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Lies of Obamacare: Carney’s jive edition

Featured image White House spokesman Jay Carney responded yesterday to the recognition accorded President Obama by his friends at PolitiFact for the lie of the year (“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan”): As you know, the President in an interview earlier this fall took this question head on and expressed his concern for those individuals, those Americans who received cancellation notices and were potentially »

Lies of Obamacare: Lie of the year edition

Featured image Jonah Goldberg devotes a column to the foundational lies of Obamacare with special attention to the third — the one that promised billions of dollars in savings. “This lie took several forms,” Goldberg notes, and looks at a few of them, all of them false. “Obamacare may have been sold on a trinity of lies,” Goldberg concludes, “but it turns out it’s also lies all the way down.” Goldberg’s column »

Lies of Obamacare

Featured image In its editorial “Juking the Obamacare stats,” the Wall Street Journal exposes the Obama administration’s efforts to suppress the relevant analytics on the sign-up numbers circulated by the White House to make the case that everything is beautiful. Referring to the 364,682 who are said to have signed up for a plan on a state or federal exchange, the Journal writes: HHS is reporting how many people “selected” a plan »

Lies of Obamacare: The Emanuel explication

Featured image Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel appeared yesterday on Fox News Sunday. Chris Wallace opened the interview with a question about one of the foundational lies of Obamacare: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” It is a lie that comes to light after you discover that you may not be able to keep your health plan and go in search of an Obamacare network that includes your doctor. »

The lies of Obamacare — universal coverage

Featured image On June 23, 2007, in a speech called “A Politics of Conscience,” candidate Barack Obama declared: “I will sign a universal health care bill into law by the end of my first term as president that will cover every American.” The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is President Obama’s attempt to deliver on that promise. To my knowledge, Obama has never directly claimed that this Act provides health insurance to every »

Lies of Obamacare: False choice edition

Featured image John and Scott have exposed many of the fallacies and obnoxious qualities of the “rally the forces” speech President Obama delivered yesterday on behalf Obamacare. I want to focus on one particular fallacy. Obama defended the concept of Obamacare with these words: [W]e took up the fight because we believe that, in America, nobody should have to worry about going broke just because somebody in their family or they get »

Lies of Obamacare: The next generation

Featured image President Obama held a campaign-style rally at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building yesterday to support Obamacare. The White House has posted his remarks here. John Hinderaker commented on one thread of the remarks here and I commented on another here. Playing the role of Sherlock Holmes, John identifies the dog that didn’t bark in Obama’s remarks: the first-generation, foundational lie of Obamacare that “if you like your health plan, you »

Lies of Obamacare

Featured image In his column “Sack Sebelius,” Jack Kelly makes the case that Kathleeen Sebelius should be be fired. Kelly frames his case this way: One of the things for which I’m thankful this Thanksgiving is that I’m not Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. That Ms. Sebelius is still HHS secretary is remarkable. If they’d presided over a fiasco like the Obamacare rollout, the CEO of every corporation anywhere in »

Lies of Obamacare

Featured image This past Friday Investor’s Business Daily has published an excellent editorial on the continuing falsehoods retailed by President Obama in the service of Obamacare. The heading of the editorial “Still more Obamacare lies” — rightly suggests that it belongs in this series. IBD observes: President Obama says so many false things about ObamaCare that it’s hard to keep up. But here are two more untruths that deserve debunking. In speech »

Lies of Obamacare

Featured image I posted Steve Tobak’s Fox Business column on the lies of Obamacare in our Picks a few weeks ago, but I want to pause over it and add it to this series. Tobak describes himself as a Silicon Valley-based strategy consultant and former senior executive of the technology industry. He calls his column “Lies, damn lies and Obamacare.” Tobak writes: Last week I was informed by the agent who handles »

Lies of Obamacare

Featured image We have asserted from the outset that Obama’s Obamacare sales job was a variety of fraud. Every word of it was a calculated lie, including (as Mary McCarthy said of Lillian Hellman’s oeuvre) the words “a” and “the.” In this case we might amend McCarthy’s observation to say that every word he said was a lie including the word “period.” This applies especially to the foundational lies of Obamacare, Obama’s »

Lies of Obamacare

Featured image Power Line reader Mark Ingerson writes to alert us to his wife Sharon’s column in the Roanoke Times earlier this week. Mrs. Ingerson has worked as a registered nurse in Salem for fifteen years. Her column tells a story that has by now become familiar. Mrs. Ingerson liked her health care plan but, President Obama’s oft repeated assurances to the contrary notwithstanding, she is not going to be able to »

Lies of Obamacare: McCarthy’s indictment

Featured image Drawing on John’s work here and here, Andy McCarthy has been on fire with the lies of Obamacare. I think he is about ready to bring the varmint to justice. In his November 9 NRO column, Andy handed up the indictment against Obama in “Obama’s massive fraud.” It turned out that Andy was just warming to the theme. He returned to it yesterday in “Obama’s ‘5 percent’ con job.” In »

Lies of Obamacare: The Gillibrand jig

Featured image New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is still toeing the abandoned White House line regarding the lousy individual policies that have been terminated in the millions to comply with Obamacare. But she will not plead ignorance. Hey, she’s a Dartmouth alum. Quizzed whether she was misled on the issue by Obama, Gillibrand asserted: He should’ve just been more specific. Because the point is, if you’re being offered a terrible health care »

Lies of Obamacare: From the Romer file [Updated]

Featured image Byron York rescues from the memory hole a prescient June 2009 exchange between Georgia Rep. Tom Price and Obama CEA Chair Christina Romer. The exchange took place in a House Education and Labor Committee hearing on a draft of Obamacare. As Byron explains, “Price pressed Romer to cite a basis for the president’s [“if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan”] promise, and in »

Lies of Obamacare: Emperor’s new clothes edition

Featured image We know that President Obama categorically asserted several dozen times that “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan” or slight variants. He stood by the assertion until late last week, when, to borrow the lingo of the terminologically creative New York Times “news” article by Michael Shear and Robert Pear — it took two Times reporters to come up with this one — »

Lies of Obamacare: 17 and counting

Featured image I’m grateful for reader Matt Kesler’s help in helping us keep up with Dear Leader’s pronouncement this afternoon. There is some puffing, there is some argumentative exaggeration, there is some belligerence, there are some stretchers, there are some of the familiar outright lies, and there is dishonesty throughout: Today’s address added to that total by seventeen, if I counted right. But I only counted it once if he told two »