About that Acosta-Lefkowitz meeting

Featured image One intriguing aspect of Alex Acosta’s extraordinarily lenient treatment of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is Acosta’s meeting with one of Epstein’s lawyers — Jay Lefkowitz, a Washington, DC power broker and former law firm colleague. The meeting did not occur at the U.S. Attorney’s office, as is customary, but at a hotel far away from that office. Acosta addressed this matter yesterday. He said the deal had already been reached by »

Carlson versus Omar

Featured imageTucker Carlson has highlighted Ilhan Omar’s unusual ingratitude to the country that took her in as a refugee. Omar is one of the luckiest people in the world. As we have noted many times, however, she is a bottomless fount of grievances and complaints. Although Omar was elected to Congress to represent Minnesota’s Fifth District at the age of 36, when it comes to her life in the United States, »

The question Alex Acosta didn’t answer

Featured imageSecretary of Labor Alex Acosta answered lots of questions at his press conference today. Some answers were better, and more honest, than others. But Acosta didn’t answer one question: Who at the Department of Justice did he talk to about how to handle the Epstein prosecution? The question is important because Acosta has implied that Main Justice took a softer line on Epstein than he did or, at least, that »

Sir Roger Scruton Vindicated—Again

Featured imageWe’re written here before many times about the growing and deserved renown of Sir Roger Scruton, and today we have some important news about Sir Roger. Back in April the New Statesman magazine ran a scurrilous attack on Sir Roger that was shabby even by the low standards of the British political press. The New Statesman deliberately quoted Sir Roger out of context and/or incompletely in a ham-handed effort to »

Whose Side Are They On?

Featured imageThat is a question that often occurs to me when I watch the Democrats’ anti-American hate-fest. (No, this post isn’t about the media’s slavering homage to Megan Rapinoe, but it could be.) The Southern border is a litmus test: do they believe that the United States has a right to exist as a sovereign nation, or don’t they? For many Democrats, the answer evidently is No. That goes for all »

Alex Acosta speaks [UPDATED]

Featured imageAlex Acosta held a lengthy press conference today to defend his handling of the Jeffrey Epstein prosecution. Reportedly, President Trump wanted Acosta to explain himself to the public and to face the news media. Acosta did as well, I think, as he could have done under the circumstances. He may have done well enough to satisfy Trump, who clearly likes Acosta, for now. But Acosta did not do well enough »

GOP Senators mindlessly defend Alex Acosta

Featured imagePolitico reports that President Trump and Senate Republicans “are moving quickly to back up beleaguered Labor Secretary Alex Acosta.” They are doing so in the face of “rising pressure. . .from other corners of the White House, with acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney privately urging the president to dismiss him.” Unlike Trump and Senate Republicans, Mulvaney has direct knowledge of Acosta’s performance at the Labor Department. He »

Acosta Responds

Featured imagePaul has repeatedly criticized the disgraceful role that Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, then a federal prosecutor in Florida, played in giving Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart plea deal for sex-trafficking underage girls. Now, probably in order to embarrass the Trump administration, the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York has brought new criminal charges against Epstein arising out of the same pattern of conduct. This prosecution has put a spotlight on »

Everton wins Copa America, and other soccer news

Featured imageNo, Everton, the football club, didn’t win the South American championship this weekend. Instead, it edged a Kenyan team on penalty kicks in its opening pre-season match. However, Everton, the soccer player, scored a goal and assisted on another as Brazil defeated Peru 3-1 to win Copa America. Everton was named outstanding player of the match and finished the tournament as its co-leading goal scorer. Everton probably will never play »

Is the Epstein-Acosta plea deal a barrier to new prosecution?

Featured imageYesterday, in discussing the new charges brought against Jeffrey Epstein by the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York, I said I was unclear as to whether, or to what extent, Epstein can use the sweetheart plea deal his lawyers negotiated with Alex Acosta to fight the new charges against him. Ken White, a former federal prosecutor, takes up the subject in an article for The Atlantic. White observes that “every »

The right to Trump tweets

Featured imageThe Second Circuit has affirmed a district court decision holding that President Trump cannot block his critics on Twitter. Plaintiffs wanted to get Trump’s tweets directly and contended that their inability to view, retweet, and reply to Trump’s tweets limited their ability to participate with other members of the public in the comment threads that appear below the President’s tweets. The court agreed in a 29-page opinion that I have »

Epstein Is Clinton’s Problem, Not Trump’s

Featured imageThe Democrats have tried to smear President Trump by association with Jeffrey Epstein, while ignoring the fact that Bill Clinton was a frequent flyer on the Lolita Express. It turns out that Trump actually threw Epstein out of Mar-a-Lago: President Trump was asked about Epstein — a billionaire who rubbed shoulders with celebrities and world leaders — while speaking to reporters on Tuesday. “I knew him like everybody in Palm »

Kamala’s Kase

Featured imageThe idea of reparations for the descendants of slaves has become respectable across a wide swath of the Democratic Party and its top tier Democratic candidates. This past February, Kamala Harris talked around the issue when asked directly about it by Natasha Alford (interview excerpt here). Harris didn’t express support for targeted payments to “black people,” but she couldn’t bring herself to say that she opposed them either. By April, »

Ross Perot, RIP

Featured imageRoss Perot has passed away. Perot was a hugely successful businessman, but will be remembered, of course, mainly for his presidential campaign, as a third party candidate in 1992. It was a remarkable run. At times, if I recall correctly, polling placed Perot in the same tier as his opponents, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. In the end, Perot captured 19 percent of the vote. That’s truly exceptional for »

Reminder: We Are an Amazon Affiliate!

Featured imageAs you may know, Amazon has an “Affiliates” program whereby purchases made through a link on an affiliate site generate a small commission to the site without any additional cost to the shopper. We were an Amazon affiliate years ago, but our relationship lapsed for reasons that I don’t remember. As our advertising revenue has dropped precipitously for reasons that remain mysterious, we are looking for additional ways to make »

Who Needs Wokileaks?

Featured imageI got a large response from my latest whimsical Tweet yesterday: But who needs it, since most of the scandals of higher education today are out in plain sight? Such as this announcement for a brand new “Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Minor” at the University of Denver, which reads like a parody: The new Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) minor brings together the best of what the University has to »

Steyer Jumps In

Featured imageDemocratic Party money man Tom Steyer has changed his mind. Not long after saying he would not run in 2020, he has jumped into the Democratic presidential nomination race. On Tuesday, hedge fund billionaire and climate change activist Tom Steyer announced his candidacy for president in 2020, six months after saying he would sit out the race. He launched his campaign with a video demonizing “corporations” and pledging to “take »