2020 Presidential Election

Bernie to Run as a Straight White Male

Featured image I am so looking forward to the Democrats’ 2020 demolition derby at the four-way intersectionality of Identity Politics Boulevard and Oppression Road. Even more so now that Bernie Sanders is in. No surprise there. What is amusing is that Bernie looks to be running as a straight white male. Get a load of this exchange: When asked by VPR’s Bob Kinzel about concerns that he no longer best represents “the »

Dave Begley: Live from Council Bluffs

Featured image Did you know that California Rep. Eric Swalwell is launching a presidential campaign? Yesterday he came to Council Bluffs. We had Dave Begley on hand to cover the festivities for us. Dave is a Nebraska attorney practicing elder law and estate planning in Omaha. He is also our occasional presidential campaign correspondent. Dave has filed this report on Swalwell in Council Bluffs (thumbnail photo and photo below by Dave): The »

Amy Klobuchar does Special Report

Featured image Senator Amy Klobuchar — Minnesota’s own 2020 Democrat presidential candidate — appeared for an interview on Special Report with Bret Baier yestereday. The video clip is accessible here. I thought the interview showed Senator Klobuchar’s at her best. She was likable. She did well. Her campaign theme — we need to stop governing from chaos and move to opportunity — needs some work. It seems to me to have been »

Showdown in El Paso

Featured image “Out in the west Texas town of El Paso,” in the words of the Marty Robbins song, President Trump held one of his standing room only political rallies (video below). Bobby O’Rourke held a competing rally at a ballpark across the street from Trump’s in the El Paso County Coliseum. We had something of a showdown between Trump and the “wild young cowboy” for the hand, not of “wicked Felina,” »

Phonies on parade

Featured image The defining characteristic of the Democratic presidential field in its current configuration is the phoniness of the candidates. This characteristic is shared by all of the major entrants. Consider: Elizabeth Warren claimed to be an Indian. She isn’t. Kamala Harris claims to have been a “progressive prosecutor.” She wasn’t. Amy Klobuchar holds herself out as “Minnesota Nice.” She isn’t. Klobuchar’s mistreatment of staff members is legendary. In 2015, Harry Reid, »

Don’t sleep on “Spartacus”

Featured image In every presidential election cycle, there’s a sleeper — a candidate not expected to get far who catches fire. Sometimes that candidate goes all the way. Barack Obama and Donald Trump did. Other times the candidate falls short, but only after exceeding expectations and, to one degree of another, giving more heralded candidates a scare. Examples are Howard Dean, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Bernie Sanders. Sen. Cory Booker might »

Klobuchar Joins the Race

Featured image As expected, Senator Amy Klobuchar announced this afternoon that she is running for president. Why not? Everyone else is. Scott has written about Klobuchar a number of times, most recently here. Klobuchar made her announcement in snow-covered Minneapolis. Predictably, she described herself as the candidate of everyone: “I am running for every parent who wants a better world for their kids. I’m running for every student who wants a good »

Klobuchar kicks off

Featured image All signs indicate that Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar will announce her candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination early tomorrow afternoon at Boom Island Park in Minneapolis. Klobuchar will emphasize the broad appeal she has demonstrated in three impressive statewide wins. Even if all is not as it appears, she has an appealing public persona. I experienced it myself when she called to thank me for something I wrote on Power »

Reading Tea Leaves on the Economy

Featured image I tend not to read too much into the chicken entrails that economists call “indicators,” because as the old saying goes, economists have predicted nine of the last four recessions. But it is a fact of economic life that all economic expansions eventually come to an end with a recession, and the current economic expansion is the second-longest on modern record, and soon to become the longest. The deliberate slowness »

Coach Pelosi

Featured image I attended a basketball game last night and missed all but the closing moments of President Trump’s address. A friend emailed me to say that Nancy Pelosi was sending “baseball signs” to “her team” — in other words, signaling to House Democrats how to respond to some of what Trump was saying. Upon further review, my friend is right. For example, Pelosi signaled Dems to stop booing Trump when he »

The Epic Fraud of Elizabeth Warren

Featured image Elizabeth Warren has claimed that she never used her supposed native American heritage for professional advantage, though the circumstantial evidence suggests otherwise. Late this afternoon the Bezos Bulletin reported (though not until the 8th paragraph, with no hint of the key fact in the headline or the lede) that Warren did in fact claim to be “American Indian” in her own handwriting in her application to the Texas Bar in 1986: This »

Kamala Harris, abortion absolutist

Featured image Kamala Harris is “simply American,” but so much more. She’s a three-fer: Asian American, African-American, and female. I’n not sure how much Harris’ Asian heritage will help her in her quest for the Democratic nomination, but the other two identities are crucial to that quest. If Harris obtains majority support from African-American and from female Democrats, she’s virtually a shoe-in for the nomination, assuming a decent share of the African-American »

Youth movement?

Featured image This morning, the Washington Post’s sports page featured an article called (in the paper edition) “The inexperience advantage.” The sub-title was “Rams’ 33-year-old McVay embodies national trend of unseasoned leader bringing fresh ideas to job.” Sean McVay’s success as a 33-year-old NFL coach is a remarkable story. The fact that his Rams lost the Super Bowl tonight doesn’t diminish it. But the claim by the Post’s Kent Babb that McVay »

Kamala Harris: “Simply American,” but so much more

Featured image “For Harris, identity is simply ‘American.'” That’s the title (print edition) of a gushing article about Kamala Harris in today’s Washington Post. The Post’s Kevin Sullivan then rambles on for paragraphs discussing Harris’ multi-racial, multi-ethnic background. “Simply American” or not, Harris isn’t above discussing it, either. When she decided to run for president, she wrote a book about her heritage. Here’s what I’d like to know. When Harris applied to »

Why Democrats Will Oust Gov. Northam

Featured image A few stray thoughts about the saga of Gov. Ralph Northam: First, quite aside from the credulity-straining explanations Northam offered, what struck me was his mediocrity, best seen by his reflex, after every opening sentence in response to a question, to pivot immediately to the rote cliches of politics, i.e., “I just want to get back to doing the important work of the people of Virginia,” etc., as if this »

Cory Booker — Spartacus and proud of it

Featured image Sen. Cory Booker is the latest Democratic entrant in the presidential sweepstakes. Not one to be defensive, Booker expressed pride in his Spartacus moment. The moment was vintage Booker. He touted his courage in “exposing” a classified document, claiming that he risked expulsion from the Senate for doing so. But the document had already been approved for release. There was never a risk that Booker would be expelled for discussing »

Spartacus jumps in

Featured image Senator Cory Booker has announced his candidacy for the president of the United States. Politico has the story here, the Wall Street Journal here (or here via Outline). Senator Booker distinguished himself among the thuggish and theatrical Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee with a comic performance as “Spartacus.” Senator Booker should be better known for the fabrication of T-Bone, his imaginary friend. Unlike some of the other current »