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California’s Suicide Attempt, Pt. 4: High Speed to Nowhere

Featured image Really, the situation in California requires very little commentary or analysis. Just reporting the news does all the work for you. • OC Homeless Camp Cleanup: 400+ Tons Of Debris, Nearly 14,000 Needles, 5,300 Pounds Of Human Waste ANAHEIM (CBSLA/AP) — The Orange County Public Works department says 404 tons of debris has been removed from a former homeless encampment where more than 700 people lived until they were recently moved »

The Week in Pictures: Int’l Women’s Day Edition

Featured image Thursday was International Women’s Day, which sounds like something Austin Powers, the International Man of Mystery, would have thought up. What—just one day? Blacks get an entire history month. This sounds like the beginning of a bad Jewish mother joke that ends: “Never mind, I’ll just settle for one day.” And I have a further confusion: if gender is a social construct, isn’t having a “Women’s Day” problematic? Whatever, the »

Videos of the Week

Featured image Yesterday, in honor of International Women’s Day (because I guess National Women’s Day would be too Trumpian??), I offered up this mischievous tweet: Of course I had in mind something like the Lady Ghostbusters remake that was a total bust. But guess what? Someone beat me to the idea. (Language warning—but if you’ve seen The Big Lebowski, you already know that): Meanwhile, Remy has a new one out this week, »

Why We Hate the Media, Chapter 12, 879

Featured image A lot of liberal media types are deploring the deplorable people who deplore the media because of the result of this chart drawn from Gallup survey data showing that Democratic trust in the (Trump-hating) media is soaring, while discriminating people (that is, Republicans) continue to have less and less regard for the media: Surprise, surprise! I wonder what could be causing this “polarization”?  Maybe things like this, from the newspaper »


Featured image So Trump’s senior economic adviser, Gary Cohn, is resigning because of Trump’s announcement of steel and aluminum tariffs. The tariffs are likely a bad idea—unless you think Trump is merely making this move as part of his “art of the deal” strategy, and will end up with some trading partners altering their behavior and trading rules. Perhaps it will work out this way. It wouldn’t surprise me if it does. »

The Italian Earthquake

Featured image Italy is known for severe earthquakes from time to time, and as Paul noted yesterday, Italy’s voters just delivered an 8.0 magnitude political earthquake. As the dust settles, it is clear this was no mere minor swing in the vote.  Henry Olsen (our podcast guest last week discussing populism in Europe) notes today: Italy had every reason to change course. Its economy has been stagnant for years. Neither centre-right nor »

California’s Suicide Attempt, Part 3: The Wages of Gentry Liberalism

Featured image The great thing about being a liberal is that it is an endlessly adaptable creed. Back in the 1960s and 1970s when white people moved to the suburbs and urban cores deterioration, it was called “white flight,” and the left decried it as racist, etc. But now that affluent whites have moved back into the urban cores, it is called “gentrification,” and it is terrible because it ruins old neighborhoods »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 60: Free Speech on Campus

Featured image Readers ask me from time to time whether any of my classes or lectures are ever taped or live streamed or otherwise available online, and generally they aren’t for a very simple, but perhaps strange-sounding, reason. My classes are either seminars, with lots of wide-ranging discussion that wouldn’t make for good viewing or listening, or lectures, but even my lectures have a conversational, often stream-of-consciousness quality to them that also »

Hollyweird [Updated]

Featured image Last night marked the 35th consecutive year of my Not Watching the Academy Awards, and from early news reports it appears that 20 percent of last year’s audience are following my example. Ratings are at their all-time lowest ever. Host Jimmy Kimmel apparently made a lot of jokes about Trump, conservatives, the NRA, and in support of the #MeToo movement, which is pretty cheeky for someone who hosted The Man »

The Closed-Mindedness of Lightweight Liberals

Featured image Today’s comic relief comes to us courtesy of Washingtonian magazine, which has posted a feature on how hard it is for conservatives to date in DC these days, and despite the best efforts to be evenhanded, it is clear that the problem is liberals are so insecure or intolerant that they just can’t date a conservative. Someone spotted this delicious paragraph: First of all, Thomas Locke? Oh-kaaay. And second of »

For Democrats, Deja Vu All Over Again

Featured image Sen. Orrin Hatch got into a heap of trouble a few days ago when he called the supporters of Obamacare “the stupidest, dumbass people I’ve ever met.” He has apologized, though a new poll suggests that a lot of Democrats actually agree with him. At least that’s the takeaway from a new poll, out today from Civis Analytics, a new opinion survey firm started by some 2012 Obama campaign veterans. The »

California Suicide Watch, Part 3: Bring Back the Lunacy Commission?

Featured image With even the Los Angeles Times asking in an editorial, “How Can a Place with 58,000 Homeless People Continue to Function?“, perhaps it is worth looking back a hundred years or so to this section of California’s 1916 state budget, which proposed establishing a “Lunacy Commission” and a “Deportation Bureau” to send “insane” people back to their home states. The first line of the second paragraph below, in case you »

The Week in Pictures: Gun-Shy Edition

Featured image So let’s take stock. Trump suddenly expresses some sympathy for gun control measures, which puts #The Resistance in a bind, because you’re supposed to be against anything Trump is for. Maybe Trump is a really clever guy after all. Meanwhile, the media continue to discover new depths of ignorance when it comes to guns. They can’t even do fake gun news right! Now—can someone please suggest to Trump that American »

The Travails of Trump

Featured image Joseph Epstein wrote a terrific article in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week with the perfect headline: “The Only Good Thing About Trump Is All His Policies.” Just so. The Trump Administration has governed spectacularly in most respects, better than I had thought possible (until perhaps this week—more on that presently). It reminds me of the reverse of what my old mentor M. Stanton Evans used to say about »

Harshing the Immigration Narrative

Featured image The conventional wisdom about the near-collapse of the Republican Party in California is that Proposition 187 in 1994 doomed the party with Latino voters. Prop. 187 sought to bar illegal immigrants from eligibility for state social services; it passed by a comfortable margin and was struck down in federal court. I’ve long harbored doubts about this theme, in part because of how it is used as a cudgel against Republicans »

Today in Social Justice Panic

Featured image Today’s five-alarm social justice panic comes to us from the “Social Justice Team” at 8LimbsYoga in Seattle, which apparently has an inferiority complex to Portland or something. Not much commentary is required for this, so assuming your funny bone and the part of your larynx that produces laughter is suitably warmed up from your morning floor exercises, here goes: A LETTER FROM THE 8 LIMBS SOCIAL JUSTICE TEAM Dear Community, »

Conservatives Pass the Smell Test

Featured image Oh those wacky social scientists. In past years we’ve noted the social “science” findings that conservatives are supposedly paranoid, dumb, authoritarian (though in one celebrated case, the study gots its codes backwards and it was actually liberals who were all of these things), but also that conservatives are better looking than liberals, and even smell better, too. But it turns out—can you believe it?—that conservatives have a better sense of smell »