Wendy Davis

Democrat Media Rally to Wendy Davis’s Defense

Featured image Talk about mama grizzlies! When one of their own is threatened, Democrats in the media rush to circle the wagons. (Metaphor alert, James?) In Wendy Davis’s case, they do this in the usual way: they ignore the real issues, and mischaracterize conservatives’ criticisms. So today, CNN included Davis in a story titled “When rising political stars fall to Earth.” Davis’s troubles are mingled with those of Chris Christie, Bob McDonnell »

Wendy Davis — carrying the banner for millions of Texas women with sugar daddies

Featured image Wendy Davis wasn’t exactly contrite after being exposed for having falsified her “life story.” Liars rarely are. But at least Davis acknowledged that her “language should be tighter” and that she “need[s] to be more focused on the detail.” Now, however, she’s taking a harder line, blasting those are trying to hold her accountable for her falsehoods. Responding to Greg Abbott, her Republican opponent for governor, Davis said: We’re not »