Joe Biden, tax evader?

Featured image Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are pushing for a $3.5 trillion bill to subsidize childcare, education, and health care. To pay for at least part of this, they want to curtail tax avoidance and raise taxes on the wealthy so that the rich pay their “fair share.” But is Biden paying his legally required share of taxes? According to the New York Post, a new report drafted by the »

Soros-backed prosecutor gives child molester “woefully inadequate” sentence

Featured imageSteve Descano is the left-wing, Soros-backed commonwealth’s attorney for Fairfax County, Virginia. We tried to rally support for his opponents — first a Democrat, then an independent — when Descano sought the chief prosecutor’s job in 2019. Descano prevailed in part because of the extraordinary financial backing of Team Soros. In addition, his promise not to prosecute “low-level” crimes such as marijuana offenses probably resonated with many Fairfax County voters. »

Anti-Semitism: Alive and Well on the Left

Featured imageWe wrote here about the fact that far-left House Democrats, mostly the Squad, blocked inclusion of funding for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system as part of the continuing resolution to fund the government. They were able to block anti-terrorist spending because the Democrats’ House margin is so slim that they can’t afford even a minor number of defections. Steve then wrote about the fact that Democratic leadership introduced a stand-alone »

Time to Yank Your Kids Out of the Public Schools

Featured imageI suppose that is an evergreen headline, since America’s public schools are a disaster in pretty much every way. But what prompts it at the moment is the Richfield, Minnesota school district. Richfield is a modest suburb of Minneapolis, not the kind of tony place you might expect to go off the deep end. Richfield’s schools are in the news today, with this headline from a local TV station: “Richfield »

Is President Xi reviving Maoism?

Featured imageChina’s President Xi Jinping reportedly is moving down a Maoist path. If so, this is probably the most important development of 2021. The Wall Street Journal reports on this development in a story with the headline: “Xi Jinping Aims to Rein In Chinese Capitalism, Hew to Mao’s Socialist Vision.” The subtitle is: “Going beyond curbing tech giants, [Xi] wants the Communist Party to steer flows of money and set tighter »

Civil War on the Left (78): Iron Dome Edition

Featured imageA few days ago “progressive” Democrats the House succeeded in getting the  Appropriations Committee to strip out $1 billion in U.S. funding for Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense program, which relies on a lot of U.S.-made technology such that the Iron Dome appropriation is something of an export subsidy, from the continuing resolution to keep the feddie guvmint operating through the end of the year. This did not set well »

Who’s whippin’ who, cont’d

Featured imageThe psychedelic Jen Psaki is blowing my mind. She conducted a White House press briefing and appeared on a show or two yesterday. She falsely called out CBP officers on horseback trying to contend with the flood of illegal Haitian immigrants crossing the border in the vicinity of Del Rio. NR’s Zachary Evans covered Psaki’s comments at the briefing here. Psaki said officials had watched “horrific video of the CBP »

Mark Millley “on dangerous constitutional terrain”

Featured imageIn this post, I argued against a defense of Gen. Mark Milley’s reassurances to China, in the waning days of the Trump administration, that’s based on his apparent collaboration with the Defense Department. If Milley made improper statements to Chinese military officials, it doesn’t matter that high-ranking DOD officials were in the loop. I also argued that, in all likelihood, Milley did make improper statements to the Chinese. Even before »

Climate Funnies!

Featured imageDid you know that this week is Climate Week? I didn’t either. It gets better—tonight is Climate Night! And late night comics are on the job! So you know we’re saved. Late-night comedians team up to tackle the climate crisis Climate change, which is responsible for magnifying this summer’s deadly heat waves, hurricanes, wildfires and floods, is typically no laughing matter. But for one night, seven popular late-night comedy shows »

Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink?

Featured imageIt is long past time to check in with our friends at Kite & Key Media, a new venture founded and helmed by Vanessa Mendoza and Troy Senik. They are producing a series of snappy, short videos on current topics, and their most recent video below explains why there is something seriously stupid about having water shortages, even under drought conditions. Hint: Remember the old joke about how if the »

Who’s whippin’ who

Featured imageThe left has found a scenario it thinks it can retail to defuse the invasion of the United States by Haitians and hundreds of thousands of others via our former southern border. They want us to believe that overwhelmed immigration enforcement authorities on horseback are whipping Haitians. We went from “whip,” to “whip-like chord,” to “horse reins.” — Brandon Darby (@brandondarby) September 21, 2021 Kamala Harris emerged from seclusion »

Al Franken: The movie

Featured imageI have written a lot about Al Franken on Power Line over the years. When Franken returned to Minneapolis to test the waters for a career in politics before a paying DFL audience in June 2005, I was invited to attend as a member of the press. I wrote up my account of the evening in “Saturday night live with Al Franken” and foresaw his political viability in Minnesota. In »

Al Franken returns to comedy

Featured imageSo says the Washington Post. However, there’s nothing in the Post’s report on Franken’s performance in Northampton, Massachusetts that shows he’s saying anything funny — not intentionally, anyway. According to Post reporter Karen Heller, Ted Cruz is the main target of Franken’s barbs. He devoted five minutes of alleged comedy to attacking the Texas Senator. Franken informed his audience, “I like Ted Cruz more than most of my colleagues like »

Chelsea player breaks ranks, declines to kneel

Featured imageFor more than a year now, players in the English Premier League have been “taking a knee” just before kickoff. The gesture, an outgrowth of the George Floyd affair, is supposed to signal opposition to racism. In every EPL match I’ve seen, all 22 players have gone along with it. It’s not clear why anyone should kneel to protest racism. The gesture strikes me as either meaningless or a nod »

Biden’s Aides Won’t Let Him Speak

Featured imageHow far gone is Joe Biden, mentally? I don’t know, but his aides do. And the frenzy they display whenever it appears that Biden might have to talk without a script tells us that they think he is incompetent. The latest instance occurred yesterday when Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did a joint appearance at the White House. They chatted for a few minutes and then Johnson took »

Life imitates “Clueless”

Featured imageOver the weekend the Biden administration leaked the story that it was commencing deportations of Haitians under the bridge in Del Rio. This may be true as to individual adult men and women. However, as they say in the fact-checking business, it is mostly untrue. As I note in the adjacent post, the lead story in the AP’s Morning Wire email news roundup is this one, datelined Del Rio: “Officials: »

Iowans overwhelmingly disapprove of Biden’s performance

Featured imageA poll from Iowa is getting plenty of attention, and deservedly so, I think. According to the survey, Iowans disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance as president by a ratio of 2-1. 62 percent say they disapprove. Only 31 percent say they approve. In June, in a survey by the same pollster, 43 percent approved of Biden’s performance and 52 percent disapproved. But that was before the Afghanistan fiasco and the »