Re-Learning the Lessons of the Past

Featured image There was a time in my early adulthood when many believed that American cities would soon become uninhabitable. New York City was the prototype: crime and social decay had made the city a dystopia. Many expected New York to collapse, and other cities to follow. It didn’t happen, because New York’s officials–most notably Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Police Commissioner William Bratton, although others were involved–adopted the philosophy of Broken Windows »

The Cultural Revolution at Evergreen State

Featured imageNews items about outrageous events at college campuses have been coming in so fast the last couple weeks that it is impossible to keep up. At this point I’m starting to think Sir Roger Scruton is right that we should just “get rid of universities altogether.” There are a couple of stories I’m watching right now that I intend to find time to analyze in depth, but for the moment, »

The Infantile, Superficial Left

Featured imageIf you are a glutton for punishment like me and you read a lot of leftist academic journals (but I repeat myself. . .), you discover quickly that for the left, everything is violence. Literally violence, especially free speech, but also capitalism of course. Violence is the instrument of racism and domination. Another peculiar feature of leftist academic jargon today is to talk about “bodies”—especially “black and brown bodies,” which »

Straight talk about China and corporate America

Featured imageSen. Marco Rubio is the U.S. Senator best attuned to and most focused on the problem China poses to the U.S. and the world at-large. At least that’s what I infer from his public pronouncements on the subject. In an interview with the Washington Post, Rubio maintained that a significant part of our problem with China stems from shortsighted American corporate CEO’s. He stated: If you go to China, they »

Bill de Blasio poised to enter the presidential race

Featured imageNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will announce his candidacy for president on Thursday. I’ve lost track of the number of Democrats now in the field. but I believe it’s almost two dozen. In trying to get a handle on this mad scramble of a race, I have suggested that there are three Democratic lanes — the establishment lane, the hard left lane, and the diversity lane. De Blasio »

Loose Ends (80)

Featured image• Today’s decoding of liberal lexigraphy: It has become a common refrain from liberals to say we need to have a “national conversation”—usually about racism or “Islamophobia” or something. Translation: “Shut up and agree with liberalism.” Leftists don’t really want a “conversation” about anything, still less an argument that they’ll lose. It’s more like this: • Who said this? “People are driving across that border with tons of everything from byproducts »

Kafka Goes to College

Featured imageAdmissions scandals, usually involving coaches of minor sports who were paid to help high school students gain admission to elite schools, have rocked several institutions. In my view, these scandals expose a deeper rot than the existence of some corrupt rowing or tennis coaches. The complaint embedded below was filed today against Georgetown University by a young man who is currently a student there, having just completed his junior year. »

A Democrat worth backing in her Virginia primary contest

Featured imageI normally don’t suggest that Power Line readers vote for a Democrat. If I have ever done so, I’ve purged it from my memory. However, voting for a Democrat is something that readers who are registered to vote in Arlington County, Virginia should consider. The race in question is the Democratic primary contest for Commonwealth’s Attorney. The Democrat worthy of support is the incumbent, Theo Stamos. The primary is “open” »

Trump Jr. agrees to testify

Featured imageIn this post, I discussed Donald Trump Jr.’s refusal to appear for second time before the Senate Intelligence Committee. I argued that he should testify. Now, following the issuance of a subpoena, Trump Jr. has agreed to testify. Under a deal reached with the Committee, he will testify for up to four hours and questions will be limited to six broad categories, not ten as the Committee contemplated. It’s a »

From Rashida With Love [with comment by Paul]

Featured imageCongresswoman Rashida Talib has been in the news as a result of a Yahoo News podcast in which she participated. The podcast, titled “Skullduggery,” is an anti-Trump hatefest. This episode began with the hosts discussing the desirability of impeaching President Trump. Then they welcomed Tlaib as a guest, and talked about impeachment some more. (Tlaib is an enthusiastic advocate.) Next they turned to foreign policy, specifically the Middle East. This »

Today’s good news

Featured imageThe AP delivered today’s good news this morning: “Attorney General William Barr has appointed a U.S. attorney to examine the origins of the Russia investigation and determine if intelligence collection involving the Trump campaign was ‘lawful and appropriate,’ according to a person familiar with the issue.” I love that “person familiar with the issue.” Someone’s giving it back to the bad boys who’ve been dishing it out via the New »

Our Communist Labor Unions

Featured imageThe American labor movement was known, historically, for both political moderation and political effectiveness. But private sector unions are in a state of apparently terminal decline, as currently only 6.4% of private sector workers are union members. Perhaps shrinking membership and political clout explains why unions have become shriller and more radical. The AFL-CIO is a case in point. Yesterday, the AFL-CIO posted this bizarre tweet, which consists of a »

The Prospects for Trump, 18 Months Out

Featured imageRight now if I had to drop a wager, I’d bet on Trump’s re-election next year. Yes, his overall approval rating remains below 50 percent in most surveys (though stand by on this), but Obama’s approval rating was below 50 percent for much of his first term, and he was re-elected anyway. Moreover, Trump’s highest approval ratings are for his handling of the economy, where he reaches 60 percent in »

Customer service, WSJ style

Featured imageI’ve been a regular reader of, and subscriber to, the Wall Street Journal since about 1974, as my dad was before me. I’ve learned a lot from the paper over the years, especially from the editorial pages under the great Robert Bartley. I’m sorry to say that I’ve had recurring delivery issues this year. I haven’t received the paper on schedule since April 29. I add the qualifier “on schedule” »

White House sacks top aide to Alex Acosta

Featured imageBloomberg reports: A senior Labor Department official with outsize control of agency operations is leaving after a White House investigation into complaints about mistreating staff and misleading Trump administration personnel, sources with direct knowledge of the probe told Bloomberg Law. That aide is Nick Geale, Alex Acosta’s chief of staff. Bloomberg’s sources declined to identify who made the final decision to demand Geale’s ouster. However, Bloomberg notes that Mick Mulvaney, »

Mike Pompeo: A foreign policy from the Founding

Featured imageThe Claremont Institute presented its Statesmanship Award this year to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this past Saturday evening at the institute’s 40th Anniversary Gala. Secretary Pompeo’s speech is wonderfully enjoyable, funny, biting, and straightforward in its defense of Trump administration foreign policy. The text of the speech is posted under the title “A foreign policy from the founding” at the institute’s American Mind site and here at the State »

Steny Hoyer faces primary challenge

Featured imageSeeking to follow the path blazed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, someone called Mckayla Wilkes is challenging House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer in the Democratic primary in Maryland’s 5th congressional district. Wilkes doesn’t quite have Ocasio-Cortez’s credentials. As far as I can tell, she never tended bar. Instead, Wilkes is (according to The Intercept) a 28-year-old administrative assistant, part-time student, and mother of two. Thus, even without bartending, her resume is sufficiently »