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The 12 Days of Wokeness

Featured image If you don’t live in Manhattan, well, first of all, congratulations, but also you probably haven’t heard about the meltdown currently underway at the Dalton School, one of Manhattan’s more elite private schools. While many other private schools in New York City have reopened, Dalton has remained closed, much to the annoyance of tuition-paying parents. The Dalton faculty, it seems, consists of community college rejects who flunked a Dr. Jill »

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Featured image From the “art world” today are two new exhibits of note. First, I never understood the hullabaloo about the “Fearless Girl” statute set up ostentatiously across from the Wall Street bull, but whatever. Today, though, some creative artist has installed an addition to the scene: a dog using “Fearless Girl” as a fire hydrant: Heh. This is sure to be classed as a hate crime against feminism. Speaking of hate »

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Featured image This is the first of a new Power Line occasional series to go along with our Civil War on the Left, Loose Ends, and Green Weenie series. We’ll call this one “What Next?” to highlight the latest absurd piece of news that makes satire and parody the most challenging art form of our time. So here’s the first news item for this series, from The Economist: New Zealand declares a »