2020 Presidential Election

Shut up, he explained

Featured image The Biden administration has deputized Krazee-Eyez Killa Jack Smith to put President Trump away some time before the 2024 presidential election. The train keeps a rollin’, banana republic style. Last week Smith filed a motion in his District of Columbia 2020 election case against Trump. Smith’s motion is supported by a 19-page memorandum that is posted online here. Jonathan Turley criticizes Smith’s motion in “Gagging Donald Trump: Why Smith’s ‘Narrowly »

Mail-In Voting Is Here to Stay; GOP Must Adapt or Lose

Featured image In a perfect world, voters would be required to show up on Election Day to cast their ballots. Unfortunately, the pandemic handed Democrats a golden opportunity to implement mail-in voting and its close cousins, early voting and ballot harvesting, on an unprecedented scale. As dangerous and unpalatable as these activities may be, they are here to stay. By Election Day, Democratic candidates, who have been getting out the vote for »

Take a load off Fani: Stuck inside of Fulton County

Featured image Mark Meadows is one of the defendants in the Georgia state criminal case brought by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis against President Trump and a cast of thousands. Meadows is Trump’s former chief of staff and the two crimes with which he is charged arise from his service to Trump. Meadows therefore sought removal of the charges against him from state to federal court under the federal officer removal »

Is Lindsey Graham a Ham Sandwich?

Featured image The familiar adage is that a prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. Support for that idea comes from this story: “Georgia special grand jury recommended charges for Sens. Lindsey Graham, David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler.” A special grand jury recommended that Atlanta’s district attorney seek to charge three current and former US senators in connection with former President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential »

The Party that Cried Wolf

Featured image Desperate to take the focus off the FBI’s investigation into her use of a private server during her tenure as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton and her sycophants strangled reality beyond all recognition to build the case that then-candidate Donald Trump was an agent of Russia. Although Clinton lost the 2016 election, their efforts mired Trump’s campaign and then his nascent presidency in scandal for three years. And to this »

Things that go Bump in the day

Featured image James Taranto observed in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal apropos of the Dem/media assault on Justice Thomas that “[o]ne reason Americans don’t trust the media is that politically biased reporters routinely adulterate the news with tendentious language and prepackaged opinions. The result is crude propaganda—lousy opinion writing and unreliable information rolled into one and deceptively packaged as straight news.” Take the case of the Washington Post and Post “national columnist” Philip »

Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal was even sweeter before news of IRS whistleblower

Featured image We were all appalled to hear in June that Hunter Biden had received a sweetheart plea deal from U.S. Attorney David Weiss. Under that agreement, Hunter would plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges of tax evasion and enter into a pretrial diversion agreement on a felony charge of possession of a firearm by a user of illegal drugs. As we know, the deal fell apart in spectacular fashion at the »

I Read the Georgia Indictment, So You Don’t Have To

Featured image The Georgia indictment relates to Donald Trump’s (and 18 other defendants’) post-election efforts to reverse the apparent result of the 2020 election, in Georgia and elsewhere. That Trump made such attempts is not disputed. The question is, what did he do that was illegal? The indictment alleges a vast conspiracy, supported by 161 “overt acts,” that ultimately comprises Count I, a violation of Georgia’s RICO statute. The problem is that, »

Take a load off Fani

Featured image A Fulton County Georgia grand jury handed up an indictment of President Trump and 18 other staffers and lawyers including Mark Meadows, Jenna Ellis, Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and Sidney Powell in connection with the 2020 election. The sprawling indictment runs to 41 counts and 98 pages in all. Thirteen of the 41 counts charge Trump. A racketeering charge leads the indictment. Jonathan Turley comments: “District Attorney Fani Willis appears »

Amateur Hour In Georgia

Featured image Reuters reports that earlier today, the Fulton County state court posted a “Case Information” document that lists charges against Donald Trump. The document was subsequently deleted, but you can see it here. The District Attorney’s office stated: “The Reuters report that those charges were filed is inaccurate. Beyond that we cannot comment,” a spokesperson for the District Attorney’s office said. While the court was even less forthcoming: The court clerk’s »

Trump Indictment: Sad Story, Lousy Legal Theories

Featured image I have now read the Democrats’ long-awaited indictment of Donald Trump for his actions after the 2020 election. Here are some thoughts: * The indictment describes numerous instances of bad behavior by Trump. Trump’s conduct, as described with considerable supporting evidence, deserves criticism, censure, opprobrium. It implies that nominating him to run again for the presidency would be a catastrophic error. But whether the indictment describes crimes is a completely »

GOP senators peeved over number of constituents who believe 2020 election was stolen

Featured image Several Republican senators told The Hill this week that more and more frequently, they are being “confronted by constituents who buy into discredited conspiracy theories such as the claim that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election or that federal agents incited the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.” The Hill spoke to at least three GOP senators, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and two others who requested anonymity.  »

Deep state of denial

Featured image Oh, by the way, Gary Shapley’s testimony establishes that the FBI confirmed the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop as far back as November 2019. The Washington Free Beacon covered that aspect of Shapley’s testimony last week in this story by Andrew Kerr and Joe Simonson. The Free Beacon’s Chuck Ross follows up with this sidebar to Shapley’s testimony today: The former spies and Biden campaign aides who smeared Hunter Biden’s »

Can John Eastman Get a Fair Trial?

Featured image The disbarment proceeding against John Eastman for his role in assisting President Trump in contesting the 2020 election results got under way today, with a trial before the California State Bar, with California Bar Court Judge Yvette Roland presiding. You can actually watch the trial, which is expected to take a week, live on Zoom. I watched the first five hours Tuesday, and while the proceedings seemed slow and were »

Trump vs. CNN

Featured image Donald Trump’s “town hall” appearance on CNN last night has liberals gnashing their teeth. They don’t understand why CNN would give Trump a forum, they are appalled that the audience was in Trump’s corner, and they are frustrated that Trump dominated the event, with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins unable to keep Trump under control, let alone embarrass him. Inevitably, CNN’s host ignored the pressing issues of the day and went straight »

Directly from the deep state to you: The report

Featured image House committee chairmen Jim Jordan (Judiciary and Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government) and and Michael Turner (Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) have released the 64-page joint interim staff report “The Hunter Biden Statement: How Senior Intelligence Community Officials and the Biden Campaign Worked to Mislead American Voters.” The link goes to the report they released today. I summarized stories previewing the report this morning in “Directly »

The disinformation hoax

Featured image In late March Tablet published Jacob Siegel’s “A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century.” Subhead accompanied by the profile of a blackbird’s head: “Thirteen ways of looking at disinformation.” (The subhead and graphic allude to the Wallace Stevens poem). It’s a long-form essay that runs to some 13,000 words. The introduction is followed by a table of contents with links to the chapters: I. Russophobia Returns, Unexpectedly: The »