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The Times stumbles onto…

Featured image The New York Times made itself a fool for the Rathergate film Truth. The Times not only published Stephen Holden’s breathless review of the film, the Times celebrated the film in a TimesTalks event featuring Robert Redford, Cate Blanchett, Dan Rather, and Mary Mapes, hosted by Times Magazine staff writer Susan Dominus. Holden also included Truth in his year-end best-of-2015 list (it’s number 7!). The Times went all in for »

Niall Ferguson vs. Paul Krugman

Featured image Paul Krugman holds himself out as Krugtron the Invincible. I think of him more as a beady-eyed loon. It would be fun to see an MMPI on him. I knew that Krugman thinks highly of himself. It comes with the territory. Even so, Krugman is discovering new lands of self-regard. I learned about Krugman’s incarnation as Krugtron from Niall Ferguson’s series of columns on Krugman this week. The Krugtron mask »

“Invitation”: A Benghazigate poem

Featured image Raymond Maxwell was the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Maghreb (North Africa) Affairs at the State Department’s Bureau of Near East Affairs from 2011-2012. He also one of the three Deputy Assistant Secretaries removed due the fallout over Benghazi. Maxwell has written the following poem about his experience at the hands of “the Queen’s Henchmen”: The Queen’s Henchmen request the pleasure of your company at a Lynching – to be held »

Stephen Hunter: Soft Target

Featured image Today is the official publication date of Stephen Hunter’s new thriller, Soft Target. Steve is the Pulitzer Prize-winning former film critic of the Washington Post and one of our favorite writers. Glenn Reynolds concisely comments: “Love him, and his books.” Steve has graciously accepted our invitation to bring his new book to the attention of our readers. Steve writes: Some books write themselves. Some don’t. The former are beloved as »

Why Do We Have Police Forces?

I mean, really? The question is prompted by the riots going on in Toronto, in connection with the G-20 meeting. The same crowd of knaves and fools that always turns out for such events has descended on Toronto and has run riot through much of the city. The criminals have burned a number of vehicles (maybe some of them are from France), as shown in this photo: Strangest of all »

George Will: Not a fool or a knave

George Will defends the Supreme Court’s decision in the Boumediene case. He also mocks John McCain for asserting the decision to be one of the Supreme Court’s worst. Will disagrees, citing Dred Scott, Plesssy, and Korematsu (the internment case, with respect to which Will refers to “concentration camps”). Will omits Roe v. Wade from the list, but Boumediene is similar in quality to Roe. It is an act of usurpation »

The Washington Post tries to give away the president’s cake

The Washington Post takes President Bush to task for his two latest appellate court nominees, Brett Kavanaugh and Janice Rogers Brown. The Post readily acknowledges that both are “people of substance” and “nominees whose records and qualifications might well under other circumstances command support.” So what is the problem? Well, Kavanaugh worked for Ken Starr when he was investigating Bill Clinton and, more recently, worked in President Bush’s office of »