2020 Presidential Election

Feeling the Bern in California

Featured image My pals at the Institute of Governmental Studies here at UC Berkeley (where I remain a fellow against all odds—story to follow some day soon) today released their latest poll on the state of the presidential race here in the once Golden State ahead of the March primary. I know the IGS pollster, Mark DiCamilo, quite well (in fact we shared an office for a time), and I think he »

Joltin’ Bolton and Reckless Romney

Featured image I guess I should say something. For five years my office at AEI was right next to John Bolton. Lately I’ve been having fun with this photo suggesting I can do “hearsay” with the best of Adam Schiff’s witnesses (that is, “making stuff up”). I can’t say I got to know Bolton very well, but as early risers we were often the first people in the office before well before »

Democrats Determined to Frack Themselves

Featured image When I heard Elizabeth Warren declare some weeks ago that she’d ban all hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for oil and natural gas, my immediate reaction was, “Well, there goes Pennsylvania and also any remote chance Democrats might have winning Ohio again.” This issue could even make Colorado interesting, at least for the likely Democratic nominee for Senate, John Hickenlooper, who is a rare pro-oil and gas Democrat. He’ll have to distance »

Trump Versus Dean Wormer

Featured image Some months ago I think I shared the mashup video of Trump superimposed on some kind of Bollywood movie about Peshwa warriors or something. Anyway, it was good. But now someone has done it one better, with Trump taking on . . . Dean Wormer! (Just 1:30 long.) Trump as head of Delta House is actually a lot more accurate than the people who did this parody may realize. And »

Long division, DMR style

Featured image In a beautiful case of just in time manufacturing, the Des Moines Register has arrived with its endorsement of the candidate to lead Democrats to victory over Trump in November. Clue: Bernie Sanders hardest hit. One more clue: the Register editorial board found that each of the Democratic candidates would “treat truth as something that matters.” Elizabeth Warren, it had to be you. Warren would probably be one of the »

Now It’s Sanders vs. Biden

Featured image Bernie Sanders’ feud with Elizabeth Warren is well known, but I hadn’t realized that he is now battling with Joe Biden until I saw this column by the appalling Paul Krugman. He indicts Sanders for dishonest attacks on Biden relating to Social Security, and, like many other observers, notes the recurrent viciousness of the Sanders operation: While the news media has been focused on the “spat” between Elizabeth Warren and »

The State of Things for Dems: Gloomy & Getting Gloomier

Featured image It’s still early and things can change fast, but several new polls show Bernie Sanders surging in Iowa and New Hampshire as well as nationally, as Warren continues to stumble, Biden continues to unimpress, and Buttigieg continues to ignore the propeller beanie hat stuck to his head. If Sanders sweeps Iowa and New Hampshire and surges in South Carolina and Nevada, he could become well nigh unstoppable. The Democratic establishment, »

An Iowa-New Hampshire double? Probably not.

Featured image I don’t think anyone worth paying attention to has a clear idea of who will win the Iowa caucuses or the New Hampshire primary. However, history suggests that the same candidate will not win both. Whether because Iowa caucus goers are quirky, or because New Hampshire voters don’t like to say “ditto,” or through sheer coincidence, the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, when seriously contested, usually produce two »

The New York Times Never Disappoints!

Featured image There’s a joke from way back in the 1980s about how the major media would report the announcement that the world is going to end tomorrow. The Wall Street Journal’s headline would say, “World Ending Tomorrow; Markets to Close Early.” USA Today’s headline would say, “World Ending Tomorrow, but We’ll Grin and Bear It.” And the New York Times headline would say: “World Ending Tomorrow: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit.” Lo and »

Tigers at the White House

Featured image The national champion LSU Tigers–I would say, the unbelievably talented LSU Tigers–visited the White House on Friday. Star wide receiver JaMarr Chase tweeted this; I know about it because it is all over Twitter, with 104,000 likes and 22,000 retweets, and one of my daughters pointed it out: It’s an exciting day in the White House. #GetTheGat @SubtweetShawn3 pic.twitter.com/UtgRBP5fxQ — Ja’MarrChase (@Real10jayy__) January 17, 2020 I think President Trump will »

President Trump and the Latino vote

Featured image Christian Paz, writing in The Atlantic, warns Democrats to worry about the Latino vote in this year’s presidential election. According to Paz, the Trump campaign is doing an excellent job of reaching out to a key segment of the Latino vote — evangelicals. By contrast, Democrats are “struggling to engage Latino voters, address issues beyond immigration reform, and treat Latinos as the influential voting bloc they are.” Only Bernie Sanders »

A New Theory About Bloomberg’s Grand Strategy

Featured image What if Michael Bloomberg isn’t really running for the Democratic nomination at all? It is well known that Bloomberg looked closely at running for president as an independent in one or two previous election cycles, partly because he knew his chances of winning the Democratic nomination were very remote. He decided against it in 2016 because he was certain it would hand the election to Trump. Bloomberg’s chances of winning »

Is Warren now the new Hillary Clinton for Bernie Bros?

Featured image The Washington Post reports: An angry split among liberal Democrats broke into the open Wednesday as two prominent presidential candidates exchanged accusations of dishonesty, raising fears among party leaders of a repeat of the internecine bitterness that many Democrats say contributed to President Trump’s victory in 2016. The fears are not without a basis. Yesterday, some irate supporters of Sanders circulated a #Never­Warren hashtag. #WarrenIsASnake also began trending. Warren deserves »

Who’s zoomin’ who?

Featured image Yesterday CNN released audio of the exchange between Senators Warren and Sanders following the Democratic presidential candidates’ pre-impeachment debate on Tuesday night (video below). CNN reports the exchange as follows: “I think you called me a liar on national TV,” Warren can be heard saying. “What?” Sanders responded. “I think you called me a liar on national TV,” she repeated. “You know, let’s not do it right now. If you »

Warren doesn’t shake Sanders’s hand

Featured image I watched most of tonight’s Democratic debate. It was a pretty dull affair. To the extent there were fireworks, they occurred after the debate, albeit in the form of something that didn’t happen — a non-handshake. During the debate, as expected, there was an exchange between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren about the latter’s allegation that the former told her a woman couldn’t defeat President Trump. The exchange was civil »

He said, she said: Bernie and Liz edition

Featured image Elizabeth Warren claims that in December 2018, she told Bernie Sanders that a woman could win the presidency in 2020, and that Sanders disagreed. Sanders denies this. According to his version of the meeting, Sanders said only that Trump would attempt to undermine a female opponent by using scorched earth tactics. According to the Washington Post, two people “with knowledge” of the conversation support Sanders’s version. The Post doesn’t say »

The 15-Minute Video Book of Bernie

Featured image The good folks at ReasonTV put together this 15-minute highlight reel of Bernie Sanders’s greatest socialist hits, and I expect we’ll see parts of this rolled out by other campaigns—especially Bloomberg but ultimately Trump’s campaign—if Bernie does well in the early primaries. Worth it alone for the quote at the very beginning on the virtue of food lines in socialist countries. That one quote alone ought to kill Bernie’s campaign »