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Trump From Here: “A Nation in Decline”

Featured image Even before the hapless Biden Administration decided to make a yuuuge in-kind contribution to the Trump 2024 campaign by raiding his Florida home in search of . . . classified documents?! (yeah, right), everything I have been hearing from people who have spoken with Trump or been close to Trumpworld all say the same thing: he’s running again. Perhaps it is only a coincidence, but the day after the raid, »

Flashback: The 1969 Prophecy of the Corruption of Affirmative Action

Featured image With Supreme Court oral arguments now scheduled for the Harvard and University of North Carolina affirmative action cases, I’ve started reading through some of the amicus briefs filed in the case, and will comment on some of them in due course. Meanwhile, an exchange of letters between Macklin Fleming, a Justice of the Court of Appeals, State of California at Los Angeles, and Louis Pollak, Dean of the Yale Law School, that was »

Ben & Jerry’s Forced to Swallow Some of Their Own Fat

Featured image We have commented previously on the fad of “land acknowledgments” that are currently the rage on college campuses and at city council meetings in progressive outposts like Burlington, Madison, etc. I’ll repeat, for the record, why land acknowledgements are so unserious that they can hardly be dignified even as virtue-signaling: I want to ask: “If the land the university sits on rightfully belongs to an Indian tribe, why don’t we »

Today’s Energy Tutorial

Featured image I’ve discovered a wonderful energy data tool,, that offers interactive real-time and historical maps of electricity production and consumption around the world (insofar as data exist, which it doesn’t for China and other key places). Check it out for yourself. I want to draw a contrast between “green energy” Germany and France as of this morning (though use the time-slide in the lower left hand corner of the site »

Comeback for Dems? Not So Fast

Featured image To listen to the Democrats’ media cheerleaders, Biden and his party have their mojo back, and can now look forward to turning around their dismal mid-term election prospects. Paul Krugman thinks Democrats may have actually saved western civilization! It seems, though, that the voters haven’t yet got the memo, which is no surprise since public trust in the media is now below used-car salesman levels. As Charles Lipson pointed out, »

Cheney Versus Cheney

Featured image There is no clear dividing line between the legitimate purposes of a congressional investigation and the partisan purposes of the majority party that leads the investigation, but the balance usually devolves toward partisan agendas even when the underlying matter is serious, like Watergate. The only way to contain partisan motivations properly is for the minority party to have vigorous members on the investigating committee to hold the majority accountable and »

In Re: The Climate Bill (Part 1)

Featured image I’ll have a lot more to say about the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” in due course after I finish unpacking and catching up with five weeks of snail-mail and other things in the pile, but as an opening generalization it should be said that by passing massive subsidies for wind and solar power, the U.S. has decided to emulate Germany’s energiewende (“energy revolution”) policy that it adopted 20 years ago. »

The Geek in Pictures: Overdue Homework Edition

Featured image Needless to say when I go away for more than a month, I’m going to fall behind on my semi-regular look at the world through the lens of charts and graphs. • Let’s start with our non-recession “recession.” The jobs news last Friday—over 500,000 new jobs—virtually guarantees that we’ll be in an undeniable recession within a year. Unemployment is usually a lagging indicator of a recession, and a lot of »

Guest Post: Emina Melonic on “No ‘Batgirl’ Power”

Featured image The news that “Batgirl” has been canceled by senior executives may be a significant sign that the rebellion against suffocating wokery is gaining steam, or maybe it is just a case of entertainment management finally figuring out sunk-cost fallacy. In any case, I asked Emina Melonic to bring her astute powers of cinematic perception to bear on the news: Variety reports that Warner Bros./Discovery CEO David Zaslav has decided to »

Loose Ends (177)

Featured image • S0—what’d I miss? • Feel good story of the week: Vox Media lays off 39 people amid economic uncertainty Vox Media is laying off 39 people, less than 2% of its total staff of more than 2000, in an effort to get ahead of economic uncertainty, according to a source familiar with the cuts and a memo obtained by Axios. Why it matters: Vox Media is the latest in »

The Three McRibb Happy Meal Podcast? Never!

Featured image If I stay overseas any longer, it’s pretty clear the usurpation of the 3wHH will morph into the “The Three McRibb Happy Meal Podcast” if I don’t put a stop to it, so I made sure to disrupt this week’s episode once again from London, this time while finishing off a bottle of Poit Dhubh (potch-goo), as fits the real show. I didn’t stick around for long as it was »

Guest Post: Ken Green on Applying Game Theory to Politics

Featured image Ken Green takes up the old moral instruction “two wrongs don’t make a right,” but in fact game theory suggests that a strict tit-for-tat response actually leads to optimal outcomes eventually. Rather than walk through the headache-inducing and opaque equations and symbols of game theory, he simply ponders why treating the left with their own medicine is more likely to make them discover game theory for themselves: So, I was »

Guest Post: Lucretia Asks, Can Kristol Be Built Back Better?

Featured image Whenever I want to get “Lucretia” spun up, I say something like, “Pssst. . . I’ll need to check with Bill Kristol on that!” And then I sit back and open up a new bottle of peaty single-malt. But I did relent when she pointed out that Bill had lately embraced the idea that Democrats are best-suited to fix the country’s problems. Maybe he was just trolling again? Lucretia won’t »

Guest Post: Emina Melonic on ‘War Chic’

Featured image Emina Melonic is the perfect person to reflect on the meaning of the Vogue cover shot of the Zelenskyys: The war in Ukraine has been odd, to say the least. At the beginning, I was following it closely, especially since I saw the echoes of my own experience, namely in war-torn Bosnia. I saw innocent people dying and displaced out of their homes. But just like most things in this strange, »

Podcast: The 3WHH Counter-Coup!

Featured image I managed to crash the podcast this week in a futile attempt to blunt the slow-rolling coup that Lucretia and John Yoo started last week in my absence, but by the miracle of the internet I did just that, dropping in for a few minutes between drams of whisky and dishes of haggis. We kick around the Joe Manchin news, whether the White House will invent a new term for »

News You Can Use on . . . Naked Biking?

Featured image Like everyone, I get a lot of unsolicited emails with the classic clickbait trick of offering a “top ten” list or something like it. I usually delete or block them without opening, but this one succeeded in getting the click, and I am sure it is news some Power Line readers will want to know (whether as a list of where to avoid, or cycle to, I leave to you »

Guest Post: Ben Zycher on Patrick J. Michaels, 1950-2022

Featured image One of my failings and regrets is not getting to know Pat Michaels better. Pat’s passing about 10 days ago, at the too early age of 72, ago shocked his many friends. I met him several times and knew his work, and we once had a long and very convivial evening together in a New York bar about 15 years back. But I didn’t keep up with him as I »