Defunding the Left, One Union at a Time

Featured image “Defunding the left” was one of the objectives of the Republican uprising of 1994; unfortunately, that goal went unrealized. This is one of the basic differences between Left and Right: conservative candidates and organizations have to raise money from individuals who contribute voluntarily, out of conviction, while Democrats and liberal organizations are able to extract money by force from taxpayers and others. The Left has managed to institutionalize itself. Labor »

Public Sector Unions Reeling In Wisconsin

Featured image Sean Higgins of the Washington Examiner had this story on Friday, but for some reason I haven’t seen it widely reported or commented on. Since Wisconsin stopped forcing public employees to pay union dues against their will, union membership in that state has plummeted: According a Labor Department filing made last week, membership at Wisconsin’s American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 40 — one of AFSCME’s four »

Good news from Wisconsin

Featured image A new poll of Wisconsin voters by Marquette Law School (when it comes to polling, it seems that everyone’s getting into the act) provides good news for both Mitt Romney and Tommy Thompson. The poll has Romney in a virtual tie with President Obama (Obama 49, Romney 48). It also has Thompson virtually deadlocked with his opponent Tammy Baldwin (Thompson 46, Baldwin 45). The poll demonstrates the significance of the »

A Washington Post cheap shot that even the replacement refs would spot

Featured image It was only a matter of time until leftists attempted to obtain political mileage from the unhappiness of football fans over the lockout of NFL referees. Today, Brad Plumer of the Washington Post set out to accomplish this. In an article called (in the print edition) “Wisconsin governor fumbles on Twitter,” Plumer criticized Scott Walker for calling for the return of the “real referees.” Walker is a Green Bay Packer »

It looks like a two-way battle in Wisconsin

Featured image About 30 percent of the precincts have reported in the Wisconsin Republican Senate primary. Former Governor and Secretary of HHS Tommy Thompson holds a small lead over businessman Eric Hovde, 33.7 percent to 31.0. Former Congressman Mark Neumann is third, but well behind with 22.7 percent. State Senator Jeff Fitzgerald is out of the running with 12.7 percent. In the last poll I saw from Wisconsin, by Quinnipiac, Thompson was »

Lessons from the latest Wisconsin Senate polls

Featured image Earlier this week, two sets of polling data regarding the Wisconsin Senate race were released, one from Quinnipiac, the other from Marquette University. These polls suggest the following: (1) Tommy Thompson has a good chance of defeating Democrat Tammy Baldwin, and should probably be considered the favorite in such a race and (2) two other Republicans, Mark Neumann and Eric Hovde, might also defeat Baldwin, but Baldwin would be favored »

Which way for Republicans in Wisconsin?

Featured image This Washington Post story confirms what I wrote earlier today about the Wisconsin Senate race — Tommy Thompson is in trouble. But let’s do the full disclosure thing before going any further. Thompson was a partner of mine at the law firm from which I recently retired. More importantly to me, he was an exemplary partner. Thompson is also one of the most successful politicians in Wisconsin history. He was »

Romney Takes the Lead In Wisconsin

Featured image In the wake of Scott Walker’s decisive victory over the Democrats in Wisconsin’s recall election, many wondered whether that state will now be in play at the presidential level in November. Democrats took hope from exit polls that showed President Obama with a solid lead over Mitt Romney, but that was whistling past the graveyard, as the same exit polls got the Walker-Barrett vote entirely wrong. Today the first meaningful »

Insanity, the Fifth Stage of Grief

Featured image Some Wisconsin leftists are still in denial–“we didn’t lose”–but others are stark, raving mad. Savor this video from the MacIver Institute that documents the sad state of Wisconsin’s liberals in the wake of the recall fiasco. It is, as Jammie Wearing Fools says, “comedy gold”: »

Hitler Learns That Walker Won the Recall Election

Featured image »

How close is close?

Featured image The headline in the print edition of today’s Washington Post reads: “Wisc. governor Walker survives recall election: long lines and a close vote.” To say that Walker survived is a way of putting it. And many of the lines apparently were long. But a close vote? I don’t think so. According to the Post, Walker won by 8 points, 54 percent to 46 percent. In the final count, the margin »

Democrats Threaten Walker Assassination

Featured image Just as you would expect, the Democrats kept it classy last night, flooding Twitter with calls for Scott Walker and his family to be murdered. Twitchy has collected dozens of death threats. A sampling: Somebody gone kill Scott Walker man. KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER! Ole Bitch Ass Pig Ass Nigga!!!! Somebody need to Abe Lincoln Scott »

Wisconsin death trip

Featured image Herewith 10 random thoughts on the election results in the Wisconsin recall election: 1. In a sense the public sector unions that brought it on lost the election before the first vote was counted. Their chosen candidate (Kathleen Falk) could not even prevail in the Democratic primary. Instead Wisconsin Democrats opted for a rerun of the 2010 gubernatorial election between Walker and Barrett. With even higher voter turnout in the »

A note of caution about tonight’s election

Featured image I didn’t watch any coverage of tonight’s recall election in Wisconsin, so forgive me if this point has been made. Forgive me as well for offering a note of caution about the results, particularly since it may be off-base. My note of caution is this: Gov. Walker’s victory may be due in part to the fact that the economy in Wisconsin has picked up and that Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is »

A Smashing Victory In Wisconsin

Featured image Wisconsin looks to exceed our fondest hopes, as everyone has called the race for Scott Walker. With 60% of the vote now counted, Walker leads 57%-42%. That is way too big a margin for the Democrats to make up through fraud. The TV headlines to the effect that “Governor Walker Survives Recall” are really misleading. Walker didn’t just survive, he trounced the greedy union bosses who were fighting for their »

Wisconsin Results Imminent, Join the Crowd at PL Live!

Featured image Hundreds of your fellow Power Line readers have congregated at Power Line Live to await news from Wisconsin and chew over it when it comes. Follow the link to join the conversation! JOE adds: By “hundreds,” what John meant to say was “more than a thousand,” and although the conversation paced up to a rapid clip as returns began coming in (I counted two posts per second, on average), everyone »

UPDATED: Follow the Wisconsin Recall on Power Line Live

Featured image UPDATED by Joe: If you tried to get into PL Live earlier, but could not, try again! We just increased our limit. We are officially launching Power Line Live today. If you missed our preview post, you can check out PL Live by clicking on the “Live” button at the top of our main page, right between “Home” and “About Us.” Or just click here. Some would call PL Live »