The Power Line Show, Ep. 111: C.S. Lewis on Politics and the Natural Law

Featured image Just in time for the long holiday weekend, an early edition of the Power Line Show, with special guest Justin Buckley Dyer of the University of Missouri. Prof. Dyer is the co-author (with Micah Watson) of a terrific book on C.S. Lewis on Politics and the Natural Law. Though Lewis was known as a literary critic and Christian apologist, a lot of his work bears on the deepest political and »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 110: After the Flight 93 Election

Featured image Just in time for your Monday morning commute, we offer a show looking back on Michael Anton’s controversial 2016 essay “The Flight 93 Election” which was compared to Tom Paine’s Common Sense as a tract that grabbed the public imagination. Michael is back now with a new book, After the Flight 93 Election: The Vote That Saved America and What We Still Have to Lose.  I caught up with Michael Sunday »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 109: Lucretia, Unplugged!

Featured image Readers have been asking when we’ll have back Power Line’s International Woman of Mystery, “Lucretia,” and your wish is our command. “Lucretia” joins us again with some choice rants about the whole Ralph Northam affair and the Democrat’s “Calhoun moment” on abortion, the invincible ignorance of the new socialists like AOC, and the Wall. But then we turn to the really important subjects: wine, whisky, handguns, and coffee. (Aren’t those »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 108: Touring Hot Spots—Venezuela and Iran

Featured image Venezuela has been falling apart for more than a decade, but when matters reached a seeming crisis point last week, I decided it was high time to catch up with Mark Falcoff, the longtime Latin American expert now retired from the American Enterprise Institute, to walk us through the scene (including some terrific trivia about the structure of the Venezuelan army). Then I shift focus to the other member of »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 107: Is “New Originalism” an Oxymoron?

Featured image Constitutional originalism is the cornerstone of conservative jurisprudence today, but there are several rival versions of originalism, and sometimes you even hear about the “new” originalism, which sounds more like an old Spinal Tap joke. This week I caught up briefly (very briefly—we both had airplanes to catch) with John Eastman, the Salvatori Professor of Law at Chapman University’s Fowler School of Law and senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 106: Equality and Its Discontents

Featured image This episode offers another of my lectures for the William F. Buckley Program at Yale, this time on the subject of equality. Borrowing from the taxonomy of the legendary political scientist Aaron Wildavsky, I explain why 600 percent of the American people are victims of oppression! I also review some of the disagreements among prominent conservative thinkers about the principle of equality, since it is so badly abused by modern »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 105: The World According to Chris DeMuth, Pt. 2

Featured image This episode is the second installment of my conversation with Chris DeMuth, taking up Chris’s “origin story” with his work on regulatory reform starting in the Reagan Administration, and reviewing the story of neoconservatism through its transformations in the 1990s and 2000s. Our conversation ends with Chris’s observations on the current hot button phenomena of populism, nationalism, and the revolt against the out-of-touch transnational elites. (If you missed the first installment, »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 104: The World According to Chris DeMuth, Pt. 1

Featured image This is a very special episode of the podcast—the first of a two-parter—which features me in an “origin story” conversation with Christopher DeMuth, who is nowadays a distinguished fellow at the Hudson Institute, where he writes actively about government regulation and the administrative state. Prior to coming to Hudson, Chris was the long time president of the American Enterprise Institute, and served in senior positions in the Nixon and Reagan Administrations. »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 103: Our New Year’s “Beatles Reunion”

Featured image I often joke that getting the Power Line “Fab Four”—John, Paul, George and Ringo, Scott and Steve—together at one time is as hard as getting The Beatles back together, and none of us has the excuse of being dead! But today we managed to get not only all four of us together for a year-end podcast, but we also roped in Power Line’s version of the Marvel Extended Universe, with our »

Send In Your Questions

Featured image Tomorrow afternoon after all the eggnog wears off, we’re going to be reuniting the Beatles: John, Paul, George and Ringo, Scott, and I will be taping a special year-end Power Line Show podcast, and we’re going to be joined as well by Susan Vass, aka “Ammo Grrrll,” and maybe for a few minutes by our tech genius Joe Malchow between changing planes flying across the country. We have a couple of reader »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 102: Is “Post-Modern Conservatism” an Oxymoron?

Featured image This week you’re really in for it, as I decided to offer up another of my lectures on conservative thought at Yale for the William F. Buckley Program. Steve decides to tackle the “P-word”—Postmodernism. The term is overused, vague, and, like so many other things, badly corrupted by the left. In fact, the useable parts of it are actually old conservative ideas in some respects—a fresh vindication of Samuel Johnson’s »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 101: A Holiday Doubleheader

Featured image These days the Power Line Podcast emulates major league baseball and seldom offers doubleheaders with two guest interviews, but this week we thought it worked to consider the specific question of whether Trump’s payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal are in fact campaign finance violation, and then catch up briefly with Yuval Levin to revisit some of his themes from his pre-Trump book Our Fractured Republic. I know the »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 100: Historians in Cars—Andrew Roberts on History and Churchill

Featured image Many of you have likely seen or heard of Jerry Seinfeld’s video series “Comedians in Cars,” and for this episode of the Power Line Show I decided to emulate it with “Historians in Cars.” But not just any historian. I got to take the great Andrew Roberts for a car ride in the Bay Area this week. (Thanks to those Power Line readers who braved the lunacy of the Berkeley »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 99: Talking Economic Liberty with Chip Mellor

Featured image Just in time for your weekend listening pleasure, Episode 99 is ready! This week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Timbs v. Indiana, concerning the widespread practice of “civil asset forfeiture,” in which law enforcement will seize your property upon arrest (sometimes even without an arrest and criminal charge) and keep the money or asset for themselves. By coincidence this week I ran into the person »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 97: Conservative Fight Club!

Featured image Just in time for the weekend, by popular demand (or at least the social media pleadings of show fanboy Seth Root), another special episode of the Power Line Show featuring—me. Now I know what you’re thinking from the title, and you’d be wrong: the first rule of Conservative Fight Club is that you never shut up about Conservative Fight Club! In this recent lecture of my series on conservatism for »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 96: On the Firing Line with Ammo Grrrll!

Featured image Scott Johnson joins me this week for a podcast book party for the launch of a collection of columns from “Ammo Grrrll,” Ammo Grrrll Hits the Target.  Susan Vass (Ammo Grrrll’s real name when she votes) is a retired stand-up comic, and this episode talks about the terrifying world of comedy club performances, where “you either kill or you die;” why comics are the most needy performance artists—even more than singers, and »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 95: Henry Olsen’s Mid-Term Election Outlook

Featured image We’re out early with this week’s edition of the Power Line Show, because I was able to pin down Henry Olsen to get his general outlook on next Tuesday’s mid-term election. Henry is not ready yet to make many specific calls—his detailed race-by-race forecast will go up at National Review Online this Sunday night or next Monday morning—but right how he thinks it looks good for the GOP in the Senate, »