Time to Convert to Soccer?

Featured image A lifelong baseball fan, I abandoned the game this year after MLB sided with the Democratic Party in its campaign against ballot integrity in Georgia. It wasn’t just that: my home town team has put a “Black Lives Matter” sign and a memorial to George Floyd in right field. If I can’t escape politics at a baseball game, I’d rather go somewhere else. For the first time in decades, I »

Mississippi calls on Supreme Court to overrule Roe v. Wade and Casey

Featured imageNext term, the Supreme Court will hear the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The issue is the constitutionality of Mississippi’s Gestational Age Act, which allows abortions after 15 weeks of gestational age only in medical emergencies or in instances of severe fetal abnormality. This week, Mississippi filed its brief on the merits. It calls on the Court to overturn its decisions in Roe v. Wade and Planned »

CRB: Racism all the way down

Featured imageWe continue our preview of the new (Summer) issue of the Claremont Review of Books with Eric Kaufmann’s timely review of Isabel Wilkerson’s celebrated Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents. Wilkerson is the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter and, unfortunately, her book meets the moment. This is the book: Wilkerson aims to awaken American blacks to the arbitrary caste hierarchy pressing upon them and to open the eyes of »

Gaining depth on gain of function: Fauci flops

Featured imageWe may as well try to close the loop on our efforts to understand the issue between Senator Rand Paul and the fallacious Dr. Fauci. Neil Cavuto gave Fauci the opportunity to respond to Josh Rogin’s Washington Post column taking up the issue (I excerpted it here) on his FOX News show yesterday. Cavuto is a friendly interlocutor for Fauci. On Tuesday he judged Fauci “a good man, a good »

The Week in Pictures: Blowout Edition

Featured imageI’m still overseas and not keeping complete track of things back home, but I get the sense that a lot of things are getting blown out. Like the Women’s US Olympic soccer team. Like the left’s long-held Cuba narrative. Maybe the infrastructure bill?—a blowout of a spending blowout? Heck, even Biden, a classic blowhard, seems to be getting blown out by the simplest questions from a CNN blowup doll. The »

WaPo reporter sues paper for not assigning her to cover Kavanaugh matter

Featured imageFelicia Sommez is a reporter for the Washington Post — part of the Post’s stable of lefty journalists. She has contributed to some of the dishonest anti-Trump stories we’ve critiqued on Power Line. See here, for example. Sommez has sued the Post and some of its editors for alleged discrimination and retaliation. Her core complaint is that she has not been assigned to cover stories about alleged sexual assault and »

Crotchety Joe Bites the Hand that Feeds Him

Featured imageOne of Joe Biden’s notable qualities as he becomes more senescent is his increasing crotchetiness. He can’t stand to be questioned, even by friendly reporters. His repeated snapping at reporters is strategically ill-advised since virtually all of them are on his side, but at this stage of his decline Biden can’t help himself. Also, like others entering their dotage, his pronouncements are often bizarre. Today’s case in point: Joe Biden »

Cleveland Guardians?

Featured imageThe Cleveland Indians announced today that at the end of the season, they will become the Cleveland Guardians: Cleveland opted to change its name after several years of petitioning and challenges from Native American groups and fans around the country who rallied against the team name and the controversial Chief Wahoo logo. Owner Paul Dolan also said he had an “awakening or epiphany” after the death of George Floyd. Naturally. »

Gaining depth on gain of function: Josh Rogin’s view

Featured imageI cited the judgment of Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin in “Fallacious Fauci strikes again.” In my post I relied on Rogin’s brief tweets. Today Rogin expands on his judgment in the column “What the fight between Anthony Fauci and Rand Paul is really about.” Here is the heart of his analysis of the issue between Fauci and Paul: Both men were playing to the cameras, but many scientists think »

BLM & KKK—Today’s Bootleggers and Baptists Coalition?

Featured imageI’ve had occasion in the past to reference the “bootleggers and Baptists” coalition idea that economist Bruce Yandle first suggested as a way of explaining a central aspect public choice theory which holds that seemingly opposite interests some times line up on the same side of an issue because it benefits both sides against the public interest. In the case of “bootleggers and Baptists,” you’d find in certain southern counties »

Tom Cotton on the wave of violent crime and what to do about it

Featured imageLast month, our friend Sen. Tom Cotton delivered an important address on policing and criminal justice in the U.S. The speech, delivered at the Manhattan Institute, was called “Breaking the Crime Wave.” You can read it here. That the U.S. is experiencing a wave of violent crime is beyond dispute. Even the mainstream media is reporting on that crime wave (see below, for example). Some Democrats are even acknowledging its »

Who’s Proud To Be An American?

Featured imageI don’t know whether these poll data are reproducible, but they are interesting. Most people, first of all, are proud of being Americans. That is a good thing. Conservatives are most proud, but 87% of moderates are proud to be Americans, too. Hispanics are slightly more proud to be Americans than whites, but Asians, for some reason, are less proud in this survey. Maybe it is a fluke, or maybe »

Another Climate Alarm Loses Its Mojo

Featured imageWe all know the Great Barrier Reef is in danger of disappearing because of c—— c—–. The climatistas tell us so, at every opportunity: Well guess what Mom? Check in with The Australian (behind a paywall so here is the relevant text—made available by the indispensable Global Warming Policy Foundation): The annual data on coral cover for the Great Barrier Reef, produced by the Australian Institute of Marine Science, was »

Iranian protests over water shortage turn violent

Featured imageIran is experiencing a new wave of protests, some violent. The protests are centered in the oil-rich Khuzestan province in the southwest, along the border with Iraq. In this tweet by Entifadh Qanbar, you can watch Iranian demonstrators attack a seminary said to be in the city of Khorramabad, located in Lorestan province, also near Iraq. According to the Washington Post, the protests “have rattled the government.” It “has been »

CRB: The masking of America

Featured imageWe continue our preview of the new (Summer) issue of the Claremont Review Books with Jeffrey H. Anderson’s essay “The Masking of America.” Subhead: “Faceless people make compliant subjects, not good citizens.” At 8:00 p.m. yesterday evening Politico Nightly posted a long story under the headline“True or false: Kids should wear masks to school.” It opens: WILL YOU NEED ONE EXTRA SCHOOL SUPPLY? At least nine states — Arkansas, Arizona, »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll now itemizes a few GRIFTS WITH LEGS. She writes: Last week, we talked about “Lies with Legs,” Big Lies that go on and on. Today we will discuss grifts that do the same. In fact, with most of these con jobs, the longevity factor is baked in the cake. Say you want a hustle that will support you forever…Let’s start with: BLACKMAIL It used to be that a »

U.S. coronavirus cases rising but deaths from the virus aren’t

Featured imageThe spread of the Wuhan coronavirus in the U.S. has accelerated, apparently due mainly to the delta variant. Last month, reported new cases were averaging around 17,000 per day, according to Worldometer. Now, they are averaging around 40,000 per day. The good news is that deaths attributed to the virus aren’t increasing. A month ago, the daily death count was said to be around 350-400 per day. Now it’s slightly »