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Podcast: The 3WHH, on What’s In the News Today, Oh Boy!

Featured image We decided to just do a recap of the remarkable news of the week, because we learned that there is a reason we’ll miss Jen Psaki at the White House (plus a shout out to the forgotten Dee Dee Myers, who looks pretty good in retrospect); that the Anthony Scaramucci duration-in-office scale remains useful for marking the tenure in office of Nina Jankowitz (who nonetheless lasted longer than CNN+); that »

Bill Maher Crosses the Line?

Featured image Bill Maher must have overdosed on red pills this week, because his closing rant last night took on the holiest of left-wing holies—the transgender movement. One thing to note if you watch all the way through is the severe disapproving look on the face of Democratic Party factotum Donna Brazile. She is clearly not happy that Maher is “going there.” This is one issue about which the left will tolerate »

The Week in Pictures: Formulaic Edition

Featured image Is it any wonder that a nation currently run by infants would run short of baby formula? There is something fitting about this shortage. One wonders whether Biden is diverting supplies to his van so he can cruise nurseries or something. I hear that bare shelves are perfect places to affix your “I did that!” stickers since most gasoline pumps are well covered by this point. Meanwhile, to employ a »

Friday Morning Coming Down

Featured image It was some time in the 9th grade when I heard my first Genesis song, “Firth of Fifth” (from Selling England by the Pound) either on KROQ or KMET, one of the two legendary “alternative rock” stations in LA back in the glory days of radio. (Aside: the day KMET abruptly changed format to some kind of smooth rock format in 1986 ranks next to the breakup of The Beatles »

Dem Midterm Wipeout Watch (6)*

Featured image • The latest Quinnipiac Poll is out, and it shows further erosion for Biden and Democrats. Biden’s general approval rating has slumped to 35 percent (down from 38 percent in the last Quinnipiac Poll). Most startling is the fact that Biden fares worst with hispanic voters on the question of job approval, with only 26 percent approving (down from over 50 percent last year) and significantly lower than white voters: »

Is The New Deal Unconstitutional?

Featured image Well, duh—the obvious answer is YES. But that hasn’t been a winning argument in the Supreme Court since 1935 unfortunately. In the aftermath of the leaked Dobbs opinion, the left has been in a panic about what other “rights” the Supreme Court might take away, like the right to same sex marriage, inter-racial marriage, contraception, and watching European soccer in the middle of the night. The left lacks imagination, and apparently »

Updates: Musk for the Win, and the Progressive Roots of “Replacement Theory”

Featured image • When I posted in Loose Ends earlier today about Tesla being booted off the S&P ESG ETF, I neglected to speculate that it was Musk’s recent declaration that he’s going to vote Republican because Democrats have become too radical that might have triggered the step the woke capitalists have taken. And Musk has gamely responded: You know, I’m starting to think Musk is even better at Twitter than Trump. »

Loose Ends (166)

Featured image • Always behind on my weekend reading, so I just today caught up to Holman Jenkins’s Saturday column in the Wall Street Journal on “What Did the Steele Hoax Cost America?” The whole article is smoking hot great and worth reading all the way through if you have a Journal subscription, but this one passage stands out as the perfect summary for how to think about Trump: Mr. Trump may »

Breaking: Biden White House Shutting Down “Disinformation Board”

Featured image Today is offering a surfeit of feel-good news, but this one came in too late for the pervious post. The Washington Post is just up with the breaking story that the Biden Administration has decided to “pause” (but almost certainly shut down) the mis-named “Disinformation Governance Board”: Just three weeks after its announcement, the Disinformation Governance Board is being “paused,” according to multiple employees at DHS, capping a back-and-forth week »

Feel Good Stories of the Day

Featured image Who says the mainstream media only report bad news. There’s some very heartwarming and cheering stories out right now. • Let’s start with the New York Times today: With Plunging Enrollment, a ‘Seismic Hit’ to Public Schools ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — In New York City, the nation’s largest school district has lost some 50,000 students over the past two years. In Michigan, enrollment remains more than 50,000 below prepandemic levels »

The Replacements

Featured image I’m so old I can remember Bill Clinton blaming the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing on Rush Limbaugh. Heck, I’m so old I can recall MSNBC and the rest of the leftist hive mind blaming the 2011 shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords on Sarah Palin, when 30 seconds of observation showed clearly the shooter was severely mentally ill. Oh, wait—you don’t need to be old for that: the New York Times »

Loose Ends (165)

Featured image • Another Biden achievement reached today: Gasoline prices at the pump reached a new milestone on Tuesday. For the first time ever, all 50 states recorded gas prices above $4 a gallon, after prices in the three holdout states — Georgia, Kansas, and Oklahoma — increased overnight, according to AAA data. Chaser: • Long article in the New York Times today about rising second thoughts about the use of anti-psychotic »

Safe, Legal, and . . . That’s It

Featured image Bill Clinton’s political genius in 1992 was his keen sense of effective rhetorical straddles that enabled him to appeal to moderate voters who were thoroughly turned off by the doctrinaire liberalism of the 1980s-era Democrats. His “Sister Souljah” moment is legendary, as well as his tough-on-crime rhetoric and pledge to “end welfare as we know it.” (Leave for some other day that he was mostly lying about all of these »

Kamala’s Latest Deep Thoughts

Featured image Vice President Kamala Harris has offered up fresh profundities, this time on the manner in which we will all “work together,” though there is no reference to the time frame, as in, whether the time to work together is now, or every day, as we have been doing while working together, all the time. You think I’m making this up? See for yourself (only 35 seconds, but it seems much »

Fox News Starts New Satire Site?

Featured image So I pull up Fox News to find an opinion article titled, “It’s Time for Medicare for All.” And I notice the byline of the purported author: “Sen. Bernie Sanders.” To be sure, the article that follows does sound quite a lot like the real Bernie Sanders, the Socialist Democrat from Vermont. But it’s hard to imagine the real Bernie Sanders willingly appearing at Fox News. Though it is hard »

Our Reckless White House

Featured image The Biden Administration blames everyone but itself for everything going wrong in the country today, from inflation to the baby formula shortage. The Wall Street Journal today walks through all of the distortions the federal government has imposed on the baby formula market, which includes trade restrictions on imports from Europe: America’s baby-formula shortage illustrates how bigger government can make big business bigger, thereby limiting competition and choice. This is »

Podcast: the 3WHH on Mulish Voting Laws

Featured image There are so many things that seem . . . wrong about the 2020 election, and lot of listeners and readers have been asking about the new documentary film “2000 Mules,” which offers some visually compelling circumstantial evidence, along with a few examples of direct testimony of voting misbehavior in nursing homes and other locales. So Lucretia and I both took it in this week, and try to give an overview »