AI and “Green” on Collision Course

Featured image We can’t have both a “green” energy transition and artificial intelligence. That is the message of Robert Bryce on Substack. The linked essay is long and complex, and I encourage you to read it all. Here are a few extracts that I hope distill Robert’s point: The rise of artificial intelligence has re-ignited concerns about electricity availability and strains on the power grid. Over the past two decades, worries that »

The Evil of Hamas

Featured imageThis video was released today. It has several segments, all apparently shot by Hamas fighters on October 7. It shows five kidnapped Israeli women, all ages 18 or 19 and all serving in the IDF. I am not certain of the provenance of the video; I believe that it was recovered, either entire or in pieces, by the IDF from Hamas fighters. *Trigger Warning * ⚠️⚠️⚠️ – The Face »

The Daily Chart: Behind the Student Debt Shuffle

Featured imagePresident Biden is determined to pander to youth voters who don’t like him by forgiving student debt despite his previous plan being struck down by the Supreme Court. His new plan likely has the same legal defects. In any case, it represents a massive wealth transfer from non-college working class taxpayers to generally more affluent upper middle class individuals and/or their families. But dig a little deeper and the wealth »

What about me?

Featured imageToday Chairman Joe announced that he is canceling $7.7 billion in student debt for 160,000 borrowers. NBC’s Peter Alexander posed a good question to White House press secretary KJP at the White House press briefing. “What is the White House’s message to those Americans who did not attend college, for a variety of reasons perhaps, including perhaps they didn’t want to take all the debt that went with it…” REPORTER: »

Was great in Minneapolis

Featured imageWe attended the worldwide debut of Don Was and the Pan-Detroit Ensemble last night at the Dakota Jazz Club in downtown Minneapolis. The debut kicked off a tour that will take the group to Evanston, Detroit, Cincinnati, Cumberland, Red Bank, Washington, DC, New York City, and Ardmore (Pennsylvania). Owner Lowell Pickett was in the house and Was thanked Lowell for welcoming the group’s debut at the club. The ensemble is »

Morehouse revised

Featured imageThis past Sunday at Morehouse College President Biden gave a campaign speech in the guise of a commencement address. In substance Biden’s speech was a demagogic disgrace. What would an honest address have sounded like? Speaking in my own voice, I think it would have sounded about like this. * * * * * I am grateful for the privilege of speaking to you this afternoon. Morehouse is our only »

Men vs. Women: A Winning Issue

Featured imageWomen’s sports developed in a major way, beginning in the 1970s, for obvious reasons: it would be unfair to force women to compete against men who are generally bigger, stronger and faster, while at the same time, there is value in women’s athletic skill and in promoting fitness generally. Pretty much everyone understood this at time, and women’s athletics have enjoyed broad public support for two generations. But that was »

A shout-out to Sir Charles

Featured imageI have patronized the Davanni’s pizza/hoagie restaurant since it was founded in 1975 as Pontillo’s, meaning the original store at the corner of Grand and Cleveland in St. Paul. I think its pizza hoagie got me through law school. and it has grown into a thriving local chain. The entrepreneurial spirit still courses through the chain. Stopping there for lunch today, I found the sign above. It quotes budding Timberwolves »

Quotations from Chairman Joe

Featured imageIn 1968 Simon & Schuster published Quotations From Chairman LBJ — in the form of Quotations From Chairman Mao (“The Little Red Book”). The cover depicted President Johnson in a Mao jacket. With thirty chapters on varying subjects, the book was “translated” (compiled) by Jack Shepherd and Christopher Wren. I still have my copy. It leads with this epigraph attributed to “Chairman Johnson”: “Don’t spit in the soup. We’ve all »

Moms Mabley, phone home

Featured imageIranian president — the late Iranian president — Ebrahim Raisi suffered a hard landing on Sunday. May he rot in hell. He was a murderous bastard, a personification of the evil of the Iranian regime, and an enemy of the United States. Raisi’s nickname was “the butcher of Tehran.” No one thought he didn’t earn it fairly. Under Raisi, Iran armed and assisted terrorists with American blood on their hands. »

Yer Under Arrest!

Featured imageAs Scott noted briefly this morning, the International Criminal Court’s prosecutor is seeking arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The prosecutor says there are “reasonable grounds to believe” that they “bear criminal responsibility” for Israeli war crimes beginning on October 8, 2023. The fact that the prosecutor also seeks arrest warrants against top Hamas terrorists, now hiding in tunnels under Rafah, simply confirms »


Featured imageThanks to a 7-2 vote of the Supreme Court, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will continue to be funded by the Federal Reserved instead of congressional appropriations. As the people should know, the court ruling does not confer any merit on the CFPB, a legacy of the Carter-Era Community Reinvestment Act. The CFPB was based on the assumption that even educated and informed consumers are unable to look out for »

Down With Coal?

Featured imageThe Biden Administration is determined to limit America’s production of fossil fuels, of which we have the largest supply in the world. This will transition us from a position of energy independence, and potentially energy dominance, into a position of subservience to the Chinese Communist Party, on which we will depend for the vast quantities of materials that are needed for wind turbines, solar panels and batteries–which we will not »

The Daily Chart: The Kids Aren’t All Right

Featured imageSeparately I intend to get around to considering whether it is starting to occur to our university leadership class that the ugly campus protests of this spring are the result of two generations of the steady infantilization of students and indulgence of radical ideology (short answer for now—not yet). But the results of several recent surveys show how different the current younger generation (Gen Z) is: And finally, from the »

The worst commencement speech

Featured imageThe White House has posted two May 19 transcripts of “remarks by President Biden at a campaign event” (here, at CRED Café, and here, at Huntington Bank Convention Center). The White House should have listed a third — Remarks by President Biden at the Morehouse College Class of 2024 Commencement Address. In view of Biden’s office as President and his audience of black college graduates, it may be the worst »

Feeding Our Bank Accounts: The Swag

Featured imageWe have reported many times on the Feeding Our Future scandal here in Minnesota. Minnesota’s Department of Education allowed taxpayers to be defrauded of somewhere between $250 million and $500 million in programs that ostensibly were intended to feed poor children during covid. Of course, if you did the math, there aren’t that many poor children in Minnesota, and the facilities whose operators got the money couldn’t possibly have fed »

Loose Ends (255)

Featured image• Regarding the helicopter crash that killed Iran’s President Raisi, what are the possibilities here: He had information that would lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton He was flying on Jeffrey Epstein’s used chopper. Jewish space lasers. He was the next Boeing whistleblower Possible evidence for #1: But I think this might be fake. And probably this too: • It is frequently said that the left can’t meme. Here »