Podcast: The 3WHH on Footnote Fourplay

Featured image This week we decided to play “clean up on Supreme Court aisle [footnote] four,” and explain further why we think 1938’s Carolene Products decision was actually the most significant of the New Deal era decisions that distorted the Constitution and our subsequent politics. Many of the perversions of modern civil rights policy and politics actually descend from this case that was about . . . adulterated milk, of all silly »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Supreme Court Coup Edition

Featured image Hoo boy, is this episode off the hook! First, “Lucretia” staged a coup, usurping my role as episode host, and punishing me for my bad puns, but we finally get to the main event, which is a long conversation with the great Charles Lipson about his recent article, “Packing the Court, Then and Now.” We take a while to get to the subject, however, in favor of a long prologue »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Featuring Glen Livet and Glenn Ellmers

Featured image We’re posting our weekly episode—which turns out to be Power Line’s 250th podcast!—a day early, as we had a special guest which dictated a slight twist on the usual format: Lucretia and I put aside our Glen Livet in favor of talking with Glenn Ellmers. Glenn is a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute, research fellow at Hillsdale College, author of a forthcoming biography of Harry Jaffa entitled The Soul »

Podcast: The 3WHH Is Back, Just in Time for Riot Season

Featured image Good grief! “Lucretia” and I take a week off, and everything goes to hell. Minneapolis starts rioting again, and Democrats in Washington start their own riot over court-packing. Meanwhile, the officer who mistook her service revolver for a taser and shot Daunte Wright was publicly identified within 48 hours (Kim Potter), lost her job, and now faces criminal charges, while we have passed Day 100 since Ashli Babbit was shot »

Podcast: The 3WHH on Democracy at Easter

Featured image Winston Churchill wrote that “No two cities have counted more with mankind than Athens and Jerusalem. Their messages in religion, philosophy, and art have been the main guiding lights of modern faith and culture.” For Easter and Passover Lucretia and I decided to take up the Jerusalem side of this theme with the help of a forgotten figure who was a major influence on the young Churchill—the American politician Bourke »

Podcast: The Power Line Show, Ep 247—VIP Highlights

Featured image Last night we had one of our special live Zoom events for Power Line VIP subscribers, but a gremlin seems to have prevented many VIPs from getting timely notice of the link to the event. So we decided to post up the audio of the event for VIPs who didn’t get a link or who were unable to join us for whatever reason–and for any curious listeners who want to hear »

Podcast: The 3WHH Lowers the Boom on the Boomers

Featured image So we’re a day late getting this episode of the Three Whisky Happy Hour ready because we went on location, and recorded live in a real bar, located at an undisclosed location in the Free State of Texas. Here, as we do show prep, I’m having a glass of Oban 14, and Lucretia is having some Glenlivet, but for our recording segment I switched to one of her favorites, MacCallan »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Tubthumping Edition

Featured image In honor of “President” Biden’s attempt to imitate Chevy Chase imitating Gerald Ford on the steps of Air Farce One, this week’s episode launches with some appropriate custom bumper music (the headline should give you a clue), and then “Lucretia” and I resume arguing whether our format should put metaphysics ahead of malts—in other words, business before pleasure—or whether whisky malts are metaphysical, rightly understood. We don’t—and won’t ever—resolve this »

Podcast: The 3WHH—”Cocktails Against Communism”?

Featured image So for this episode “Lucretia” and I were going to discuss, and ask for audience input on, whether we should change the name of our format to “Cocktails Against Communism,” but owing to some technical glitches that we seamlessly fixed over an extra glass of single malt so that you won’t even be able to guess where the patches are, we completely forgot! Maybe next week. In the meantime, we »

Podcast: The 3WHH—Where Meta-Malts Meet Metaphysics

Featured image This episode rolls out our new motto for the 3WHH format—”The podcast dedicated to meta-malts and metaphysics!” “Lucretia” isn’t so sure, but we’ll roll with that until we change to a sports-talk format, which will happen on the 4th of Never. Anyway, after reviewing a surprisingly busy week in important whisky news, we introduce three new short regular segments: the Magic Numbers, “Circleback Mountain,”* and “What’s My Beef?” (Mine is »

Reminder: Live Podcast Event This Afternoon

Featured image Normally, “Lucretia” and I record our weekly Three Whisky Happy Hour with our dueling malts during happy hour times on Friday afternoon and post it up here Saturday to supplement your Week in Pictures viewing, but as previously announced, this week we’re recording today at 4 pm Pacific time (7 pm Eastern) instead so we can make it a live event via Zoom. As promised, we have a couple new »

Podcast: The 3WHH, with Suds for Spuds, Studs, and Duds

Featured image This week has something for everybody, as our three segments (we actually stick to format this week!) range from Mr. Potato Head (now Zir Potatx Head apparently) to Winston Churchill, with a detour to throw some rotten tomatoes at Smith College, and then on to a sequel of sorts to last week’s seminar, in which we point out how today’s leftist racism is the direct descendant of the “scientific racism” of »

Podcast-palooza: 3WHH, and The Ricochet Show

Featured image Busy week, which ended with podcast overtime pay for me. And so for the first time, two for the price of one! First up, our regular installment of the Three Whisky Happy Hour. This week we shake up the format, and skip over our gratuitous whisky reviews and commentary on the top news stories of the week, and head straight in to the classroom for our long-postponed seminar on constitutional originalism, »

Podcast: The 3WHH, on Elites Vs. Consent of the Governed

Featured image Well, we had planned to continue our tutorial on the natural law basis for genuine constitutional originalism, but we two professors reverted to form and didn’t prepare! And we’ve got standards, so we’re not going to fake it. Instead, we got distracted by the news of the week, including France—France!—deploring the wokeness of American university culture and calling it a threat to French culture. Can it really be after all »

Podcast: The 3WHH on The Two Thomases and Natural Law

Featured image Another week, another dismal article in The New Republic (a former magazine) to beat up. We promise not to make a habit of this, lest TNR get an anti-stalking injunction, but this week’s TNR howler, “Originalism Is Dead; Long Live Catholic Natural Law,” is so stupid that we had to smack it around as another stepping stone to our ongoing conversation about constitutional originalism. Key question: if Thomas Aquinas and »

Inside Antifa

Featured image I grew up admiring “the crusading syndicated labor columnist” Victor Riesel, as the New York Times called him in its 1995 obituary. In a scene with overtones of On the Waterfront, Riesel had been blinded in an assault just after leaving Lindy’s restaurant in midtown Manhattan at 3:00 a.m. on April 5, 1956. “An hour earlier,” the Times recalled, Riesel “had finished a radio broadcast in which he assailed the »

Podcast: The 3WHH on the Cycles of American Historiography

Featured image What episode offers you “spice that ramps up the palate, carried forward by the full body, hearty proof, and mouth-coating texture”? This edition of the Three Whisky Happy Hour, if the latest reviews of our choices in the Whisky Advocate are any indication. Alas, we remain unable to resolve our “peat-versus-sweet” single malt debate. In any case, we know the magazine is just a shill for Big Whisky, and we »