Featured image During the final round of the US Open golf tournament on Sunday, with Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland and American Bryson DeChambeau battling it out, cries of “USA! USA! USA!” surged from the crowds. For the origin of this chant, fans can look to Al Michaels, tapped to announce hockey at the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid, New York in 1980. Those games took place during the Carter Era, with »

We Can’t Have an Election, We’re Democrats!

Featured imageLiberals claim to be in favor of democracy–or, at least, Our Democracy™️–but if someone actually runs against them, they take it as a personal offense. Consider this tweet by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whom I take as a good exemplar of contemporary liberalism: People everywhere need to understand how disgusting and abnormal it is for special interests to dump nearly $15 million to unseat a member of Congress in a primary. This »

The Daily Chart: Still Swimming Upstream

Featured imageSharp-eyed and knowledgeable readers pointed out that last Friday’s chart showing a huge disparity between high school boys and adult women’s world swim records was based on a faulty comparison, because high school swimming distances and races are measured and conducted differently, making the chart an apple to oranges comparison. So I took it down. Mark Perry has recalculated the chart using just men’s and women’s adult records, and while »

Degrow This!

Featured imageModern environmentalism is essentially Malthusian, but Malthusianism keeps getting refuted, putting environmentalists in a pickle. Environmental Malthusianism goes beyond the mere pessimism of Thomas Malthus himself (it was Malthus who prompted Thomas Carlyle to call economics “the dismal science”), and is a full-blown apocalyptic vision, and like all apocalyptic visions, it fuels an extremely unpleasant moral unctuousness. One of the things that is interesting to watch is how the environmental »

Biden Hemorrhaging Black Support

Featured imageOne of the big stories of the 2023 race so far has been Trump’s strong showing in polls with hispanic voters, but this was already turning up in the 2016 and 2020 results. But check out this segment from CNN this morning on how Biden is hemorrhaging black voters with CNN pollster Harry Enten, who I think is a pretty straight shooter in the polling world: I’ve been saying for »

Chuck Schumer, Grill Master (with Grill Tips from Steve)

Featured imageMy law school classmate Chuck Schumer, apparently in an effort to come across as a regular guy who fires up the grill on a summer weekend, posted this picture of himself: Of course, Steve is the resident Power Line expert on grilling. But even novices, or intermediate grillers like me, were quick to note that Schumer has put a slice of cheese on a raw hamburger patty. I’m not sure »

Song of wandering dingus

Featured imageStudents of the poetry of William Butler Yeats may recall his lesser-known classic “Song of Wandering Aengus.” Ray Bradbury borrowed a phrase from it for the title story of his Golden Apples of the Sun collection of short stories. Judy Collins adapted the same phrase into the title song of her Golden Apples of the Sun album. President Biden now gives us Song of Wandering Dingus. His handlers assure us »

Outrageous!, Columbia style

Featured imageReaders may recall that basketball great Charles Barkley famously disavowed his own autobiography, claiming that he had been “misquoted” in it. Sir Charles (or someone) aptly titled the autobiography Outrageous! The Fine Life and Flagrant Good Times of Basketball’s Irresistible Force. Bob Greene declared that Barkley’s disclaimer made him a “front-runner for idiot of the year.” Years later, Hugo Lindgren observed in the New York Times that “mostly, Barkley’s reaction »

Pier Today, Gone Tomorrow

Featured imageThe Biden administration spent more than $300 million to construct a pier on the Gaza shore, intended to facilitate provision of supplies to Hamas. Which is itself, of course, a terrible idea. But things have not gone well: NEW Lifespan of Biden’s $320 million pier: May 17: Biden’s pier opens May 21: “No aid from pier has been delivered to broader population” May 28: Pier ops suspended after piece breaks »

Inside the laptop

Featured imageNew York Post columnist Miranda Devine recalls in her June 12 New York Post column: The last time Joe Biden met Donald Trump on a debate stage, he lied that his son Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation, “a Russian plant” and “a bunch of garbage.” Taking account of the evidence introduced in the Hunter Biden gun case, Devine itemizes the ways in which Biden’s laptop has been authenticated. Not a »

Transactional Analysis

Featured imageThe Tennessee Star has released more excerpts from the diary of mass murderer Audrey Hale, who on March 27, 2023, gunned down nine-year-olds Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney, along with Katherine Koonce, 60, Cynthia Peak and Mike Hill, both 61. Hale wrote of her “imaginary penis,” proclaiming “I am such a pervert” wasting “too much time in my fantasies,” and so forth. See here, and here and here, »

Seinfeld on top down under

Featured imageJerry Seinfeld is guilty of being a Jewish comedian who supports Israel. Playing to a big audience in Qudos Bank Arena at Sydney Olympic Park last night, he dealt with a “From the river to the sea” heckler for a few minutes. Seinfeld observed: “You’re really influencing everyone here. We’re all on your side now, because you’ve made your point so well, and in the right venue. You’ve come to »

Stage 5 of Dem grief

Featured imageSteve has chronicled press coverage suggesting the Democrats’ discomfort — most recently, in “Democrats are panicking” — with President Biden’s pending renomination as their presidential candidate. All things considered, the Democrats would prefer to have some face other than Biden’s surgically altered mask representing the party. However, they are stuck with him. Alex Thompson is the national political correspondent for Axios. This morning Thompson turns up with “Trials reveal depths »

Blood on Biden’s Hands

Featured imageHow many Americans have been assaulted, raped, maimed or murdered by illegals who have streamed into our country at the invitation of Joe Biden’s open border policies? No one knows, but it is safe to say that Rachel Morin is one among many. Morin, a 37 year old mother of five, went for a run in Harford County, Maryland. She was waylaid by Victor Martinez Hernandez, who raped, viciously beat, »

Another Totalitarian Force

Featured image“An Arkansas prosecutor on Friday said a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent was justified when he fatally shot the Little Rock airport director during a raid in March,” CBS News reports. “Pulaski County Prosecutor Will Jones said in a letter to ATF that no charges in the shooting would be filed after reviewing the Arkansas State Police investigation of the shooting of Bill and Hillary Clinton National »

Color him father

Featured imageI wrote this on Father’s Day in 2010. It is a post that struck a chord with at least a few readers. I amplified it in 2020 and am taking the liberty of reposting these reflections in honor of the day. My father was a thoughtful man in his own way. In the last years of his life he recited for me the things for which he was most grateful. »

Domestic Axis of Evil

Featured imageThere is a human tendency to believe that all of the things one doesn’t like are in league or of a piece. That can lead to delusion and misapprehension. On the other hand, it sometimes turns out to be true. Take the case of the Inflation Reduction Act, which should better be known as the Inflation Promotion Act. This grotesque law is nothing but a grab-bag of payoffs to Democratic »