American Roulette

Featured image I will vote for Donald Trump, not because I think he is a great–or even good–presidential candidate, but because it is blindingly obvious that he is better than Hillary Clinton. He could turn out to be a terrible president, but his down side is better than what we know about Hillary. The great Michael Ramirez expresses the contrast this way. Click to enlarge: Character is important in a president. The »

Kane can do this: 10-23 months

Featured imageWe tuned in to the saga of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane (a Democrat) in three 2014 posts: “Culture of corruption,” followed by “Culture of corruption update” and “Philadelphia four run for reelection.” We followed up last year in “Kane cant.” Kane appeared to me to be guilty of questionable professional conduct that she defended through the deployment of race and sex cards. Having killed an investigation of black Philadelphia »

Hillary’s Health Back In the Spotlight

Featured imageThe latest Wikileaks release includes a bombshell in the form of an email from Huma Abedin, dated April 21, 2015, that says Hillary Clinton is “still not perfect in her head”: Note that the email is directed to a who’s who of the Hillary Clinton campaign. The subject of the thread is a news report about Jeb Bush’s Super PAC, on which a reporter from the Associated Press seeks comment. »

No Question Now: Obama Lied [Updated]

Featured imageIn March 2015, President Obama said that he didn’t know about his own Secretary of State’s use of an off-the-books email server. He said that he learned about it on the news, the same as the rest of us. I have some questions here — Katherine Miller (@katherinemiller) March 7, 2015 That tweet prompted an explosive email thread from today’s Wikileaks dump showing that Obama’s denial of knowledge was »

Michael Moore Voting for Trump?

Featured imageI still think Trump may win the election. The polls are very weird. We’ve seen how off they were with Brexit and the last UK general election. A hidden Trump vote is not unimaginable at all. Politico went through various Trump victory scenarios a week ago. And then there’s Michael Moore, who calls Trump “a human Molotov cocktail” and worse.  Generally I make a point of ignoring his immensity. But »

Sweden: An Argument For Small Government

Featured imageSocialists around the world never hold up Venezuela (or North Korea, or the Soviet Union, or Albania, or Cuba) as an example of a successful socialist economy. That honor nearly always goes to Sweden; never mind that Sweden isn’t actually socialist. But it is a welfare state, and that’s the best the Left can do. But the idea that Sweden proves welfare state policies are a path to prosperity is »

Brazile breaks it down (2)

Featured imageOne of my favorite moments in this campaign season came in Megyn Kelly’s interview of DNC chair Donna Brazile following the third presidential debate last week. Asking Brazile about an embarrassing email from her that turned up in the WikiLeaks/Podesta email dump, Kelly elicited this quotable quote: “As a Christian woman, I understand persecution. I will not sit here and be persecuted, because your information is totally false….You’re like a »

Obamacare in 2017: Much higher premiums, much less choice

Featured imageThe Obama administration admitted today that Obamacare premiums will rise an average of 22 percent for the Silver Plan in 2017. The Silver Plan is the Obamacare benchmark upon which federal subsidies are based. The subsidies will shield many Obamacare purchasers from the impact of the increase, but a large of number of purchasers will be hammered. And, of course, taxpayers will be hit as well by virtue of the »

Who poisoned Hillary’s well? Hillary did

Featured imageConfident of victory in the presidential race, Democrats are now fretting about whether Hillary Clinton will have an “illegitimacy” problem when she assumes office. Charles Blow of the New York Times is the latest leftist to express this concern. He writes: “One of the great ironies of this election is that America’s first female president may be viewed by many as the country’s most invalid president, hanging under the specter »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Alan Sokal, Call Your Office

Featured imageOur weekly feature about academic absurdities is drawn usually from the social sciences and humanities, because that’s where you find the most politicized work and the most tolerance for complete gibberish and nonsense. This would never happen in the hard sciences, right? Right? From The Guardian: Nonsense paper written by iOS autocomplete accepted for conference By Elle Hunt A nonsensical academic paper on nuclear physics written only by iOS autocomplete »

Tom Hayden, RIP

Featured imageThe news this morning of the passing of the radical activist Tom Hayden, at age 76, summons to mind something I’ve been wanting to go over for a while now: that the “New Left” of the 1960s almost makes sense compared to the advance edge of the left today. And that’s a scary thought, given that the New Left of the 1960s was born out of a rejection of the »

Hillary Is a Drag, Too

Featured imageThere is a lot of speculation about whether Donald Trump’s weakness will drag down Republicans in races across the country. It’s a legitimate question, but there is a silver lining: Hillary Clinton’s own unpopularity. It is reasonable to wonder whether Hillary will hurt down-ballot Democrats almost as much as Trump hurts (in most places) down-ballot Republicans. America Rising PAC has put together this video montage of Democratic candidates being pressed »

Smith reviews Sciolino

Featured imagePresident Obama’s signal foreign policy “achievement,” the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, guarantees and finances the Iranian regime’s development of a nuclear arsenal. It also enhances their regional power until that time. All in all, from the perspective of the national security of the United States and its allies, it must be the stupidest deal of all time. Some Americans nevertheless see it as a brilliant stroke. Take, for example, »

Donald Ducks: The Clinton connection

Featured imageJohn covered one of the videos released by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action Fund last week in “Undercover video shows Democrats plotting violence at Trump rallies.” In the “plotting” depicted in the cited video released last week, Scott Foval and Robert Creamer (since departed from the scene) play starring roles. In today’s update, O’Keefe posts “Rigging the election — video III: Creamer confirms Clinton involvement” video below. Robert Creamer again »

The Best Political Ad of 2016?

Featured imageIf you’re like me, or even if you’re not like me an you’re more normal, no doubt by now you are sick of political ads on TV, even for the candidate you like or the attack ads against the candidates you hate. But why are they nearly always the same? TV political ads haven’t changed much in the last few decades, even as the styles of other kinds of TV »

What Happened to the FBI’s Integrity?

Featured imageThe FBI’s motto is “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.” This is the agency’s seal: But the Clintons ruin everything they touch, and James Comey’s refusal to recommend indictment of Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified information has damaged the FBI’s reputation, perhaps irreparably. Michael Ramirez comments memorably; click to enlarge: »

Hillary Clinton: Architect of disaster

Featured imageMany conservatives hold out hope that, as president, Hillary Clinton will be okay on foreign policy and national security issues. A few even plan to vote for her for this reason, seeing Donald Trump as worse than Clinton on these matters. Keith Kellogg, a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General and adviser to the Trump campaign, demonstrates that hopes for a sound foreign national security policy can only be founded on »