With A$AP Rocky, as with Trump, it’s not personal, just business

Featured image I wrote here about how President Trump intervened in extraordinary fashion to have the rapper A$AP Rocky released from a Swedish prison after Rocky and his entourage beat up a guy who was following him around. The Swedes released Rocky, who returned to the U.S. and was tried (and convicted) in absentia. Apparently, Rocky has not thanked Trump for his efforts. Some of those who urged the president to become »

Michael Mann Refuses to Produce Data, Loses Case

Featured imageSome years ago, Dr. Tim Ball wrote that climate scientist Michael Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn State.” At issue was Mann’s famous “hockey stick” graph that purported to show a sudden and unprecedented 20th century warming trend. The hockey stick featured prominently in the IPCC’s Third Assessment Report (2001), but has since been shown to be wrong. The question, in my view, is whether it was an »

Dems Set to Nominate . . . Grandpa Simpson?

Featured imageI don’t know who Beto O’Dork is on YouTube, but whoever it is has nailed Joe Biden’s obvious liability—his visible aging—in this compilation. He might be the only candidate in the Democratic field who will make Trump look like Demosthenes by comparison. No way this doesn’t become a huge problem next fall if he is the nominee. »

“Without Evidence”

Featured imageThe Minnesota State Fair, one of the world’s wonders, is now in progress. Yesterday over 157,000 attended, a record for the fair’s second day. This being 2019, crazy left-wing behavior is already taking place: The Minnesota Republican Party contended Saturday that a woman volunteering at the party’s booth at the State Fair was sexually assaulted by another woman Friday night during a political disagreement. The volunteer was reported to have »

The ordeal of RBG

Featured imageIs it possible for Democrats and their media adjunct to go even crazier than they are now? Any imminent threat to the health of Justice Ginsburg would probably put the question to to a test. Michael Moore is symptomatic of the aggravated threat to the mental health of the left posed by such a threat. Moore’s barbaric yawp was elicited by the Supreme Court brief and somewhat cryptic statement yesterday »

The Week in Pictures: Annexation Edition

Featured imageSo the annexation of Greenland has hit a snag. That’s okay. We can go back to having western Canada back on the top of the acquisition list. Meanwhile, I don’t understand what the left and the media (but I repeat. . .) have their knickers all in a bunch because Trump claimed to be “the chosen one.” Didn’t they call Obama “The One”? At least Trump didn’t choose himself, unlike »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 139: The 1619 Project, and Our Rotten Universities

Featured imageJust in time for your weekend listening pleasure, a special double-header-end-of-summer Power Line Show features Steve and, in a special guest turn, John venting about the “1619 Project” along with “Lucretia,” Power Line’s International Woman of Mystery. The “1619 Project” is so badly flawed that in the coming weeks we’re going to produce a series of special shows going point-by-point through its poisonous defects, and explaining why the color-blind principles »

Not So Fab Four: All This Money

Featured imageRemy has outdone himself. With the Democratic Party devoting itself to providing free everything to everybody, Remy and the Reason TV crew did up this dead-perfect Beatles parody. Pair it up with “Taxman,” which will come back into fashion in 2021 if we get stuck with President Warren: »

David Koch, RIP

Featured imageWhen I really want to creep out a liberal, I tell them that I not only have met the Koch brothers, but once visited Charles Koch at the Death Star in Wichita, and dined with David Koch once in New York (in addition to some very friendly and thoughtful meetings in his office a long time ago). But then I usually like to deepen their dismay by going on to »

The lonesome death of Rina Shnerb

Featured imageSeventeen-year-old Israeli Rina Shnerb was killed and her father and brother were seriously injured in a terrorist bombing at a natural spring outside the central West Bank settlement of Dolev this morning. Her father Eitan, a rabbi in Lod, and brother Dvir, 19, were taken by military helicopter to a Jerusalem hospital in serious condition. The Times of Israel has the story here. Chaskel Bennett brings it back home in »

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Featured imageThree stories in today’s news–none of them the type of story I would normally write about–illustrate a common theme. The first is from Britain, where eco-crusaders Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are being accused of hypocrisy for repeatedly zipping back and forth to Nice on a private jet. Meanwhile, Prince William booked his family on a £73 commercial flight to Scotland, in what is viewed as a rebuke of his »

Trump’s unwarranted and unwise attack on Jews who vote Democratic

Featured imageIn his book Why Are Jews Liberals?, Norman Podhoretz argued that the real religion of a great many non-Orthodox American Jews is liberalism, not Judaism. There’s a lot of truth in this, I think. However, it’s one thing for a serious Jew like Norman to say so. It would be inappropriate for a non-Jew to say it, and especially so for an American president. But President Trump’s recent comment about »

Orioles’ pitchers make the wrong kind of history

Featured imageWith more than a month remaining in the regular season, the Baltimore Orioles have set the major league record for most home runs allowed. When Tampa Bay’s Austin Meadows homered off of Asher Wojciechowski yesterday, it was the 259th home run allowed by the Birds’ staff this season. That surpassed the record set in 2016 by the Cincinnati Reds. How did the Orioles break this record after only 128 games? »

Edited for Length and Clarity

Featured imageA reader sent me a link to this interview of Amy Wax by someone at the New Yorker named Isaac Chotiner. The piece is titled “A Penn Law Professor Wants to Make America White Again,” and before you even get to the questions and answers Chotiner offers this brain-dead summary: During our conversation, which has been edited for length and clarity, Wax expounded on her beliefs that people of Western »

Fractured history with Mahmoud Abbas

Featured imagePalestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is quite the historian. He received his Holocaust-denying Ph.D. from Moscow’s Patrice Lumumba University, as it was then known, before he became Yasser Arafat’s right-hand man in the PLO. As Arafat’s successor in office, he is now rounding into the fourteenth-year of his four-year presidential term. The United States still has a debt of honor to settle with him for his role in the 1973 »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll declares THE END OF FEMINISM. She writes: I don’t rightly remember the first time I even heard the word “feminism.” As a girl growing up in the ’50s, the oldest child, I do not remember a single time that I was told I could not do something or less was expected of me because I was female. And this was with a very traditional “cis-normative” father, born in »

The Growing Slavery Crisis

Featured imageWe wrote here about the New York Times’s “1619 project,” which attempts to sell the idea that America was founded on slavery, and that slavery is pretty much the only important thing that has ever happened here, even 154 years after its abolition. All with a view toward helping a Democrat win the presidency in 2020, I take it. Other press outlets have fallen into line, praising the Times and »