The Real Existential Threat

Featured image David Horowitz puts the wood to our woke military leadership, and explains where the real threat to our country comes from. Spoiler alert: it’s not white supremacists. Our Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin – our leader who presided over the worst, most incompetent, most humiliating military defeat in the history of our nation – is black. Of course, he’s black. He was appointed by Biden to display the wonderful diversity »

The NFL doubles down on woke, BLM style

Featured image The National Football League kicks off its season tonight. For a great many Americans, today must feel like Christmas. I’m not among that group. However, I do look forward to the start of the NFL season, at least in years like this one when the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins doesn’t appear to be awful. But there’s a fly in the ointment. The NFL has decided to preach »

Does Woke Advertising Work?

Featured image Corporate America has largely aligned itself with the Left, a choice that is often reflected in advertising. “Get woke, go broke” is a nice sentiment, but unfortunately it isn’t always–or, perhaps, usually–true. Nike, to name just one example, has profited greatly by being anti-American. Some of this probably has to do with catering to a non-American customer base, but sadly there is also no shortage of Americans who respond to »

Did wokeism cost the U.S. Olympic medals? Of course not.

Featured image Many conservatives I know and respect declined to watch any of this year’s Summer Olympics because they expected American athletes to display wokeism rather than patriotism. The expectation wasn’t unreasonable and it constituted good cause not to watch. It also helps explain the Olympics’ low television ratings. Reportedly, they were down 49 percent compared to the 2016 Games and 53 percent from the ones in 2012. I decided to watch »

When Will Liberals Wake Up to Wokery?

Featured image Everyone of a certain age will remember Bill Clinton’s famous “Sister Souljah” moment in the 1992 campaign, when he called out, in front of Jesse Jackson, black racism in rap music and au courant circles of black culture. (Sister Souljah had said, “if black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?”) Clinton had been looking for an opportunity to repudiate Jackson since »

The F.P. Santangelo saga

Featured image F.P. Santangelo is a former major league baseball player who does the color commentary on television broadcasts of Washington Nationals games. He’s not my cup of tea, but no one can question his knowledge of, and passion for, the game. He’s also very popular with the fan base, including women, as far as I can tell. During the Nats’ championship season, several women who had been casual fans, told me »

The fun never stops at ESPN

Featured image Stephen A. Smith is a controversialist for ESPN. He shouts out his takes on sports-related issues, for which, reportedly, he is paid around $12 million a year. Nice work if you can get it. Smith came under fire for opining that Shohei Ohtani, the Japanese pitching, slugging, and baserunning sensation, will have trouble being the face of baseball because he doesn’t speak English. Smith said: I don’t think it helps »

Wokeism Is Not New

Featured image I was rummaging around again in my archive of old columns from the mid-1990s that never appeared online anywhere, and I found one, from December 1996, that shows the current CRT/”anti-racism” claptrap was rapidly gaining ground way back then: Still Trendier Than Thou: The Joy of Guilt-Mongering Nearly 20 years ago the late Paul Seabury of U.C. Berkeley wrote a sprightly feature article in Harper’s magazine about the Episcopal Church »

J.P. Sears on the Woke Military

Featured image J.P. Sears has established himself, alongside the Babylon Bee, as one of the primary assets in the War against Woke. Here he takes on wokery in the military: Best line: “Today we’re replacing hand-to-hand combat training, with hand-holding training.” Runner up: “Women who can’t lift as much, are just as strong as men who can lift more.” The sad part is, this might be a documentary rather than satire. »

Soccer star deals blow to Coca-Cola

Featured image Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo made news in two ways on Tuesday — one soccer-related, one not. In soccer news, by scoring two goals against Hungary, Ronaldo became the all-time leading soccer in the history of the European Championship tournament. No player from any nation has scored as many goals in this major competition as Ronaldo. In other news, Ronaldo snubbed Coca-Cola. He removed two Coke bottles from the table at »

J.P. Sears on the Evolution of Woke

Featured image J.P. Sears strikes again, this time explaining, as only he can do, the recent evolution of “wokeness,” from “the pre-paleowokalithic era,” and before the social justice warriors learned “how to make weapons out of keyboards.” And I note that for the second week in a row, Bill Maher took after his fellow progressives for their “progressophobia” (fear of progress), but I’ll skip over posting the video here, partly because it »

A tale for our times

Featured image I’d like to think the following events could only have occurred in a handful of American metropolitan areas. However, I suspect they could have happened anywhere left-liberals are found in more than minimal numbers. Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia wanted to honor its class of 2021 graduates with a big party on school grounds. If any class deserves a big party to celebrate graduation, it’s the class of 2021. »

Voters reject woke education in Rapid City, South Dakota

Featured image Rapid City, South Dakota held elections for its school board this week. The result? Two incumbents, including the school board president, went down to defeat. Insurgent candidates won all four contested seats. I understand that an organization called South Dakota Parents Involved in Education (SDPIE) played a major role in this election. I understand the issues it raised included opposition to the teaching of critical race theory and disrespect for »

Kamala Harris’ woke joke at the Naval Academy

Featured image Kamala Harris delivered the commencement address yesterday at the U.S. Naval Academy. In an attempt at woke humor, Harris inserted feminism into her homage to green energy. She said: Just ask any Marine today, would she rather carry 20 pounds of batteries or a rolled up solar panel, and I am positive she will tell you a solar panel. And so would he. At least Harris limited herself to two »

Lockheed Martin and the woke industrial complex

Featured image Christopher Rufo writes another expose of wokeism’s inroads on corporate America. This one is about Lockheed Martin. According to documents Rufo obtained, last year Lockheed sent white male executives to a three-day diversity-training program aimed at deconstructing their “white male culture” and encouraging them to atone for their “white male privilege.” Lockheed’s executives apparently received the full, no-holds-barred White males suck treatment. This included deconstructing employees’ “white male privilege” through »

Pro-Military Democrats? Please

Featured image One of the more curious spectacles of recent years is the Democrats’ periodic attempt to appear patriotic and pro-military. Everyone who pays attention knows that they are indifferent, at best, to American military power, and most of the time they don’t try to hide it. But now and then they see an opportunity to fly a false flag; sometimes, as in this case, the results are humorous. Start with Ted »

Take Me Out to the Ball Game? Forget It

Featured image I have been a Minnesota Twins fan for a long time and had season tickets for a number of years. But I am not going back to Target Field–one of America’s great stadiums–any time soon. This is what it looks like these days. Click to enlarge: Zooming in on the right field corner: I have no idea why baseball executives think it is appropriate to celebrate an armed robber, drug »