2020 Presidential Election

Biden under fire for touting his ability to get along with racists

Featured image At a fundraiser in New York last night (Tuesday), Joe Biden boasted about his ability, in the 1970s, to work with Senators James Eastland and Herman Talmadge. Both were arch-segregationists, the former from Mississippi, the latter from Georgia. Biden described his relationship with the two Dixiecrats as “civil.” Of Talmadge, Biden said, “We got things done, we didn’t agree on much of anything, we got things done.” Of Eastland, he »

After Last Night

Featured image I previewed President Trump’s campaign kickoff here, and then watched the whole event live. I thought it was highly impressive. Here are my observations: At 73, Trump remains a force of nature. He spoke for an hour and a quarter or an hour and a half, vigorously to say the least. Actually, I would like to see a less Castroite Trump; I thought his speech flagged during the last 15 »

Trump demonizes Dems. They deserve it, but is it a good idea?

Featured image Scott has written about President Trump’s rally in Florida with which he kicked off his reelection campaign. Scott pointed to this quote from Trump: Our radical Democrat opponents are driven by hatred, prejudice and rage. They want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it. Not acceptable. It’s not going to happen. This statement, I feel sure, resonated with those who attended the rally. »

The pathetic Biden (4)

Featured image I think we’re up to part 4 with a bullet in the series that Steve recently initiated. Politico Playbook PM reports: “NOTHING. We desperately wanted to get an explanation about what JOE BIDEN meant when he spoke longingly about working with segregationists James Eastland and Herman Talmadge. But the Biden campaign declined to talk about it on the record or on background, or explain whether Biden would further clarify what »

Orlando and dawn of the campaign

Featured image President Trump kicked off his 2020 presidential campaign with a best-ever rally of the faithful at the Amway Center in Orlando last night (video below). Bruce Kesler posted the photo above taken by his son at the rally here at Maggie’s Farm. Bruce also quoted Trump on the opposition: “Our radical Democrat opponents are driven by hatred, prejudice and rage. They want to destroy you and they want to destroy »

President Trump Launches Re-Election Campaign

Featured image I suspect that President Trump is tired of seeing mediocrities and nonentities garnering publicity as they vie for the Democratic presidential nomination, and has decided to claim his outsized share of the spotlight. In any event, he has chosen to officially launch his 2020 presidential campaign tonight in Orlando. Of course Trump’s launch has drawn enthusiasm that dwarfs anything on the Democratic side: Thousands of people are already lined up »

Who’s a socialist?

Featured image Robert Samuelson writes sensible columns about the economy for the Washington Post. His latest column, less sensible than usual, is a contribution to the growing body of mainstream media musings about what socialism means and the extent to which various Democratic contenders favor it. Samuelson argues that accusing Democrats of being socialists is a “slur” because “we are all socialists now.” What counts, says Samuelson, isn’t labels, but rather policy »

Eliminate stupidity now!

Featured image Speaking at a presidential forum convened by the Poor People’s Campaign yesterday, Joe Biden was asked how to eliminate poverty now (video below). In response to the question, Biden advocated the elimination of the Trump tax cuts and observed that there is plenty of money around. So no problem or, as Biden might put it, no problem, man. The question and answer inspire a modest proposal of my own: Eliminate »

“Big Ideas,” Little Candidates

Featured image Is NBC News secretly in the employ of the Trump 2020 campaign? You really have to wonder by the series NBC News is running right now asking each of the Democratic presidential candidate to name their “one big idea” for America that will cause a groundswell and propel them to the White House next year. These are some of the “big ideas” they are offering: Cory Booker: Baby bonds. What? »

Will the Crazy Left Re-Elect Trump?

Featured image Donald Trump is a lucky man. First he got to run for president against an almost unbelievably bad candidate, Hillary Clinton, who couldn’t win despite having the FBI and CIA laboring on her behalf. Now it appears that he will run for re-election against the nominee of a party wholly in thrall to its most extreme and juvenile elements. The New York Post headlines a piece by Mary Kay Linge: »

The Sanders manifesto

Featured image Bernie Sanders seems to me to embody the trouble with socialism. In his cranky attitude and crabby visage he gives expressive form to the spirit driving the thing. He takes the vast wealth produced by the citizens of the United States as a given. He wants at it with no apparent attention to the destructive effects of the socialist imperative. This week he purported to restate his manifesto (text here, »

Dem debate draw produces lopsided fields

Featured image Yesterday, the Democrats held their random draw to determine which presidential contenders will participate in which of the two debates to be held on June 26 and 27. The draw produced lopsided fields. The second debate will feature four of the five top contenders (according to the polls). Elizabeth Warren is the only top-five candidate who will debate on opening night. She will be joined by Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, »

Democrats winnow their presidential debate field. . .

Featured image to 20 debaters. Only three members of the presidential field were “winnowed.” The hapless three are Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana, Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, and Wayne Messam, the mayor of Miramar, Fla. (I have never heard of Messam or, for that matter, of Miramar). Here’s who made the cut: Sen. Michael Bennet Joe Biden Sen. Cory Booker Mayor Pete Buttigieg Julian Castro Mayor Bill de Blasio former Rep. »

Elizabeth Warren surges. Why?

Featured image While I was in Europe, and not paying much attention to the news, Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy surged. Polling suggests that she has moved well past Pete Buttigieg into no worse than third place in the race for the Democratic nomination. A very recent poll by YouGov has her in second place, ahead of Bernie Sanders. What explains Warren’s surge? Paul Waldman of the Washington Post tries to answer that question »

The pathetic Biden (3)

Featured image Steve Hayward commented on Joe Biden’s tweet declaring his buddyhood with Barack Obama in part 2 of this series last night. Biden tweeted an image of a friendship bracelet with “Joe” and “Barack” on the bracelet along with a smiley face and other gewgaws. “Happy #BestFriendsDay to my friend, @BarackObama,” Biden wrote. Former Obama campaign guru and senior adviser David Axelrod had a comment of his own on Biden’s declaration. »

The Pathetic Biden (2)

Featured image Joe Biden’s presidential drive is taking on an air of desperation already. How pathetic is this: I’m sure this will be a big seller—the Biden equivalent of a MAGA hat. It just screams—”No, really, I’m as cool as Barack! That ‘clean, articulate’ man (and ‘nice looking’ too!), as I put it back in 2oo8.” Meanwhile, Biden’s abrupt about-face on his 40-year old position on the Hyde Amendment banning taxpayer funding »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll identifies THE WORST PARTY EVER! She writes: My good friend, Minnesota neighbor, and frequent roadie when I was doing comedy was a Vietnam vet named Randy. He was and remains a gregarious, friendly salesman-type guy who knows hundreds of people from all walks of life. He once invited me to accompany him to a “party” at the home of a friend of his. Ned was going through a »