2018-19 English Premier League all-stars

Featured image England wrapped up its club soccer season today with Manchester City crushing Watford in the FA Cup final, 6-0. The victory gave City a “triple.” It won the EPL championship, the FA Cup, and the League Cup (as I call it). In the history of English football, which extends back to the 19th century, this has never been accomplished before (though 20 years ago, Manchester United achieved an even more »

Crisis at the border deepens

Featured imageThe influx of illegal immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. has overwhelmed facilities along the Texas border with Mexico. Consequently, hundreds of these detainees will be flown to San Diego for processing. The plan calls for three flights a week carrying about 130 people per flight to arrive in the San Diego area from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Similarly, the Trump administration is preparing to send a thousand »

Breaking: Big Election Upset in Australia

Featured imageAustralia held a national election yesterday which all of the polls predicted for weeks would be won handily by the Labour Party. The ruling Liberal Party (which is the conservative party in Australian politics because they still understand the historic meaning of liberalism) has been in office for over a decade, and had struggled as ruling parties often do when they grow stale in office. In fact leadership fights within »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 125: The Antidote to Howard Zinn? “Land of Hope” with Wilfred McClay

Featured imageLo and behold, I opened up this morning’s Wall Street Journal to see a weekend interview with this week’s guest, historian Wilfred M. McClay of the University of Oklahoma, about his brand new book Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story. In the course of our conversation, we cover not only what’s wrong (but also partly right) about Howard Zinn, but how Bill got the audacious idea »

The Barr factor, cont’d

Featured imageFOX News has now posted Bill Hemmer’s entire interview with Attorney General William Barr in San Salvador (video below). In the course of this fantastic interview Hemmer asked a series of questions about Barr’s investigation of the Russia hoax. All of Barr’s answers throughout, including his discreet nonresponses and amused smiles, are of intense interest. Yesterday I quoted Barr: “What I will say is that I’ve been trying to get »

Dave Begley: Live from Sioux City

Featured imageOur occasional correspondent Dave Begley was on hand when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio brought his newly minted presidential campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination to Iowa on Friday (photo courtesy of Dave with de Blasio and his wife). Dave is a Nebraska attorney practicing elder law and estate planning in Omaha. Dave posed a question to de Blasio from the small group gathered to hear him and »

A phony war

Featured imageIf you consume the mainstream media, you might be under the impression that President Trump is about to take the U.S. into war with Iran. Even if you only watch Fox News, you might believe that John Bolton is pushing Trump to go to war. Tucker Carlson says that Bolton wants a war with Iran. This is fake news. There’s no evidence that Bolton desires a war with Iran and »

Trade War Is Hurting Trump

Featured imageI think President Trump is doing the right thing in pushing back against theft of intellectual property and other Chinese misdeeds, but there is evidence that he is paying a political price. President Trump’s approval ratings normally move within a very narrow range, consistent with the electorate’s polarization. But he has been doing well lately, with his approval rating sometimes over 50% in the Rasmussen survey. But now he has »

The “adversity score” gambit

Featured imageI want to add a few observations to those of Scott and Heather Mac Donald regarding the “adversity score” that the College Board offers to provide to colleges along with applicants’ SAT scores. First, college admissions offices already know the information that yields this score. Charles Deacon, the dean of undergraduate admissions at Georgetown acknowledged: We have so much personal data on all our applicants that we don’t feel the »

Scoring the adversity score

Featured imageYou may have heard that the College Board has announced the implementation of a proprietary secret sauce affecting college applicants who take the board’s SAT tests. The secret sauce will supply the colleges with an “adversity score” of each applicant for use by the schools in addition to the SAT scores themselves. Is this because the colleges are incapable of figuring it out for themselves, or because the board is »

A silly attack on Alabama’s governor

Featured imageAt the Los Angeles Times, Scott Martelle attacks Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey for signing and praising Alabama’s ban on abortion bill while also backing and overseeing the death sentence for seven inmates. Martelle purports to find a contradiction here. I say “purports” because I doubt Martelle is blind to the obvious way Gov. Ivey’s two positions can be reconciled. She wants to ban abortions because she considers innocent life sacred. »

The Week in Pictures: Train Wreck Edition

Featured imageI’m thinking of printing up some bumper stickers that read, “Honk if you’re a Democrat who is not running for president!” Mayor de Blasio is now in, no doubt with memories of how well both John Lindsay and Rudy Giuliani fared with their base in Gracie Mansion. Don’t they know you need to live midtown on 5th Avenue to win the White House? Is there a switchyard big enough to »

Silliest Protest Ever?

Featured imageActress Alyssa Milano recently tweeted that liberal women should go on a “sex strike” to protest anti-abortion laws that have been enacted in several states. Hilarity ensued. But model Emily Ratajkowski may have come up with an even dumber pro-abortion protest: she Instagramed a naked picture of herself. Click to enlarge: I know little about Ms. Ratajkowski, but my impression is that it doesn’t take much to motivate her to »

The Antidote

Featured imageOver at The Federalist, Joy Pullman draws our attention to a new working paper from the University of Arkansas that finds liberal bias in academia manifesting itself in lower grades for conservative students. From the abstract: We find that while standardized test scores are the best predictors of grade point average, ideology also has impacts. Even with controls for SES, demographics, and SAT scores, liberal students report higher college grades »

The Barr factor [Updated With Cartoon]

Featured imageThe current conflict between John Brennan and James Comey — see Vivek Saxena’s compilation here — puts Saxena in mind of Mad Magazine’s long-running Spy Versus Spy feature. It puts me in mind of the Iran-Iraq war according to Henry Kissinger: “It’s a pity both sides can’t lose.” Well, maybe both sides can lose. Bill Hemmer sat down with Attorney General Barr in San Salvador yesterday. Hemmer took the opportunity »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll says TODDLERS KNOW BEST, but that’s a joke. She writes: The very pretty, fairly talented actress Charlize Theron has informed her public that both her adopted black children are girls. Fair enough. Well, ONE of those little children, now about 7, started out life as a boy child. But when he was three years old – yes, THREE — he came to her and informed her that he »

Trump’s immigration proposal

Featured imagePresident Trump presented his new immigration plan today. It focuses on enhancing border security and basing entry into this country on merit. The plan is perhaps most notable for what it doesn’t do. It offers nothing for the “Dreamers” or even the smaller DACA population. And it does not decrease the amount of legal immigration. For every potential immigrant who loses out due to the slashing of chain migration, another »