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The Week in Pictures: Party Time Edition

Featured image New Year’s celebrations may be over, but the party is just beginning! Elizabeth Warren herself started things off by quaffing a beer live on instagram to launch her 2020 presidential campaign. Remember the good old days when a politician who wanted to appear hip would just go on Rowan & Martin’s “Laugh In” and say, “Sock it to me!”? Good times. Oh yeah, Nanny Pelosi became Speaker of the House »

Green Weenie of the Week: Nuclear War Will Save Us!

Featured image As I suggested in my latest Loose Ends post earlier today, our standards for giving out one of our highly coveted Green Weenie Awards have been significantly raised. You can’t get one any more just for proposing a Green New Deal or something economically illiterate. You have to do a lot better than that. Like Samuel Miller-McDonald, who writes at The Trouble today that perhaps the only hope for avoiding »

Breaking: Feel Good Story of the Day

Featured image You have permission to have an adult beverage early today if you like: US official: airstrike kills terrorist behind USS Cole bombing The terrorist behind the 2000 attack on the USS Cole is believed to have been killed in a US airstrike in Yemen on Tuesday, according to a US administration official. Jamel Ahmed Mohammed Ali Al-Badawi was an al Qaeda operative who the US believes helped orchestrate the October »

Loose Ends (61)

Featured image Heading into the first weekend of 2019, a few stray stories worth noting. • This story out of Canada is so stupid that I can’t even give it one of our coveted Green Weenie Awards: Sometimes being energy conscious can mean geeking out on gigawatts, or studying the latest heat exchanger technology. But in this case, it involved splurging on a $2,000 cat door. The super-insulated, radio-frequency-controlled designer cat passageway »

Decoding Trump

Featured image Trump says lots of dumb things—often factually incorrect things—on a daily basis. But the media and his opponents (but I repeat myself) go out of their way willfully to misunderstand his meaning, which is often more sound. Such was the case today when everyone seized upon Trump saying that Russia was right to invade Afghanistan in 1979 because terrorists were coming over the border. This is idiotically wrong. But if »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 104: The World According to Chris DeMuth, Pt. 1

Featured image This is a very special episode of the podcast—the first of a two-parter—which features me in an “origin story” conversation with Christopher DeMuth, who is nowadays a distinguished fellow at the Hudson Institute, where he writes actively about government regulation and the administrative state. Prior to coming to Hudson, Chris was the long time president of the American Enterprise Institute, and served in senior positions in the Nixon and Reagan Administrations. »

In Re: Romney

Featured image Everyone is buzzing today about Mitt Romney’s op-ed criticizing Trump in the Bezos Bulletin. (This, after seeking Trump’s endorsement for the Senate in Utah, and treating with Trump in 2016 to be secretary of state.) The piece has that “more-in-sorrow-than-anger” tone that Trump’s crude manners are unbecoming of a president, and may degrade our democratic culture. Perhaps this is so. I’m less interested in becoming the 10,000th voice on this »

Happy New Year! [With Polar Bear Comment by John]

Featured image Happy New Year from the left coast. If I can get my newfangled mobile technology to work right, I’m going to attempt to livestream the Cayucos Polar Bear swim right at 12 noon sharp Pacific time, on Facebook. I don’t think you need to belong to Facebook to watch. Just try my address here.  I’ll probably spin it up and go live around 11:56 am or so, and give some »

The Year in Pictures: Highlights Edition

Featured image It is hard to select the best of the Week in Pictures, but going back through them I realized how fast the year went (because Trump years are like dog years). It seems like decades ago that we were obsessing over Tide Pods, plastic straw bans, and a government shut down. (Oh, wait. . .) This was the year of Lizzie Warren’s DNA test, and the meteoric rise of Beto »

Is Veganism a “Cultural Appropriation”?

Featured image We throw a lot of shade here at vegans, chiefly because it has taken on the affectations of ideology, such that cow-hating environmentalists would mandate a vegan diet for all of us if they could. There’s also much truth in the joke: “How do you do you know someone is vegan? Because they’ll eff-ing tell you!” But what will the oh-so-sensitive cultural left do when they realize that western veganism »

Loose Ends (60)

Featured image • RIP, Bre Payton. I only ever met and spoke with Bre Payton in person twice that I can recall (both times about our common roots in southern California, and my high regard for Patrick Henry College, this upstart institution in northern Virginia that is turning out impressive graduates like Bre because it stands for something), so I can’t claim to have known her well. But I was following her »

The Week in Pictures: Happy Shutdown New Year Edition

Featured image Have you heard? The government is shut down! Dogs and cats living together! Mayhem in the streets. Available street parking in Washington DC. Beltway Bandits getting ready to give up banditry in favor of cannibalism. And all because of Trump Derangement Syndrome, which the CDC has determined is not spread by casual contact. Happy new year everyone! Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

Apocalypse Not

Featured image As everyone knows, climate orthodoxy holds that climate change from carbon emissions is going to make extreme weather more extreme. So I won’t hold my breath waiting to hear the climatistas commenting on this story from the Bezos Bulletin Washington Post today: 2018 will be the first year with no violent tornadoes in the United States In the whirlwind that is 2018, there has been a notable lack of high-end twisters. »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 103: Our New Year’s “Beatles Reunion”

Featured image I often joke that getting the Power Line “Fab Four”—John, Paul, George and Ringo, Scott and Steve—together at one time is as hard as getting The Beatles back together, and none of us has the excuse of being dead! But today we managed to get not only all four of us together for a year-end podcast, but we also roped in Power Line’s version of the Marvel Extended Universe, with our »

Send In Your Questions

Featured image Tomorrow afternoon after all the eggnog wears off, we’re going to be reuniting the Beatles: John, Paul, George and Ringo, Scott, and I will be taping a special year-end Power Line Show podcast, and we’re going to be joined as well by Susan Vass, aka “Ammo Grrrll,” and maybe for a few minutes by our tech genius Joe Malchow between changing planes flying across the country. We have a couple of reader »

Merry Christmas in Video

Featured image Ian Bremmer’s “Puppet Regime” videos are pretty good, even if slanted a bit center-left. This Christmas video is good for a chuckle: And for balance, how about the Black Rifle Coffee Company tapping out “Jingle Bells” and other classics with varying calibers of ammunition: And as a special bonus: P.S. Oh why not: »

Loose Ends (59): Christmas Eve Edition

Featured image • Finally! A stock market I can like! I hate stock markets that are at record highs. I love stock markets that are battered and bruised. One of the great things about being a conservative is that the essential contrarian nature of a conservative can and should extend to the stock market, too. When the Wall Street touts and CNBC shills say “It’s different this time,” a conservative will immediately »