The Plot Against the President: My rejected Amazon review

Featured image It is a tremendous disappointment that we have had no accounting for the greatest scandal by far in American political history. What we have are a few excellent books about it and, now, a documentary based on one of the books. Lee Smith is the author of The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in US History. The book »

Why You Shouldn’t Vote Early [with comment by Paul]

Featured imageWhat was the top search on Google over a 24-hour period yesterday? “How can I change my vote?” 1. Folks, every year I'm stunned by how many people do search for "how do I change my vote". Top state right now is Iowa. Top metros are below. You can only change your vote in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Some locals allow. But all are unlikely and have deadlines. »

DOJ draws non-liberal judge in suit against Yale

Featured imageI wrote here about the Department of Justice’s suit against Yale University for race discrimination in undergraduate admissions. The action was filed in federal district court in Connecticut. The DOJ has strong evidence of unlawful discrimination. As importantly, the case falls within the jurisdiction of a reasonably hospitable court of appeals (the Second Circuit), with the prospect of ultimately being decided by a Supreme Court that (assuming it isn’t packed) »

Hamlet of the far north will vote to confirm Judge Barrett

Featured imageLisa Murkowski has announced that she will vote in favor of confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. It now appears that Susan Collins will be the only Republican Senator not to support Barrett’s confirmation. Initially, Murkowski was opposed to confirming Barrett. Her gripe, she said, was with the process. That is, she opposed confirming a Supreme Court Justice, no matter how well qualified, in a presidential election year »

Loose Ends (117)

Featured imageA few stray items for Saturday afternoon ruminations. . . • M. Stanton Evans, writing about The New Yorker, circa 1961: “No other journal so elegantly combines the comforts of privilege with the glamor of dissent.” Some things never change. • As your deep cover operative behind enemy lines in academia, I had the opportunity yesterday to see some deep-in-the-weeds survey data (not to be confused with the daily horserace polls) »

Coronavirus in one state (117)

Featured imageIn part 116 of this series, I noted that Minnesota had matched its daily high in new deaths (35) earlier this week. Over the past two days, however, the daily death totals have receded to 20 (10/22, 13 among residents of long-term care facilities) and 13 (10/23, two among LTC residents). New cases and other related numbers continue at a high rate. If the elections were not impending, the authorities »

It Will Be Hard to Carry Pennsylvania… [Updated]

Featured image…or Ohio, or New Mexico, not to mention Texas, North Dakota or Louisiana (not that he was going to win them anyway) now that Joe Biden has made it clear that he wants to destroy the oil and gas industries. Note, too, that Colorado, a state counted on by Democrats, produces four percent of American oil. The Trump campaign quickly followed up on Biden’s admission in last night’s debate: I’d »

Biden’s biggest asset is his lie-ability

Featured imageApologies for recycling this tired lawyer joke, but it popped into my head after last night’s debate. And with good reason. Biden lied repeatedly throughout the affair. Scott has pointed to three of Biden’s major lies. Biden claimed he has never opposed fracking. That’s not true. Even CNN’s fact checker said so. Biden also asserted that not a single person lost his private health insurance under Obamacare. That’s not true. »

The Biden family business

Featured imageKimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal provides a summary of what Tony Bobulinski, backed up by documents, has to say about the business dealings of Joe and Hunter Biden. Bobulinski, a former Navy officer and past supporter of Democrats, was Hunter Biden’s business partner. Strassel’s entire article is well worth reading. I want to focus on the portions of it that pertain directly to Joe Biden — aka “the »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll follows up on her endorsement of President Trump for reelection last week with DON’T LET ALINSKY WIN!!! She writes: After today, there is but one Friday left until the election. It has always astonished and amused me when, mere days before every presidential election, some network assembles a small but diverse group of “Undecided” voters. Now, usually, there is a STARK contrast between the candidates. Yet 48 hours »

Nice Job by Trump

Featured imageTonight’s debate went well for President Trump, I thought. The moderator was pro-Biden; she didn’t ask him any hard questions and avoided the subjects where he is most vulnerable. But that was a given. She was considerably better than Chris Wallace, and better than most. Unlike the first debate, President Trump stayed calm and in control. His answers were generally sharp and he got in plenty of shots against Joe »

The Week in Pictures: #MeToobin Edition

Featured imageScene: a Hollywood pitch meeting. The idea: a sitcom starring the son of a former vice president now running for president himself, rooming with a bloviating cable news “lawyer-commentator” who wants in on the son’s hookers and blow action. Every few minutes a sock puppet pops up from behind the couch and asks, “What’s going on here?” A second sock puppet labeled “NPR” pops up to say, “Nothing to see »

Foreign Policy? What’s That?

Featured imageSome presidential elections have been dominated by foreign policy issues. Not this one. In fact, has it even been mentioned in either of the two presidential debates? Does Joe Biden ever talk about it? Scott Adams comments: How would you like to run for president against an incumbent who did so well on foreign policy that the debates don't even need to include that topic? That's actually happening. — Scott »

When You’ve Lost Gene Simmons . . .

Featured imageAfter a certain point it becomes wanton cruelty to keep dunking on California’s slow motion suicide, but some stories are too good to pass unremarked. Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that rocker Gene Simmons is KISS-ing California goodbye and moving to no-income tax Washington state, and in high KISS-my-ass style: [Simmons] is now putting the property, which they later redeveloped into a sprawling European-style mansion, on the market for $22 million. »

Lyin’ like a Biden

Featured imageI have no idea who won the last night’s second and last presidential debate. Perhaps most notably, Joe Biden effectively put his character up front to make his pitch against President Trump and lied like the proverbial rug at key points. Anyone who knows anything knows it, too, but Biden seeks to exploit the ignorance of voters who don’t follow the news. Take Biden’s statement that he has never opposed »

Tonight’s debate

Featured imageIf President Trump loses the election, I believe it will be because voters aren’t satisfied with his response to the Wuhan coronavirus and/or with the way he conducts himself. If Joe Biden loses the election, it will be because Americans don’t think he’s up to the job, or because they think his administration will be too radical, or (and this is a longshot) because they think he and his son »

My New Hero: Kemi Badenoch

Featured imageI did not know that the UK government has an official “Equalities Minister,” and that name sounds perfectly sinister and Orwellian. Regardless of whether such a ministry is a good idea, right now the Equalities Minister in Boris Johnson’s government is Kemi Badenoch, and this attack on “critical race theory” is so good that I want to amend the Constitution so she can come to the United States and run for »