The Week in Pictures: A Bit Red in Helsinki Edition

Featured image It finally came back to me. Monty Python had a sketch way back when that involved a made-up entity that is a perfect headline for this week—the “Institute of Going in Bit Red in Helsinki,” in which a Dr. Carl Gruber (related to Hans?) tests embarrassing words and phrases on people, such as “Wankel rotary engine.” (You can take in the sketch here.) If the sketch was updated, you’d have »

Poll: Kavanaugh is big factor in West Virginia Senate race

Featured imageA new poll of the West Virginia Senate race suggests that Sen. Joe Manchin is a shoe-in for reelection if he votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, but faces an extremely close race if he votes against confirmation. According to the survey, taken by the Trafalgar Group, West Virginia voters favor Manchin over Republican Patrick Morrisey by 29 points if Manchin votes for confirmation but by only two points if he »

Maxine Waters Supporters Burn the Flag

Featured imageThe Los Angeles Times offers a somewhat sanitized account of a demonstration that occurred yesterday outside Maxine Waters’s Los Angeles office. It focuses on the fact that a group called the Oath Keepers, described by the Times as “far right,” had scheduled a protest outside Waters’s office, which led counter-protesters supporting Waters, and denouncing President Trump, to show up. The Times reports that “at 1 p.m., police at the protest »

The Latest From Michael Ramirez

Featured imageI know, I’m jumping the gun on tomorrow’s Week In Pictures. But here’s the thing–I can access a preview of Steve’s post, which will go up in the morning, and these cartoons by Michael Ramirez aren’t included. So I offer these three cartoons, all created very recently, with a clear conscience. Michael envisions the Senate battle over confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, a completely unexceptionable nominee, to the Supreme Court. I »

The World Cup and racial politics

Featured imageOn Sunday, France defeated Croatia 4-2 to win the World Cup. I rooted for France, as I normally do once England and the U.S. are eliminated (if Brazil and France are both still playing, my allegiance varies based how much I like the particular players). This year, the U.S. failed to qualify and Brazil was eliminated before England. So rooting for France was an easy decision for me. Leftists and »

Green Weenie Time

Featured imageThe ranks of Green Weenie Award contenders this week is longer than usual, but it looks like some of the greenies of Colorado will come out on top. Turns out that Starbucks, which can’t seem to do anything right these days, has put out a series of coffee mugs that have images depicting aspects of each of the 50 states. But woe unto their Colorado mug: it includes the images »

The Brennan factor revisited

Featured imageFollowing former Obama administration CIA Director John Brennan on Twitter, we see his animus nakedly on display. He is demented by hatred. Is this really the public role a former Director of the CIA is to be playing? Below is his most recent effusion on Twitter. Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll responds to the CALL OF DUTY. She writes: So I’m lying on the pavement in the Prescott Residence Inn parking lot trying to copy numbers off my left front tire. There are many numbers on the tire and I don’t know which ones are important, so I just write down all of them. The blazing Arizona sunshine is blinding me until I have that “aha” moment that I »

Tim Scott and Marco Rubio sink stellar judicial nominee

Featured imageDespite their razor-thin numerical advantage over Democrats, Senate Republicans were able to put together a long and impressive winning streak in confirming President Trump’s court of appeals nominees. That winning streak came to an ignominious end today. Not because Sen. Susan Collins or Sen. Lisa Murkowski balked at a conservative nominee. But because Sens. Tim Scott and Marco Rubio ambushed a superb conservative. Their victim, Ryan Bounds, is an Assistant »

On the Environment, Europeans Should Follow U.S. Lead

Featured imageThere was much gnashing of teeth over the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. That turned out to be nothing but the usual virtue signaling, as the agreement has since fallen apart, having turned out to be nothing but a stickup of rich nations by poor nations. Shockingly, the Western democracies weren’t actually interested in paying up. Meanwhile–one might ask–what has been happening in the physical world with »

What Putin Was Up To (2)

Featured imageOne sentence of Paul’s post from this morning stands out for further reflection: “an experienced intelligence hand articulated it to me: If we know the Russians hacked the Democrats, it’s probably because the Russians want us to know.” This would not be the first time that a seeming anomaly ought to stop us in our tracks, but unfortunately most of the media and analysts have a child’s grasp of the »

The ambush of Bounds should not affect the treatment of Kavanaugh

Featured imageYesterday, Sen. Tim Scott, assisted by Sen. Marco Rubio, torpedoed the nomination of Ryan Bounds to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Scott couldn’t vote to confirm Bounds because the nominee, as a college student, ridiculed the cult of diversity as preached by “some of the more strident racial factions of the student body.” Senate Democrats promptly and predictably turned Scott’s ridiculous reservation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. They have been »

Analyze this

Featured imageWe are inundated by stupidity in the news, by the calculated stupidity of those who would exploit our stupidity, and by stupidity that is aggravated by the reporters themselves. Here are a few tweets directing our attention to newsworthy items with sane commentary that partakes of the soul of wit: Thank you, Glenn Reynolds: Trump has Democrats chanting "USA" and denouncing Russia. Is there *anything* he can't do? — »

Another Climate Lawsuit Hits the Wall

Featured imageWe reported here last month that a California lawsuit brought against major oil companies for their role in climate change was dismissed by a federal judge, and a different federal judge has today dismissed a similar suit brought by the city of New York. The judge, John Keenan, a Reagan appointee, ruled on similar grounds, namely, that climate change is not an issue suitable for remedy through litigation: The court »

Our Country Is Insane

Featured imageI am by nature an optimist, but it is hard to maintain a positive attitude in the face of the rampant insanity that has seized control over our national life. When I get time, I am going to write about the ritual defenestration of Papa John’s pizza company, one of the more shocking news stories of recent months, in my opinion. For now, here is a more manageable, and perhaps »

Drain the swamp? Alex Acosta won’t even touch it.

Featured imageAs I have documented, Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta studiously avoids making policy and personnel decisions that might alienate leftists. Inasmuch as Acosta’s predecessor, Tom Perez, made the Labor Department a central player in President Obama’s quest radically to transform America, Acosta’s unwillingness to rock the boat is scandalous. It constitutes a huge victory for the left. The Administrative Review Board (ARB) epitomizes Acosta’s passivity. The ARB is, in effect, »

What Putin was up to

Featured imageIn this Wall Street Journal op-ed, Michael Mukasey questioned the timing of Robert Mueller’s indictment of 12 Russians on the eve of the Helsinki summit. I discussed the matter here. In the same op-ed, Mukasey made another important point, one that has influenced my thinking on Russian interference since January 2017, when an experienced intelligence hand articulated it to me: If we know the Russians hacked the Democrats, it’s probably »