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Keith Ellison Exposes World’s Worst-Kept Secret

Featured image American liberals have long yearned to follow the Europeans into the nirvana of socialized medicine. But they recognize that U.S. voters are not yet “ready” to go the full Monty. So they have taken incremental steps, taking over more and more of what once was a private health care system, while waiting for the inevitable dawn of socialized medicine. Nancy Pelosi claims that she doesn’t favor socialized medicine, and has »

Keith Ellison’s back pages

Featured image I’ve been writing about Keith Ellison since he was endorsed by the DFL Fifth District convention to succeed Rep. Martin Sabo in the spring of 2006. I wrote some 20 Power Line posts under the heading “Who is Keith Ellison?” I summarized my findings in the Weekly Standard article “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman” and in the companion Power Line post “Keith Ellison for dummies.” When Ellison published his 2014, memoir »

Competition for Keith Ellison?

Featured image Keith Ellison should watch out! It looks like he has real competition for most self-destructive DNC chair: Sally Boynton Brown, who in the speech below at a DNC candidate forum goes full Black Lives Matter and says that her job is to tell white people to shut up when they’ve interrupting. Heck, if you can’t have Ashley Judd for DNC chair, Sally Brown ought to do nicely (about 4 minutes): »

Keith Ellison for dummies revisited

Featured image I wrote the Weekly Standard article “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman” and posted the companion Power Line post “Keith Ellison for dummies” in October 2006, when Ellison was on the verge of election to Congress representing Minnesota’s Fifth District. The latter piece includes some of the basic documents supporting my narrative of Ellison’s long association with the Nation of Islam. I was provoked to write these pieces by the poor job »

The trouble with Keith Ellison

Featured image Weekly Standard online editor Michael Warren invited me to draw on my experience writing about Keith Ellison over the past 10 years to speak up about him for Standard readers now that he has emerged as a leading contender to chair the national Democratic Party. Using a few links, I condense much of what I have to say in “The trouble with Keith Ellison.” Here is a chunk of it: »

Keith Ellison to head DNC?

Featured image In a delicious coda to the defeat of Lady Clinton in the election on Tuesday, Minneapolis Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison has emerged as a leading contender to take the helm of the Democratic National Committee. He hasn’t yet announced his bid, but he has won the support of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren (from the Senate’s Marxist subcaucus, no surprise) as well as prospective Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer »

The secret history of Keith Ellison

Featured image I’m speaking this morning to the Maple Grove Critical Thinking Discussion Group at the Maple Grove Community Center. The meeting convenes at 10:00 a.m. The title of my talk is “The Secret History of Keith Ellison.” Now the title is facetious. Ellison’s history only became “secret” when he ran for Congress in 2006 and staked his campaign on three lies about his involvement with the Nation of Islam. I have »

Cuba: Keith Ellison’s prayer

Featured image Joanne Chesimard/Assata Shakur was a member and leader of the cop-killing Black Liberation Army. In 1973 she participated in a shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike in which Trooper Werner Foerster was murdered and Trooper James Harper seriously injured. In 1977, she was convicted of the first-degree murder of Foerster and of seven other felonies related to the shootout. Chesimard escaped from prison in New Jersey and has been on »

In which Keith Ellison finds me of use

Featured image Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison has blocked me on Twitter, so I am unable to follow him. Searching Twitter to take a look at his emissions, however, I found that Star Tribune political reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger has posted an Ellison fundraising letter that she received in which Ellison draws on my Star Tribune op-ed column “Rep. Keith Ellison remembers to forget.” Ellison’s letter responds to these two paragraphs of »

The mythical life: Keith Ellison speaks

Featured image Ebony has a featured column that it calls [THE SPIRITUAL LIFE]. In the December installment of the column, contributing editor Brooke Obie gives us “From Catholic to Muslim: Congressman Keith Ellison speaks.” Ellison represents Minnesota’s Fifth District (Minneapolis and inner ring suburbs). I think he’s an important and ambitious man. We’ve had our eye on him since he secured the endorsement for the seat at the DFL Fifth District convention »

Keith Ellison Confesses His Kleptomania

Featured image Minnesota’s socialist Rep. Keith Ellison really let the mask slip big time the other day.  From the CNS report: Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) told a gathering of Democrats, “The bottom line is we’re not broke, there’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it.”  (Emphasis added.) I can’t top Walter Hudson’s observation: We can induce from Ellison’s comments that he believes the government cannot go broke so long »

From Keith Ellison to Barack Obama

Featured image Tom Friedman calls his column on going home to St. Louis Park “Minnesota mirror.” John ably dissected Friedman’s canned history of Minnesota politics here last night. Perhaps predictably, Friedman sees the higher wisdom of Tom Friedman reflected in the mirror. I want to add no more than a footnote regarding Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison, whose district includes St. Louis Park and whom Friedman salutes as “an African-American Muslim »

Keith Ellison for dummies

Featured image After he unexpectedly won the endorsement of the DFL nominating convention for Minnesota’s Fifth District congressional seat on May 6, 2006, Keith Ellison faced a serious problem. The problem was how to deal with his well-known involvement with the Nation of Islam. Had Ellison not managed to dispose of the problem, his candidacy would likely have been irreparably weakened in the competitive DFL primary field. Ellison chose to deal with »

Faith questions for Keith Ellison

Featured image Stanley Kurtz observes that “[o]utgoing New York Times editor Bill Keller has kicked up a controversy by placing on the table a series of religious questions for the Republican candidates for president.” I want to get in on the act and pose a set of questions for Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison, America’s first Muslim congressman. I summarized my research on Ellison just before he was elected to Congress »

The mask slips, falls to ground, explodes (Keith Ellison edition)

I think I’ve had Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison’s number for quite a while. I took a shot at sizing him up for Weekly Standard readers in “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman,” just before Ellison was elected to Congress in 2006. What Rep. Vito Marcantonio was to World War II and the Cold War (a Communist tool), Rep. Keith Ellison is to the war on terrorism. One of Ellison’s best »

Understanding Keith Ellison

It’s weird watching Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison take his place on the national stage in opposition to Peter King’s hearing on homegrown Islamic extremism this week. Yesterday he played his role to the hilt in his testimony at the hearings, turning on the waterworks in the conclusion of his testimony. The Star Tribune was duly impressed. Today the Star Tribune reports that “Ellison could not fight back the »

Keith Ellison for dummies, cont’d

Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison embodies the superficially odd alliance between Islamist forces and the left. He is not useful for much, but he is useful to illustrate the phenomenon. He is also useful to those who seek to minimize the threat posed by radical Islam to Americans. Americans probably don’t need to be persuaded that the threat is real. The Christian Science Monitor reports that in the years »