Nepotism abounds in Biden administration

Featured image Soon after becoming president, Joe Biden promised that no member of his family would be involved in the federal government. It was an easy promise for Biden to make considering all the money his son and brother had already made off of Joe’s name and office in the private sector. You can’t get rich in the federal government like you can peddling influence in countries like Ukraine and China. Still, »

My dad and Hubert Humphrey

Featured imageScott’s Father’s Day tribute to his dad includes a picture of his father and Hubert Humphrey. Scott noted that the picture was taken not long after Humphrey had led the charge to retake the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party from the Communists between 1946 and 1948. Around the same time as that picture was taken, my father, a socialist, was a leader in the movement to wrest control of certain union locals in »

Clinton’s new thriller

Featured imageBill Clinton has lent his name to the hired hands grinding away in the factory Jonathan Mahler dubbed James Patterson Inc. The factory’s newest production is The President’s Daughter, logging in at 608 pages (and 136 chapters). The publisher touts a quote from the New York Times review by Sarah Lyall: “This novel offers tantalizing clues into the unconscious of Clinton…” Even if life weren’t short, that would probably be »

J.P. Sears on the Woke Military

Featured imageJ.P. Sears has established himself, alongside the Babylon Bee, as one of the primary assets in the War against Woke. Here he takes on wokery in the military: Best line: “Today we’re replacing hand-to-hand combat training, with hand-holding training.” Runner up: “Women who can’t lift as much, are just as strong as men who can lift more.” The sad part is, this might be a documentary rather than satire. »

Fighting Back Against Evil

Featured imageCritical Race Theory is perhaps the great evil of our time. It is racism, pure and simple. Its key precepts are: 1) The most important thing about a person is the color of his skin. 2) You have rights not as an individual, but as a member of a group. 3) People of the same race have the same or similar personality and character traits. John C. Calhoun was the »

Color him father

Featured imageI wrote this on Father’s Day several years ago. It is a post that struck a chord with at least a few readers. I amplified it last year and am taking the liberty of reposting these reflections in honor of the day. My father was a thoughtful man in his own way. In the last years of his life he recited for me the things for which he was most »

The IRS Is At It Again

Featured imageNo sooner have the Democrats retaken the White House than the IRS again feels free to use its power to advance partisan interests. This actually happened in May, but it is just now hitting the news: the IRS denied 501(c)(3) nonprofit status to an organization called Christians Engaged. The IRS explained that Christian doctrines are Republican: You also educate believers on issues that are central to their belief in the »

Podcast: The 3WHH on Burke—Hero or Goat?

Featured imageWe get letters. And one from a regular listener baited us with the proposition that since FDR’s New Deal—decried here on a recent episode—is now nearly 90 years old, the duty of Burkean conservatives is now to preserve the New Deal rather than pine romantically for the good old days of Calvin Coolidge. To which I responded, well, I guess we should do a seminar-style episode about Edmund Burke, the »

Meet Iran’s new prez

Featured imageThere is a bracing clarity about Iran’s newly elected president, Ebrahim Raisi. The Times of Israel has useful background on the election in this story attributed to various news agencies: Raisi will be the first serving Iranian president sanctioned by the US government even before entering office, over his involvement in the mass execution of political prisoners in 1988, as well as his time as the head of Iran’s internationally »

Relevant classic texts (5)

Featured imageI want to add a few more paragraphs from Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790) to Steve’s introduction and excerpts in “Relevant classic texts (4).” With the Terror yet to come, Burke observed of those to whom he attributed the spirit of the revolution: “In the groves of their academy, at the end of every vista, you see nothing but the gallows….” (paragraphing added below). * * »

Back On Twitter, For Better or Worse

Featured imageSome readers may remember that I was mysteriously booted off Twitter some months ago. Twitter was never my preferred medium, but I had around 14,000 followers. One day Twitter sent me an email saying that my account had been accessed by someone in Australia who had changed my email address. If you didn’t do that, Twitter’s email to my user name said, click here. I clicked there. The first thing »

CNN Is Crazy

Featured imageIt has been a long time since CNN was a respectable news source, but the network’s current ratings decline–Donald Trump, among his many achievements, kept CNN in business–seems to have sent it around the bend. Hence this utterly insane headline from earlier today: This is CNN's home page right now. Our corporate media wants so badly for us to hate each other. It's really sick. — Adam Ford (@Adam4d) »

Washington Post confesses error on the Russia collusion story

Featured imageIt’s not an explicit confession of error, of course, but consider this line that appears well into a report about Joe Biden’s meeting with Vladimir Putin: “Putin’s high hopes for Trump delivered little for Moscow.” How can that be? The Post, the Democrats, and more than a few Never Trumpers told us that Trump colluded with Putin. Had that been true, Trump would have delivered for Moscow or else been »

Why Juneteenth?

Featured imageSteve Silbiger, a longtime observer of Joe Biden, sent me the following message: Biden is living proof of how much progress the United States has made on racial discrimination. The man who ran for President on a Southern strategy in which he claimed that “Delewareans were on the side of the South in the Civil War” has signed a bill that creates a Federal law commemorating the effective end of »

Notes on the Chauvin leaks (4)

Featured imageMinnesota federal district court Judge Patrick Schiltz has ordered an investigation of apparent leaks of grand jury information to the New York Times and the Star Tribune. I posted his five-page In Re Blue Grand Jury order here. The subject is serious. Moreover, knowing Judge Schiltz, I think he will treat it with the seriousness his order suggests it deserves. The Star Tribune published Rochelle Olson’s May 21 story on »

The Week in Pictures: Gee-Whiz 7 Edition

Featured imageThe G7 summit is over, but it certainly seemed more like the Gee Whiz summit. Of course the most important news of the week was Victoria’s Secret giving up its least secretive secret by deciding, as someone put in on Twitter, to switch from models with eating disorders to models with mental disorders. Which is par for the course these days. Oh, and happy Juneteenth—the day Republicans freed the slaves »

Relevant Classic Texts (4)

Featured imageThis weekend’s main topic of the Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast will be an exploration of Edmund Burke, in part because we received an interesting reader email after a recent episode that prompted an argument between me and Lucretia (she is a Burke skeptic, to put it mildly).  In rereading Burke in preparation for our taping this evening, I was struck by several passages in Burke’s most famous work, Reflections »