2020 Presidential Election

Rioters for Trump? (2)

Featured image John took issue with my hypothesis here yesterday that the rioting under way could redound to Trump’s advantage, and his case is perfectly reasonable: Trump has been deprived of the main trump (heh) cards of incumbency, which are peace and prosperity. I agree that things look very tough for Trump right now, but one thing we know about him for certain by now is that he is a tough, relentless »

Rioters for Trump? [With Comment by John]

Featured image There was a popular cliche early in the Trump presidency in response to each hysterical leftist bleating about the supposed dark night of fascism Trump represented, which went: “Do you want more Trump?  Because this is how you get more Trump.” And I have a distinct memory of walking onto Sproul Plaza on the Berkeley campus the morning after the Milo riot in February 2017, where a large knot of »

Slow Joe Does It Again

Featured image You may have already seen Joe Biden confusing D-Day with Pearl Harbor. He’s wrong about the item of Delaware history he cites, as well: Sure, everyone slips up once in a while when speaking. But two things about Biden: 1) he can hardly get through the most softball of interviews without bungling, and 2) even when he isn’t garbling his facts, he comes across as a goofball. Why? Because he »

Good News for Trump from … Team Obama?

Featured image There are quite a few raised eyebrows about today’s story in Politico with the headline “The General Election Scenario That Democrats Are Dreading.” The story is built around the economic forecast of the former chief economist for President Obama, Jason Furman, who is now a professor at Harvard. I sat next to Furman once at one of those big deal luncheons in Washington DC back when Furman was in the »

A Unified Field Theory for Democratic Nominees (which Biden Doesn’t Fit)

Featured image Even if Biden’s age problem wasn’t so obvious, it would still count against him for a simple reason, which I call “Hayward’s Unified Field Theory of Successful Democratic Nominees.” Since World War II Democrats generally win the White House with a younger nominee, usually in his 40s, with a clear generation-changing message about the future: think John F. Kennedy (“New Frontier!”), Bill Clinton (who openly claimed to be a “New »

Joe Biden Beats Himself!—The Sequel [Updated]

Featured image Good grief, it is not even noon out here on the Left Coast, but Slow Joe has already managed to top his idiocy that John flagged earlier. Appearing on a black radio show in which he blurted out at the end, “Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” But if you read the entire story »

Can Joe Biden stand up to Stacey Abrams?

Featured image I agree with Scott’s prediction that Stacey Abrams will not be Joe Biden’s running mate. But the fact that we’re even talking about a failed gubernatorial candidate who has never served at a higher level than state legislator as a possible vice presidential nominee is a tribute to a combination of Abrams’s ability to self promote and the frivolousness of the Democratic Party and its media backers. It’s also a »

More Thoughts on Trump’s Prospects

Featured image Steve wrote earlier today about President Trump’s re-election prospects. This is, of course, a subject to which we will return many times between now and November. For now I want to make a few big-picture points and post a couple of videos. Three months ago, I was confident that Trump would be re-elected. Any president wants to run for re-election on a platform of peace and prosperity, and Trump was »

Trump’s Prospects in November

Featured image Right now all the best polls show Trump trailing Joe Biden by significant margins. Why is it no one seems to believe them? Past experience, no doubt: Trump in 2016 ran ahead of his polls in most of the Republican primaries, and then again in November. True, the nationwide polls had Hillary’s popular vote margin over Trump about right, but that accuracy depended on the lumpy Democratic vote mostly in »

Biden Agonistes

Featured image You owe it to your self to spend the two minutes it takes to see the Trump campaign’s terrific ad capitalizing on the hypocrisy of “believe all women” Democrats (plus another reminder, as though you needed one, of the ever-grating Hillary): Meanwhile, the New York Times editorial page, ignoring their news pages which said it “investigated” the Tara Reade story fully and found nothing, now says there should be a »

2020 Preview: Voters Are Excited!

Featured image In what seems a counterintuitive finding, Rasmussen Reports finds an unusually high level of enthusiasm among voters for next year’s presidential election, especially among Republicans: Sixty percent (60%) of Likely U.S. Voters say a choice this November between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden is one they are excited about. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 34% will simply be voting for the »

The Reade Allegation: Can Joe Keep On Biden His Time? [With Comment by John]

Featured image The Tara Reade story won’t go away quietly, partly because Joe Biden refuses to deal with it himself. There are several new stories in the mainstream media over the last 48 hours that exhibit great latent anxiety among Democrats over the story. The New York Times ran with a story that is a model of ventriloquist journalism and a memo to their candidate telling him to get his act together: »

The Gathering Storm Over Tara Reade

Featured image Tara Reade’s allegations that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her back in 1993 continue to heat up to a slow boil, despite the major media’s best attempts to suppress or ignore them. No doubt the media are trying to “flatten the curve” of news stories to prevent them from becoming a pandemic that fatally infects the Biden campaign. But Biden’s weak pre-existing conditions mean that it might not take much exposure »

What a Duo!

Featured image I take it that Joe Biden has regularly been putting out videos from the basement of his home. I haven’t seen much interest in them expressed, except to the extent that many have commented on his inability to construct a sentence or express a thought without looking awkwardly down at his notes. Today was a special treat, as he hosted a “townhall” with Hillary Clinton. Of course, that isn’t exactly »

Why Trump Will Win

Featured image Most current polls show Slow Joe Biden leading Trump by anywhere from 4 to 8 points, but this does not impress me very much. At this point in 1980, Jimmy Carter had a comfortable lead against GOP front-runner Ronald Reagan, too. Lots of state governors right now—even Michigan’s egregious Gwretched Whitless—have very high approval ratings, but I think this is a rally-round-the-flag effect that is as evanescent as a summer »

“Joe Biden stands up for China”

Featured image When the dust from the current pandemic has settled, there will be aspects of President Trump’s response at which, legitimately, to snipe. It’s unrealistic to expect any leader to make all the right calls when confronted with this kind of unexpected crisis. Other than Sen. Tom Cotton, I don’t know of any politician who fully had the right line on the Wuhan coronavirus from the beginning. However, Joe Biden will »

Slow Joe’s Latest Whiffs

Featured image Someone has suggested that Joe Biden’s frequent video chats from his basement are meant to be “proof of life” evidence, because if he actually went silent for a few days speculation would build that he has COVID-19. But these increasingly hapless appearances contribute to the impression that he has Dementia2020. Here’s the latest three-minute highlight reel of Slow Joe struggling his way through what ought to be fairly easy and »