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The Vindication of Clarence Thomas—and the Left’s Freakout

Featured image I’m gaining weight and running out of popcorn watching the left freak out about the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. But beyond just the theatrics of the left’s primal screams and desperation tactics it is delightful to see the left begin to reckon with something more fundamental going on, which in one sentence I’ll assert is the growing vindication of the constitutional »

The Week in Pictures: The Last Straw Man Edition

Featured image The Democrats’ ban on plastic straws is the gift that keeps on giving GIFs—or at least memes. I can’t decide whether it was Nietzsche or T.S. Eliot who got it wrong. If Nietzsche were with us today, he’d surely issue a correction—”No, I said the last straw man!” And Eliot would have to re-write “The Hollow Men.” Even though the title is perfect for modern liberals, the lines need revision: »

The Confusions of the Left, Or, When Bernie Made Sense

Featured image It’s giant bucket full-butter popcorn time watching the left not know how to react to Trump trashing the Koch brothers. Naturally I had to do up a custom meme just for the occasion. Not only are the Kochs disaffected with the Trump policy on trade, but they are also way more pro-immigration. Which brings me back to those old comments from Bernie Sanders that the left really want to make »

Open Bigotry at the New York Times [Update]

Featured image The New York Times editorial page has taken a lot of heat for hiring a handful of conservatives as staff (such as Bari Weiss, though she denies she’s actually a conservative) and as columnists, such as Bret Stephens. Well today they’ve done penance for the left with the newest hire: Sarah Jeong. Here’s her background: Born in South Korea, Sarah grew up in North Carolina and California. She’s both a »

What a Rush!

Featured image Scott and Paul noted earlier the 30th anniversary of the debut of Rush Limbaugh’s national radio show 30 years ago today, and I would have added to their thread if I hadn’t been in the throes of a supposed vacation and not paying attention. (Being a workaholic, it’s a working vacation of course.) Anyway, I’ve got the drop on most everyone, because I was listening to Rush before he became »

Oh, the Inhumanities!

Featured image I’ve written before here and elsewhere that the humanities are dying by suicide at American universities, and that colleges and universities will begin a de facto division into science and tech institutions with a rump of dwindling and politicized humanities and social science fields at the margins. The humanities are dying at most colleges and universities, or to be more accurate, they are committing suicide with their complete embrace of »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 81: The Next Iranian Revolution?

Featured image By the time this episode of the Power Line Show went live, I had scrammed from town on an old-fashioned American-style summer vacation, with the kids in a van, a total-dad roof stack/packing job, lots of fast food, lots of discoveries of local awesome eating joints, etc. Anyway, posts are going to be a bit intermittent this week because I’ll be driving too much. I don’t actually take real vacations »

Churchill for a Sunday Afternoon (or Monday. . .)

Featured image On my last swing through Washington several weeks back Bill Kristol invited me to sit for one of his “Conversations with Kristol” interviews on the subject of what can be learned about statesmanship from Winston Churchill. The topic is inspired partly because of the success of the Darkest Hour film, and also because of the leftist backlash the film generated, which I have commented upon here a few times now. »

The Week in Pictures: Last Straw Edition

Featured image Just when you think the left coast can’t possibly get any more insane, some jurisdiction (Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Barbara) comes along and says, “Oh yeah? Hold my [craft, gluten-free] beer!” I assume you’ve heard that plastic straws are being banned, with Santa Barbara attaching criminal penalties including large fines and jail time. Oh well, it should be easy to get around this ban in San Francisco at least. People »

Universities: Euthanasia Or Suicide?

Featured image I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’ll be giving the keynote address for a National Association of Scholars conference at Grove City College next month on August 11. (Still time to register if you are in the hood or want to travel.) I decided to call my address “Should We Euthanize Universities Or Let Them Commit Suicide?” It will be a revision and extension of some of the themes »

Wherein Mitch Dishes

Featured image Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is no one’s idea of an electric speaker, but it is worth taking in his brief remarks this morning calling out Democrats for their hysteria over Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. I imagine most readers have heard New Jersey Senator Cory Booker calling Kavanaugh “evil” and other embarrassing things, but McConnell gets at the other crazy things Democrats on the Judiciary Committee »

A Tale of Two Ryans

Featured image Yesterday I noted that Republicans now dominate many old blue collar manufacturing districts that used to tilt decisively Democratic as recently as Bill Clinton’s time. And one of the Democrats who has made some noises about how the neglect of the working class in the heartland has been a mistake for Democrats is Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, who unsuccessfully challenged Nancy Pelosi for the leadership of the House Democratic caucus »

Democratic Party Alibis

Featured image Democrats like to argue that Republicans have attained power through the undemocratic quirks of our system (meaning constitutonal republican features like the electoral college), gerrymandering, and worse‚—racism, misogyny, nefarious Koch brothers plots, the talismanic properties of Citizens United, etc. It’s the political equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and chanting aloud so as not to let any discordant noise bother your thoughts. Last week the Wall Street Journal »

The Ocasio-Cortez Highlight Reel

Featured image The good people at the Washington Free Beacon have compiled a highlight reel of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s greatest hits, framed by DNC chairperson Tom Perez praising Ocasio-Cortez as “the future” of the Democratic Party. I certainly hope so! Occupy the Democratic Party! Enjoy: Chaser, from the Miami Herald: Centrist Dems begin arguing against far-left agenda as 2020 play Leading moderate Democrats forcefully argued this week that the party can embrace a »

Getting the Lead Out at the NY Times

Featured image When the story broke a couple years back about the high lead levels in the public water supply in Flint, Michigan, I had intended to investigate the matter more closely, suspecting that from the little actual data reported in the media that the story was being hyped in the usual way to whip up hysteria and be used for partisan gain. (Flint is a city run by Democrats, but somehow »

The Epic Failure of “Critical Thinking” (UPDATED)

Featured image Most every university today prides itself on teaching “critical thinking” skills, but from the evidence, it appears that many universities are failing at both ends of this term—graduates come out with little capacity for thinking at all, let alone thinking “critically.” (Yes, so-called “critical theory” is a special case of this degradation, but deserves separate treatment.) Case in point is the left’s new It Girl, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who embarrassed herself »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 80: The 14th Amendment, Part 2

Featured image Episode 80 of the Power Line Show is now up and ready for listening. As promised, I return with our pseudonymous mystery guest, whom we are dubbing “Lucretia” for the time being, to continue our consideration of the 150th anniversary of the passage of the 14th Amendment. Having discussed the equal protection clause last week, we move on here to discuss the other three main clauses of Section 1 of »