Emails Reveal Biden/Burisma Influence at State Department

Featured image John Solomon has posted State Department emails involving a lobbyist named Karen Tramontano and Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas company that paid Hunter Biden $3 million: Hunter Biden and his Ukrainian gas firm colleagues had multiple contacts with the Obama State Department during the 2016 election cycle, including one just a month before Vice President Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating his son’s company for corruption, newly »

Nats visit White House, Kurt Suzuki wears MAGA hat

Featured imageThe Washington Nationals visited the White House today, as President Trump honored the team for winning the World Series. Not all of the Nats participated. As I noted here, Sean Doolittle announced early on that he would not attend. Anthony Rendon, Victor Robles, Michael A. Taylor, Joe Ross, Javy Guerra, and Wander Suero all were absent, as well. Guerra said he couldn’t come because he and his fiancee are preparing »

Bernie and Liz differentiate

Featured imageWhen the presidential campaign season began, Bernie Sanders may have figured, as many of us did, that Elizabeth Warren would not make a strong run for the nomination. Polls did not place her at or near the top of the pack. Warren may have figured that Sanders, though polling well, would fade. To many, he seemed like yesterday’s man. Whether for these reasons or some other, neither Sanders nor Warren »

Democrats Are Buying Virginia

Featured imageCurrently, the GOP is looking in relatively good shape, financially, for next year’s presidential election. But that doesn’t change the fact that in races around the country, Democrats almost always have more money than Republicans. A case in point is Virginia, whose legislative elections are tomorrow. A reader writes that “Democrats have $11.3 million in recent donations, compared to only $4.4 million for Virginia Republicans.” That sort of disproportion is »

Elizabeth Warren Condemns US “Genocide”

Featured imageCampaigning in Iowa earlier today, Elizabeth Warren nodded along while a lefty in the audience catalogued American foreign policy sins, including “genocides in Palestine and Yemen.” She responded, “I like your frame on this.” The rest of her answer is not preserved, but she gave every indication of being on board with the questioner’s radical critique: Watching the Democratic presidential candidates, I feel like I am experiencing some awful kind »

Omar Rails Against “Western Imperialism”

Featured imageYesterday Bernie Sanders held a rally on the campus of the University of Minnesota, at which he was introduced by Ilhan Omar. Attorney General Keith Ellison also appeared in support of Sanders’ presidential campaign. The rally was successful, with thousand of adoring far-leftists attending. Omar sounded like an unreconstructed Marxist, calling for “a mass movement of the working class” and assuring her listeners that Sanders will “fight against Western imperialism.” »

Dave Martinez, a contrarian view

Featured imageIt’s difficult to say anything about the world champion Washington Nationals that hasn’t already been said. But I have at least one unique take on the Nats: Their manager, Dave Martinez, is getting way too much praise. Rumor has it that Martinez is a strong candidate for National League Manager of the Year. This would be an odd honor for a manager whose team barely made the Wild Card game »

Reunion in Jerusalem

Featured imageWe are instructed that whoever saves a single life is considered to have saved the whole world. We have a sort of case study in the Times of Israel/AP story by Aron Heller on Melpomeni Dina’s reunion with the surviving siblings she saved and their 40 descendants: “One by one, the 40 descendants of a group of Israeli siblings leaned down and hugged the elderly Greek woman to whom they »

Friends of Zion

Featured imageEarlier today, Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a group of Christian journalists and supporters of Israel at the 2019 Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem. The event celebrated the opening of the Friends of Zion Museum, which honors the contributions of non-Jews to the nation of Israel. I count myself, in a small way, as a friend of Israel. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed Christian journalists and dignitaries from around the world Sunday, »

This Time, the GOP Looks Ready to Compete

Featured imageIt has become axiomatic that in any contested race, the Democrat will have more money behind him or her than the Republican. That may be true in 2020 as it has been in past cycles, but the GOP seems to be narrowing the money gap as well as the organization gap. It is heartwarming to see a Democrat fretting about this: For months Democrats have worried about a potentially lethal »

Thin Lizzie’s Wedge

Featured imageI’m starting to wonder whether Elizabeth Warren is another Karl Rove/Steve Bannon dirty trick—a plant inside the Democratic Party with the perfect appeal to make the party sign up for the biggest political suicide note since the Labour Party decided to run on unilateral disarmament against Margaret Thatcher in 1983. (Labour lost in a historic landslide.) Warren’s Medicare-for-All will depend apparently on a 6 percent wealth tax on the super-rich, »

The New York Mets’ appeal tested

Featured imageAl Pacino once starred with Ellen Barkin in an underrated movie called “Sea of Love.” Pacino played a New York City cop. Early in the film, Pacino organizes a sting to capture dozens of New York City’s most wanted criminals. He has them invited to a special meet and greet with the New York Yankees. Suspecting nothing, the crooks and thugs arrive. They are duly taken into custody. Bill de »

VIP Live Tonight!

Featured imageThis evening, starting at 7 p.m. Central time (5 Pacific, 8 Eastern), we are doing a VIP Live event. If you are a VIP member, you will get an email with a link to a live YouTube address where you can watch the event and submit your own comments and questions on the issues of the day. We have quite a few new VIP members; if you have joined recently, »

Number 5 with a bullet

Featured imageLee Smith is the journalist and author of The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History. Published this past Tuesday, it is currently ranked number 5 on Amazon’s best-seller list. It was already back-ordered on its publication date. Given the fact that Lee is not a famous author, that Lee’s book is nonfiction, and that Lee has »

The left seeks to “normalize” crime

Featured imageThe Washington Post has a Sunday magazine. This week, the entire magazine, an unusually thick edition, is devoted to the topic of prison. All of the articles are written by people who are incarcerated now or were incarcerated in the past. The illustrations and photographs are also exclusively by this cohort. The lead article is by Piper Kerman. She served 13 months in federal prison for money laundering and drug »

VIP Live Tomorrow!

Featured imageTomorrow evening, starting at 7 p.m. Central time (5 Pacific, 8 Eastern), we are doing a VIP Live event. If you are a VIP member, you will get an email with a link to a live YouTube address where you can watch the event and submit your own comments and questions on the issues of the day. We have quite a few new VIP members; if you have joined recently, »

Warren’s ignorance: Worse than we think

Featured imageA knowledgeable reader who asks to remain anonymous writes to comment on John’s post condemning the ignorance of Elizabeth Warren. I’m not sure ignorance is the right word, but our reader follows up on John’s point: Her ignorance is even worse than you think. In the first place nationalization of health insurance affects more than just those purchasing individual or employer-sponsored insurance. Most Medicaid beneficiaries have private sector insurance that »