Roger Marshall defeats Kris Kobach in Kansas primary

Featured image Rep. Roger Marshall is running well ahead of Kris Kobach in the Republican Senate primary in Kansas. The AP projects that Marshall is the winner. Kobach, Kansas’ former Secretary of State, is something of a conservative hero for his positions on immigration and his tireless work in opposition to voter fraud. However, many Republicans harbored doubts as to whether Kobach could hold the seat for the GOP, considering that he »

The “Abject Failure” Strikes Back

Featured imageMinnesota’s Governor Tim Walz is utterly incompetent. For the details, read the just-released issue of Thinking Minnesota, which drives political debate in my state. During the days of rioting, looting and arson in Minneapolis that followed the death of George Floyd, it became obvious that the situation was a disaster. Walz tried to distance himself from the debacle by saying in a press conference that fellow Democrat Jacob Frey, the »

When Baseball Knew Better

Featured imageMy friend Clark Griffith was involved for many years in major league baseball. His family owned the Washington Senators, then the Minnesota Twins, for close to a century. Clark at one time more or less ran the Twins, and he played a major role in marketing Major League Baseball as well. Some say that the concept of standardizing team logos and making money by putting them on hats, shirts and »

Minnesota in 30 seconds

Featured imageNow that Minneapolis is the eye of the Democrats’ hurricane of destruction, the ad below deserves a national audience. Titled Democrat politicians ruined Minneapolis, the 30- second video gives a short course in Minnesota’s kakistocracy. Starting with Governor Tim Walz and our two United States Senators, it’s Democrats all the way down. A narrow Republican majority in the state senate has saved us from the full catastrophe. The video has »

The Decline and Fall of San Francisco

Featured imageNot long ago UC Hastings School of Law, as well-regarded law school in downtown San Francisco, sued the city because local neighborhood conditions had deteriorated to the point that the law school was losing prospective students who took one look at the place and said, “No, thanks!” Hastings is a very liberal law school—I don’t think they have a single conservative on their faculty—but as Robert Conquest reminded us, everyone »

Did Lockdowns Work? Evidence Says No

Featured imageWith talk of ordering more widespread shutdowns to fight the resurgence of COVID-19 cases, it is worth taking note of a paper released over the weekend on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) by Prof. Christian Bjørnskov of Aarhus University in Denmark. The paper is “Did Lockdown Work? An Economist’s Cross-Country Comparison.” The abstract is both direct and concise (a rarity in academic writing): I explore the association between the »

Poll: Strong majority opposes forced diversification of neighborhoods

Featured imageClaims by left-wing journalists that President Trump’s revocation of AFFH won’t help him win suburban voters strike me as confirmation that this line of attack might very well have that happy effect. It seems to me that the Democratic left doth protest too much. A new Rasmussen poll shows that Trump’s attack on Joe Biden for making “war on the suburbs” is, indeed, potentially powerful: A poll released Tuesday by »

A footnote on the Fifth District race

Featured imageI offered my notes on Minnesota’s Fifth District primary race here over the weekend. This is a footnote to my notes. The nonfeasance of the local media in the case of incumbent Rep. Ilhan Omar has become an eternal verity. On the national scene, only FOX News presents an exception. The nonfeasance of the local media continues in the pitiful coverage of the DFL primary pitting newcomer and challenger Antone »

Coronavirus in one state (81)

Featured imageThe authorities attributed only two new deaths to COVID-19 in the data reported yesterday. Neither decedent was a long-term care facility resident. Woo hoo! Yet long-term residents continue to account for 76 percent of all deaths attributed to the epidemic. Yesterday’s results continue the low fatality rate in the data since mid-June — unexpectedly. The authorities told us we were to be inundated by thousands of hospitalizations and deaths this »

Israel strikes Syrian targets in response to attempted terrorism

Featured imageThe Israeli military carried out airstrikes against Syrian targets Monday night. The strikes were a response to an attempted terrorist attack that was thwarted along the Syrian border on Sunday night. The thwarted attack consisted of four terrorists planting explosive devices inside Israel. IDF forces spotted them, opened fire, and thwarted the attack. Reportedly, all four terrorists were killed. Afterwards, the Israelis found weapons and a bag containing explosive devices »

Craziest Tweet of the Day

Featured imageI know there are thousands of crazy Tweets available every minute of the day, but this thread, from a certified blue check marker (a “national correspondent” for The Week), is certifiably demented: Here’s the news story behind it. By the way, only “hundreds” of conservatives buying pickups? Um, I have some news for Mr. Cooper (or is it Ms. Cooper?). Meanwhile, just to brighten your day, watch carefully at about »

J.P. Sears on Wokeology

Featured imageYou know who doesn’t suffer from “white fragility”? J.P. Sears, that’s who. Here in this 5-minute video, J.P. offers his short course in attaining a Ph.D in “White Wokeology,” which you get through Twitter University (though he doesn’t actually say where the program is accredited). I can’t believe J.P. hasn’t been rounded up and sent to a sensitivity training relocation camp in Cambridge or somewhere. »

White BLM mob comes calling on home of Seattle’s black police chief

Featured imageCarmen Best, a black woman, is the chief of police in Seattle. She’s a longtime member of the police force and, as you would expect, a liberal who supports police reform and peaceful protests calling for such reform. Best has criticized vandalism, arson, and rioting — a stance that surely is no more than table stakes for a police chief even in this woke age. However, her force has done »

Self-help, Minneapolis style

Featured imageKyle Hooten reported over the weekend for Alpha News: “Minneapolis police tell residents to obey criminals and ‘be prepared’ to be robbed.” Subhead: “Police say that Minneapolis residents should obey criminals and “be prepared” to be robbed amid a wave of violent crime in the city.” Kyle updates his story in the linked tweets below, but make no mistake. This is another milestone on Minneapolis’s road to ruin. Minneapolis City »

“Woke” Sports Bombing With Fans

Featured imageI never understood why pro sports leagues thought that buying into a far-left, anti-American narrative would ingratiate them with their fans. At the moment, it looks like my skepticism (shared by many, of course) was justified. Breitbart reports: “Ratings crash for NBA, MLB after protest-filled debuts.” As the NBA and MLB return from their coronavirus-imposed hiatus, it appears TV viewers are not interested in what the increasingly woke leagues have »

Body Cam Footage of Floyd’s Arrest Leaked

Featured imageSomeone leaked police body cam footage of George Floyd’s arrest to the Daily Mail. There are two videos, embedded below. Make of them what you will. To me, what is most striking is how crazy Floyd was from the beginning. The officers tried to get him out of the vehicle in which he was parked and into their squad car so they could take him to a police station and »

Gov. Hogan overrides county executive, enables private schools to reopen

Featured imageLast week, Montgomery County, Maryland, where I live, issued an order prohibiting all non-public schools from opening for in-person classes before October 1. Larry Hogan, Maryland’s Republican governor, promptly went on Twitter to express his disagreement with this decision. He tweeted: I strongly disagree with Montgomery County’s decision to mandate the closure of private and parochial schools. As long as these school develop safe plans that follow CDC and state »