Muslim terrorist kills three, wounds eight at U.S. air base where we were training him

Featured image Yesterday, a Saudi gunman killed three Americans and wounded eight others at a Navy air base in Pensacola, Florida. The gunman was being trained at the base (where my father served for a time during World War II) to become a military pilot. According to this report in the New York Times, the Saudi trainee showed videos of mass shootings at a dinner party the night before he carried out »

Annals of Government Medicine

Featured imageThe London Times headlines: “Cancer patients face record wait.” Cancer patients are being forced to endure the worst waiting times since records began, official figures reveal. *** In total, 168,390 patients were not seen or treated within the specified times. The figure is up 24% on the same period in 2018-19. Staff shortages, lack of equipment and beds filled by patients needing social care were to blame. *** In September, »

Police Subjected to Pronoun Police

Featured imageI recently gave a talk to a college class that began with each member of the class introducing himself or herself–which, in today’s academy, means stating one’s name and preferred pronouns. (As best I could tell, they all got their pronouns right.) I had assumed this type of silliness was limited to college campuses, but no. The Minnesota Sun reports: “Minneapolis Police Receive Mandatory Training on Gender Pronouns.” Officers in »

Civil War on the Left: Election Outlook Edition

Featured imageOne thing you can reliably count on in a presidential election cycle is that the raw ambition to power will cause candidates eventually to roll out their nastiest attacks on their intra-party rivals. Remember, for example, how embattled incumbent Jimmy Carter obliquely brought up Ted Kennedy’s disgrace at Chappaquiddick in 1980 with his comment that “I never panicked in a crisis,” or how Al Gore was the first person to »

Heart full of soul

Featured imageHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi is basking in a fresh wave of adulation from her fans in the fake news media. The adulation is occasioned by the rant James Rosen elicited from her at the conclusion of her big impeachment press conference this past Thursday. Asked whether she hates President Trump, Pelosi played (or overplayed) her Catholic card in a big way. She doesn’t hate anybody, she proclaimed. She prays for »

When Omar remains silent

Featured imageEarlier this year Minnesota’s ethically challenged Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar received a substantial cash advance — Forbes pegs it in a range from $100,00 to $250,000, but I’m told it was $300,000 — for a book someone is writing on her behalf. The book is to be published next April. Forbes picked up the Publishers Marketplace notice of Omar’s book deal in a report dated January 16, 2019. I »

“The Straight Talk Express” and “No Malarkey,” a comparison

Featured imageDuring his campaigns for president, John McCain famously traveled on a bus he called The Straight Talk Express. Joe Biden, hoping to energize his Iowa campaign, has been traveling around the state in a bus he calls No Malarkey. McCain’s bus was aptly named. If anything, McCain talked too straight on it. During my one stint on the Straight Talk Express, he conceded that he wasn’t strong in the area »

The Obama Labor Department in its eleventh year?

Featured imageOne of my biggest grievances with Alex Acosta’s stewardship of the Department of Labor was his pursuit, based on indefensible statistical analyses, of compensation discrimination claims against Oracle and other high tech Silicon Valley companies. I discussed the flaws in the Labor Department’s analyses here. These actions were filed in January 2017, just as the Obama administration was coming to an end. The idea was to force the Trump Labor »

Mandarin Media Not Even Trying to Hide Their Bias Anymore [with comment by Paul]

Featured imageItem 1, from last January 21, a classic example of how “smart” and perceptive our media mandarins are: Now Kamala Harris Is a 2020 Candidate, Trump Has No Chance at Winning Another Election By Julie Allen Kamala Harris just ruined Donald Trump’s day. With her much anticipated declaration today, she immediately installed herself as a front-runner in the race to be the Democrat intent on taking down the president in 2020. »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll has discovered FOUR PEOPLE MORE QUALIFIED FOR THEIR LUCRATIVE NEW JOBS THAN HUNTER BIDEN – altogether a PARODY divided into 4 parts. She writes: #1 Sean Spicer, fresh from what many called an “astonishing” run on Dancing with the Stars, has been tapped to choreograph and be principal dancer for the New York City Ballet Company! “For $80,000 a month, I think I can bring a fresh perspective »

Blacks for Buttigieg event disrupted by white “black lives matter” protester

Featured imageJohn wrote below about Democrats gone wild. Let’s file the following story under left-wing Democrats gone wild. Pete Buttigieg hasn’t been able to garner significant support from blacks. One reason is said to be his disagreements with black activists over policing in South Bend, Indiana, where Buttigieg is mayor. I doubt that this is Buttigieg’s main problem with black voters, but I’m sure it doesn’t help him. In any case, »

The Week in Pictures: Narwhal Tusk Edition

Featured imageAs we learned last week, the ever resourceful British deployed a narwhal whale tusk to dispatch a terrorist, and now I want one too! But I suspect before long, Michael Bloomberg and other Democrats will be calling for “common sense” narwhal tusk control, and you can’t really blame them, can you? Just imagine what Joe Biden would have done if he’d had one handy in Iowa this week. No doubt »

No Safe Spaces: See It!

Featured imageNo Safe Spaces is a terrific documentary about the Left’s assault on free speech. It stars Dennis Prager and Adam Corolla, and is directed by my friend Justin Folk. My organization, Center of the American Experiment, held a pre-screening of the film in Minneapolis last Summer. We sold out a 368-seat theater and the movie got a great reception. I wrote about the event here. Having seen No Safe Spaces, »

Impeachment In a Time of Prosperity

Featured imageThe Democrats insist that President Trump is a threat to the republic, although no one can explain why. Meanwhile, their mantra has gone from “It’s the economy, stupid” to “Economy? What’s that?” The Labor Department issued its November jobs report this morning, and it is spectacular. CNBC reports: The jobs market turned in a stellar performance in November, with nonfarm payrolls surging by 266,000 and the unemployment rate falling to »

About those phone records (3)

Featured imageI scoured the House Intelligence Committee impeachment report prepared under the supervision of the lying lout Adam Schiff in an effort to deduce whose phone records he obtained and how he obtained them. The report itself is silent on the subject. I inferred that Schiff certainly obtained the telephone records of Rudy Giuliani and Lev Parnas. In part 2 of this series I cited reports that Schiff obtained records on »

The peasants are revolting, cont’d

Featured imageHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi charged the House Judiciary Committee with the preparation of articles of impeachment against President Trump yesterday. From the perspective of the Star Tribune editors, it’s probably the biggest news of the day. The AP story touting it sits at the top left of the Star Tribune home page (“Democrats say Trump impeachment charges must come swiftly”). Readers, however, seem to be pursuing other interests. Below is »

Democrats Gone Wild

Featured imageDemocrats are feeling the heat of the immense gamble they are taking by impeaching President Trump. A reporter asks Nancy Pelosi whether she hates President Trump, and whether the whole impeachment drive isn’t about the Democrats’ antipathy toward him. She responds as a Catholic in a fashion that is made even less convincing by her bizarre gestures: Meanwhile, campaigning in Iowa, Joe Biden is asked a question by a voter »