Drones Against The Drones

Featured image Oh happy day! The DC Circuit Court of Appeals recently voided an FAA rule that impinged directly on Power Line’s Air Force—namely, my small drone fleet. The FAA required registration of drones starting several months back. Yet a recent statute governing the FAA, the “FAA Modernization and Reform Act” of 2012, explicitly states that the FAA “may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft.” But this being »

Loose Ends (24)

Featured image• Climate change: Is there anything it can’t do? Climate Change Is Making It Harder to Sleep Climate change is coming for you in the night. That’s the conclusion of scientists who study how heat disturbs sleep—and how projected warming is expected to make bad sleep even worse. . . Their new study links that most individual of experiences—falling asleep—with a truly planetary phenomenon—global warming. It joins an expanding body of »

Trump resisters in robes: the Fourth Circuit’s travel ban decision [UPDATED]

Featured imageMy take on the Fourth Circuit’s decision travel ban decision differs from John’s. He says the decision makes him “sad rather than angry.” It makes me angry and a little sick. You need not have attended law school to analyze this case properly. During his presidential campaign, Trump spoke at times of a travel ban on Muslims. But as president he did not impose one. His temporary travel ban extends »

When Al Franken body-slammed a demonstrator

Featured imageWhen I wrote about Fightin’ Greg Gianforte’s assault (as it seems to me) on a reporter, I believed that Al Franken had a history of physical aggression against folks who annoyed him. However, the only incident I recalled (and only vaguely) involved a much lower level of violence than Gianforte’s — pushing someone, perhaps someone in conservative media, out of his way in a Capitol corridor. Thus, I passed on »

Mugging Mr. Murray

Featured imageAmerican Enterprise Institute fellow Charles Murray must rank among our most prominent living social scientists. At a hearing of the Joint Economic Committee convened by Senator and JEC vice chairman Mike Lee last week, Murray was included on a panel of social scientists testifying on the state of social capital in America — the subject of a new report released by the committee. Testifying along with Murray on the panel »

The Week in Pictures: Body Slam Edition

Featured imageSo the Democrats got body slammed in another election this week. It’s to be expected in the Year of the Liberal Freakout. I expect Elizabeth Warren’s foreign policy platform in 2020 will be “Get the United States Out of Montana!” Meanwhile, liberals continue to hunt for the motive for the Manchester terror bombing. It’s almost as if liberals have a motive not to find a motive. What could that be? »

British Government Funded Manchester Bomber

Featured imageCan a Western welfare state defend itself against Islamic terrorism? Perhaps, but it will require fundamental changes. The Telegraph reports that last week’s terrorist attack in Manchester was funded by the British government: The Manchester suicide bomber used taxpayer-funded student loans and benefits to bankroll the terror plot, police believe. Salman Abedi is understood to have received thousands of pounds in state funding in the run up to Monday’s atrocity »

Hilarious Hillary

Featured imageDid you hear? Hillary Clinton hacked her way (in every sense of the work “hack”—see the second video below) through a commencement address at her alma mater Wellesley College today, where, among other things, she claimed we live at a time when truth and reason are under assault. This is supposed to be an attack on Trump, of course, but as I have argued here before, it is the postmodern »

The 4th Circuit’s Travel Ban Decision: An Affront to the Rule of Law

Featured imageYesterday the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a district court order that found President Trump’s second travel ban to be unconstitutional. This is one of those news stories that make me sad rather than angry. The decision is ridiculous. The court’s majority relied heavily on candidate Donald Trump’s stump speeches in which he talked about a ban on all Muslim immigration. The court found that this “context” demonstrated a »

Sing me back home

Featured imageAs a conservative fellow with his own anger management issues, I was pulling for Fightin’ Greg Gianforte to pull out his race against Singin’ Rob Quist in the Montana special election to fill Montana’s seat in the House of Representatives. I feared having to suffer the joy of Democrats and their rabid media adjunct celebrating the victory of a flaky left-wing country singer with a yen for nudist venues and »

All eyes on Montana [UPDATED: Gianforte wins]

Featured imageThe polls closed in Montana closed a little less than an hour ago. Early returns in the congressional race between Fightin’ Greg Gianforte and Singin’ Rob Quist appear to be slightly favorable to Gianforte, the Republican. However, the early counting may be unduly weighted towards early voters — those who voted before Gianforte beat up Reportin’ Ben Jacobs. Thus, it’s way too early to draw any conclusions about how this »

Tillerson declines to host Ramadan event at State Dept. (for now)

Featured imageReuters reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has declined a request to host an event to mark Ramadan. Reuters cites two U.S. officials. The State Department has been hosting such dinners for two decades. The practice began in 1998 under Madeleine Albright. Tillerson issued a statement on Friday to mark the start of Ramadan. He called it “a month of reverence, generosity, and self-reflection.” “Most importantly,” he added, “it »

What Venezuela’s Medical Crisis Tells Us About Socialism

Featured imageThe Lancet is a renowned medical journal headquartered in England. The current issue includes an article on Venezuela, titled “Data reveal state of Venezuelan health system”. The data in question come from the Venezuelan government, after two years in which it released no reports. No doubt the picture the government paints is, if anything, optimistic. Still, the facts are grim: Maternal and infant mortality have skyrocketed in Venezuela in the »

Rockefeller Brothers Fund supports Israel boycott

Featured imageThe Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) commands $842 million in assets. The Rockefeller name, coupled with RBF’s financial clout, make this institution a pillar of American philanthropy. Thus, it’s disappointing, though perhaps not altogether surprising, to learn that RBF is a substantial contributor to the boycott Israel movement. According to this superb article by Armin Rosen in Tablet, since 2013, RBF has contributed at least $880,000 to groups working to advance »

After Manchester, growing concerns in Minneapolis

Featured imageThe massacre in Manchester this week seems to have prompted attention to the arrest of brothers Abdullah and Majid Alrifahe in north Minneapolis on May 11. Inside the parked car they were sitting in was a stash of guns, ammo, drone parts and an inert hand grenade. The arrest report provides an inventory of the stash officers found in “a cursory search” of the vehicle: “a loaded AK 47-type assault »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll has posses on some widely applicable advice: USE EXTREME CAUTION! She writes: No, my dear friends, that is not a warning which must be legally appended to the New York Times, Washington Post, or Red Star of the North Tribune, to prevent you from taking any information therein with anything but a grain of salt substitute. I have recently been on yet another long road trip from Arizona »

The CBO’s Analysis of the GOP’s Health Care Bill Is Worthless

Featured imageYesterday the Congressional Budget Office released an analysis of the current version of the House health care bill that was trumpeted by Democrats because it projected that 23 million people would “lose” their health insurance if the law went into effect. However, as Guy Benson points out, this claim is false, since “the large bulk of those who are said to be ‘losing’ coverage do not currently have coverage.” Further, »