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Uncommon Knowledge: Conservatives at Sea

Featured image The new edition of Uncommon Knowledge was taped with Rob Long and John Yoo on NR’s post-election cruise. The subject is the election just passed. Rob Long nails three theses to the mast: the Republican brand is dead, our operatives are incompetent, and we (Republicans) live in a dream world. Long is especially emphatic on the third of his three theses and I feel his pain. The eminent John Yoo »

Uncommon Knowledge with Antonin Scalia

Featured image Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia visits Uncommon Knowledge for a wide ranging interview including “the living Constitution,” Roe v. Wade, the constitutionality of the death penalty, the proper reading of the Second Amendment, and the true meaning of stare decisis. The occasion of Justice Scalia’s appearance is the publication of his new book, written with Bryan Garner: Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts. At one point in the conversation, »

Uncommon Knowledge with Thomas Sowell

Featured image Thomas Sowell is the one and only. His forthcoming pamphlet “Trickle Down” Theory and “Tax Cuts For the Rich” is a timely look at an evergreen issue. A PDF of the pamphlet is posted here. Peter Robinson takes the publication of the pamphlet as an occasion to invite Sowell to return for an interview. I recommend sticking with this 40-minute interview all the way through to the end. In the »

Uncommon Knowledge with Trevor Rees-Jones

Featured image This week on Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson, Chief Oil & Gas chairman Trevor Rees-Jones discusses fracking — what it is and why it is crucial to the country’s future, the challenge of discovering and distributing cheap energy, and why our gas prices will (and in Mr. Rees-Jones’s opinion, should) go up in the future. Mr. Rees-Jones is a native Texan and one of the more accomplished members of Dartmouth’s »

Uncommon Knowledge with Hill and Ajami

Featured image Yale’s Charles Hill and Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Fouad Ajami return this week to Uncommon Knowledge to discuss the Middle East: its past, present, and future. The immediate backdrop to this discussion is Ajami’s The Syrian Rebellion. Professor Hill’s most recent book is Trial of a Thousand Years: World Order and Islamism. Also useful to understanding the point of view explored in this discussion is Robert Pollock’s profile/interview of Professor »

Uncommon Knowledge with George W. Bush

Featured image Peter Robinson recently sat down with President Bush in Dallas to record an interview for Uncommon Knowledge. Two books provide the frame for the interview. In Decision Points, now out in paperback, Bush looks back on his presidency. The 4% Solution: Unleashing the Economic Growth America Needs is a collection of essays edited by Brendan Miniter with a foreword by Bush and derived from the George W. Bush Institute. One »

Uncommon Knowledge with Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy

Featured image In the current edition of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson, Time editors Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy discuss their new book, The Presidents Club: Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity. The book explores the relationship in the modern era between the president and living ex-presidents as well as the ties that bind them all. The existence of a presidents club as Gibbs and Duffy conceive it depends on living ex-presidents. »

Uncommon Knowledge with Thomas Sowell

Featured image Thomas Sowell is the one and only. His most recent book of many is a revised and expanded edition of Intellectuals and Society. Peter Robinson takes the new edition of the book as an occasion to invite Sowell to return for an interview. As Peter tees up the interview, he compares and contrasts the insight of Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. and Ronald Reagan into the Soviet Union. Schlesinger is a stand-in »

Uncommon Knowledge with Charles Murray

Featured image Charles Murray is the longtime American Enterprise Institute fellow and author of several important and controversial books, perhaps none more so than this year’s Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010. Murray sat down to discuss his new book for the current installment of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson. Through our arrangement with the Hoover Institution, we are pleased to present this installment of the program in its entirety. »

Uncommon Knowledge with Mitch McConnell

Featured image In this intensely interesting episode of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson — interesting from beginning to end — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell takes a look back at the dark days of 2009 when the Democrats held 60 seats in the Senate. With that majority, the Democrats jammed Obamacare down our throats, but without a single Republican vote: Once it was clear the president was going to try to turn »

Uncommon Knowledge with Michael Barone

Featured image Michael Barone is the one and only — American Enterprise Institute fellow, author, and senior political correspondent for the Washington Examinera. He is a walking encyclopedia of American political history. Barone puts his knowledge of the current scene to use in the biennial editions of the Almanac of American Politics. His interest in American political history is reflected in Our Country: THe Shaping of America From Roosevelt to Reagan. It »

Uncommon Knowledge with Andrew Breitbart

Featured image I got to know Andrew Breitbart five years ago on a whirlwind tour of Israel during which we became friends. Andrew was one of a kind, a big lovable bear of a man with the heart and soul of a warrior. His death leaves me distraught. It leaves the conservative movement, in which Andrew exerted his leadership with a convert’s zeal and a Falstaffian wit, bereft of an irreplaceable presence. »

Uncommon Knowledge with Condoleezza Rice

Featured image In the new edition of Uncommon Knowledge, Peter Robinson welcomes his Hoover Institution colleague Condoleezza Rice. It’s a suitably extended edition of the show, running over an hour, occasioned by the publication of Rice’s memoir of service in the Bush administration, No Higher Honor. I should add that in her warm family memoir, Extraordinary Ordinary People — also necessary reading — Secretary Rice recalls her parents and her upbringing in »

Uncommon Knowledge with Newt Gingrich

Featured image Our friends at Uncommon Knowledge recorded a special edition with Newt Gingrich this week. Because of the timely nature of the interview, they requested that we make it available as soon as possible. Just one problem: they forgot to include me in their message, so we’re a tad late getting to the video. They introduce this special edition of the show as follows: The 58th Speaker of the House and »

Uncommon Knowledge with Jonah Goldberg

Featured image Jonah Goldberg is of course the columnist and founder of National Review Online. He continues to work for NR as a contributing editor and is also contributor to USA Today. He is the author of Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, from Mussolini to the Politics of Change and The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas (forthcoming in May). In the current »

Uncommon Knowledge with Epstein and Yoo

Featured image Obamacare constitutes a fundamental assault on limited constitutional government. The question isn’t exactly whether it’s unconstitutional, but whether the Supreme Court can get it right given the state of the doctrines it has fashioned to accommodate liberalism in the modern era. Liberalism has done its best to abrogate the limits on limited government, and its best is probably good enough. Obamacare calls us to return to first principles. Thank you, »

Uncommon Knowledge with Andrew Roberts

Featured image Last week we posted Peter Robinson’s terrific interview with Andrew Roberts. Given our format, the interview rotated off the site after a few days. We should have another installment of Uncommon Knowledge next week. In the meantime, here is the interview with Roberts, once more once, after a brief introduction. There are several outstanding one-volume histories of World War II. Martin Gilbert’s The Second World War: A Complete History is »