Mayor Bowser’s odd decision

Featured image Earlier this week, two Washington, D.C. high school football powers clashed on the gridiron. But the game between St. John’s and Gonzaga did not take place in D.C. Nor was it played outdoors. Instead, the game was held at an indoor facility across the river in Northern Virginia. Why? Because Muriel Bowser, the mayor of D.C., did not allow the teams to square off in the city. I’ve tried to »

Minneapolis Cancels School for Chauvin Riots

Featured imageThe Minneapolis Public Schools are shutting down next week in anticipation of a verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial: Minneapolis Public Schools are suspending in-person learning next week as the state awaits a verdict in the murder trial against Derek Chauvin. Why? In anticipation of riots, looting and arson, presumably: “Our community is moving through an extraordinarily challenging time as we react to the killing of former MPS student Daunte »

The Early Line on the Next Election

Featured imageThere is something strange about the behavior of Biden and the Democrats that can be best explained by a combination of Progressive mania and panic that their power might well slip away from them unless they lock it down by changing the rules in their favor and whipping up paranoia within key minority groups who are showing signs of slipping away. Hence the relentless charges of racism. Some items: “Democrats »

From the bizarre Twin Cities hellworld (2)

Featured imageOn a vote of 11-1, the Minneapolis City Clowncil — as our friends at Justice & Drew call it — has passed a non-binding resolution asking metro law enforcement to go into a defensive crouch against demonstrators and rioters. Here is the just released response from Minneapolis Police Department Chief Arradondo: MPD Sworn I want to thank you for your continued professionalism and service during these dynamic and challenging times. »

Unions Evict National Guard

Featured imageMinnesota’s National Guard has done an admirable job of containing riots in Brooklyn Center and the surrounding area, to prevent an orgy of violence, looting and arson such as characterized the George Floyd riots last year. But many on the Left are unhappy that violence has been forestalled. Construction union workers gave National Guardsmen a key to the St. Paul Labor Center so they would have a place to stage. »

From the bizarre Twin Cities hellworld

Featured imageBrooklyn Center is the site of the death of Daunte Wright and of the revolution for the hell of it mob that has followed in its wake. A joint law enforcement task force formed for the Derek Chauvin trial has been dispatched to protect the Brooklyn Center Police Department over the past several nights. Brooklyn Center Mayor Michael Elliott has seized the opportunity to take control of city management and »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll looks calls ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP! or THE UNBEARABLE NICENESS OF BEING IN THE HEARTLAND. She writes: So Max and I were sitting around together in our medium-sized house that I could swear felt bigger when we bought it. And we wondered aloud, “Is there anything we could think of that would confine us together in a yet smaller space?” We thought maybe we could catch on in »

MLB’s favorability rating plummets

Featured imageMajor League Baseball has suffered a massive loss in popularity among Republicans due to its intervention on the side of Democrats in the political dispute over Georgia’s voting law. According to a poll by Morning Consult, MLB’s net favorability rating (the difference between the percentage of those who view the sport positively and those who view it negatively) among Republicans has dropped from 47 points to 12 points in the »

Voters Say: Election Fraud Is a Problem

Featured imageAmerica’s CEOs may believe that election integrity is unimportant, but voters across the political spectrum disagree. Rasmussen finds that 51% of voters believe that voter fraud impacted the 2020 presidential election: A majority (51%) of voters believe it is likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, including 35% who say it’s Very Likely cheating affected the election. Seventy-four percent (74%) of Republicans believe it is likely »

United Airlines doubles down on wokeness [UPDATED]

Featured imageFresh off of its announcement of a plan to make women and “people of color” 50 percent of its new pilot hires, United Airlines has taken its wokeism one giant step further. It has “committed to being 100% green by reducing our carbon emissions 100% by 2050.” The airline says it “has invested in ground-breaking technology to make our goal a reality” but acknowledges that “there’s still a long way »

Antifa Comes to Town

Featured imageDuring the George Floyd riots in Minnesota last Summer, the first night or two of violence was carried out predominantly by locals. But then the professional rioters and career criminals arrived, in the person of Antifa. That seems to be happening again, as Fox News reports, with reporter Mike Tobin on the scene: Members of the violent far-left activist group Antifa identified themselves to a Fox News reporter who was »

Why police officers should be terrified of Kristen Clarke

Featured imageWhen Kristen Clarke wasn’t lying under oath to Senators during her confirmation hearing, she was trying her best to mislead them. For example, Clarke grossly misled Senators during an exchange with Sen. Tom Cotton regarding Jacob Blake, who was shot by a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Shortly after the shooting, Clarke stated on social media that Blake was unarmed. It is undisputed, however, that Blake had a knife. When »

Coke to Republicans: Why can’t we all just get along?

Featured imageWhen woke corporations started attacking Georgia over its new voting law, Coca-Cola led the charge. Its chief executive James Quincey went on television to declare the law “unacceptable.” But now, following outrage by Republicans over corporate America’s attempt to do the Democrats’ bidding on state election law issues, Coke isn’t so sure that alienating a large portion of the electorate is a good idea. Thus, as Karen Townsend observes, Coke’s »

Kristen Clarke lies under oath about her racist writing at Harvard

Featured imageDuring yesterday’s hearing on the nomination of Kristen Clarke to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, the nominee was asked about an article she wrote while a student at Harvard. In that article, Clarke argued that Blacks are superior to Whites in numerous respects. We discussed Clarke’s racist claim here. Clarke told Senators that the article was satire. But, as David Harsanyi points out, there is no evidence to »

Climate Change Checkup

Featured imageIf you have the misfortune to follow the dreary climate change business, you’ll know that one of the fine points is which long-term emissions forecast to plug into your model. Never mind the accuracy of the models for now—even a good model is vulnerable to the age-old GIGO problem—”garbage in, garbage out.” In climate model forecasting, if you have an absurd emissions forecast, you’ll get absurd (but headline-grabbing) results. People »

Kristen Clarke lies under oath about defunding the police

Featured imageToday, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony from Kristen Clarke, Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Clarke appeared along with Todd Kim, the nominee to head the Environment and Natural Resources Division. This meant a pretty easy time for Kim. Clarke, by contrast, came under heavy fire. She tried to deflect it through a combination of lies and nonsense. Consider her exchange with Sen. Ted »

Minnesota Officer Charged With Manslaughter

Featured imageFormer Brooklyn Center police officer Kimberly Potter was charged with second-degree manslaughter this afternoon. As you no doubt know, she tried to tase Daunte Wright as Wright was fighting with two other officers, and inadvertently pulled her Glock instead of her taser. This is the relevant statute: 609.205 MANSLAUGHTER IN THE SECOND DEGREE. A person who causes the death of another by any of the following means is guilty of »