Vice Presidential nomination

Vice presidential debate shows what might have been

Featured image There were really two debates tonight during the Kaine-Pence encounter. The first was a policy debate in which the key questions were whether, on a range of issues, Obama administration is a success and whether there’s a need for major change. The second was a debate over the merits of Donald Trump and, more particularly, whether a wide range of statements by Trump can be defended. Mike Pence won the »

Five (plus one?) for the Trump VP short list

Featured image Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post serves up his list of the five people he judges most likely to wind up sharing the GOP ticket with Donald Trump. I don’t know whether Cillizza’s picks are all in Trump’s top five, or even whether they are all under consideration. However, the list seems plausible enough to present to our readers for comment on a slow news day. Here are the five »