Vanita Gupta

DOJ tightens grip on local police departments

Featured image Yesterday, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced new rules governing the federal monitors who impose their leftist views of policing on police forces trying to cope with skyrocketing criminality. These monitors exercise the authority of the federal government through consent decrees imposed on localities. Under Donald Trump, the Justice Department wisely stopped pursuing consent decrees. However, the Biden DOJ, under the leadership of BLM-supporting Vanita Gupta and racist Kristen Clarke, is »

Vanita Gupta’s “brief passage”

Featured image The Washington Post serves up a puff piece on Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta. The byline goes to David Nakamura, but the article might just as well have been written by the DOJ communications office. Everything you need to know about the nature of Nakamura’s story is contained in this passage: [Sen. Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton], who had tried to block [Gupta’s] confirmation, have cited a brief passage in »

Senate confirms Vanita Gupta, 51-49

Featured image Last week, the Senate confirmed Vanita Gupta as Associate Attorney General, the number three position at the Department of Justice. Every Republican Senator except Lisa Murkowski, the Arlen Specter of the Klondike, voted against confirming Gupta. Had Gupta’s nomination been rejected, the post would very likely have been filled by someone equally radical. However, that nominee probably would have been less vicious and less dishonest than Gupta. That’s the downside »

GOP Senators hammer Gupta, Durbin cuts off discussion

Featured image The Senate Judiciary Committee took up the nomination of Vanita Gupta today. She is Joe Biden’s nominee to be Associate Attorney General. You can watch the meeting at this link. The Committee was evenly divided on Gupta’s nomination. All Democratic Senators voted in her favor. All Republican Senators voted against her. I want to call attention to two of the presentations in which Republican Senators explained their opposition. The first »

Vanita Gupta and double standards

Featured image Carrie Campbell Severino accurately described Vanita Gupta’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee as rife with “obfuscation and double standards.” The obfuscation continued in her answers to written questions, as I demonstrated here. The same is true of the double standards. When Gupta was obsessed with opposing President Trump’s judicial nominees (around 70 of them, I understand), she blasted them for their responses to the question of whether Brown v. »

Vanita Gupta’s obfuscation

Featured image Carrie Campbell Severino accurately described Vanita Gupta’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee as rife with “obfuscation and double standards.” The same can be said of the DOJ nominee’s answers to written questions by Senators. In this post, I will highlight some of the obfuscation. I will discuss double standards in a follow-up post. The following examples are from the answers, if you can call them that, to Sen. Ted »

Vanita Gupta punts on Dylann Roof

Featured image When she was an Assistant Attorney General in the Obama administration, Vanita Gupta, Joe Biden’s nominee for Associate Attorney General, opposed sentencing Dylann Roof to death. Roof is the white supremacist who mass murdered Blacks at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Gupta’s opposition to seeking the death penalty for Roof was reported by the Washington Post. She explained her opposition in a memo. In that memo she argued that, »

Grassley questions Gupta about conflict of interest

Featured image Vanita Gupta, Joe Biden’s nominee for Associate Attorney General, is wealthy beyond the dreams of virtually everyone on the planet. She has reported owning between $42 million and $187 million in assets and properties. Most of her wealth consists of shares in companies linked to her father. Ordinarily, this would present no problem. We should all be fine with people possessing great wealth, whether by virtue of their own hard »

Were police organizations coerced into endorsing Gupta?

Featured image At the hearing earlier this week on the nomination of Vanita Gupta for Associate Attorney General, Sen. Tom Cotton asked the nominee whether she, or anyone on her behalf, threatened police unions with retaliation if they did not endorse her nomination. Gupta answered in the negative. It was a fair question. After all, Gupta has advocated cuts in police funding as well as turning over tasks performed by the police »

Vanita Gupta and Dylann Roof

Featured image Dylann Roof is the white supremacist who killed nine African-Americans while they were studying the Bible at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. The Obama Justice Department prosecuted Roof. In doing so, it had to decide whether to seek the death penalty. Vanita Gupta, then the acting assistant attorney general, recommended against seeking the death penalty. However, the attorney general, Loretta Lynch, overruled Gupta. The legal issue was whether, in »

Vanita Gupta’s lesson in obfuscation, deception, and double talk

Featured image At NRO’s Corner, Carrie Campbell Severino has an excellent account of Vanita Gupta’s performance before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Gupta, Joe Biden’s nominee for Associate Attorney General, ran into heavy fire from Republican members. She countered with what Severino calls “obfuscation.” There was also more than little deception, including the instance I described here regarding Dylan Roof (about which, more later). Severino homes in on the matter of »