Early returns from Texas

With about 7 percent of precincts reporting, David Dewhurst leads Ted Cruz in the Texas Republican Senate primary. Dewhurst has 47.5 percent of the vote; Cruz has just under 31 percent.

Steve and I expressed our clear preference for Cruz here.

We’ll keep an eye on this race as the night goes on.

UPDATE: Dewhurst is maintaining the same basic lead with around 20 percent of precincts reporting. Here’s how it stands:

Dewhurst 47.3
Cruz 31.0
Leppert 13.6
James 3.7

James, by the way is Craig James, former running back for SMU’s “Pony Express” and former New England Patriot.

It may also be worth noting that these results (and they are only partial, of course) conform closely to what the last PPP poll (May 22-23) showed.

FINAL(?)UPDATE: We’re a little past half way point now, and Dewhurst leads Cruz by 45.5 to 33.0. Unless the pattern shifts, Dewhurst will finish a comfortable first, but fail to avoid a run-off election.

Because Dewhurst will likely be close to 50 percent, and because (according to PPP) Leppert voters tend to favor Dewhurst, there doesn’t appear to be much doubt about how a run-off would go.


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