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First San Francisco, Next Up: Los Angeles?

Featured image With the San Francisco school board recall landslide still disturbing the sleep of progressives, and a recall election of San Francisco’s pro-crime DA Chesa Boudin coming in the spring, eyes are now looking south to Los Angeles, where a new recall drive against their pro-crime DA George Gascon is picking up steam. But Los Angeles magazine has the scoop: the campaign, nearing $2 million in money raised, is being bankrolled »

Inside CBP

Featured image The leaked video of Customs and Border Protection agents confronting their boss Raul Ortiz in Laredo turned up on Twitter late Friday night. Misty Severei and Anna Giaritelli promptly followed up on it in the excellent Washington Examiner story “Leaked video shows tense exchange between Border Patrol chief and agents.” The men of CBP are not happy about the position in which they have been put by the Biden administration. »

This day in baseball history: The first World Series night game

Featured image The Baltimore Orioles jumped out to a two games to none lead over Pittsburgh in the 1971 World Series. In Game Three, Pittsburgh, finally playing at home, got back in the argument with a 5-1 victory. Steve Blass went all the way to best Mike Cuellar. He allowed only three hits and two walks. Pittsburgh took charge of the game in the seventh inning with three runs. Roberto Clemente reached »

China Throws An Inside Heater

Featured image There is little doubt that China was already giddy that they get to deal with U.S. “climate envoy” John Kerry, but having watched Biden’s weakness in Afghanistan, they aren’t even being coy about it any more. They are openly telling Kerry that the U.S. won’t get any Chinese cooperation on climate change unless the U.S. backs off pressuring China on other issues, such as trade, human rights, etc. The Wall »

Ben & Jerry’s: The inside scoop

Featured image Andrew Stiles is not only the Washington Free Beacon’s brilliant humorist, he also has the “scoop” on the latest from the Ben & Jerry’s crew. Stiles serves up the story in “EXCLUSIVE: Ben & Jerry’s Targets Anti-Semite Demographic With Audacious New Ice Cream Flavors.” Subhead: “Left-wing dessert has slaughtered millions through its contributions to the global obesity epidemic.” He reports: The company, which is at least partially responsible for the »

Inside the Times madhouse

Featured image We are rarely given a glimpse inside the struggle sessions at the New York Times. Last week New York Times science reporter Donald McNeil exited the newspaper as a result of an incident that occurred outside the Times two years ago. The Times made up a rule after the fact to justify McNeil’s exit. Aaron Sibarium recounts the background in the Washington Free Beacon story “New York Times Meltdown Plays »

Inside Putin’s underpants op

Featured image I don’t recall reading anything like Paul Roderick Gregory’s Hill column — “The Kremlin, FSB, and the ‘Berlin patient’s’ underpants” — and related news stories. The Coen Brothers could turn it to good use in a film like Burn After Reading. Gregory tells how Vladimir Putin’s would-be assassination victim Aleksei Navalny extracted an account of the operation from the failed FSB assassin Konstantin Kudryavtsev himself. In a four-hour December 17 »

Inside the COVID Pork Bill

Featured image Did you know that today is National Bacon Day? I didn’t—but then I tend to think that every day is national bacon day. Or at least ought to be. Maybe when Homer Simpson is president. In any case, our mind is on pork a lot at the moment because of the 5,593-page COVID relief and omnibus spending mashup Congress passed and President Trump reluctantly signed a couple days ago. There »

Surprises Inside Trump’s Poll Numbers

Featured image As everyone knows, most polls—even Fox News yesterday—have Trump trailing Biden by as much as 10 points or more, reflecting a major slump from his position before the coronavirus and the post-Floyd urban unrest started. On closer look, Trump has lost support with various segments of white voters that supported him in 2016. That’s the finding of an NBC News poll out yesterday. Here’s a key part: Biden is clobbering »

Inside the fish bowl

Featured image Remember the story about the man who lost his life when he scarfed down an aquarium cleaner containing chloroquine to ward off the Wuhan virus on President Trump’s recommendation? Marc Thiessen put it this way in a recent column: After the president expressed hope that the anti-malaria drug chloroquine was showing signs of success as a treatment for the coronavirus, news organizations tried to blame him for the death of »

This day in baseball history: The first league championship series

Featured image In 1969, both of baseball’s two leagues split into two divisions. The division winners in the respective leagues were to face off in league championship series, with the winners moving on to the World Series. On October 4, the first game of both series were played. In the basement of one of Dartmouth’s dorms, I watched the NLCS game between the New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves. I think »

Eric Felten: Inside whistlegate

Featured image Eric Felten is a meticulous and literate reporter as well as one of my favorite analysts of the mysteries of Russiagate. We have previously posted Eric’s RealClearInvestigations column “Insinuendo: Why the Mueller Report doth repeat so much.” Eric waded further into the Mueller miasma in the RCI column “The shaky foundations of Mueller’s footnotes.” Eric also took up “The Mifsud mystery” and asked “Why Was the FBI Incurious About a »

FIRST STEP’s first deception exposed

Featured image When the FIRST STEP act was making its way through Congress, its advocates claimed that only “non-violent” federal prisoners would be released from prison early. By non-violent felons they meant, in essence, drug dealers, as opposed to, say, murderers, rapists, and armed robbers. I don’t consider dealers of deadly drugs to be non-violent. Their conduct wrecks lives and sometimes ends them. But let’s accept, for purposes of discussion, the definition »

“Achieving Disagreement” Inside the College Bubble

Featured image One of the best explanations for why colleges and universities seem so insane these days is offered indirectly by one of the smartest left-leaning academics of our time—Cass Sunstein of Harvard Law School. An interesting old article of Sunstein’s entitled “The Law of Group Polarization,” he explains how homogenous groups of people will become more extreme the more they deliberate together, and paradoxically degrade deliberation. And there are few groups »

Amy Wax barred from teaching mandatory first-year class at Penn law

Featured image Readers may recall how Amy Wax, a University of Pennsylvania law professor, incurred the wrath of the left, including black law students at Penn, by saying that which must not be said — the social practices at the heart of middle class America from the late 1940’s through the 1960’s are a recipe for success, personal and societal, and their rejection is a recipe for dysfunction and decline. Wax and »

Inside the FBI circle of love: Sources

Featured image Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson has just released The Clinton Email Scandal and the FBI Investigation of It: An Interim Report. Jake Gibson highlights the most newsworthy items on a quick first review here.The committee has posted the report and related documents here. I have embedded the report below via Scribd. 2018-02-07 Interim Report_The Clinton Email Scandal and the FBI's Investigation of It by Scott Johnson on Scribd »

William Henck: My IRS ordeal

Featured image The IRS was at the center of the deepest scandals of the Obama administration. Bill Henck gave us a look from his perspective inside the IRS Office of the Chief Counsel, where he has worked as an attorney for 30 years. In 2014 we posted Bill’s personal account of a retaliatory audit conducted by the IRS against him in “Inside the IRS.” We followed up with subsequent posts by Bill »