Virginia governor’s race

Virginia’s “new sheriff in town”

Featured image Virginia’s new governor, Glenn Youngkin, has received well-deserved praise from conservatives for actions he took his first day as governor. I want to recognize the early moves of Virginia’s new attorney general, Jason Miyares. The Washington Post reports. Virginia’s new Attorney General Jason S. Miyares has already launched a probe of a state parole board he feels failed crime victims, fired several employees, including in a unit that investigates wrongful »

In Virginia, Elections Have Consequences

Featured image Yesterday Paul said good riddance to outgoing Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and expressed the hope that the incoming Glenn Youngkin administration will “attack Northam’s radical policies with the same relentlessness that Northam and his party imposed them when they held power.” So far, it’s happening. Check out Youngkin’s first-day executive orders here and executive directives here. Full documents at the links, but the titles are inspiring: * EO-1 Ending the »

Jumpin’ on Youngkin

Featured image Jonah Goldberg appears to have joined David Brooks as a scourge of the right. He fashions himself a sort of Diogenes in search of an honest Republican. He resigned from his position as a contributor to FOX News in protest of Tucker Carlson’s take on Jan. 6. He has undertaken the job of mocking Republicans falling short of his standards. Yesterday it was Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s turn in the »

Jeff Roe’s mission improbable

Featured image The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump is unhappy he’s not getting enough credit for Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia. Keeping in mind that Trump also wants credit for preventing the destruction of Israel, the Post’s report is, for my money, the least surprising news of the week. Youngkin won his race because he brilliantly executed a two-step. When he sought the nomination, he embraced Trump. In the general election, »

It’s official. Republicans will control the Virginia House.

Featured image It took a month, but the victory of Republican Karen Greenhalgh in her race for the Virginia House of Delegates has officially been confirmed. Greenhalgh defeated incumbent Democrat Alex Askew by 115 votes. Askew gained only 12 votes in the recount process. Greenhalgh’s victory gives the GOP control of 51 of the 100 seats in the House. Believe it or not, one race is still in doubt. In that one, »

CNN does Winsome Sears (& vice versa)

Featured image I hadn’t heard of Winsome Sears until she appeared to acknowledge victory in her race for Virginia lieutenant governor on the evening of November 2. My immediate reaction was that a star is born. Of the politicians who spoke that night, she said what I most wanted to hear. Yesterday she appeared for a segment on CNN’s State of the Union with Dana Bash. Bash went in search of a »

Winsome Sears pushes back

Featured image Winsome Sears, Virginia’s lieutenant governor elect, is the latest black conservative to be slandered by black race hustlers. She has come under attack from the likes Joy Reid and Michael Eric Dyson. Dyson, a fast-talking professor, says that when Sears speaks, “there is a Black mouth moving but a white idea running on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices.” Give »

The New York Times does rural America

Featured image My friend who reads the New York Times alerted me to this article about rural America’s continued movement away from the Democratic party. I’m glad he did. The article is well worth reading. The most noteworthy thing about the Times’ piece is the numbers it presents from Virginia: In 2008, there were only four small Virginia counties where Republicans won 70% or more of the vote in that year’s presidential »

Why Youngkin won over suburban moms

Featured image A CNN reporter interviewed four Virginia suburban moms who voted for Glenn Youngkin last week. Three of the four had voted for Joe Biden last year. It’s not clear whether the fourth voted for Trump. However, she did say that this year, for the first time ever, she put up a yard sign favoring a candidate — Youngkin. The statements of four women handpicked by CNN don’t necessarily reflect the »

Winsome Winsome speaks

Featured image I hadn’t heard of Winsome Sears before she spoke Tuesday evening. She took the stage before Glenn Youngkin to declare victory in her race for Virginia lieutenant governor. She had an important message that she conveyed in what I thought was a riveting style. She is an excellent speaker. Dominic Pino explicates her speech at NRO in “Watch Winsome Sears’s victory speech.” The video is below. »

Two footnotes to last night

Featured image Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in New Jersey by 16 points in 2020. Incumbent Democratic Governor Phil Murphy has only today pulled into a slight lead over Jack Ciattarelli in his race for reelection with 50 percent of the vote. The red wave that rolled into New Jersey had some surprising currents. The tweet below comes from last night and stands up — see “How a truck driver spent $153 »

As Virginia goes. . .

Featured image During a rally for Terry McAuliffe, Kamala Harris declared that “what happens in Virginia will, in large part, determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on.” Like much of what Harris says, this statement is false. There will be no causal relationship between this year’s Virginia election and the elections in 2022 and 2024. It’s true, though, that the Virginia results are a bad sign for the Democrats’ prospects in »

After last night

Featured image A few thoughts, observations, and impressions on results as they stand at the moment the morning after election day in Virginia and New Jersey: • The Virginia gubernatorial race was close — according to the most recent New York Times update this morning, the margin is now is 67,000 votes or 2.1 percent out of nearly 3.3 million votes — Glenn Youngkin appears to have beaten Terry McAuliffe beyond the »

Trump derangement syndrome

Featured image Never Trumper Bill Krisol has tweeted: Congratulations to @GlennYoungkin on his impressive victory tonight. I wish him success as governor, and trust he’ll govern in a responsible and public-spirited way, on behalf of all Virginians. Kristol’s statement of trust is sincere, I think. But it raises the question of why he endorsed the leftist Clintonista scoundrel Terry McAuliffe, rather than Youngkin. For the answer, see the title of this post. »

Youngkin In a Landslide? [Updated Again and Again]

Featured image With 60% of the vote tabulated–a big caveat, I am not sure how the mostly-Democrat early voting figures in those numbers–Glenn Youngkin has what normally would be considered an insuperable 11-point lead over Terry McAuliffe. It is too early to pop the champagne corks, but things are looking very good. Maybe the earthquake is beginning sooner than I expected. Comfortably Smug explains: It’s wild. When people can’t buy groceries, gas »

The Virginia race [UPDATED from time to time]

Featured image I’m getting ready to watch Game 6 of the World Series. That’s where my main attention will be for as long as the game is competitive. Judging by past games, that might be four hours. As for the Virginia race, I’ll be checking in on it from time to time, of course. Early indications are that it will be close but that Youngkin has a small edge (which is what »

in the Virginia race, election day edition (2)

Featured image I’ve been following the Virginia gubernatorial campaign via Twitter. I have found it a valuable resource and thought it provided a good window onto the closing events of the campaign yesterday. Here are a few tweets. The education issue is red hot in Loudon County. It’s a Democratic stronghold, but Youngkin will cut into the Democratic margin here. The question is how much. Here to get a vibe check at »