Trump resists temptation to give up in Afghanistan

Featured image In an outstanding speech tonight, President Trump announced that the U.S. will not pull out of Afghanistan, but instead will fight with less restraint and more military forces. Trump needed to do two main things in his speech: (1) explain why he was breaking his campaign promise to abandon Afghanistan and (2) distinguish his approach to the fight from President Obama’s. Accomplishing the second objective would help make the breach »

Stand by your Awan (3)

Featured imageWe have been writing about the Awan scandal. It involves former House IT staffers with ties to Pakistan who are accused of stealing equipment from members’ offices without their knowledge and committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network. It also involves alleged bank fraud on the part of Imran Awan and his wife. It may also involve the transmission of sensitive intelligence information to foreigners. Finally, it »

Apoc-Eclipse After Action Report

Featured imageThe Power Line Northwest News Bureau is now styling by the pool after an exhausting morning of eclipse chasing. Is this one of Daniel Boorstin’s “pseudo-events,” or just the media coverage, whose dire warnings of epic traffic jams out here in central Oregon were totally not true at all? But somehow this image does seem accurate: Faithful Power Line reader and punchline provider David Deeble points out that democracy must »

Keith Ellison Exposes World’s Worst-Kept Secret

Featured imageAmerican liberals have long yearned to follow the Europeans into the nirvana of socialized medicine. But they recognize that U.S. voters are not yet “ready” to go the full Monty. So they have taken incremental steps, taking over more and more of what once was a private health care system, while waiting for the inevitable dawn of socialized medicine. Nancy Pelosi claims that she doesn’t favor socialized medicine, and has »

Munchin’ on Mnuchin

Featured imageIf Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin declines to resign from his position with the Trump administration, he may have to forego attendance at future reunions of the Yale class of 1985. More than 300 of his former classmates have called on him to resign “in protest of President Trump’s support of Nazism and white supremacy.” In an open letter that they have posted online, Mnuchin’s classmates instruct him: “We can be »

U.S. Civil Rights Commission wants no enemies on the left

Featured imageLast week, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights unanimously passed a resolution condemning the Nazi, KKK, and white-nationalist participants in the Charlottesville rally. Good. Then, the Commissioners voted down an amendment by Gail Heriot that would have added: Though we support peaceful protest and note that most of the counter-demonstrators were peaceful, we condemn violence by anyone, including violence by so-called antifa demonstrators. That amendment failed by a vote of »

Durham D.A. admits ideology will influence his prosecutorial discretion

Featured imageIf you don’t mind feeling nauseated, check out this statement by Durham County District Attorney Roger Echols, in which he explains the factors he will consider in determining “a just resolution” to the case of those who destroyed the public monument in Durham. Echols says he will balance accountability for the destruction of property against the “climate in which these actions were undertaken.” He seems to believe that a neo-Nazi »

The media can’t help but help Trump

Featured imageI dislike President Trump. I dislike the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, etc. and, of course, the Democratic Party considerably more. I believe there are millions of Americans who feel the same way. That’s one of the reasons Trump was able to win the presidency despite a low favorability rating. It’s also why the media helps Trump when it claims that various of his comments are affronts to »

Arthur Finkelstein, RIP

Featured imageArthur Finkelstein died at his home in Ipswich on Friday at the age of 72. Finkelstein was a skillful Republican political consultant who achieved substantial success with a wide array of candidates. Sam Roberts’s New York Times obituary provides the necessary information if you can ignore the “homophobic” slur that Roberts pins on unnamed clients of Finkelstein, who was homosexual. I met Finkelstein in late 1995 or early 1996 when »

Al Gore returns

Featured imageAl Gore has been prophesying our imminent doom for lo, these many years. Starring Al Gore, the 2007 Davis Guggenheim documentary An Inconvenient Truth pulled down an Academy Award from the industry whose stars and executives must rank among the chief contributors to our death by anthropogenic warming. The film played perfectly into the eve of destruction mood that our arbiters of taste promote so ardently during Republican administrations. Roger »

What Is To Be Done? (European Ed.) [Updated]

Featured imageOnce again, Europe has been struck by Islamic terrorism. In Barcelona, a van plowed into a crowd on one of the city’s most popular streets, Las Ramblas, killing 13 people and wounding more than 100. The driver of the van escaped. Shortly thereafter in Cambrils, a short distance south of Barcelona, five terrorists went on a second spree, killing one person and wounding dozens more in a vehicle attack before »

Stand by your Awan (2)

Featured imageWe’ve been writing about, and seeking to understand, the Awan connection. It is a scandal involving former House IT staffers with ties to Pakistan who are accused of stealing equipment from members’ offices without their knowledge and committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network. Interest in the scandal has been reinforced by the indictment of Imran Awan and his wife last week. Imran Awan had previously been »

Google Teaming With Left-Wing Groups to Drive Conservatives Off the Internet?

Featured imageThis is a big subject which I don’t have time to do justice to in this post. I am afraid that we will need to return to it frequently in the months ahead. The place to begin is this excellent piece by Paula Bolyard at PJ Media: “Is Google Working with Liberal Groups to Snuff Out Conservative Websites?” Briefly, Google is partnering with far-left groups like Pro Publica, BuzzFeed and »

Apoc-eclipse Preview

Featured imageAs mentioned the other day, I’ve trekked up to central Oregon, near Bend, to take in the total eclipse tomorrow. They’re calling it “apoc-eclipse,” but I think the predictions of traffic armageddon is fake news, rather like the predictions for massive gridlock at the 1984 LA Olympics, where in fact just the opposite occurred—it saw the least traffic congestion in years. Some other time maybe I’ll explain why this is »

New York Times Applauds Far-Left Violence

Featured imageNew York Times reporters Thomas Fuller, Alan Feuer and Serge Kovaleski are responsible for this admiring profile of the far-left Brownshirts called antifa: “‘Antifa’ members are ready to literally fight right-wingers.” Members of antifa have shown no qualms about using their fists, sticks or canisters of pepper spray to meet an array of right-wing antagonists whom they call a fascist threat to U.S. democracy. Is antifa violent? Well, that depends »

A “Rooney Rule” for ambassador openings

Featured imageSecretary of State Rex Tillerson announced yesterday that “every time we have an opening for an ambassador position, at least one of the candidates must be a minority candidate.” This is a version of the Rooney Rule used by the NFL to fill coaching vacancies. It’s named after former Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney. Ironically, Rooney was U.S. ambassador to Ireland during the Obama administration. He gained that post the »

Dumbest News Story of the Day [Updated]

Featured imageI know, the competition is stiff. But I think we have a winner. At the University of Southern California, activists have pointed out that the horse that the school’s Trojan mascot rides around the football stadium on has almost the same name as Robert E. Lee’s horse! The Los Angeles Times reports: When Richard Saukko galloped his chalk-white Arabian horse named Traveler around the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum almost 56 »