Moderna reports success in Phase 1 of coronavirus vaccine trials

Featured image There’s a little bit of good news on the Wuhan coronavirus front. Moderna Inc’s experimental vaccine for the virus proved to be safe and to provoke immune responses in all 45 healthy volunteers in an ongoing Phase 1 study. No study volunteers experienced a serious side effect, but more than half reported mild or moderate reactions such as fatigue, headache, chills, muscle aches or pain at the injection site. These »

Why Are Some States Killing Fields For the Elderly?

Featured imageIt has been obvious for a long time that COVID-19 is more or less harmless to the young, but can be lethal to the old and the infirm. In Minnesota, as Scott has tirelessly documented, around 80% of deaths associated with the Wuhan virus have occurred in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. There are several other states, including New York, where similar carnage has occurred in nursing homes. In »

This day in baseball history: Rose storms home with winning all-star game run

Featured imageToday is the 50th anniversary of the 1970 all-star game, one of the most exciting and memorable mid-summer classics ever. The National League won the game, coming from three runs behind to tie the score in the ninth inning, and then winning the game in the twelfth frame when Pete Rose bowled over Ray Fosse to settle the affair. The game was played in Cincinnati. President Richard Nixon, who was »

A Modest Proposal to Help Drain the Swamp

Featured imageQuite a few years ago, one of my law partners was prominent in the Democratic Party. This was the good old days, when most Democrats were mainstream Americans. He wrote an op-ed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, arguing that we should disperse federal agencies around the country rather than centralizing them in Washington. The Department of Agriculture might be in Des Moines, the FTC in Denver, the FDA in Charleston, »

The Minneapolis Effect, In Numbers

Featured imageWe’ve seen it over and over: when activists make war on the police, and politicians sell them down the river, police officers respond as one would expect. They pull back. They respond to 911 calls but do as little active policing as possible. Inevitably, that is happening in Minneapolis. The Free Beacon has the numbers: Official data released by the [Minneapolis Police Department] show that cumulative stops fell 36 percent »

VIP Live on Thursday!

Featured imagePlease join your fellow VIPs for our next VIP Live event, Thursday evening, day after tomorrow. The event will begin at 7 p.m. Central time (5 Pacific, 8 Eastern). If you are a VIP member, you will get an email with a link to a live address where you can watch the event and submit your own comments and questions. There is much to talk about these days, but our »

Weiss Out at NY Times [Updated]

Featured imageEver since the defenestration of James Bennet at the New York Times last month I’ve been expecting that Bari Weiss would soon follow. And today Weiss handed in her resignation to the Times with a long open letter to the publisher. Very much worth reading the whole thing, but here are some highlights: [A] new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn’t »

J.P. Sears for Surgeon General

Featured imageLeave it to the great J.P. Sears to get to the heart of the confusion and double-talk of our “health establishment” when it comes to giving guidance about how to respond to COVID-19, and all in the compass of 4 minutes: »

Reported U.S. coronavirus cases soar, deaths from the virus increase

Featured imageThe number of daily reported cases of the Wuhan coronavirus in the U.S. increased by three fold in the past month. As we approached mid-June, around 20,000 new cases per day were being reported. Now, the daily number is averaging around 60,000. (All numbers cited in this post are from Worldometer.) Some of the increase is due to more testing. But last week, testing reportedly plateaued. Yet the number of »

California Nightmare

Featured imageCalifornia has been notably free of Wuhan virus problems, compared with other heavily populated states. But today, in response to an increase in “cases” and, apparently, hospitalizations, Governor Gavin Newsom issued orders today putting California back into the deep freeze: NEW: #COVID19 cases continue to spread at alarming rates. CA is now closing indoor operations STATEWIDE for: -Restaurants-Wineries-Movie theaters, family entertainment-Zoos, museums-Cardrooms Bars must close ALL operations. — Gavin Newsom »

F*ck you, he explained

Featured imageAdrian Wojnarowski reports on basketball for ESPN. He became a media star by breaking big stories (as NBA news goes), the way Adam Schefter does with the NFL but probably more so. His tweets of major NBA news are called “Woj bombs.” To drop these bombs, Wojnarowski relies on league sources, including players and team executives. His sources could give the information to any of a number of reporters, but »

An outrageous prosecution in Atlanta turns scandalous

Featured imageThe charge of murder brought against Garrett Rolfe, the Atlanta police officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, seemed dubious the moment it was filed. On examination, it became clear that the prosecution is outrageous. The D.A., Paul Howard, Jr., brought charges before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation completed its investigation. And, as Andy McCarthy has shown, Howard’s felony murder theory is ludicrous on the facts of this case. The »

Coronavirus in one state (71)

Featured image“The emergency” continues in Minnesota. So declared Governor Walz by executive order extending his rule by decree for another 30 days yesterday. That would be executive order number 78 for the year. He won’t be yielding control back to his subjects any time soon. Indeed, he is mulling over a statewide mandate to wear masks. Unfortunately for us, the end of one-man rule requires either self-restraint by the governor or »

Poland reelects its “populist” president

Featured imagePoland’s incumbent president, Andrzej Duda, has been elected for another five-year term. He narrowly defeated Rafał Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw and friend of the EU. With nearly all votes counted, the split was 51.2 to 48.8. Duda is an ally of President Trump. Duda visited Trump at the White House shortly before the first round of presidential voting, in which he also came out on top. Duda is a »

It’s 3:00 a.m.

Featured imageRemember the Hillary Clinton campaign ad that talked about when the phone rings at 3:00 a.m. in the White House? I looked it up and was reminded that it was part of her 2008 primary campaign against Barack Obama. Here it is: On Saturday, the White House released an ad on Twitter–but I’m not sure it is an official ad, since it doesn’t carry the “I’m Donald Trump…” at the »

“Two Standards of Justice”

Featured imageIn her press conference earlier today, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was asked about President Trump’s commutation of the sentence of Roger Stone. She responded, I think, appropriately, concluding that “[t]here really are two standards of justice in this country.” Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany: "There really are two standards of justice in this country." — The Hill (@thehill) July 13, 2020 »

For Our Australian Readers

Featured imageI will be on Sky News in Australia tonight, as a guest on the Kenny Report. Rita Panahi of Outsiders, who is excellent, will be guest hosting. We’ll talk about American politics–don’t know how we will manage to fill the segment! So if you get Sky News in Australia, please tune in. We will record my segment at 11:00 p.m. my time, so if I look like I am trying »