Flynn’s fate (5)

Featured image In an interview at the 92nd Street Y this past Sunday, Nicole Wallace asked former FBI Director James Comey how two FBI agents ended up meeting with National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in the Situation Room during the first week of the Trump administration — the meeting that resulted in Flynn’s plea to one count of false statements in the case that is pending before Judge Emmet Sullivan. Comey responded »

Texts found (& lost) in a bottle

Featured imageThe Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General conducted an investigation of the gap in text messages during the period December 15, 2016, through May 17, 2017, from the cell phones assigned to famous FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The Office of Inspector General Cyber Investigations Office was asked to attempt recovery of these missing text messages for the period in issue. The Inspector General has just »

A Whitaker Chambers Xmas revisited

Featured imageA friend asked me to recommend a book about Whittaker Chambers as a Christmas gift for her smartly conservative daughter a few years ago. Chambers stands at the center of an incredible drama and several fantastic books that I know of about him. There is still much to be learned from him and his case. I want to revisit and expand the list this year with a little help from »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageIn the interest of humor Ammo Grrrll identifies THE WORST SONG EVER WRITTEN. She writes: It is time for another of my patented Break From Politics columns. Scott has graced us with beautiful and interesting musical offerings and commentary for many years, in an effort to preserve his – and our – sanity. Today, however, we will be talking about a very, very stupid song. And not even a recent »

The Mike Lee-Bernie Sanders show

Featured imageSen. Mike Lee used to be something of a conservative hero. More recently, he’s become heavy into working with Democrats. Not just any Democrats, but some of the most liberal, most stridently partisan Senate Dems. He and Sen. Dick Durbin combined to sponsor the jailbreak legislation that may well be on the verge of passing the Senate. A few years ago Lee and Durbin collaborated on a jailbreak bill that »

Is There a Sane Left Left?

Featured imageToday’s data point in favor of a negative answer is this absurd article in Vox, a web site for low-information millennials: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should run for president and dare the Supreme Court to stop her, argues @mattyglesias. — Vox (@voxdotcom) December 12, 2018 Why should a superstar like Ms. Ocasio-Cortez have to wait until she is 35? Heck, she hasn’t even taken office yet and is already the darling »

Getting it wrong on democracy, Part Two

Featured imageYesterday, I argued that Dan Balz of the Washington Post missed the point in an article bemoaning the fact that “traditional politics, of the kind practiced in Western democracies for decades after World War II, is on shaky ground nearly everywhere.” The point Balz missed, as he complained about “instability and popular unrest,” is that the politics practiced by Western democracies are under attack mainly because these politics haven’t been »

A Comey contradiction

Featured imageReading the transcript of former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees last week, I formed the strong impression that Comey falls somewhat short of the straight shooter image by which he presents himself. He has learned how to play a G-man on television. The reality, however, departs from the image. I posted the transcript of Comey’s testimony last week in “Comey doesn’t know and »

Flynn’s fate (4)

Featured imageYesterday in “Flynn’s fate (3)” I posted the sentencing memo filed by General Flynn’s attorneys and concluded with a question: Will we ever get to the bottom of this story? Today’s Wall Street Journal carries a good editorial — “The Flynn entrapment” — that I believe to be by Kim Strassel. The editorial draws out the story implicit in Flynn’s sentencing memo and related evidence. Flynn’s case is pending before »

9th Circuit: Judges, or Robed Activists?

Featured imageMark Pulliam notes that the famously left-wing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is sponsoring a “Mid-Winter Workshop.” Mark comments: Chief Justice Roberts recently chastised President Trump for criticizing federal judges as partisan. Roberts insisted that “We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best….” The Ninth Circuit makes that Pollyannish assessment »

Meanwhile, Back in Illinois

Featured imageWhile the attention of the world is on the collapsing European welfare states, let us not lose sight of the collapsing welfare states here at home. Such as Illinois. The Chicago Tribune ran a bracing editorial about the fiscal situation yesterday: Goodbye to Illinois’ $130 billion pension hole. Now it’s $133 billion. And getting deeper. For several years we’ve cited the figure of $130 billion to represent Illinois’ estimated unfunded »

Mocking the Climateers

Featured imageManhattan Contrarian asks: When Will It Be OK To Laugh At The Climate Campaigners? A great opportunity to demonstrate your earnestness and fervor as a climate campaigner has been the latest UN climate confab, known as “COP 24,” taking place in Katowice, Poland this week and last. 22,000 bureaucrats and functionaries have gathered to tell the world that it must promptly do away with the evil fossil fuels and transition »

Settled Science: There Really Are ‘Latte Liberals’

Featured imageI’m sure most readers took note of the hoax identity politics academic journal articles recently, but I have found a real article that you could easily suppose to be a hoax. The article is “The Real Reason Liberals Drink Lattes,” and it appears in PS, which is a secondary journal of the American Political Science Association (APSA). (That’s PS, not BS, you wiseacres out there!) This relevant bit of social »

Google this

Featured imageIn his terrific online WSJ Best of the Web column “Google visits the Resistance Factory” (accessible via Outline here), James Freeman homes in on a candid camera moment in which prospective House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler interrogated Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the House Judiciary Committee hearing earlier this week. Nadler sought to keep Democrats’ hope alive — hope in the Russia collusion hoax, or some version thereof, »

It Is *Too* A Christmas Movie

Featured imageFor some reason, the debate rages on about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Of course it is! And this video—really an exercise in Straussian esoteric interpretation—proves it once and for all—just look at all the clear Christmas call-outs embedded in the movie: And a reminder: »

Michael Cohen and the phony-tough

Featured imageForty-five years ago, in the wake of Watergate, Stewart Alsop wrote a brilliant column in which he distinguished between the crazy-brave and the phony-tough. Alsop was addressing the question of how reasonably intelligent people in Nixon’s circle could have approved, or failed to scotch, wild schemes including but not limited to the Watergate break in. Alsop’s thesis was that the crazy-brave Gordon Liddy intimidated phony tough guys like John Mitchell, »

The scandalous Epstein-Acosta plea deal: What can be done?

Featured imageDavid Von Drehle of the Washington Post does the best job I’ve seen of capturing the scandalous behavior of Alex Acosta in the Jeffrey Epstein case. Von Drehle begins by providing context: The aim of the victims’ rights movement, which arose in the 1970s and has swept through every state in the union and changed federal laws in the years since, is often summed up simply: Crime victims have the »