Breaking: Kamala Harris, Exit Stage Left [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Unsurprisingly Kamala Harris exited the Democratic presidential field today. The handwriting has been on the wall from the very beginning. She’s merely the latest example of a prominent political figure who succumbed to the media siren cries and sycophants around her who told her that she was the “next Obama,” but who was clearly unprepared for the order-of-magnitude step increase that is a presidential race. (Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was »

The Russia hoax in review

Featured imageThe Russia collusion hoax represents the biggest scandal in American political history. That’s not the way it is presented in the mainstream media, but they were active participants in the hoax. They are not inclined to look back or to try to understand what they have done. They think they are Woodward and Bernstein, but they are tools who are happy to be of use to their allies in the »

Trump Derangement Syndrome Breeds Professional Malpractice

Featured imageA sign of the times, that historians one day will puzzle over: Psychiatrists Organize Campaign to Declare Trump ‘Dangerous,’ Back Impeachment. The campaign involves the usual suspects: Psychiatrists with the World Mental Health Coalition are soliciting signatures in a campaign to support the impeachment of President Donald Trump predicated on claims that he is mentally unstable. Or, put another way, on the ground that he is a Republican. In an »

An impeachment preview

Featured imageAs the Schiff show moves from the House Intelligence Committee to the nattering nabobs of Nadlerism on the House Judiciary Committee, the curtain goes up tomorrow. Schiff’s impeachment report is to be released later today, but House Intelligence Committee Republicans have already filed their 133-page report summarizing the case against impeachment; the Wall Street Journal has posted it online here. Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing is to take up the constitutional »

Join Me on the Seth Leibsohn Show

Featured imageWe first got to know Seth Leibsohn when he was Bill Bennett’s radio producer. Now he has his own show in Phoenix on which all of us, I believe, have been guests from time to time. This week, Seth is touring Israel with Dennis Prager, so I am filling in as a guest host. I hosted the Seth Leibsohn Show today, and will do so tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday of »

Report: Kelly Loeffler, not Doug Collins, will be Georgia’s next Senator

Featured imageGeorgia Gov. Brian Kemp reportedly intends to appoint Kelly Loeffler, a businesswoman and Republican donor, to replace Sen. Johnny Isakson, who is retiring from the Senate. President Trump is said to have favored Rep. Doug Collins, one of his most ardent House defenders, for the nod. Kemp reportedly believes that, with Georgia becoming increasingly competitive for Democrats due to the preferences of women in Atlanta’s suburbs, Loeffler is a more »

The Senate needs Jeff Sessions

Featured imageAt Breitbart, our friend Garrett Murch, a former member of Jeff Sessions’s Senate staff, argues that “America needs Jeff Sessions.” I agree. The Senate, in particular, needs Sessions. Any conservative Republican from Alabama probably will vote the right way in the Senate most of the time. What makes Sessions stand out is his leadership in thwarting dubious legislation. Garrett presents two examples: the comprehensive immigration reform bill of 2013 and »

The politics of impeachment

Featured imageI confess to being puzzled by the triumphalism expressed by some Trump supporters at the end of the House Intelligence Committee hearings on the president’s dealings with Ukraine. Sure, nothing happened in these hearings that will cause the Senate to remove Trump from office. But this process isn’t about removing Trump, it’s about injuring him politically. In this regard, Trump supporters pointed to polls showing that the hearings did not »

Fake news about a fake orgasm

Featured imageIn an interview with one Molly Jong-Fast of the Daily Beast, disgraced FBI lawyer Lisa Page speaks. It’s an extraordinarily tiresome interview of the “nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen” variety; she’s “done being silent.” In case you want to avoid a click on the Daily Beast, Gregg Re reports on the interview in his account of it for FOX News. The top line item in the Daily Beast and »

Report: Iran protests are the most serious in 40 years

Featured imageThe New York Times reports on the protests against Iran’s repressive regime. It calls them the most intense since 1979. The 1979 protests, of course, led to the overthrow of the Shah. The mullahs were the target of strong protests in 2009. But the Times supplies evidence that the current wave is even more intense. The 2009 protests are believed to have resulted in 72 deaths over a period of »

Republicans Pounce!

Featured imageYou can tell things aren’t going well for the Democrats when the news media’s spin is “Republicans pounce.” Via the Gateway Pundit, the Associated Press laments how Republicans are taking advantage of the Democrats’ valiant impeachment efforts: Right now, Republicans are wielding impeachment mostly as an offensive weapon, and Democrats are generally playing defense or changing the subject as 2020 congressional races rev up. It's unclear how potent the issue »

Biden His Time Out of Mind (Updated)

Featured imageSo Joe Biden’s new campaign slogan is “No malarkey”??! Seriously? As usual, the Babylon Bee has the best take: Many have criticized Joe Biden’s new campaign slogan, “No Malarkey,” for being out of touch and old-fashioned. But new polls show that the slogan is actually a huge hit among the working class in the 1920s. While a minority said Trump was their man and a few liked some of the »

Lee Smith in Newt’s World

Featured imageI have listened to all the podcasts of interviews with Lee Smith discussing The Plot Against the President that I came across as they were posted. My favorite is Smith’s interview with Newt Gingrich in Newt’s World Episode 46: The Plot Against the President. I posted my own brief appreciation of the book yesterday in “All the president’s men, take 2.” Suffice it to say that Mr. Gingrich shares my »

WH declines Nadler invitation

Featured imageThe Democrats are in a rush to impeach President Trump. It represents the culmination of their concerted efforts of the past three years. What a waste. The curtain has closed on Schiff impeachment theater. On Wednesday Jerry Nadler takes center stage — quite a lot of it, as a matter of fact — when the curtain goes goes up the House Judiciary Committee. Seeking to respond to the procedural unfairness »

What is art?

Featured imageA few years ago, as I understand it, a group of feminists took over the Manchester Art Gallery. As part of their takeover, they placed new explanatory plaques in some of the exhibition rooms. The plaques, which are still there, riff on the existing ones, but provide a snarky radical feminist spin. Here is an example: In the wake of the Industrial Revolution in Britain, male merchant manufacturers increasingly bought »

A Footnote to Transatlantic Slavery, Visualized

Featured imageMark Perry of the American Enterprise Institute was inspired by our post Slavery? We Were a Footnote to create an animated chart on his site, Carpe Diem. Mark’s animated chart is taken from the same database at that we discussed in our post. The animation traces the trans-Atlantic slave trade over time, and reflects the fact that statistically, the American colonies and, later, the U.S. played only a minor »

Fantasists of the Palestinian Authority

Featured imageThe Palestinians want to be taken seriously as a political entity–or potential entity, anyway. And yet they are governed, apparently by choice, by lunatics–Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Thus we have this, coming from the supposedly saner part of the Palestinian polity: “Palestinian academics deny archaeological evidence of Jews in Israel.” Palestinian Media Watch has recorded three examples of Palestinian academics appearing on official PA TV in October and November »