Thought for the Day: Our Entitlement State

Featured image One of Harvey Mansfield’s signature contributions to understanding modern politics is to suggest the most basic distinction between the two parties can be reduced to opportunity (Republicans) versus entitlement (Democrats). His thoughts on the expansiveness—and therefore the threat—of the concept of entitlement are worth taking in from an essay published in 1984: In the narrow sense an entitlement is a budget item that cannot be touched because the law awards »

The Daily Chart: Florida Overtaking New York

Featured imageHere’s the best evidence that Florida is not simply attracting retirees or people fleeing high taxes in New York. Rather, it has a more dynamic economy overall. One reading of this chart is that while Florida was on track to overtake New York in jobs before the pandemic (say by 2028 or so), the differences in how the two states responded to the pandemic reduced the time to close that »

White House claims credit

Featured imageWe have struggled to following the evolving leaks and statements from the Biden administration regarding the Chinese spy balloon. In the adjacent post we note one set. This morning the Associated Press has a total of five reporters on the administration’s claim of credit for getting on top of it: “White House: Improved surveillance caught Chinese balloon.” It bears on the story of previous balloon overflights that I discuss in »

China contributes

Featured imageIn an alternative universe where the bigfoot media reported the news, Alana Goodman’s findings would be a major story for reasons that require no explanation: “Foreign Nations Poured Millions Into University That Houses Biden Institute.” The university is of course the University of Delaware, about which no one beyond the borders of Delaware should bestir himself. Goodman reports: China, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Turkey have poured millions of dollars into »

For we can lie!

Featured imageAfter the Chinse spy balloon was publicly exposed over Montana last week, we followed the evolving administration leaks to friendly media outlets. The leaks inadvertently portrayed the administration in a bad light and ultimately resulted in the decision to shoot the thing down after it had traversed the continental United States. All the while Joe Biden has appeared as a senescent blowhard, i.e., in a light that appears shockingly close »

Annals of Government Medicine

Featured imageBritain’s National Health Service is a product of the socialist wave that overtook the U.K. following World War II. It has long been held up as an exemplar by those who seek to impose socialized medicine in other countries, like ours. But today, the state of the NHS is dire. The Wall Street Journal headlines: “The U.K.’s Government-Run Healthcare Service Is in Crisis.” Now the state-funded service is falling apart. »

Operation ‘Dump Kamala’ Is Officially On

Featured imageI like to say that I read the New York Times so that you don’t have to (plus I can claim an online subscription as a tax deduction, which helps), but today is one of those days you wish you had a subscription for the amazing “news” feature on the dismal future prospects of Kamala Harris. Here’s the hed: This “news story” was reported by three Times journalists, but what »

Thought for the Day: The Gipper vs. the Woke

Featured imageToday is Ronald Reagan’s 112th birthday, and with the growing controversy about wokeness and the rot inside our conformist East German colleges and universities, it is worth recalling that Reagan, practically alone among prominent politicians at the end of the 1960s, directly took on his generation of woke activists. At one point he said “the university can dispose of the threat [radicals] represent in a week if they will take »

2024—The Early Line Is Wrong

Featured imageThe announcement late last week that Nikki Haley is likely to announce soon as a candidate for president in 2024, with several other worthy contenders (Pence, Pompeo, Hulk Hogan) lining up to do the same before long, set off the commentariat handicapping the Republican field. It could well be crowded with good candidates, as was the case in 2016, and right now most people seem to think the leading prospect »

Student Debt Forgiveness Comes to the Supreme Court

Featured imageIn August of last year, the Biden administration announced, by executive order, that some $400 billion in outstanding student debt would be forgiven. There was no statutory basis for this order, and many assumed that it was an election-year Hail Mary that ultimately would lose in the courts, but would garner Democrat votes in the midterms. That appears to be what happened. The legality of Biden’s purported debt forgiveness has »

Loose Ends (205) & More Balloon Memes

Featured image• Bill Kristol, a superspreader of Trump Derangement Syndrome, long ago demonstrated that one of the side effects of the TDS virus is losing your wit, but it appears the next symptom is losing your mind: Meanwhile, this guy has the right idea: • Speaking of humorless liberal scolds, Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast intends to lodge a protest at this gross slander—right after we refill our custom-engraved whisky glasses: • Maybe »

The Disaster of Covid Shutdowns

Featured imageGovernments’ responses to the covid epidemic represent the worst public policy disaster of our time. They were an economic, social, health and educational fiasco. It may have been possible to devise worse policies than the shutdowns that upended America, but it wouldn’t have been easy. Now, researchers at USC have tried to put a price tag on covid shutdowns: U.S. GDP fell during the pandemic due to COVID-19 lockdowns and »

Out Today: ‘American Requiem’ on Fox Nation

Featured imageFor those of you who are subscribers to Fox Nation, you may wish to take in a new documentary that dropped today, “American Requiem.” Here’s the one-minute trailer for the film, where you may just see a familiar face (actually several familiar faces): And if you aren’t a Fox Nation subscriber, here’s a two-minute highlight reel of a certain familiar face from the film: »

The Daily Chart: Green Energy Realism

Featured imageAll you need to know about how mindlessly stupid the fanatical green energy crusade is can be seen in this chart: »

Walk right back

Featured imageLast week I characterized Hunter Biden’s threatened legal assault on the purveyors of his abandoned laptop as “Battle of the Bulge, Biden style.” Hunter Biden’s new legal team invited the authorities to bring privacy claims and alleged defamation claims against a variety of parties that had the temerity to bring the contents of the laptop to the attention of the public. The news was notable for a number of reasons »

What Happened to Canada?

Featured imageCanada was once a land of fishermen, lumberjacks, oil drillers and Mounties. What the Hell happened? In the Telegraph, Zoe Strimpel writes: “Canada is testing sinister wokeness to destruction.” The madness of Trudeau’s Canada has reached a fresh, painful high. New rules have come into effect that allow adults in British Columbia – the capital of which is addict-packed, overdose-ravaged Vancouver – to possess 2.5g of ecstasy, cocaine or heroin, »

Breaking Wind

Featured imageOne of the favorite talking points of the climatistas is that we need to take account of the financial risk of future climate change. This is one reason the Biden Brigade is trying to impose a number of climate risk requirements on American business, even though by every conventional method of economic forecasting, the present value of hypothetical large costs decades from now is quite small. This is one reason »