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The Week in Pictures: The Fly Edition

Featured image So forget the old saying, “Oh to be a fly on the wall.” After this week, we all want to be a fly on Mike Pence’s head. Of course, there are two theories about this. One is, the fly was a Deep State nanobot designed to interfere with Pence’s brain waves and mess him up in the debate. The other theory is that is was a Trump campaign nanobot to »

More Epic Dumb Tweets

Featured image I know, I know, I probably shouldn’t have declared Washington Gov. Jay Inslee the winner of the dumbest tweet of the year the other day. Because the competition is fierce. Like this one today: I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised coming from someone who admits casting his first ever presidential vote for the Communist Party candidate Gus Hall back in the 1970s. (True story.) Brennan never got any smarter after »

The 25th for the 250th Time

Featured image News out today is that Nancy Pelosi wants to establish a commission that would evaluate the fitness of a President under the terms of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment: The legislation would create a commission to allow Congress to intervene under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and remove the president from executive duties—with just 25 days to go before the Nov. 3 election. However, Pelosi suggested that the »

The Campus Cultural Revolution Grinds On

Featured image Today in cancel culture we return to the story of Bruce Gilley, a political scientist at Portland State University who has committed the heresy of saying some favorable things about colonialism. I wrote here in 2017 about the uproar over his academic journal article “The Case for Colonialism,” which a journal had to retract after it received death threats, among other things. I met Gilley for lunch shortly after that »

The Biggest Defect of the Left [with comment by Paul]

Featured image When asked to name the single greatest defect of the left, I usually answer quite narrowly: an inability to think in terms of tradeoffs. This is why liberals, owing to a Kantian-inspired disposition that favors intentions above consequences, tend always to utopianism, to the view that we if we just have good will and another tax increase, we can have the best yearbook ever! As Thomas Sowell likes to say, “There »

The Dumbest Tweet of 2020? (UPDATED)

Featured image I know Twitter is an abyss that knows no bottom, and I’ve joked that if I ever get my hands on a time machine, I’m going to go back in time and strangle Baby Twitter in its cradle. So to single out a Tweet as the dumbest of 2020—a year already marked out for extreme imbecility—is a tall order, but Washington state’s dimwit governor Jay Inslee has made a bid »

Art of the Steal?

Featured image Yesterday the stock market soared on the news of Trump’s improving health, and the thought that another round of robust fiscal stimulus would be forthcoming from Congress. Add to this accommodating monetary remarks from the Federal Reserve, and this morning it appeared the stock market would add on to yesterday’s decent gains—until President Trump abruptly pulled out of negotiations over COVID relief and new economic stimulus spending until after the »

Trump: Still Living Rent-Free in the Heads of Liberals

Featured image So, Trump is on steroids. My first question is, how can you tell? Second, is not the phrase “Trump is on steroids” a liberal’s worst waking nightmare? I have every expectation that if he’s still on steroids at the next debate, the first time Biden pops off Trump will go all Incredible Hulk on him, and it will look something like this (which I still enjoy almost as much as »

Joe Biden—Closet Conservative??

Featured image Of course he isn’t. It’s an absurd question, but there is some mischief to be made about this, and I’m just the guy to do it. Here’s why I thought of that absurd headline, which I assert is not mere clickbait. In the debate, Slow Joe said Antifa “is an idea.” Well, what is one of the favorite slogans (and book titles) of conservatives? Ideas Have Consequences. And bad ideas, »

Podcast: The Three Whisky Happy Hour: Liberal Education and Responsibility (With a Side of Biden)

Featured image Lots of things to pour whisky shots for this week. Before returning to our short course on Leo Strauss’s perspectives on liberal education, “Lucretia” and Steve reflect on Joe Biden’s long career as a chameleon (if you didn’t know better, you’d almost think Biden had read Richard Weaver’s famous Ideas Have Consequences, since he thinks Antifa is an “idea,” and one that certainly has consequences), and why the 25th Amendment, »

The Week in Pictures: Post-Debate Edition

Featured image I think I know what’s really going on. Over at KAOS headquarters (otherwise known as Trump Tower), the show runners were recalling the palmy days of the Access Hollywood tape four years ago, when everyone said IT’S OVER!—PUT PENCE AT THE TOP OF THE TICKET NOW! The attempted sequel—the Melania Tapes—bombed, so someone said, “I’ve got it! Let’s go with COVID! Yeah, that’s the ticket!”       Headlines of »

Is It Still October?

Featured image My calendar says it is only October 2 today, but we’ve had enough news this week for an entire month, and we got our “October surprise” on the first day of the month, which means we still have time for plenty more. It was slightly earlier four years ago that the Access Hollywood tape came out, at which time everyone said: “IT’S OVER! TRUMP MUST DROP OUT! PENCE MUST TAKE »

A Case Study in Punitive Liberalism

Featured image A few days ago a liberal columnist for the Seattle Times wrote a good column about the collapse of small business in the downtown core of the Emerald City: “Self-inflicted wounds make Seattle’s business losses worse.” Someone in Seattle’s media is finally getting it: Shops were looted, in some cases repeatedly, this past summer. It sullies the cause of social justice protests to link the two together. The looting was »

More California Dreamin’

Featured image It’s not enough that California starts a high-speed rail project that will never be completed and that almost no one will ride even if it was, or that it wants to make California into the nation’s largest used car market by banning the sale of new gasoline powered cars in the year 2035. Now the geniuses who run the state think Californians should pay reparations for slavery: California task force »

Rules?! In a Debate Fight?!

Featured image All of our betters in the media are saying that future presidential debates between Trump and Biden must have more rules. The Commission on Presidential Debates has obliged by saying they will indeed impose some new rules on the next debate—what they might be no one knows. I can’t help thinking of the second scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid about “rules in a knife fight,” and thinking »


Featured image I missed most of the debate last night, because it occurred during the dinner hour out here on the left coast, and dinner is a sacred institution in our household. But I saw enough to see why everyone thinks it stunk. I did, however, flip around to take in some of the post game show on several news channels, and I was struck by how uniformly glum the liberal network »

Your Handy Dandy Debate Guide

Featured image So, while everyone wonders whether Biden can get through 90 minutes without a Rick Perry moment (“I forgot—oops!”), take in the date of this Tweet, and tell me it doesn’t inadvertently confirm that time travel has been achieved: Meanwhile, like the touts at the horse race track who will sell you their sheets of the certain winners of all nine races, there are any number of good debate bingo and »