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Featured image Laura Ingraham is going on vacation, and I will be filling in for her most of the days she is gone. I will host the show tomorrow and Friday, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. The program runs live from 9:00 a.m. to 12 p.m. Eastern, and is heard at other times in some markets. Tomorrow’s show should be terrific; guests include Steve Moore, Heather Mac Donald and »

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Trump revokes Brennan’s security clearance

Featured imagePresident Trump has revoked the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan. The White House cited “erratic conduct and behavior” by Brennan. I have mixed feelings about this move, but favor it on balance. We certainly shouldn’t want to see former officials lose their security clearances just because they criticize the president robustly. For example, the Trump administration reportedly is reviewing the clearance of Michael Hayden, former director of »

Save Up! The 2019 Nation Magazine Calendar Is Out!

Featured imageWe passed over the recent ruckus of The Nation magazine apologizing profusely to the Perpetually Offended over a poem they published. Here’s the poem in full, by Anders Carson-Wee: If you got hiv, say aids. If you a girl, say you’re pregnant––nobody gonna lower themselves to listen for the kick. People passing fast. Splay your legs, cock a knee funny. It’s the littlest shames they’re likely to comprehend. Don’t say »

Religious Colorado cake baker is back in the dock

Featured imageJack Phillips is the Christian cake baker from Colorado who had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to avoid being punished after declining to bake a wedding cake for a couple celebrating their gay marriage. To have baked the cake would have violated his strongly held religious beliefs. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission didn’t care. It found him in violation of the law. The Supreme Court overturned »

Today Straws, Tomorrow Balloons?

Featured imageDid you think leftist do-gooders would stop after getting plastic straws banned in a variety of locations? Of course not! Next up, balloons: Now that plastic straws may be headed for extinction, could Americans’ love of balloons be deflated? The joyous celebration of releasing balloons into the air has long bothered environmentalists, who say the pieces that fall back to earth can be deadly to seabirds and turtles that eat »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 83: The University We Need

Featured imageThis week’s edition of the Power Line Show is a couple days late getting posted up because I’m traveling a lot and behind on everything. As previously mentioned, over the weekend I traveled back to Grove City College in Pennsylvania—where I met some loyal Power Line readers!—to participate in a conference of the National Association of Scholars. (Do join NAS, by the way, even if you aren’t an academic. Their »

After last night

Featured imageThe interesting races in Minnesota’s primary yesterday took place on the DFL (Democratic) side. I commented on all of them and anticipated the results yesterday morning before the polls opened in “Primary day in Minnesota.” John provided his observations on the results after the polls closed in the adjacent post. I find what is happening here in Minnesota illustrative of national themes. I want to add 12 observations in the »

Green Weenie of the Week: The DNC Reverses Itself

Featured imageBack in June we awarded our coveted Green Weenie Award to the Democratic National Committee, which bravely announced that it would no longer accept campaign contributions from oil, gas, and coal companies, or their employees. The resolution for this move was offered by Christine Pelosi, daughter of You Know Who, who declared that “This is going to be the way that we ask people to make some clear choices, so voters »

Is it “Fa” or is it Antifa?

Featured imagePetula Drorak is a left-liberal writer for the Washington Post. On Sunday, she attended the “Unite the Right” rallies in Washington, D.C., at which, she says, the water and popsicle vendors seemed to outnumber the Unite the Right marchers. Dvorak describes a telling scene: “There they are! Nazis!” someone shouted, as a knot of about two dozen helmeted, masked, jackbooted marchers clomped through the back of the crowd down H »

Tweet of the Day

Featured imageIt’s barely 10 am out here on the Left Coast, but I have found today’s Winner of the Internet—by John McCormack of the Weekly Standard. This is understated brilliance: »

Jailbreak legislation is back and worse than ever

Featured imageThree years ago, liberal Democrats and naive Republicans pushed hard for leniency-for-criminals legislation. It provided for a sharp reduction of mandatory minimum sentences for drug felons, to be applied retroactively so as to free many thousands of drug felons before they completed their sentences. The leniency legislation also included “corrections reform.” The focus here was on ways to rehabilitate prisoners, using methods that sponsors claimed, quite speciously, have worked well »

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Featured imageThis evening at 5:00 Pacific, 7:00 Central and 8:00 Eastern, we will do a live YouTube show for Power Line VIPs. If you haven’t yet signed up for the VIP program, it isn’t too late. For $4.80 a month or $48 a year, you eliminate most ads from the site, get access to special events like tonight’s live show, and, most important, support our work at Power Line. You can »

Lessons From Minnesota’s Primaries

Featured imageMinnesota is the eye of the hurricane this year, with two Senate seats at stake, at least four competitive House elections, and the governorship up for grabs. As much as any other state, it is a barometer for our current politics. Minnesota’s primary election was today, and the results are interesting. 1) Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson defeated former Governor Tim Pawlenty for the GOP governor nomination. This is the »

Take Me Out to Kavanaugh’s Ball Game

Featured imageI noted here last night the desperate attempt of the left to smear Brett Kavanaugh by trolling for possible cellphone photos of him at Washington Nationals baseball games, and hoping that somebody somewhere would be working up some good photoshops fit for the moment, especially since I am too snowed under this week to do it myself. Fortunately faithful Power Line reader Stephen Manning is up to the challenge, and »

Lefty Maryland Dem trails GOP governor by 16 points

Featured imageI wrote here about the governor’s race in Maryland between the incumbent, Republican Larry Hogan and his radical challenger, Ben Jealous former head of the NAACP. I argued that Jealous’ struggle to gain the strong backing of establishment Democrats was evidence of a Democratic fault line. Now, a new poll reveals that Jealous trails Hogan by 16 points. This, in a deep blue state that has only elected a Republican »

Loose Ends (41)

Featured imageGot a whole bunch of short items to get off my spindle this morning. • So Elon Musk says the Saudis are interested in financing Tesla to go private. Why would the Saudis want to become the major financial player in an electric car company? I simply can’t imagine. I guess Musk is too young to remember an old Johnny Carson Tonight Show line about an idea being as bad »