Stockman Agonistes

Featured image Everyone’s pretty much forgotten about David Stockman, the supposed wunderkind director of OMB under President Reagan. If’s he’s remembered at all it’s for becoming a traitor to Reagan’s supply-side economic policy in 1981, with a series of ill-advised conversations with left-wing journalist William Greider, then of The Atlantic. I call Stockman a “supposed” wunderkind because his intellectual probity and general disposition have always been unstable if not unsound. I observed »

The Week in Pictures: Scary Halloween Edition

Featured image So I can’t decide on a costume: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? They both have great fright prospects. Hillary will lie about her tricks, and Sanders will reach in to everyone’s goody bag and redistribute the candy. But perhaps I’ll stick with everyone’s favorite zombie of the moment—Jeb Bush. And as a reminder: Halloween this year coincides with every conservative’s favorite day—the day we literally get to turn the clock »

Zombie Headline of the Day

Featured image When the vampire thing came along, I was like, meh. Likewise with zombies. Amazingly enough, Hollywood has now made more zombie movies than Westerns, but I don’t care, I’m just not interested. I wasn’t, anyway, until yesterday, when I saw this headline in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Man stole delivery truck because he was ‘running from zombies.'” As you may have suspected, alcohol was involved: After stealing a newspaper delivery »

Maoists in London?

Featured image This BBC story about some folks who held three women as slaves for 30 years in London is making me scratch my head with both hands: London Slavery Case: Suspects ‘Former Maoist Activists’ A married couple suspected of holding three women as slaves for more than 30 years are former Maoist activists Aravindan Balakrishnan and his wife Chanda, the BBC understands. According to national Marxist records they were leading figures »

A certain voodoo priest

Featured image As the election nears, beware zombies. That’s the lesson from Bob Hope in the 1940 film The Ghost Breakers. Herewith, perhaps the greatest line from a movie of all time. But one wonders: who is the voodoo priest? »