Nancy Pelosi’s white privilege

Featured image Nancy Pelosi’s father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., was mayor of Baltimore during the 1950s. Like most politicians of that era — including the two most influential ones, President Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson — D’Alesandro did not want to burn his bridges with either side of the civil rights divide. (The exceptions to this rule tended to be from the deep south or the firmly liberal north.) Thus, D’Alesandro’s record on race »

Should We Let China Control Our Energy Supply?

Featured image“Green” energy is a terrible idea for many reasons. One of the most fundamental is that it relies on low-intensity, intermittent energy sources like wind and solar, which in practical terms are vastly inferior to fossil fuels or nuclear power, and tries to make these unreliable sources work through the magical medium of batteries. Are there enough batteries in the world to fulfill the dreams of environmentalists? Of course not. »

Combatting violent crime is risky business in the age of BLM

Featured imageLast year, the homicide count in Washington, D.C. reached a 36-year high. So far this year, D.C. homicides are up 38 percent from the same time last year. During the past weekend alone, at least 11 people were shot in D.C. Three of them died. D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser says she will respond by pouring extra police officers into six historically crime-ridden neighborhoods. The idea is to head off violence. »

The Deep Weirdness of the “Biden Administration”

Featured imageOn Monday, Joe and Jill Biden paid a visit to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter in Georgia. The visit resulted in this photograph, which has spurred a lot of comment on social media: We’re pleased to share this wonderful photo from the @POTUS and @FLOTUS visit to see the Carters in Plains, Ga.! Thank you President and Mrs. Biden! — The Carter Center (@CarterCenter) May 4, 2021 What on Earth »

COVID Is Now Saving Lives (2) [with comment by Paul]

Featured imageMore precisely, fewer Americans are now dying than would be the case if the Wuhan virus did not exist. Total mortality in the U.S., per this CDC chart, is sinking like a stone and is now below demographic projections: The last two weeks of data are incomplete, but the point is obvious. A large majority of “covid deaths” were people who were both elderly and already very sick. My own »

The Geek in Pictures: Special Energy Fantasy League Edition

Featured imageHere’s a great barroom game you can play (well okay, at a nerd bar anyway): what would a “Green Energy Fantasy League” draft look like? How high would the bids go to have Greta Thunberg and Al Gore on your fantasy team? Can Amory Lovins be the Tom Brady of energy hucksters, still able to throw long at his advanced age? With John Kerry in the draft, it would be »

Florida Democrats desperate to defeat DeSantis

Featured imageAs expected, Rep. Charlie Crist announced today that he will run for governor of Florida. Crist, a former Republican, is one of the biggest charlatans in American politics, in my view. Crist will have company in the quest for the Democratic nomination. Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the only Democrat to recently win statewide in Florida, and Rep. Val Demings, a House impeachment manager, are considered likely to join him. The »

Kristen Clarke misled Senators about her association with anti-Semitic prof

Featured imageKristen Clarke is Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. We have discussed the fact that, as a student at Harvard, she invited a rabidly anti-Semitic professor (Tony Martin) to campus and then praised his hateful ravings. Now, it appears that Clarke misled the Senate Judiciary Committee about her links with another anti-Semitic professor, Amiri Baraka. The professor in question was a virulent anti-Semite who, among »

My Favorite Videos of 2021

Featured imageOK, I am in them, so that is not an unbiased assessment. But you may enjoy them anyway. Both were created for American Experiment’s Annual Dinner Gala last Saturday night, featuring Laura Ingraham. The first one is short; it was actually my walk-up video. Be sure to crank the volume up loud: This one is a little more substantial. It recaps some of our achievements of the last few months »

Sen. Cornyn’s unpersuasive defense of his badly flawed “civics” legislation,

Featured imageI find it sad that Sen. John Cornyn, whom I’ve always liked, is sponsoring the Civics Secures Democracy Act. As we have explained, per Stanley Kurtz, this legislation, coupled with the new Biden rule favoring education grants that push Critical Race Theory, is a disaster for America. It will result in the large scale indoctrination of America’s students in the teachings of BLM and others who despise America and its »

Coronavirus in one state (159)

Featured imageMy law school classmate Kevin Roche is the former general counsel of UnitedHealth Group and former chief executive officer of its Ingenix division. When it comes to the Covid epidemic, he has mastered the published research and related issues. His Healthy Skeptic site provides a wealth of relevant commentary and analysis that has proved a highly reliable guide to the course of the epidemic over the past year. Kevin’s reliability »

Chauvin trial footnotes (3)

Featured imageI have posted two previous editions of footnotes to our coverage of the trial of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd. My purpose here is to provide background on the legal issues in the case for those who seek to understand them. If you are certain that the issues constitute nothing more than a smokescreen for a predetermined outcome, these footnotes are not for you. I post these »

Models Are Not Evidence

Featured imageThe point is so elementary that it should not be necessary to state: a model is not evidence. It is a theory–a hypothesis–expressed in arithmetic terms. A theory is either validated or disproved by observation. A model that is contradicted by experience is simply wrong, and is useless. History is littered with theories that sounded plausible at the time, but were invalidated by experience. Which brings us to covid-19. A »

Iran Is In the WMD Market

Featured imageEuropean intelligence agencies report that Iran has been trying to acquire technology needed to facilitate manufacture of nuclear weapons. From the Jerusalem Post: A damning new report authored by the Netherland’s General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) asserts that the Islamic Republic of Iran attempted to obtain technology in 2020 for weapons of mass destruction. The Dutch intelligence document, which was published in April, says the security service “investigated networks »

Caitlyn For California! [UPDATED]

Featured imageWill Caitlyn Jenner be California’s next governor? The biggest obstacle is probably getting a majority of Californians to vote for recalling Gavin Newsom, who is unpopular but has the weight of the Democratic establishment behind him in an overwhelmingly Democratic state. But if voters are willing to pull the plug on the failed Newsom, Jenner may have a real shot. Yesterday she released this campaign video, which I think sounds »

The Giuliani corrections: Glenn Greenwald edition

Featured imageIf I may borrow Glenn Reynolds’s formulation, I would like to say that we’ve descended into some sort of bizarre hellworld in which Glenn Greenwald is the voice of reason. In his observations on what he calls “corporate journalism,” he is also the voice of fairness and responsibility. Over the weekend I wrote about the Giuliani corrections served up by the Washington Post, the New York Times and NBC. In »

In search of Pelosi’s laptop, cont’d

Featured imageOver the weekend I wrote about the FBI raid on Alaska’s Homer Inn & Spa in “In search of Pelosi’s laptop.” Paul and Marilyn Hueper are the proprietors of the inn. The FBI executed a search warrant and seized laptops and cell phones, apparently in search of the Pelosi laptop that was stolen from the Capitol on January 6. According to the stories I quoted in that post, the FBI »