Trump comes to town

Featured image Digging into our archives I find a previous comment on Rochelle Olson: “Rochelle Olson is a pitiful excuse of a reporter for the Star Tribune. Back in 2006, I called her out as ‘reckless and feckless,’ a judgment I stand by today.” If you run into me around town and have an hour or two to spare, ask me why. Olson covered President Trump’s appearance as the featured speaker at »

The Menendez miasma: Cherchez la femme ed.

Featured imageNew Jersey Senator Robert Menendez and his wife are charged with corruption the likes of which will serve as fodder for Hollywood at some point. We haven’t kept up with his developing defense. Senator Menendez ungallantly blames his wife, who will stand trial separately. “[S]he took all the bribes, he claims,” the editors of the New York Post point out, “which doesn’t explain why he provided all the pro quos »

The family business revisited

Featured imageKim Strassel’s weekly Wall Street Journal column argues a tad optimistically that the 2024 election will see “A Hunter Biden debate, finally” (behind the Journal paywall). Somehow I doubt it, but hope can’t be suppressed. The Journal has published Strassel’s column online with the video illustrating the House Oversight Committee’s Fourth Bank Records Memo (November 1, 2023). The Journal posted the explanatory video by Mark Kelly on November 3. It »

Bragg’s case in short

Featured imageManhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg laid out his 34-count indictment of President Trump with links to underlying documents in this press release dated April 4, 2023. The indictment relies on section 175.10 of New York’s criminal law (“Falsifying business records in the first degree”): “A person is guilty of falsifying business records in the first degree when he commits the crime of falsifying business records in the second degree, and »

The Week in Pictures: Trying Times Edition

Featured imageThe Trump trial has descended into farce faster than expected. Cohen be goin’ anyone? Biden keeps inflating his mental capacities with made-up claims about inflation. Harrison Butker delivered a butt-kick to political correctness by embracing traditional Catholic doctrine at—shocker!—a Catholic college! What next? MPGA—Make Pronouns Great Again perhaps? And why, oh why, did King Charles choose that portrait artist? And is he a direct descendant of Graham Sutherland?   Headlines »

Bring on the Harris Pole

Featured imageJohn Kerry once tapped James Taylor to croon “You’ve Got a Friend” to the French, a performance Steve thought difficult to surpass. On the other hand, with his rendition of “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World” in Kiev, Antony Blinken may have pulled it off. If the Democrats now seek to surpass Tony, they can turn to vice president Kamala Harris. Remember, she got her start charming Willie Brown, »

The Times Threatens the Supreme Court

Featured imageThe New York Times believes that by right, it should have the Supreme Court in its pocket–as, to be fair, it did for quite a few years. So it is doing all it can to discredit the Court’s new conservative majority. It has directed its attacks mostly toward Justice Clarence Thomas, against whom the Times has levied baseless charges of ethics violations. Yesterday the Times went after Justice Samuel Alito, »

Minneapolis, Four Years On

Featured imageOn Memorial Day, it will be four years since George Floyd’s death and the ensuing riots. The riots raged for days, centered on Lake Street in south Minneapolis. So, four years later, how is that part of the city faring? My colleague Bill Glahn drove down Lake Street to see how things are going. The one-minute video below is the result. Watch for a particularly poignant moment: the Minneapolis Police »

The Daily Chart: From Mainline to Sideline

Featured imageOur contributor Lloyd Billingsley wrote a book back in 1990 about the leftwing politics of the National Council of Churches, From Mainline to Sideline: The Social Witness of the National Council of Churches, detailing how the mainline Protestant churches that compose the NCC had swung far left. Maybe time for an update, as recent surveys find that the long-term decline of mainline Protestant denominations in America has reduced the number »

From Jack Ryan to Ruben Gallego

Featured imageIn the 2004 Illinois Senate race that launched Barack Obama on the path to political prosperity, only Republican candidate Jack Ryan stood in his way. Ryan appeared to be a formidable candidate. George Will wrote a memorable column — I remember it, anyway — asking whether Ryan was “too good to be true.” He thought Ryan was an impressive and formidable candidate. Once Ryan secured the Republican nomination to oppose »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageIt’s not Ammo Grrrll who is RUINING MOVIES. She writes: Well, friends, the last two Friday columns were pretty serious. It’s time to get back to “narishkeit” – foolishness. And, I hope, a little well-deserved timeout from all the relentless bad news. My own President – installed through no fault of my own — is on the side of Hamas. It doesn’t get any more depressing than that. But, I »

Coastal Commission Surfari

Featured imageAn Australian man calling himself Sasha Jane Lowerson must be allowed to compete in a California surfing competition, which “cannot discriminate on the basis of gender.” As Sir Bedevere (Terry Jones) might say, who is this who is so wise in the ways of biological science and athletics? Why, it’s the California Coastal Commission (CCC),  an unelected body that overrides the elected governments of cities and counties on the California »

Is Israel Responsible for Gaza?

Featured imageThe Biden Administration insists that Israel must have a plan for the “day after” it completes its victory over Hamas. A reasonable question is: why? Gaza started this war on October 7, and Israel responded as it had to, as any nation would, by fighting and, now, winning the war. Why should it be Israel’s burden to try to make something constructive out of the sickest culture in the world? »

Podcast: Classic Format with Jeremy Carl on ‘The Unprotected Class’

Featured imageThis classic-format, ad-free episode features me in a one-on-one conversation with with Jeremy Carl, author of a dynamite (almost literally) new book entitled The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism Is Tearing America Apart. Jeremy commits heresy in this book, offerng statistics that you aren’t supposed to mention, and truths that, in an earlier age, might have got you burned at the stake. In publishing this book Jeremy joins the ranks with »

Great Moments In Democracy

Featured imageIn yesterday’s House Oversight Committee hearing on holding Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt, a catfight broke out among Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene and Democrats Jasmine Crockett and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Insults were traded, involving Crockett’s fake eyelashes and Greene’s “bleach blonde bad built butch body.” You have to see it to believe it: This video lays out what happened in tonight’s heated exchange in the oversight hearing — Acyn »

The Nine-Percent Solution: A sequel

Featured imagePresident Biden has taken to asserting on more than one occasion that inflation stood at 9 percent when he took office. The statement sems to call for a follow-up question on the source of his misinformation, as they put in the Censorship Industrial Complex that he heads. But no, we have been left hanging. Students of ancient history may recall that inflation rate was actually 1.4 percent when Biden took »

America’s Next Vice President?

Featured imageI spent the last few days in Bismarck, North Dakota, attending the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference. It was a remarkable event, with more than 2,400 attending from five countries. Attenders included luminaries like Harold Hamm, but the conference’s most eagerly awaited appearance came this morning, when Governor Doug Burgum addressed the group. Burgum spoke without podium or notes, effortlessly citing energy facts and statistics. He knows energy better than any »