Libs oppose Manchin becoming Energy Committee’s ranking member

Featured image Sen. Joe Manchin is the leading contender to become the senior Democrat on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Manchin, however, is pro-coal, as befits a Senator from West Virginia. And when Manchin ran for the Senate in 2010, a campaign ad featured him shooting a bullet through a piece of “climate change” legislation. The left wasn’t amused then, and it isn’t amused now. Tom Steyer has joined environmental »

Loose Ends (57)

Featured imageScott has his spindle for his accumulated news items, and after nearly two weeks on the road I need a forklift for all of the news items that have landed in my pile. So let’s clear some of them out. • Speaking of forklifts: Trump Assassination Plot Foiled After Man Stole Forklift to Flip President’s Limo . . . “The intent was to try to get to the limo, flip the »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll dubs them REPULSI-CANS. She writes: I really want to know where I can go to get a gig as a pretend Democrat attacking other Democrats on television? Would that be a dream job, or what? There was chipmunk-cheeked Ana Navarro, on election night 2016, who was terribly excited about the pending, in-the-bag defeat of Donald J. Trump, as “sweet sweet justice” when Hispanics would get to deal him »

Flynn’s fate (2)

Featured imageEarlier this week in “Flynn’s fate” I noted the sentencing memo filed by the Mueller team in the case of former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn earlier this year. I have embedded the sentencing memo below. In relevant part the case against Flynn is based on FBI interviews with him about his conversations (intercepted communications) with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak following Trump’s election. This is the entirety of the »

Report: William Barr is leading candidate for Attorney General

Featured imageWilliam Barr, who served as Attorney General under President George H.W. Bush, reportedly is the leading candidate to become President Trump’s new Attorney General. According to the Washington Post, “two people familiar with internal discussions said the president has told advisers in recent days that he plans to nominate Barr.” Barr was the general counsel of GTE when I represented that company (as one of dozens of lawyers from at »

Middle East disconnect at the Washington Post

Featured imageThe Washington Post takes time out from urging that the U.S. blow up relations with Saudi Arabia, as retribution for the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, to provide a clear-eyed assessment of reality in the Middle East. The Post’s Liz Sly finds that Russia has become the region’s rising power. Russia has made huge inroads, commercial and diplomatic, throughout the Middle East. The nations that now woo Putin run the gamut »

A note to commenters

Featured imageOur comments have been inundated with pornographic spam over the past week. This is not acceptable to us. I have therefore combed though comments to remove the pornographic spam that has evaded our filters. It is a mind-numbing and time-consuming chore to try to keep up with the spam. I am sure that I have overlooked some in the process. I have accordingly had our software settings changed to withhold »

Drill, Barry, Drill!

Featured imageWatching Barack Obama try to take credit for the achievements of others has a certain twisted entertainment value. This time it is the fracking revolution that has made America the world’s number one producer of oil and gas. Almost unbelievably–it would be unbelievable, if we were talking about anyone but Obama–Barack is now attempting to take credit for it! You can’t make this stuff up. Mark Mathis of Clear Energy »

White like her

Featured imageThere are a few levels of Schadenfreude to be had in Astead Herndon’s New York Times story “Elizabeth Warren Stands by DNA Test. But Around Her, Worries Abound.” Warren’s absurd promotion of test results that contradicted her claim to Native American ancestry has somehow gone missing from the Times story. The Times story is amazing and laughable in its own way, but it represents our dystopian future. The Times story »

The war on standards: fare-jumping edition

Featured imageThe City Council of Washington, D.C. has approved a measure decriminalizing fare evasion in its public transportation system. In D.C., “fare-jumping” will become a civil offense punishable only by a $50 fine. The legislation was originally introduced by dumb-as-a-rock anti-Semite Trayon White. It passed by a vote of 10-2. Fare-jumping is, of course, a form of theft. And not an innocuous form. The local transit authority loses more than $25 »

As Usual, It’s All About Donald Trump

Featured imageTributes to the late President George H.W. Bush are pouring in from all points of the political compass. The tributes focus, appropriately, on President Bush’s personal qualities. But there is an obvious subtext. The liberal media, which deplored Bush when he was an active politician, is happy to praise him now because it provides an opportunity to highlight President Donald Trump’s alleged failings of character and personality. Sometimes the contrast »

Democrat Resigns After Frequenting Women’s Bathroom: Why?

Featured imageVia InstaPundit, a seemingly inexplicable news story: A Colorado Democrat whom female colleagues had accused earlier this year of frequenting a women’s restroom inside the Statehouse is resigning, a spokesman said Wednesday. State Sen. Daniel Kagan’s departure, effective Jan. 11, will come as the Democrats retake the Colorado Senate majority…. *** Republican state Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik said several women claimed to have seen Kagan using a women’s restroom multiple »

Alex Acosta update

Featured imageEarlier this week, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein bought his way out of a lawsuit that would have given some of his victims the opportunity to testify about his predatory and criminal conduct. Victims never got that opportunity when Epstein faced criminal charges, because Alex Acosta — then the lead prosecutor, now the Secretary of Labor — let Epstein off with a ridiculously lenient sentence. Despite having committed hideous sex offenses with »

The Post Gets One Right

Featured imageWe and many others frequently criticize the major media for their biased reporting on gun issues, and above all for the scarcity of coverage of citizens who defend themselves with their lawfully-owned weapons. So we should acknowledge the major media when they report a story like this one in the Washington Post (aka, the Bezos Bulletin) that I will pick up in the middle: An escaped inmate kicked down a sleeping »

Is it something he said? (5)

Featured imageUntil we get an answer to the question of what really went down last month when the FBI called on 16 agents to raid the home of Clinton crime family whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain, I want to follow the story. Richard Pollock’s exclusive and meticulous November 29 Daily Caller story on the raid is posted here. Cain was then scheduled to appear on Sean Hannity’s FOX News show this past »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 100: Historians in Cars—Andrew Roberts on History and Churchill

Featured imageMany of you have likely seen or heard of Jerry Seinfeld’s video series “Comedians in Cars,” and for this episode of the Power Line Show I decided to emulate it with “Historians in Cars.” But not just any historian. I got to take the great Andrew Roberts for a car ride in the Bay Area this week. (Thanks to those Power Line readers who braved the lunacy of the Berkeley »

Identity populism

Featured imageOn Sunday, I wrote about the riots in the heart of Paris. As a source for how the riots disrupted life in some of the areas where they occurred, I used the report of a friend who lives in the center city. That friend has called my attention to comments critical of my reliance on him. The complaint is that my source, because he lives in a well-to-do neighborhood, is »