Hanukkah at the WH

Featured image I missed accounts of the White House parties and reception that were held in observance of Hanukkah last week. Eight Holocaust survivors from Brooklyn were in attendance at the first (afternoon) party. President Trump made three sets of formal remarks. Yeshiva World comprehensively documents the proceedings in “VIDEOS/PHOTOS: Trump Hosts Annual White House Chanukah Party; Joined By Holocaust Survivors & Parkland Shooting Victim’s Dad.” The family of Parkland mass shooting »

Flynn’s fate (3)

Featured imageThe lawyers representing General Michael Flynn have filed a 13-page sentencing memorandum with the court. The memorandum is followed by 165 pages of exhibits testifying to Flynn’s merits, record and accomplishments. The document is accessible online in its entirety here. Byron York extracts the new information that is made public in the memorandum in “Memo: FBI recommended Michael Flynn not have lawyer present during interview, did not warn of false »

McConnell will bring leniency legislation to Senate floor for vote

Featured imageMajority Leader Mitch McConnell said today that he will bring First Step — i.e., leniency legislation for federal felons — to the Senate floor. It has more than enough votes to pass. McConnell’s move follows some concessions to the bill’s critics. Although the concessions don’t come close to curing the legislation, they were enough, combined with pressure from the White House and from wealthy Republican donors, to move some GOP »

Judge to Stormy Daniels: You owe Trump $293,000 in legal fees

Featured imageA federal judge in California has ordered Stormy Daniels to pay $293,052.33 in attorney’s fees as a result of the defamation suit she brought, via her lawyer Michael Avenatti, against President Trump earlier this year. The suit concerned Trump’s tweet that Daniels’ allegation that an unknown man threatened her in a parking lot to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump is a “total con job.” Federal District Judge »

Let’s Prosecute Google For Illegal Campaign Contributions

Featured imageIf we are going to start prosecuting illegal campaign contributions–sadly, too late to go after Barack Obama’s two scofflaw campaigns–maybe we should begin by charging Google and its executives with federal crimes. Earlier today, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, testified before the House Judiciary Committee on, among other things, Google’s apparent attempt to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election. Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media reports: On Tuesday, Google CEO »

Trump, Pelosi and Schumer Stage Debate Over Border Security

Featured imageToday Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi visited the White House for a televised meeting with President Trump. The room was full of reporters, cameras and microphones, so the event was staged for the benefit of the press and television viewers. It was described as a negotiation session, but needless to say, no negotiations took place. I’m not sure what Pelosi and Schumer expected to gain, but Trump obviously set out »

Ordeal of the Star Tribune

Featured imageStar Tribune editor Rene Sanchez and managing editor Suki Dardarian have posted a statement announcing the firing of movie critic Colin Covert for plagiarism. Their statement is posted under the heading “From the Editors: Star Tribune film critic resigns after ethics breach.” Covert is a 30-year employee of the Star Tribune. Over a period of years Covert plagiarized phrases from reviews by others including the late New Yorker film critic »

Macron responds to the yellow vest protests

Featured imageEmanuel Macron finally responded today to the protests and riots that have roiled France. In his speech, he declared that he’s heard the anger of those whose economic suffering prompted the protests and will take immediate steps to relieve their hardship. What steps? An increase in the minimum wage, for one. Macron announced that those earning the minimum wage will receive a supplement of 100 euros per month, or about »

Baby, It’s Dumb Outside

Featured imageThe silly season has returned, with radio stations (do they still exist?) declining to play “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” because #MeToo or something. The best takedown of this silliness remains Michele Bregande’s great article about it a year ago over at American Greatness. But a couple of merry pranksters have given it the old YouTube try: And from the great J.P. Sears: Of course, maybe the left has a point, »

A Reminder of Better Times and Better Leaders

Featured imageIs it purely a coincidence that the governments of Britain, France, and Germany are all in deep trouble? Both Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron may not survive the week, and Angela Merkel is testing just how long a lame duck period is possible. Gee—I wonder what they have in common? It’s a total mystery. (NB: Theresa May and the Tories would likely already be gone were it not for the »

Ocasio-Cortez Watch

Featured imageI’m with the sober voices who say we shouldn’t overdo the piling on of Her Highness, the Countess Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and while there are a lot of great memes mocking her, I think we’re better off reserving our fire for actual stupid things she says rather than making them up. Like her declaration in a recent appearance about her idea for a “Green New Deal” (you can read all about it »

Kavanaugh sides with liberals, Roberts to duck Planned Parenthood related cases

Featured imageThe frenzy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination — including, but hardly limited to, the weakly supported charge of sexual assault — obscured the fact that Kavanaugh was by no means the most conservative plausible candidate for elevation to the Supreme Court. In my view, Justice Kavanaugh was likely to be somewhere between Chief Justice Roberts and former Justice Scalia/Justice Alito on the ideological spectrum. That’s not a bad place to be, »

Is it something he said? (6)

Featured imageThe Daily Caller News Foundation has asked the court to unseal the search warrant and related materials that authorized the November 19 FBI raid on the home of FBI cum Clinton crime family whistleblower Nate Cain. As we noted in part 1 of this series, Richard Pollock originally reported the story for the Daily Caller. Now Pollock reports that the Office of Maryland United States Attorney Robert Hur has filed »

Trump Administration Undermines Obamacare

Featured imageWith the Democrats in control of the House, nothing useful will come out of Congress in the next two years. That means that progress in domestic policy will have to come via regulation and executive action. Happily, the Trump administration is very strong on this front. An underreported story is the administration’s regulatory reform of Obamacare. Here, the administration is implementing ideas that were developed in think tanks like my »

Vive la France!

Featured imageHere in America we have Civil War re-enactors, and it seems France has 1968 Paris Riot re-enactors. The only thing missing is Charles de Gaulle. Emmanuel Macron isn’t even fit to be de Gaulle’s stand-in poodle. I notice his public approval ratings are around 18 percent. No wonder Trump smiles when they stand together at G-20 meetings. I’ve been wanting for months to write up a retrospective look at the »

Trump: Rex Tillerson is “dumb as a rock” and “lazy as hell”

Featured imageOver the weekend, President Trump tweeted this about Rex Tilleson, his former Secretary of State: Mike Pompeo is doing a great job, I am very proud of him. His predecessor, Rex Tillerson, didn’t have the mental capacity needed. He was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. He was lazy as hell. Now it is a whole new ballgame, great spirit at State! Trump »

The worst job in Washington, DC?

Featured imagePresident Trump needs a new White House chief-of-staff to replace Gen. John Kelly. Trump isn’t on speaking terms with Kelly, which has tended to limit the general’s effectiveness. Trump reportedly wanted Nick Ayers for the job. Ayers is the chief-of-staff for Vice President Pence. That job is to White House chief-of-staff as cat sitter is to tiger sitter. Ayers said no thanks. Where will Trump turn? Leading candidates are said »