Another baseless shot at Matt Whitaker

Featured image This op-ed in the Washington Post is titled (in the paper edition) “Whitaker is just one more crony.” The author, law professor Jed Shugerman, argues that it’s far from unprecedented for presidents to appoint cronies to head the Justice Department. Shugerman is right. He cites Harry Daugherty (Harding’s AG), Howard McGrath (Truman’s), Robert Kennedy (his brother’s), and John Mitchell (Nixon’s). The problem, though, is that Matthew Whitaker is not a »

It’s finally over in Florida

Featured imageAlmost two weeks after the election, we have definitive winners in the Florida Senate and governor’s races. Bill Nelson has conceded, falling about 10,000 votes short of Rick Scott. Andrew Gillum has conceded, as well. Ron DeSantis edged him by about 32,000 votes. These are important wins for the GOP. However, with the two races both so close, it’s clear that the Democrats are very competitive in this pivotal state. »

Is Divided Government the New Normal?

Featured imageLiberals and the media (but I repeat. . .) have decried “gridlock” in Washington for decades now, thus betraying their constitutional illiteracy. I have half-joked many times before that gridlock is the next best thing to constitutional government—a corollary to my axiom that while our Constitution may not be perfect, it is certainly better than the government we have! Notice, then, that with the results of the 2018 midterm, the »

How to Wreck Universities: Make Them Free

Featured imageOne of the high priority items for the incoming Democratic House is to make college free. It is perfectly understandable why Democrats would want to do this. Just look how successful they were at making health care more widely available and affordable with Obamacare! No, that’s not the reason. Noting that people with college degrees tend to vote more Democratic, one way to generate more Democratic voters is to have »

Missing in Broward County

Featured imageThe manual recount that (I’m going out on a limb here) will confirm the victory of Florida Governor Rick Scott over incumbent nullity Bill Nelson continues, but there is a hold-up in Broward County: Broward County’s ballot recount hit yet another snag Saturday with 2,040 ballots lost or misplaced. The county’s eternally beleaguered Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes said they either misplaced, misfiled or mixed in with another stack. One »

Sunday morning coming down

Featured imageI’ve just about exhausted my knowledge of popular music in this series. This morning I would like to turn to the the weekly John Pizzarelli/Jessica Molaskey syndicated radio show that they call Radio Deluxe to deliver the goods. I usually catch it on Saturday afternoons at 5:00 on the KBEM in the Twin Cities. I love the show. Having missed most of yesterday’s show I went looking for it online »

Is the CIA a Rogue Agency?

Featured imageSomeone leaked the CIA’s assessment that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman directed the murder of Islamist Jamal Khashoggi to the Washington Post. The Post’s account sounds like it came from inside the CIA, but we can’t be sure of that: perhaps someone in another agency, like the State Department, who was familiar with the CIA’s report was the leaker. The CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin »

They #StandWithIlhan

Featured imageAs Scott wrote here, glamorous freshman Representative Ilhan Omar caused a stir by coming out in favor of the anti-Israel BDS (“boycott, divestment and sanctions”) movement. Those who had been paying attention weren’t surprised, but most of Omar’s 5th District Jewish constituents apparently didn’t see it coming. Omar’s left-wing supporters cheered her endorsement of BDS. The far-left site Common Dreams headlines: “#IStandWithIlhan: Supporters Reject Smear Campaign After Newly-Elected Omar Declares »

The way we hate now (Stacey Abrams edition)

Featured imageGeorgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams came up short in her race against Republican Brian Kemp. She got around to saying as much in what should have been a concession speech yesterday, but neither Abrams nor her most visible public supporters are in a mood to concede anything. So she gave a language lesson in lieu of a traditional concession (video below) — a language lesson in which she testifies »

Democrats Begin to Fold Their Tents

Featured imageThe race for Governor of Georgia between Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams wasn’t particularly close. Kemp won by 55,000 votes. But since the election, Abrams has tried to position herself for a recount, or something, that might magically erase that impressive margin. Today she gave up, sort of: Stacey Abrams halted her run for Georgia governor Friday, but the Democrat said she would not concede the contest to »

Merry *ckin’ Christmas!

Featured imageWe haven’t heard much about the “war on Christmas” in the last few years. That’s a good thing. But the general decline of our culture assaults us everywhere, and Christmas is not immune. So you might say I was shocked, but not really surprised, to see an ad for this sweater on the ESPN site: I thought I might be misconstruing the message somehow, so I sent an email to »

The horror! U.S. sides with Israel over Syria

Featured imageEvery year the joke that is the United Nations passes a resolution condemning Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights. Every year, the U.S. abstains from voting on the resolution. Every year, it passes with only Israel voting against it. But not this year. This year, the Trump administration decided to oppose the resolution. It passed by a vote of 151-2. Bravo, President Trump. The Golan Heights tower over Northern Israel. »

Rooney takes Wembley bow

Featured imageFifteen and a half years ago, Wayne Rooney, then 17, was called up to the England national team. His reaction to the call-up when told about it by a member of the Everton staff was to ask whether Tony Hibbert, a teammate of Rooney’s on the Everton youth squad, had also been selected. Rooney thought he had been selected to play for England’s under-19 team. Fifteen years on, Rooney has »

How can Love survive?

Featured imageIn his press conference following the midterm elections last week, President Trump unloaded on Utah Fourth District Rep. Mia Love. Trump scolded or mocked her, saying that that Love “gave me no love.” He added: “And she lost. Too bad. Sorry about that Mia.” Trump’s comments implied a cause and effect relationship between Love’s lack of enthusiasm for Trump and the difficulties she faced in her district. This has the »

The Week in Pictures: Due Process Edition

Featured imageWhat do the extended election “recounts,” the Michael Avenatti arrest, and Betsy DeVos’s revisions to Title IX have in common? Due process of law, that’s what. For liberals, “due process” is a euphemism for “we win.” They’re for it when it favors them, and against it when it disfavors them. Hence the “believe all women” standard for Brett Kavanaugh and campus sexual assault accusers, and “count all the [phony] votes” »

Judge orders Trump to let Acosta back in

Featured imageA federal district court judge today ordered the Trump administration to restore the press credentials of CNN’s Jim Acosta. The ruling came from Judge Timothy Kelly, a Trump appointee. Judge Kelly based his decision on a 1977 ruling by the D.C. Circuit. That ruling was not founded on the First Amendment, and neither was today’s. The 1977 decision said the White House must demonstrate a clear process and right of »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 97: Conservative Fight Club!

Featured imageJust in time for the weekend, by popular demand (or at least the social media pleadings of show fanboy Seth Root), another special episode of the Power Line Show featuring—me. Now I know what you’re thinking from the title, and you’d be wrong: the first rule of Conservative Fight Club is that you never shut up about Conservative Fight Club! In this recent lecture of my series on conservatism for »