A City Prepares for a Trial

Featured image Derek Chauvin goes on trial for murder in the death of George Floyd on March 8. His trial has been separated from that of the other three officers who have been charged; theirs will begin in August. Chauvin is the principal defendant. Of the four policemen involved, two were on something like their fourth day on the job. The third was a tiny guy, also not very experienced. Chauvin was »

Podcast: The 3WHH, with Suds for Spuds, Studs, and Duds

Featured imageThis week has something for everybody, as our three segments (we actually stick to format this week!) range from Mr. Potato Head (now Zir Potatx Head apparently) to Winston Churchill, with a detour to throw some rotten tomatoes at Smith College, and then on to a sequel of sorts to last week’s seminar, in which we point out how today’s leftist racism is the direct descendant of the “scientific racism” of »

Rachel Levine: Wanted or wanting?

Featured imageMichael Halberstam was the older brother of the prominent journalist David Halberstam. By trade, the elder Halberstam was a cardiologist. He died way too soon as the result of a gunshot wound he sustained during the robbery of his D.C. residence. Dr. Halberstam seems to have been the wittier of the two brothers. In his spare time he wrote the unjustly neglected satirical novel The Wanting of Levine (1978) about »

Sen. Cotton at CPAC

Featured imageSenator Tom Cotton spoke to the assembled multitude in free Florida at CPAC yesterday. Among other things, he recalled the chaos he sowed inside the New York Times with the publication of his column calling for federal troops to restore order in riot-torn cities last year. Times staffers protested that the column put the lives of “Black @NYTimes staff in danger.” The column caused a “total meltdown with the little »

The Week in Pictures: Woke Coke Edition

Featured imageCoca-Cola’s new motto was unveiled last week: “Have a Coke and some bile!” Or maybe “It’s the zeal thing!” “Things go better with woke?” 1989’s official slogan can also be modified to fit the times: “The official soft drink of summer (riot season).” And when can we get some Woke Zero?? And what’s all this about Mr. Potato Head going genderless? Mr. Coffee is going to be very upset. Meanwhile, »

Parallel Worlds

Featured imageWhat is strange about our current political climate is not, in my opinion, polarization per se. It is not surprising that people with different interests and philosophies have different policy preferences and priorities. What is remarkable is that increasingly, liberals and conservatives don’t even seem to be living on the same planet. Their political concerns and agendas are largely ships that pass in the night. Thus, check out the results »

Alex Berenson’s new novel

Featured imageFormer New York Times reporter Alex Berenson has made himself a valuable source of dissent from the party line of the public health establishment in connection with COVID-19. In 2010 Berenson left the Times to pursue a successful career as an author of espionage thrillers. In recent appearances on Fox News, he has mentioned that the previously friendly mainstream media have turned a blind eye to his new novel, The »

Uncle Joe stares into the future

Featured imageThe gentleman from Madame Tussauds emerged from storage yesterday to read remarks celebrating 50 million COVID-19 vaccinations. Whoever prepared the text is seeking to exploit the ignorance of Biden supporters and others who may devote 23 minutes of their lives to taking it in (text here, video below). The lords of Amazon have put me in mind of Joseph Stalin this morning. I see Biden in this light. He is »

Shapes of things (23)

Featured imageMichael Powell’s New York Times story on the Smith College nightmare provides a useful summary of the events. Powell’s story also links to the 35-page report commissioned by the college. The madness at the heart of the story has engulfed our country and our culture, as we saw in the riots of this past summer. Tucker Carlson reviewed the Smith College story in a 12-minute segment of his FOX News »

That Was Then, This Is Now

Featured imageDemocrats are the master of “situation ethics.” Now that President Biden has bombed an Iranian-backed militia in Syria, let’s revisit some Tweets that have aged worse than a poorly corked cheap Burgundy (be sure to check the dates): »

A Last Word On Electricity In Texas

Featured imageThe Texas blackout is over, and water has also been restored. It didn’t get as much press as the loss of electricity, but water pipes froze and broke across a wide swath of the state, causing inconvenience that for many was greater than the power outage. The ultimate source of both problems was the same: the relevant authorities failed to anticipate record-breaking cold. One question that I have not seen »

Another Amazon Outrage

Featured imageIt is black history month, and Amazon is all over it. But, it turns out, highly selectively. Mark Paoletta explains: Amazon Prime created an entire Amplify Black Voices page on its site that “feature[s] a curated collection of titles to honor Black History Month across four weekly themes (Black Love, Black Joy, Black History Makers, and Black Girl Magic).” There are scores of films available to stream, including four films »

The knives are out at the White House, and it didn’t take long

Featured imageWith Neera Tanden’s nomination in serious trouble, the knives are out for Ron Klain, Joe Biden’s chief of staff. How do we know? Because of the leaking that drives this Washington Post article called “Biden’s chief of staff at center of controversy over White House budget pick.” Leaking can be a subtle art, but not in this case. One of the leakers told the Post that the Tanden play “was »

Speaking of hate speech

Featured imageAs in a Stalinist purge, Amazon has silently “disappeared” Ryan Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally. Amazon tacitly alleges that it acted under revised guidelines prohibiting the sale of “content that we determine is hate speech … or other material we deem inappropriate or offensive,” including content that “promotes the abuse or sexual exploitation of children, contains pornography, glorifies rape or pedophilia, [or] advocates terrorism.” Beyond citing the policy, Amazon »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll recognizes those STRIVING TO BE LESS WHITE – A WORK IN PROGRESS. She writes: In the late ’70’s, and early ’80’s, various Covetous Racist Tools invented Critical Race Theory. MY theory has always been that they just found some old Klan document lying around in the basement of Grand Imperial Kleagle Robert Byrd (D-Bestie of Biden) and simply changed all the words “black” to “white.” There is nothing »

Potato Heads and Tater Brains

Featured imageNot since Dan Quayle misspelled “potatoe” has there been such a fuss in the spud world as there was today. Word came out this morning that Hasbro, the maker of Mr. Potato Head, was going “gender neutral” with the famous toy. As usual, Twitter lit up with a lot of spuddering. Hasbro later clarified that they were not giving up the gender binary, but were only dropping the “Mr.” from »

The Shame of Joe Biden

Featured imagePoliticians are not, in general, renowned for honesty. Spin is universal and exaggeration goes with the territory. But actual lying–verifiable, damnable lying about an important public issue–is relatively uncommon. Unless we are talking about Joe Biden. During the campaign, Biden absurdly alleged that President Trump had mishandled the COVID epidemic, and therefore had murdered the several hundred thousand Americans who allegedly died from that disease. The theory was that if »