The File on X

Featured image Biden’s HHS boss Xavier Becerra misses California and might want to run for governor, Katy Grimes of the California Globe reports. In his current post, Becerra “doubled down on tyrannical COVID policies, including mandatory masking and vaccines for everyone including pregnant women and infants, as well as business and school lockdowns.” Before that, Becerra, was “up to his eyeballs” in a scandal that started when the DNC’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz »

A Slow-Motion War [Updated Again]

Featured imageWar has broken out between Iran and Israel, with Iran for the first time launching attacks against Israeli soil. By the time you read this, the situation likely will have changed. But for now, according to the frequently-updated Times of Israel, Iran has launched more than 100 unmanned drones toward Israel proper. Those drones will take some hours to reach Israel, and in the meantime the Iron Dome system and »

The deep meaning of “don’t”

Featured imageWould that President Biden had not warned the Iranian regime not to attack Israel with his pitiful “don’t” yesterday. In Bidenspeak, “don’t” is an invitation. It something like the shout-out for contestants to “come on down” on The Price Is Right. And as night follows day, the Iranian regime has launched a large drone attack on Israel from Iranian territory. At the moment the targets are unclear. Among the many »

Who Pays the Taxes?

Featured imageEvery well-informed person knows that upper-income taxpayers shoulder a disproportionate share of the nation’s fiscal burden. The problem is that most people aren’t well-informed. The Wall Street Journal reports: President Biden and Democratic tax raisers always say the rich don’t pay their “fair share.” Maybe one reason this line works politically is that most voters have no idea who really pays how much in taxes. “To the best of your »

War Drums Sounding?

Featured imageIt is hard to conclude from media accounts exactly what is up between Israel and Iran right now, because for all of the leaked and disclosed information, there is always more going on behind the scenes that we never find out about for a long time. But this news item just breaking a couple hours ago seems possibly significant: Biden Rushes Back to White House as Iran Weighs Attack on »

Loose Ends (250)

Featured image• For the many of you wondering and sending me notes, this week’s 3WHH podcast will post up tomorrow. Complicated schedules have prevented us from finding time this week to record the episode. • This is a sign of civic health: • The Associated Press continues its beclowning process: • You might well think that even with its diminished cognitive capacity, the New York Times would be able to draw »

Biden does Sharpton

Featured imagePresident Biden paid his respects to Al Sharpton and his National Action Network yesterday. In prepared remarks read from his teleprompter (transcript here), Biden spoke virtually at NAN’s annual convention. At the top of his remarks, video below) Biden celebrated Sharpton: “Look, we’ve known each other for a long time. I’m grateful not only for your leadership and partnership but, quite frankly, more importantly for your friendship.” In his remarks »

Investigate the Fatal Bureau

Featured imageRep. Mike Garcia recently told FBI boss Christopher Wray “I don’t trust you to protect us,” which makes perfect sense given the record. The FBI failed to prevent Islamic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, at Fort Hood (2009), the Boston Marathon (2013), San Bernardino (2015), and Orlando in 2016. Some cases deserve special attention. US Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, who billed himself as a “soldier of Allah,” was communicating »

Fly ‘Em In, Joe!

Featured imageEveryone knows that Joe Biden has deliberately encouraged seven or eight million illegals to cross our southern border during his administration. This is the most treacherous act by a president since Democrat James Buchanan shipped war materiel to the South, in hopes that it would be used thereafter by secessionist rebels. Assuming that historical nugget is correct. But there is no doubt about Biden’s treachery, and the Center for Immigration »

The Daily Chart: Bidenflation by the Numbers

Featured imageAs readers will know by now, the mid-week inflation report came in “hot,” such that a June interest rate cut if thought to be off the table. Markets tumbled, and expectations for interest rate cuts tanked as well. Apparently no one has been paying attention to soaring commodity prices, which is usually a bad sign. In any case, here’s a before- and after- shot at why Biden is desperate for »

Is Hamas winning?

Featured imageAaron MacLean is host of the School of War podcast and a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Before that, Aaron worked on Capitol Hill as senior foreign policy advisor and legislative director to Senator Tom Cotton and served on active duty as a U.S. Marine for seven years, deploying to Afghanistan as an infantry officer in 2009–2010. Following his time in the operating forces, he was »

Judge Noreika: Dad not picking on Hunter

Featured imageAbbe Lowell is the attorney for Hunter Biden in the criminal proceedings that have been brought against him. I’ve observed a time or two before that Lowell will say approximately anything on Biden’s behalf in return for his compensation in the cases. Judge Maryellen Noreika asked the question that crushed the sweetheart plea deal arranged for Hunter. She says as much about Lowell as I do above in denying his »

The Week in Pictures: Eclipsolypse Edition

Featured imageDid everyone survive the eclipse okay? It seems some of the usual suspects (i.e., The View, The Squad, etc) didn’t, but that’s not exactly breaking news. But I am still waiting for a statement from Greta. I’m sure she said something important about the eclipse and climate change, but our media ignored her or something. In any case, let’s start with the real eclipse: Oh: Headlines of the week: Never »

Rashida Says: No Comment!

Featured imageRashida Tlaib is the appallingly left-wing and anti-Semitic Congresswoman who represents, among other precincts, Dearborn, Michigan, the center of Hamas’s American support. When pro-Hamas demonstrators in Tlaib’s district chanted “Death to America!” Fox News naturally sought out Ms. Tlaib for comment. After all, they are not just her constituents but probably her most fervent supporters. But she refused to respond: Dear America, You have a Congresswoman called Rashida Tlaib who »

How Desperate Is the Biden Campaign?

Featured imageThe stock market was down sharply again today, as a result of fears of resurgent inflation. Inflation is second only to senility as a threat to Joe Biden’s campaign, and the campaign is desperate to find an answer. How desperate? They plan to blame Donald Trump: On Wednesday, after the latest inflation data showed an unexpected acceleration in price gains, Mr. Biden again tried to assure voters that he is »

War With Iran?

Featured imageIran reportedly is considering an attack on Israel that would widen the war in the Middle East. This is from the Wall Street Journal: Israel is preparing for a direct attack from Iran on southern or northern Israel as soon as Friday or Saturday, according to a person familiar with the matter. A person briefed by the Iranian leadership, however, said that while plans to attack are being discussed, no »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll contemplates RENEWAL AND RENAISSANCE. She writes: Every single winter in Minnesota – and several summers here in Arizona – I have looked in dismay at the trees and other dormant, frozen, or parched foliage in my yard and said, “Well, THAT ain’t comin’ back.” And I am always wrong. It feels good to be wrong. That which looks dead and gone springs to life, warms the heart, and »