Four Pinocchios for Amy Klobuchar

Featured image Glenn Kessler is the Washington Post’s “fact checker.” He writes a column reporting on his fact checks. In my opinion, Kessler usually does a good job of analyzing claims by partisans, both Democrat and Republican. He identifies what’s correct and/or plausible about a given claim and what’s incorrect and/or implausible about it. He provides useful background information and often offers nuance. Kessler concludes his columns by awarding “Pinocchios” — one »

Will There Be an Accounting?

Featured imageNow that the Left’s collusion narrative has fallen apart, many are speculating about whether those who drove it, and roiled our public life for more than two years on the basis of opposition research that they probably knew was fraudulent, will be held to account. There is much to investigate: the fraudulently obtained FISA warrants; the hundreds of incidents of unmasking of innocent American citizens; the attempt by the FBI’s »

Unanswered Prayers

Featured imageShould we enjoy the misery of liberals who feel let down–not to say betrayed–by the Mueller fizzle? Of course we should! Here is some more delicious schadenfreude, via the Portland Monthly of December 2018: “The Hottest Gift This Holiday Season Is a Robert Mueller Devotional Candle.” With the sub-headline “Let us pray to our Patron Saint of Plea Deals.” What’s the hottest gift this holiday season? An L.O.L. Surprise doll? »

Best Mueller Reactions

Featured imageI was sure this must be a fake Twitter account, but it has the Blue Check Mark, so. . . Dan Rather has to be the least-self aware person in the history of media, and that’s saying something. Or he’s trolling himself. Meanwhile, some very clever person offers this mashup: Next, some new polls results—from surveys taken before the summary of the Mueller Report came out yesterday—show Trump’s re-election prospects »

Blowin’ in the NPR wind

Featured imageOver at Democrat State Radio the shock of the the Mueller investigation wrap-up has set in. All Things Considered took a quick look at the Republican perspective with Harmeet Dhillon for all of three minutes last night (audio below). NPR has posted the transcript here. The NPR baloney meets the grinder of a most capable advocate in this all too brief interview. You can almost hear the NPR interviewer begging »

Hungary for the Hungarians

Featured imageG. Mennen “Soapy” Williams was the liberal governor of Michigan throughout the 1950s. In 1961, President Kennedy named him Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. It seemed like a good fit for Williams, a longtime civil rights advocate. Williams generated controversy in his new job by declaring: “What we want for the Africans is what they want for themselves.” The press translated this as: “Africa for the Africans.” The »

Obstruction of What?

Featured imageAs Paul has noted, Robert Mueller’s report declines to address whether various actions on the part of President Trump (most of which have been publicly reported, according to Attorney General Barr’s letter) constituted obstruction of justice. No doubt Democrats will try to seize on this omission, which apparently was the best Mueller could do on behalf of his Democratic Party patrons. That effort is, I think, destined for failure. First, »

Speaking of collusion

Featured imageThe late Richard Pipes’s narrative history The Russian Revolution is a great work of humane learning. Pipes’s mastery of the sources inspires awe and shines through his lucid text. The text itself reflects a lifetime of study and reflection. I have been reading around lately in chapter 7 (“Toward the Catastrophe”), covering the assassination of Rasputin. Over the weekend I came across this passage on the November 14, 1916 speech »

A note to commenters

Featured imageThis site exists for the primary purpose of publishing and publicizing the work of its contributors. Comments are a late addition and secondary feature. We (I) would not have them without moderation. Our Disqus software holds certain comments for moderation. I do not review comments except those withheld for moderation. If I am otherwise engaged or sleeping, they await my arrival. All comments with links are sent to moderation. This »

Barr’s summary letter

Featured imageAttorney General Barr’s summary of the Mueller report has just been posted on Scribd. I am embedding it below. It is easily accessible elsewhere. I think there is no substitute for reading the summary letter yourself and I commend it to your attention. Barr’s letter indicates his scrupulous compliance with the applicable regulation and his intent to go beyond it so far as is possible while preserving grand jury secrecy. »

The Mueller Rout

Featured imageI’m on an airplane right now with the usual crappy airborne internet service, but watching the breaking news of AG Barr’s summary of the Mueller Report. It is a complete rout for Democrats and the media, notwithstanding the confused section about possible obstruction of the investigation by Trump. Expect Democrats to cling to this slim reed to keep The Resistance ginned up. But that slim reed is very likely to »

Mueller report “opens media outlets to mockery”

Featured imageThe mainstream media isn’t known for self-awareness. And those in the MSM who report on media are typically as lacking in this regard as their brethren. Thus, it surprised me that the quotation in the headline (paper edition) of this post comes from Paul Farhi, who writes about media for the Washington Post. Farhi’s article is unsparing. If he were a pro-Trumper, he might be accused of spiking the football. »

Life after Mueller: A roundup

Featured imageI want to round up the comments of a few esteemed observers on the conclusion of the Mueller investigation. • Kim Strassel makes a special appearance in today’s Wall Street Journal with “Mueller Is Done. Now Probe the Real Scandal.” Kim writes: Mr. Mueller’s report likely doesn’t put it that way, but it’s the logical conclusion of his no-collusion finding. The FBI unleashed its powers on a candidate for the »

Today’s note on usage

Featured imageYou wouldn’t know it from reading me, but I’m an obsessive proofreader. This headline over the ABC News story by Jordyn Phelps therefore jumped out at me (screenshot below): “Trump flouts chummy relations with Netanyahu ahead of Israeli election.” The confusion of flaunt/flout is not one that people in the news business should make, but there it is. We all rely in one way or another on the intelligible transmission »

Mueller’s cop-out

Featured imageScott has embedded Attorney General Barr’s summary of the Mueller report. The letter covers two issues: (1) Mueller’s conclusion regarding claims that President Trump conspired with Russia during the 2016 election campaign and (2) Mueller’s non-conclusion regarding claims that Trump obstructed justice. On the conspiracy issue, Mueller’s conclusion is a rout for Trump, as Steve says. According to Barr, Mueller reports that he employed 19 lawyers, aided by 40 FBI »

Trump Wins!

Featured imageI am on vacation, hence the slow posting lately. But I can’t resist a moment of triumph. Drudge sums up the Mueller report: And President Trump takes a rather restrained victory lap: No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION. KEEP AMERICA GREAT! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 24, 2019 I think it has been a foregone conclusion for a while that Mueller would acknowledge there was no collusion, »

You Think What You Eat?

Featured imageBack in December I brought you the latest social science findings about the ideological meaning of . . . coffee choices. Sure enough, liberals do drink more lattes than conservatives, in part, the authors of the study speculated, because a preference for latte could somehow be connected to a more cosmopolitan, internationalist outlook, whereas the xenophobia of conservatives inclined them against liking Eurotrash beverages. Whatever. But the joke was on »