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The DSA Aftermath

Featured image Leave it to the geniuses at the Babylon Bee to get to the essence of the Democratic Socialists of America convention that we have been intermittently covering: From the Bee article: Eventually, one attendee, who identifies as an owlbear, stood up and bellowed into a microphone, “POINT OF PERSONAL PRIVILEGE: LANGUAGE ITSELF REPRESENTS SPECIES SUPREMACY AND IS VERY TRIGGERING TO ME,” threatening the entire convention. After a brief pantomimed discussion, conference »

Democratic Socialists Double Down on Crazy

Featured image Yesterday we noted that the Democratic Socialists of America were having a convention, and providing lots of free comedy. Well, there’s more, courtesy of the Young Americans Against Socialism. First up, an earnest young gentleman (I take the risk of presuming his gender) warns the attendees about all the things they need to be sensitive about (strong scents?), and also a warning against talking to journalists and “right-wing” agitators, oblivious »

Today’s Comic Relief from the NY Times

Featured image The New York Times “Style” section has an advice column called “Social Qs” that I never read (the wedding announcements—or what Charles Murray calls the “mergers and acquisitions” page—is usually all the Times comedy I can take), but an alert reader pointed me to one of yesterday’s questions and answers, which is destined to be  classic: Did Dr. Seuss Lie to Our Kids? My 12-year-old daughter had a sticker on »

Climate Change: Is It Good for the Jews?

Featured image It hardly needs mentioning that enlarging government power to “fight climate change” is nowadays a central purpose of the left. Well, the Jerusalem Post reports on a scheme that just might change this: Climate Change Is a Jewish Issue [T]here’s a much more immediate and dire threat to our future against which Jewish federations and advocacy organizations have not devoted nearly enough resources. By “our” future I mean not only »

Comic Relief: Democratic Socialists in Action

Featured image The intrepid Andy Ngo has posted this fifty-second clip of the Democratic Socialists of America at their convention, which is currently under way. Watch all the way to the end: Thank you “Comrade”?? Are we certain “comrade” is gender-neutral? Yes, I suppose when the “comrades” are in charge, a lot of neutering goes on, but we shouldn’t presume before the gulags are opened up. Chaser: I wish someone would say »

What Is To Be Done?

Featured image Two more mass shootings, but Twitter is on it! And I am sure Twitter will bring out the best in everyone as it always does,* and produce consensus solutions by tomorrow morning. As Glenn Reynolds reminds us every time there is a shooting, initial media reports are often wrong and usually incomplete, but the first media themes often take hold and are hard to dislodge later. (The most persistent is »

The Week in Pictures: Dark Psychic Forces Edition

Featured image Don’t be so quick to discount the Democrats’ chances just because their first two debates were such complete clown shows. It could be they are borrowing a page from . . . Trump! They’re doing reality television one better! Don’t go calling them apprentices, just because none of them have been fired yet!  But this whole “dark psychic forces” business? Forget Russian hacking! Does this mean the Jedi have infiltrated »

Axioms and Animadversions (3)

Featured image • With all of the talk from angry Democrats about abolishing the electoral college (but don’t forget the Senate—they want that abolished too), very much worth taking in Trent England’s defense of the electoral college published recently by Hillsdale College’s Imprimis series. But for my purposes, an old line from Edmund Burke suffices: “I feel an insuperable reluctance in giving my hand to destroy any established institution of government, upon »

Certified: Trump did Win the Dem Debate

Featured image It’s joked that Trump is the big winner so far from the Democratic debates, but this video evidence suggests there’s something to this: Meanwhile, these movements in the betting markets are kinda interesting: As is the n-graph on who trended in Google searches: By my reading, Yang and Gabbard had the best outcomes. »

Smearing Reagan, Again

Featured image Normally I don’t ever jump to the step-and-fetchit demands of our many lefty trolls, but I’ll make an exception for the story rocketing around right now that way back in 1971 Governor Reagan made a crude racist comment in a private conversation with (checks notes). . . Richard Nixon.  You can listen to the audio here (about the halfway mark). Here’s how Timothy Naftali (a nasty piece of work whom »

It’s Official: Philosophy Is Lost

Featured image Has academic philosophy become as hopelessly politicized as other humanities? That’s a question treated in a forthcoming paper in Philosophical Psychology entitled “Ideological Diversity, Hostility, and Discrimination in Philosophy.” From the abstract: “We found that survey participants clearly leaned left (75%), while right-leaning individuals (14%) and moderates (11%) were underrepresented. Moreover, and strikingly, across the political spectrum, from very left- leaning individuals and moderates to very right-leaning individuals, participants reported experiencing »

Loose Ends (93)

Featured image  • This explains a lot: Bernie drank the Kool Aid (or is this just a booster shot?): • Isn’t Marianne Williamson wonderful? It appears that a lot of viewers think so. Here’s a before and after graph of Google searches for the Dem field from last night. I think Williamson is like Herman Cain and Ben Carson in the last two GOP nomination cycles—a shiny new thing that generates a lot »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 136: From Ukraine to the Border, with Our Female All-Stars

Featured image I’m posting up our podcast early this week, as I thought might be traveling overseas tomorrow on a sudden mission, but instead a bad back is likely going to keep me immobile. In any case, by popular demand from listeners, this special edition of the Power Line Show features both Kelly Jane Torrance of the Washington Examiner and “Lucretia,” Power Line’s International Woman of Mystery. Kelly Jane is just back from »

Axioms and Animadversions (2)

Featured image • I recall a few years back that it was fashionable to argue that Abraham Lincoln was a closet homosexual, based on the thin tissue of his letters to Joshua Speed and other close friends, along with the fact that Lincoln sometimes shared a bed with a man (including Speed I think), especially when out on the road doing legal work and staying at the local inn. To be sure, »

Rats! It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

Featured image The controversy about rat-infested cities provokes a strong sense of deja vu, as a proposed federal rat eradication program was perhaps the turning point against LBJ’s “Great Society” back in 1967. A little background and the climax to this story from the first volume of my Age of Reagan: Many poor urban neighborhoods have yet to recover [from the rise in crime], for it was precisely the poor, and largely »

Trump as “Crazy Eddie”

Featured image I don’t know who first made the point that the demand for racism today exceeds the supply, which is why we see things like the Jussie Smollette hoax and countless other campus racism hoaxes. And now Trump has the left’s Default Dog Whistle Racism Detector turned up to 11 with his attacks on cities and districts run chiefly by African-American and Democratic Party machines, because for the left criticism of »

The Week in Pictures: Mueller Time Edition

Featured image Robert Mueller’s testimony this week was the biggest flop since Heaven’s Gate, which is an apt comparison since Democrats are in full eschaton mode and their heavenly dream of deposing Trump is turning into the hellscape of a likely second term of full-scale Trumping (Trumpdown?). Maybe Mueller was trying to pull off a community theater version of Columbo? Or maybe he’s a deep cover agent for the Russians after all. »