2020 Presidential Election

Civil War on the Left: Election Outlook Edition

Featured image One thing you can reliably count on in a presidential election cycle is that the raw ambition to power will cause candidates eventually to roll out their nastiest attacks on their intra-party rivals. Remember, for example, how embattled incumbent Jimmy Carter obliquely brought up Ted Kennedy’s disgrace at Chappaquiddick in 1980 with his comment that “I never panicked in a crisis,” or how Al Gore was the first person to »

Mandarin Media Not Even Trying to Hide Their Bias Anymore [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Item 1, from last January 21, a classic example of how “smart” and perceptive our media mandarins are: Now Kamala Harris Is a 2020 Candidate, Trump Has No Chance at Winning Another Election By Julie Allen Kamala Harris just ruined Donald Trump’s day. With her much anticipated declaration today, she immediately installed herself as a front-runner in the race to be the Democrat intent on taking down the president in 2020. »

Cory’s complaint

Featured image Cory Booker moans that the Democrats are “spiraling towards a debate stage that could have six people with no diversity whatsoever.” This statement is flatly false. The six Dems who have locked up places on the debate stage are Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Tom Steyer. On this list are two women, a gay male, and a Jew. Clearly, it is a diverse group. »

Did Harris fail because she’s a woman of color?

Featured image That’s the line being peddled by some on the identity politics left. Harris herself seems to favor the theory. It’s garbage. The last two Democratic nominees were, respectively, a black and a female. Clearly, then, Harris didn’t fail because she’s black and she didn’t fail because she’s a woman. But was the combination of these two identities too much for Democrats to stomach? To make that argument, one must explain »

The fall of Kamala Harris

Featured image What explains Kamala Harris’s collapse? Even before she withdrew from the presidential race, the pre-mortems had been written and published. Not just the one in the New York Times that Steve quotes, but also this one in the Washington Post. There are a number of plausible explanations for why Harris sank. To identify the single biggest factor, I think we need to revisit the moment when the air began to »

Breaking: Kamala Harris, Exit Stage Left [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Unsurprisingly Kamala Harris exited the Democratic presidential field today. The handwriting has been on the wall from the very beginning. She’s merely the latest example of a prominent political figure who succumbed to the media siren cries and sycophants around her who told her that she was the “next Obama,” but who was clearly unprepared for the order-of-magnitude step increase that is a presidential race. (Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was »

Biden His Time Out of Mind (Updated)

Featured image So Joe Biden’s new campaign slogan is “No malarkey”??! Seriously? As usual, the Babylon Bee has the best take: Many have criticized Joe Biden’s new campaign slogan, “No Malarkey,” for being out of touch and old-fashioned. But new polls show that the slogan is actually a huge hit among the working class in the 1920s. While a minority said Trump was their man and a few liked some of the »

Biden’s running mate

Featured image If Joe Biden gets the Democratic nomination, it’s a good bet he will select a woman as his running mate. Biden has mentioned four women he might pick. They are Sally Yates, Stacey Abrams, Jeanne Shaheen, and Maggie Hassan. Yates has spent her entire career as a lawyer, not much of a recommendation for the second highest office in the land. Her biggest claims to fame are helping to set »

Warren’s woes

Featured image Before I left the country last week, the biggest news on the Democratic nomination contest front was Pete Buttigieg’s surge. This was big news mainly because of the threat Buttigieg suddenly posed to Elizabeth Warren in Iowa, not because Buttigieg has much chance of winning the nomination. But now, the big story for the Democrats is the decline in national support for Warren. A month ago, polls consistently showed Warren’s »

Civil War on the Left, Ch. 70: Warren Agonistes

Featured image What’s a “progressive” to do when you have two credible candidates for the Democratic nomination (Sanders and Warren) trying to outbid each other in the Socialist Clearinghouse Giveaway Sweepstakes? (This is the contest where Comrade McMahonsky comes to your door to dispossess you of your house.) Well, for The Guardian, you attack Elizabeth Warren! From the beginning, there were good reasons for progressive leftists not to trust that Elizabeth Warren »

Coming: A White House Office of Euphemisms?

Featured image If you want to catch a quick way of understanding how far left the Democratic Party has drifted over time, run your mind back to the quaint old days of John F. Kennedy, whose administration, in contemplating new policies to reduce poverty, thought that the core of the problem was—I kid you not—”juvenile delinquency.” That’s the term the Kennedy Administration actually used. Today, of course, liberals can’t stand to use »

Buttigieg and the Intersectional Blues

Featured image While “Mayor Pete” rises in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, it is a delight to watch the media tiptoe around his very weak pull with black voters. The New York Times today ran a story headlined, “Pete Buttigieg is Struggling with Black Voters. Here’s Why.” Except the story never really tells you probably the biggest reason why: American blacks are highly hostile to homosexuality. This fact goes completely »

The Epic Hypocrisy of Tom Steyer, Revisited

Featured image One of the Democrats’ stranger presidential pretenders is Tom Steyer. Steyer hasn’t made a dent in the polls so far, despite spending a lot of money. (Like many who would like to be president, having money is Steyer’s principal qualification.) Steyer’s main issue in the campaign–really, his only issue–is climate change. So one of the more interesting moments in last night’s debate was when Joe Biden responded to a climate »

Polls: Buttigieg is ahead in Iowa

Featured image Two of the three most recent polls of Iowa Democrats flagged by Real Clear Politics show Pete Buttigieg in the lead. The most recent one, by the Des Moines Register/CNN, has him well ahead. In that survey, he leads second-place Elizabeth Warren by 25-16. In a Monmouth poll, Buttigieg edges out Joe Biden, 22-19, with Warren in third place at 18 percent. The other survey is by CBS News/YouGov. It »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 154: Henry Olsen with the Inside Baseball on Politics and . . . Baseball

Featured image This week I catch up with Henry Olsen to go through the inside baseball of the unfolding Democratic presidential primary season, but also the inside baseball about . . . baseball! Did you know that the Houston Astros colluded with the Russians and Ukrainians to steal the 2017 World Series! So runs the allegation, with hearings no doubt to follow. In any case, I actually stumped Henry by recalling the »

A Vulture Capitalist Enters the Democratic Race

Featured image Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. That doesn’t interest me much, but it is worth noting that Patrick resigned from Bain Capital the day before he announced. Of course, there is nothing wrong with working for Bain; it is a perfectly good company. But remember the abuse that the Democrats heaped on Mitt Romney for running Bain Capital? He was a “vulture »

Loose Ends, Mostly on the Election Campaign

Featured image • Wait—Mark Sanford was running for president? Somehow I missed him on the campaign trail. But now he will have more time for that other trail. • Is this real news, or the Babylon Bee (which is more accurate news these days): Hillary Clinton says “many, many, many people” are urging her to run for president again next year. As the Bee points out, most of these people are likely »