Videos of the Day

Featured image Whoever thought of getting Bill Murray to play Steve Bannon on Saturday Night Live deserves a big raise (which I hear NBC can afford because of the corporate tax cut), though the writing is a bit weak. Oprah and Michael Wolff get in on it too. Enjoy: But for my money, this video of Bruce Lee crossed with Star Wars can’t possibly be topped: »

What Is Power Line VIP?

Featured image Tonight we did a live YouTube event for Power Line VIPs. You may have seen references to it on the site, and you may have wondered, what is a PL VIP? If you click on the dark blue box with a picture of the Lincoln Memorial at the top of our right sidebar, you can get the details. Being a VIP costs $4.80 a month or $48 a year. What »

VIP Live, Tune In Tonight!

Featured image Tonight, starting at 7 p.m. Central time, we are doing a VIP Live event. If you are a VIP member, you should already have gotten an email with a link to a live YouTube address where you can watch the event and submit your own comments and questions. You will get another email prior to the event. The entire PL crew will be live on YouTube, talking about the issues »

“Drive Fast, Freeze a Yankee!”

Featured image It is now well understood that the “energy crisis” of the 1970s was entirely the product of bad government policy. If you need a primer on this point, see Peter Grossman’s fine book from Cambridge University Press, U.S. Energy Policy and the Pursuit of Failure. Federal price and allocation controls meant that disruptions in the oil market by OPEC were magnified here at home, with the result being artificial shortages. Everyone »

A New Year’s Eve Miscellany

Featured image A few closeout observations before the first bottle of champagne: • Top story of the year: Trump is still President! Lots of folks on the left and in the media were certain he’d be gone by June. Worser news for the left: he’s gaining strength. Worstest news for the left: The Russia collusion angle is coming up dry, and he isn’t going to be impeached. Related, from CNN no less: »

The Year in Pictures: Happy Covfefe Edition

Featured image I think I finally figured out the whole “covfefe” mystery from earlier this year. It’s a transliterated anagram for a Chinese new year’s designation. Yeah, I’m going to go with that, and see whether CNN actually chases it down. Anyway, it was amazing, reviewing especially the inventory of cartoons from the Week in Pictures earlier in the year looking for greatest hits, how many of them could run in the »

The Week in Pictures: “The Conversation” Edition

Featured image Al Franken’s “resignation” speech contained a familiar trope of today’s liberalism—about how we need to have “a conversation” about sexual harassment. Liberals are always going on about how we need to have a “conversation”—usually a “national conversation” (the best kind!) about especially race and racism. But in practice what liberals have in mind is not a conversation at all, but a confession and repentance: everyone is supposed to confess his »

The Fire This Time (Updated)

Featured image As it happens I attempted to drive down to Los Angeles yesterday to take in the Gary Oldman Churchill vehicle Darkest Hour (which is only playing right now in LA and New York for Oscar buzz purposes), but had to turn back when the I-5 was closed because of a sudden fire around the Newhall area. Right below is a pic of the fire from a distance taken out the »

The Week in Pictures: Gropepocalypse Edition

Featured image It’s Day 58 of the Great Pervnado Panic of 2017 (counting the Harvey Weinstein New York Times story as Day One). Is it ever going to end? Seems not. Call me when the last perv is outed, and we can get back to a normal world. It does seem like cosmic justice, though. Charlie Rose was always an overrated puffed up poser. Matt Lauer was simply a smooth teleprompter reader. »

Donald Trump, Feminist Hero

Featured image The firing this morning of Matt Lauer from NBC prompts me to roll back the tape this this post from last month, in which actress Amber Tamblyn said that “Honestly, I trace everything back to the election of Donald Trump. I think that without him being elected, if it had been Hillary Clinton, this would’ve never happened to Harvey Weinstein.” And if it “didn’t happen” to Weinstein, would it have happened »

Sadly, the Koch Brothers Aren’t Buying Time, Inc.

Featured image Meredith Corporation, a major magazine publisher headquartered in Iowa, has agreed to buy Time, Inc. for a little under $3 billion. The New York Times sheds tears over the transaction, referring to Time, Inc. as “the publisher of once-prestigious magazine titles including Time, Sports Illustrated and People.” Did they suddenly become non-prestigious now that the company is being bought by Meredith? Perhaps so. The Times explains that “Time Inc. is »

The Millennial Job Interview

Featured image People often ask how the tender, safe-spaced, and cosseted “millennials” are going to fare in the real world. Fortunately we don’t have to wonder any longer: Daniel Brea of LA Reel House has put together this short video of how a job interview with the typical millennial might go. Looks accurate to me! »

The Gathering Storm in the Western Pacific

Featured image The South China Morning Post, one of the favorite go-to sources for my old professor of grand strategy Harold Rood, had an interesting article about China and North Korea a couple days ago—and notice how even the Post headline editors aren’t buying the official story: Main link between China and North Korea to be cut when Friendship Bridge closes ‘for repairs’ The closure of the Sino-North Korean Friendship Bridge in »

Today in . . . What the Hell?

Featured image Just when you think things can’t get any weirder, they do: GOP rep apologizes for lewd photo shared on Twitter Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) is apologizing for not using “better judgment” after a nude photo of him surfaced on social media earlier this week, The Texas Tribune reported Wednesday. Barton’s acknowledgement that he appears in the photo emphasizes that the women he was involved with in the past, one of whom may have shared the photo, were above the »

The Never Ending Climate Hustle

Featured image The climatistas and their toadies in the media can’t stop scratching their heads and asking/demanding why conservatives/Republicans refuse to credit “the science” about climate change. Maybe because of articles like the one in the New York Times today, which makes clear that the left sees climate change as an excuse for a massive political power grab: The Climate Crisis: It’s Capitalism, Stupid By Benjamin Y. Fong . . . The real »

Gloria Allred won’t allow inspection of yearbook

Featured image Gloria Allred, the attorney for Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson, says she won’t permit an inspection of her client’s high school yearbook unless the Senate conducts a hearing on Nelson’ charge that Moore tried to rape her. The yearbook is important because Nelson and Allred presented it as evidence that Moore knew Nelson and had a romantic interest in her. Moore’s camp has provided reason to believe that he »

Catching Up on Things

Featured image I’ve been on the road for most of the last week, only intermittently connected to the world at large. Did a couple of panels and speeches marking the one-year anniversary of the election result that saved us from the reign of Rodham and Gomorrah. I also adapted an old Stan Evans joke about how I voted for Trump because Alec Baldwin and Rosie O’Donnell promised to leave the country if »