The fiction of non-partisan judges and Justices

Featured image In a talk at Brigham Young University, Justice Neil Gorsuch denied that the Supreme Court is split along partisan lines. Chief Justice Roberts has made a similar denial. He disputes the idea that there are Obama judges and Trump judges. Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative jurist who would like to join Gorsuch on Roberts on the Supreme Court, has echoed the Chief Justice’s view. At a conference at the College »

Loose Ends (100)

Featured image• So my understanding is that the climatistas are planning some kind of protest in DC tomorrow whose centerpiece will be blocking morning traffic so that . . . The Swamp can’t get to work? How is The ResistanceTM going to function? I’m not sure the climatistas have thought this one all the way through, since I am wholly on their side for once; in fact, I wish they’d blockade Washington every »

Secret history of the exclamation point

Featured imageI’ve been reading Michel de Montaigne’s Essays with friends this year. When I took his course on Renaissance classics in college, Professor Dain Trafton observed that Montaigne was the one author we had read who in his estimation stood with Shakespeare. That made an impression on me because Professor Trafton is himself a devoted Shakespearian scholar and we had read Machiavelli, Cervantes, Rabelais, Erasmus, Castiglione, and Thomas More in the »

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Featured imageThis category is normally Scott’s beat, but I think his hunt for the great exclamation point has detracted from his YouTube viewing. A preface: one of my favorite interviews interspersed with the music of the The Last Waltz, Martin Scorcese’s film about the blowout final live performance of The Band in 1978, features one of the members (I think it was frontman Robbie Robertson, but I don’t recall just now) »

One More on Justin Trudeau

Featured imageAs I have said before, in my opinion, putting on blackface is one of Justin Trudeau’s lesser sins. Nevertheless, this tweet by Andrew Klavan made me laugh out loud. It’s too good not to share: »

Who would a Ukraine scandal hurt more, Trump or Biden?

Featured imageAs things stand now, it’s unclear whether the Ukraine “whistle blower” matter is a serious scandal. In my view, it will become one only if President Trump used American aid as a quid-pro-quo in trying to induce Ukraine to investigate the Bidens or if he significantly delayed the release of such aid because Ukraine hadn’t agreed to investigate. For purposes of discussion, let’s assume this becomes a serious scandal, or »

An obituary for the Bill de Blasio campaign

Featured imageBill de Blasio dropped out of the presidential race a few days ago. The New York Post offers an obituary for his campaign. The obit lists the cause of death as “ego-induced psychosis.” It reports that the de Blasio campaign died “doing what it loved best — being as far away from New York as possible.” The Post reports that de Blasio’s campaign was “surrounded in the end by friends, »

Candace Owens Scorches the Dems

Featured imageYesterday the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on National Security and Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties held a hearing on “confronting white supremacy.” This is part of the Democrats’ battlespace preparation for the 2020 elections. White supremacy is everywhere! Actually, it is hard to find. I have yet to meet my first white supremacist. But the Democrats have a story and they are sticking to it. Candace Owens »

Trump vs. the Media, Part 2,563,901 [with comment by Paul]

Featured imageMy view of the “whistle blower scandal,” as the press has dubbed it, is a little more benign than Paul’s. The story begins with the fact that the Biden family took advantage of Joe’s status as vice president to get rich through foreign connections, principally China and Ukraine. This is a common phenomenon–a Democratic politician labors away for years at a modest salary, then retires a rich man. How does »


Featured imageSpiked has posted the film below “about the transatlantic populist revolt” with this introduction: Brexit and Trump were two ballot-box revolts that, though different in many ways, shared one clear thing in common: the fury they provoked from the establishment. Politicians and commentators, in the US and UK, immediately denounced voters as uneducated, racist and deplorable. Democracy itself was called into question. We travelled from the Rust Belt to the »

Report: Trump urged Ukraine’s president to reopen investigation of Hunter Biden

Featured imageThe Wall Street Journal reports that President Trump, in a July phone call, repeatedly pressed the president of Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. According to the Journal, Trump urged Volodymyr Zelensky about eight times to work with Rudy Giuliani, his personal lawyer, on a probe of Hunter Biden: “[Trump] told [Zelensky] that he should work with [Giuliani] on Biden, and that people in Washington wanted to »

Explaining Jeremy Corbyn

Featured imageIf, like me, you have wondered how a left-wing loony like Jeremy Corbyn can remain in control of the Labour Party, this poll, reported in the Sun, suggests the answer: Labour is a party of left-wing loonies. Marxist zealots have seized control at every level since Jeremy Corbyn became leader — and are poisoning the debate with their hardline views. For example: only a small minority of Labourites believe that »

Exposing Junk Climate Science

Featured imageThis twelve-minute video by Tony Heller of Real Climate Science, released just yesterday, does a great job of exposing the deceptive use of data on which climate alarmism depends. Heller begins with the National Climate Assessment that recently went out to journalists and policymakers. It included a set of charts and graphs that superficially seemed to support the claim that we are experiencing alarming changes in the Earth’s climate, as »

Why did Trump freeze U.S. aid to Ukraine?

Featured imageSo far, it appears that when President Trump repeatedly urged the new president of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, he did not say that U.S. aid to Ukraine was contingent on such an investigation. Whatever one thinks about a U.S. president asking a foreign leader to investigate the president’s potential opponent in a upcoming election, absent the quid-pro-quo element this story should not put Trump’s presidency in jeopardy. But now, »

Team Iran

Featured imageIf you want to understand the current state of play with Iran, there is nothing better to read than Lee Smith’s “Team Iran. This long Tablet column extricates us from the fog of stupidity that permeates the subject among Democrats and their mainstream media adjunct. I would only add this note. Lee credits Obama with decent motives for realigning our foreign policy consistent with Iranian interests. Michael Doran’s 2015 analysis »

The Week in Pictures: Buffoonpalooza Edition

Featured imageJust when you’re certain that Beto O’Rourke had easily sewn up the Buffoon of the Week Award (despite strong bids from Joe Biden with his rollout of his running mate Corn Pop, and the New York Times Kavanaugh story), behold on Friday the late winning entry from (drum roll please) Justin Trudeau! Now it took some doing, but we underestimated the depth and range of Trudeau’s abilities. He should be »

Democratic Racism

Featured imageRacism and anti-Semitism keep surfacing in liberal circles, much as the sexual predators of “me too” fame mostly turn out to be on the left. So what should liberals do? The Babylon Bee encourages them not to back down: “Liberals Clarify Their Racism Is Actually Democratic Racism.” Hey, it worked for socialism. Right? Liberals seem to have a problem as more Justin Trudeau blackface photos have surfaced. Meanwhile, Democratic politicians »