Loose Ends (139)

Featured image • Does anyone think that in the entire NFL over the last decade Jon Gruden is the only senior person who expressed impure thoughts on email or other internet media? As usual, the Babylon Bee has this covered accurately: • Speaking of the Bee, its latest scoop is exposing that The Atlantic magazine’s Emma Green really is as vapid as most everyone else in the mainstream media. Green interviewed Bee impresario »

Annals of Biden weirdness

Featured imagePresident Biden spoke at the renaming the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center as the Dodd Center for Human Rights at the University of Connecticut this past Friday. The White House has posted the transcript of Biden’s remarks here. (The transcript faithfully notes Biden’s use of the nonword “interdiced” in lieu of “introduced.”) Thomas Dodd was the father of Biden’s former Senate colleague Christopher Dodd — Senator Thomas Dodd. The elder »

Texas poised to redistrict Jackson Lee or Green out of Congress

Featured imageTexas Republicans have come up with a congressional redistricting plan. The plan would, in the loaded words of the Washington Post, “siphon[] off thousands of [Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s] Black constituents and potentially forc[e] her into a primary election against her neighboring Black incumbent, Rep. Al Green.” This is a wonderful development. Jackson Lee, who once compared the Tea Party to the KKK, has no redeeming quality I’ve ever detected. »

Sandel’s just deserts

Featured imageProvoked by Charles Murray’s laid-back admiration of Harvard Professor Michael Sandel’s The Tyranny of Merit, I touched on the issues that seem to be raised by Sandel’s book in “The merit of meritocracy.” Sandel’s book is now out in paperback and the Washington Free Beacon has just published Peter Berkowitz’s review of Sandel’s book. Placing the book in the context of Sandel’s career and the tradition of political philosophy, Berkowitz’s »

Documents In Ashli Babbitt Shooting Produced

Featured imageFollowing a FOIA request and a lawsuit, Judicial Watch has obtained around 500 pages of documents from the D.C. Metropolitan Police that relate to the shooting of Ashli Babbitt during the January 6 riot. The documents are here; you can read them and make of them what you will. Judicial Watch’s commentary on the materials is here. The most significant documents are the statements taken from the other law enforcement »

This day in baseball history: F. Robinson and Clemente shine in classic

Featured imageWillie Mays and Hank Aaron were the dominant baseball players of the 1960s. They overshadowed other stars of that era, including Frank Robinson and Roberto Clemente. Robinson came out of the shadows with his Triple Crown season in 1966. Clemente didn’t get his due until the 1971 World Series. It was only then that America got to see the full range of his talents. Curt Gowdy, NBC’s lead announcer in »

They said you was high classed problems…

Featured imageWell, that was just a lie. According to Biden chief of staff Ron Klain endorsing the deep thought of former Obama administration CEA chairman Jason Furman, inflation, supply chain fiascos, and all the rest are the kind of problems we should be grateful to have, or to be able complain about, or something. They are “high class problems” so long as we are south of 10 percent unemployment. This 👇👇 »

The Week in Pictures: Shatner > Brandon Edition

Featured imageBrandon is still trending yuuuge, but this week definitely belongs to Shatner. Brandon will be around for a while, but really, how often do we get to indulge a full on Kirkasm? Meanwhile, Biden and Harris continue to be the ghost ship White House. How’s that reconciliation package coming? Maybe Southwest Airlines can help them land it. Oh, wait. Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

70s Redux

Featured imageEuropeans are looking forward to a cold, dark winter. Natural gas is scarce and expensive, and the “green” energy in which European countries have invested many billions of dollars can’t produce reliable electricity. So panic is starting to set in. The Telegraph reports from the U.K.: There is no question that Europe is gripped by an energy crisis as severe as any it has faced since the 1970s, and that »

Reminder: Live Podcast Taping Tonight

Featured imageSo we’re all set for the live Zoom taping of this week’s Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast at 5:30 pm Pacific time. Use this Zoom link to join the happy hour. We’re still working up our agenda, but look forward to taking some of your questions and comments, and we’ve already got a couple of good ones sent in ahead of time. Meanwhile, here’s Lucretia at the range, getting in »

In search of billionaires (like you)

Featured imageReaders have undoubtedly heard something of the Biden administration/Treasury Department proposal to expand the scope of bank reporting requirements on customer accounts. The proposal has elicited reactions ranging from indignation to rebellion, but what is it exactly? The New York Times had a good story earlier this week, but the story is a little short on the substance of the proposal (“the administration wants banks to give the Internal Revenue »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Go Brandon Edition

Featured imageThis week’s episode, recorded with a live audience on Zoom, was off the hook a little more than usual, as Lucretia was in a grumpy mood (despite my futile attempt at appeasement by changing up my whisky selection), and audience questions and comments came flying in fast and furious. Yet somehow we managed to cover a lot of territory, from an after-action report on this year’s Indigenous Peoples Day Columbus Day holiday, »

Carter blues again

Featured imageWe did not reach the full flowering of the catastrophic Carter era until the final year of Jimmy Carter’s single term as president. Carter achieved failure on a grand scale in both domestic and foreign policy, culminating in the Iran hostage crisis and related fiascos. This is of course ancient and unknown history to most Americans today. Joe Biden has given us that “Memphis Blues Again” feeling in the first »

How Serious Are Democrats About Packing the Court?

Featured imageExpanding the Supreme Court so that Joe Biden can nominate two (or perhaps four) new leftists has been on the Democrats’ wish list since the 2020 election. But I don’t see how they can accomplish that objective, since it would require nullifying the filibuster, and it is hard to see either Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema going along with that for such a radical purpose. Perhaps this is why Biden »

Papa Pete stays home during supply chain crisis

Featured imageIn commenting on the supply chain crisis the other day, Joe Biden said: I want to thank my Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force, which we set up in June, led by Secretaries Buttigieg, Raimondo, and Vilsack, and by my Director of National Economic Council, Brian Deese. I want to thank them for their leadership. . . . But yesterday, we learned that Buttigieg has been on paternity leave since mid-August. »

Has Sinema outgrown the Democrats?

Featured imageHow is the left’s campaign to harass Sen. Kyrsten Sinema until she agrees to in excess of $4 trillion in new spending working out? Not well, if this report is true: U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a key moderate, told fellow Democrats in the House of Representatives this week that she will not vote for a multitrillion-dollar package that is a top priority for President Joe Biden before Congress approves a »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll is inspired by a number of faith traditions in FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST…She writes: The Patriarchy took one right in the crotch recently when the brave bold lunatic of a governor of California took a break from his maskless dining at fancy restaurants to sign a bill into law that mandated that in stores with over 500 employees, children’s toy aisles may NOT be segregated by »