingway says: The FBI rigged the 2020 election. — Mollie (@MZHemingway) August 25, 2022 She is talking about the interview that Mark Zuckerberg did with Joe Rogan. It has gotten a great deal of attention; the New York Post, for example, features Kevin McCarthy tweeting about the “bombshell interview on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience'”. Much as I admire Mollie, I think she overstates the case, at »

Elon Was Right About Twitter [Updated]

Featured image Project Veritas’s latest is an interview with a senior engineer at Twitter. He talks about Twitter’s culture (Communist), its censorship of the right–which, however, he defines as bullying transgenders–Twitter’s opposition to free speech, the fact that Twitter employees can go for long periods of time without working, and more. So Elon Musk was right: Twitter is a leftist organization (“left, left, left, left, left” as the engineer says), and also »

Time to Return to Twitter

Featured image I won’t repeat the story of how I was kicked off Twitter. Briefly, Twitter said my account was hacked and then refused to acknowledge it ever existed. I wasn’t especially disappointed, as Twitter was a cesspool and I didn’t do a lot with my account. I had around 14,000 followers, as I recall, and I only used the account to tweet out Power Line posts. After my original account disappeared, »

Feel Good Headlines of the Day (and Other Twitter News)

Featured image This headline has to be the most uplifting of the day: Of course there is a back story here that will bring chills to the spines of liberals everywhere. (What spines, you ask?)   And the happy news keeps getting better and better: »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Muskageddon Edition

Featured image I have no idea whether Elon Musk is fundamentally sound or not, but one of Churchill’s remarks comes to mind as the sensible way of thinking about the wider scene: “If Hitler invaded Hell, I would at least make a favorable mention of the devil in the House of Commons.” The wailing and gnashing of teeth on the left today makes it all worth it, even if we’re disappointed with »

Sold! To Elon Musk

Featured image Twitter’s board of directors has accepted Elon Musk’s offer to buy the company and take it private. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth among blue-check liberals, many of whom are vowing to abandon Twitter. Well, that shouldn’t be any problem: when conservatives have complained about political bias on social media monopolies, libs have said we should just start our own companies. Now the shoe is on the other »

Musk Makes His Move (Updated)

Featured image I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Twitter headquarters today (or a lurker on their Zoom group therapy sessions no doubt taking place all day today), as the fallout from Musk’s hostile takeover bid rivals the upset of Trump’s election victory in 2016. In the meantime, I offer one of my own original memes for the effort: UPDATE—The Twitterati are not taking it well: This is highly »

Elon the Outsider

Featured image Elon Musk has 81 million Twitter followers, and he has used the platform to, among other things, criticize Twitter’s left-wing, anti-free speech practices. So the news that he had become Twitter’s largest shareholder with a 9 percent stake was seismic. It was soon followed by an invitation to join Twitter’s board of directors, which he initially seemed to accept. But on Saturday Musk announced that he was declining the offer »

They Just Make Stuff Up

Featured image Liberals think conservatives are awful, but the truth is that conservatives don’t do enough awful things to keep liberals supplied. So liberals fill the gap by simply making up slanders against conservatives. (You could analogize this to the surfeit of hate crime hoaxes.) Here is a good example for today. Joe Walsh, a former Republican who has gone over to the dark side, tweeted this: Wow, did Tucker really say »

Can Elon Musk Save Twitter? [Updated]

Featured image I have been concerned for a long time that it might be nearly impossible to build social media platforms that can compete effectively with behemoths like Facebook and Twitter. This is because of network effects, which come into play when the value of a service depends on the number of people who use it. Because of network effects, social media platforms may be natural monopolies like the water company, in »

If Government and Big Tech Gang Up On Conservatives, Is It Legal?

Featured image The latest news from social media is that both Twitter and Facebook have banned Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal accounts. Twitter permanently suspended the personal account of Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene over repeated violations of its COVID-19 misinformation policy, the company confirmed early Sunday. *** “We permanently suspended the account you referenced (@mtgreenee) for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy,” a Twitter spokesperson told the Daily Caller »

Twitter Has Gone Nuts

Featured image Jack Dorsey’s retirement has not improved Twitter’s authoritarian bias. If anything, it has made it worse. Check out Twitter’s standards for suppressing content relating to covid. The mildest form of suppression is attaching “labels” to offending tweets. Some of what Twitter is committed to suppressing is indisputably true. For example, Twitter censors: * False or misleading information about preventative [sic] measures one can take to avoid infection, such as claims »

Desperately Seeking White Supremacists

Featured image I started to write about this story a couple of days ago, but stopped because I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I’m still not sure, but here goes anyway, for what it is worth. On Saturday afternoon there was a demonstration in Washington by a small group of identically clad and masked men, many of them carrying American flags. They reportedly were members of a group called the »

Will Twitter Censor Images of Riots?

Featured image Jack Dorsey has only been gone for one day, and already Twitter has announced a change to its policies that may significantly impair the site’s news value. Twitter has expanded its “private information policy” to ban publication of “media of private individuals without the permission of the person(s) depicted.” “Media” would be photos and videos. This means that any video footage or pictures of BLM/Antifa riots, Kyle Rittenhouse exercising his »

Censorship Is Here. What to Do About It?

Featured image The dark night of censorship isn’t just threatening, it is already here. The most recent case–one of hundreds, if not thousands–is that of Dave Rubin, a popular conservative commentator with a large following on Twitter. Rubin tweeted this: They want a federal vaccine mandate for vaccines which are clearly not working as promised just weeks ago. People are getting and transmitting Covid despite vax. Plus now they’re prepping us for »

Back On Twitter, For Better or Worse

Featured image Some readers may remember that I was mysteriously booted off Twitter some months ago. Twitter was never my preferred medium, but I had around 14,000 followers. One day Twitter sent me an email saying that my account had been accessed by someone in Australia who had changed my email address. If you didn’t do that, Twitter’s email to my user name said, click here. I clicked there. The first thing »

Is Twitter On the Ropes?

Featured image At the Epoch Times, Roger Simon notes a recent drop in Twitter’s share price and urges readers to disconnect from the left-leaning platform: Twitter’s stock fell 15 percent last week apparently because they’re not getting sufficient numbers of new users to please the market. People are not as intrigued as they used to be with an allegedly open social media platform that’s not really open, in fact is something of »