Fracking and the Electoral College

Featured image Liberals openly hate the electoral college (and the Senate, but one thing at a time) because it is counter-majoritarian. To which the answer is: Yes, precisely. That’s one of its strongest points. It means a winning presidential candidate has to take in a broader range of local interests if he is to win a constitutional majority, which is superior to a mere numerical majority that may be lopsided in just »

On the removal of Sondland and Vindman

Featured imageTwo of the key witnesses in the Trump impeachment have been removed from their positions. Gordon Sondland is out as Ambassador to the European Union. Lt. Col Alexander Vindman has been reassigned from the National Security Council to the Pentagon. Democrats are crying foul, of course. But was it improper for Trump to take these personnel actions? Sondland’s case seems easy to me. Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the »

The Trump-Sanders parallel

Featured imageJim Geraghty compares the 2020 Democratic nomination battle to the one Republicans waged in 2016. In 2016, he recalls, Trump profited from the fact that a crowded field of Trump rivals focused their fire on one another. Geraghty writes: [T]he other candidates were all convinced they could be the last man standing against Trump, and then beat him in a one-on-one matchup. Perhaps one of those non-Trump candidates could have »

1619 and the Oscars: Fit Companions

Featured imageNeedless to say, I didn’t watch the Academy Awards show last night. In fact, I didn’t know it was on: Hollywood and I parted company a long time ago. But I was surprised to learn from a friend that the New York Times ran an ad, during the Oscars show, for its 1619 Project. This seems unusual. How often does a paper advertise one of its “news” projects on national »

Video: The “Authentic Frontier Gibberish” of Joe Biden

Featured imageAs Scott notes below, sleuths have been unable to find a direct film source for Joe Biden’s inexplicable recall of “lying dog-faced pony soldier,” but I think for Joe’s next rhetorical trick, maybe he’ll let loose with “sallywagin’ hornswogglin’ cracker coaker” from Blazing Saddles, which was duly pronounced “authentic frontier gibberish.” In fact, this scene looks like pretty faithful rendition of Biden’s increasingly senile campaign (just 1:48 long): Now who »

Should Jeff Sessions have agreed to be Attorney General?

Featured imageIn a post I wrote last week about what I view as the demonization of John Bolton, I said that Bolton has plenty of company under the Trump bus. As an example, I cited Jeff Sessions, a conservative hero of longstanding who fell out of favor after he recused himself, for ethical reasons, from the Justice Department’s Russia investigation and his deputy appointed Robert Mueller to investigate on the DOJ’s »

Doug Collins doubles and jailbreak legislation [corrected and updated]

Featured imageRep. Doug Collins has announced that he will run for the Senate. He will challenge the incumbent, Kelly Loeffler, who was appointed to fill the seat that Johnny Isakson vacated. Collins was prominent during the House impeachment proceedings as an aggressive questioner on President Trump’s behalf. I didn’t find his questioning particularly cogent, but that’s just my opinion. He did his best, and gained good will from the president and »

Donald Trump, the toast of Nigeria

Featured imageDid you know that Donald Trump’s approval rating in Nigeria is around 60 percent? I didn’t. But that’s what the Pew Research Center found in a January survey, and according to Nigerian journalist Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, this has been Trump’s consistent level of approval in Nigeria. Why do Nigerians like Trump? Nwaubani says it’s because they appreciate his tough talk, candor, and resilience. Nigerians also like the fact that he’s »

Videos: Chris Matthews’ Turn at Berniephobia (Updated: Biden Unplugged?!?!)

Featured imageYesterday we brought you the concerns of James Carville that the Democratic presidential campaign is veering too far left, but sit down and get a load of the always excitable Chris Matthews going off on Bernie—and note especially how fast host Chris Hayes tries to shut him up and change the subject; I’d love to hear what the producer was yelling in Hayes’s ear about stopping Matthews (just 1:18 long): »

Ilhan Omar Hates America

Featured imageOn Friday, Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib participated in a “radical democracy” event at Howard University in Washington. The YouTube video below shows Omar’s four-minute riff on the theme that everything that goes wrong in the world is America’s fault. Thanks to the Washington Free Beacon for bringing it to light. Omar’s blame-America-first ideology is comprehensive. Are there refugees in the world? It’s because of American foreign policy! Are »

The era of Limbaugh

Featured imageI have learned much from listening to Rush Limbaugh to the extent that I have been able to catch his great radio show over the years. He is a man of great perception and insight that he communicates in the style of a born teacher. I have loved his show from the first moment I caught it during the Clarence Thomas confirmation ordeal in 1991. When Rush celebrated the thirtieth »

Whence a lyin’ dog-faced pony soldier?

Featured imageJoe Biden did the weird Joe Biden thing to the young lady in Hampton, New Hampshire who asked him an honest question about his poor performance in the Iowa caucuses. He acknowledged it was a good question. He asked her if she had ever attended a caucus. Relevance to her question? Not entirely apparent. When the young lady answered in the affirmative, Biden called her a lyin’ dog-faced pony soldier »

Looking Ahead to New Hampshire

Featured imageThe New Hampshire primary is Tuesday, as the Democrats hope to rebound from their awful performance in Iowa. What should we expect? The Real Clear Politics poll numbers are here. I take it as a foregone conclusion that Bernie Sanders will come out on top. He averages in the upper 20s in the polls, and should be strong in the state that adjoins his native Vermont, with lots of essentially »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 167: The Lost History of Western Civilization, with Stanley Kurtz

Featured imageLast week Paul wrote about the gallant efforts of Stanley Kurtz to fight the continuing death spiral of our universities, and now just in time for your Sunday afternoon walk or Monday morning commute, Stanley joins the Power Line podcast to talk about his terrific new report for the National Association of Scholars entitled The Lost History of Western Civilization. The broad outlines of this story are generally well known, but »

Pete Buttigieg, Interior Decorator?

Featured imageJoe Biden’s hard-hitting new ad targeting Pete Buttigieg is drawing a lot of attention, in part because a number of commentators–Ann Althouse is one–detect a tinge of homophobia. See if you can spot it: To me, the ad is an appropriate attack on Buttigieg’s obvious lack of experience. I would criticize it for grossly exaggerating Biden’s own importance; throughout his political career, he has been a mediocrity at best. The »

Can Bloomberg buy it?

Featured imageIn his most recent column Rich Lowry expresses disgust in contemplation of Michael Bloomberg’s “naked bid to buy the White House,” but Rich doesn’t get at the dimensions of Bloomberg’s effort. Axios reporters Alexi McCammond and Stef W. Kight provide a glimpse in “Bloomberg’s big bet on the power of money.” In yesterday’s Axios AM newsletter, Mike Allen summarized their findings including the following believe-it-or-not items: • In just over »

A digital uprising in China

Featured imageShortly after the fall of the Soviet Union, Al Neuharth, founder of USA Today and the Freedom Forum, paid for a sign in Red Square that said, “Freedom Works.” Actually, freedom doesn’t always work. However, it works far more often than the denial of freedom. Indeed, it seems to me that the denial of freedom never really works for a society in any strong sense. China is the latest test »