Podcast: The 3WHH, on What’s In the News Today, Oh Boy!

Featured image We decided to just do a recap of the remarkable news of the week, because we learned that there is a reason we’ll miss Jen Psaki at the White House (plus a shout out to the forgotten Dee Dee Myers, who looks pretty good in retrospect); that the Anthony Scaramucci duration-in-office scale remains useful for marking the tenure in office of Nina Jankowicz (who nonetheless lasted longer than CNN+); that »

Podcast: the 3WHH on Mulish Voting Laws

Featured image There are so many things that seem . . . wrong about the 2020 election, and lot of listeners and readers have been asking about the new documentary film “2000 Mules,” which offers some visually compelling circumstantial evidence, along with a few examples of direct testimony of voting misbehavior in nursing homes and other locales. So Lucretia and I both took it in this week, and try to give an overview »

Podcast: Ricochet on The Black Hole of Jurisprudence

Featured image So for an unprecedented third week in a row I sat in again for Peter Robinson on the flagship Ricochet podcast, prompting speculation that I must have Peter captive in a Silence of the Lambs dungeon or something. To be sure, I am fighting the urge to buy a preppy sweater and knot it around my neck (regular listeners will understand the reference), but it’s always fun to try to »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Special Leakgate Edition

Featured image Owing partly to travel schedules that prevent our normal and proper Friday evening happy hour to debrief the week, combined with the shocking leak of the prospective Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs case, we decided to declare a special mid-week happy hour with Scott and John joining in the libations, along with a special guest, the noted Whisky-McRibb pairing expert, John Yoo, coming to us from outside his favorite »

Announcement: Live Podcast Taping Tomorrow!

Featured image In light of the dramatic Supreme Court news today, coupled with the fact that Lucretia and I are both traveling later this week and through the weekend and therefore unable to do our usual Friday night Three Whisky Happy Hour debrief, we’re going to do a live (by Zoom) podcast taping tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4 pm Pacific time/7 pm Eastern/6 pm Central, open to all comers. It gets better! John »

Podcastpalooza: the 3WHH, Ricochet, and Trenches

Featured image It’s Podcastpalooza Saturday! I really do need to join Podcasters Anonymous or something, because this week—the last of the semester, woo hoo!—I’ve hardly been five feet away from a microphone for longer than 10 seconds. First up is our own weekly offering, the Three Whisky Happy Hour. This is the week the world was introduced to the O’Brien of the 21st century, Ms. Nina Jankowicz, aka the “Mary Poppins of disinformation” »

Podcast: M. Stanton Evans in His Own Words

Featured image Now that my biography of M. Stanton Evans is out, time to go back and take in Stan in his own words in podcast form. A previous podcast featured several of Stan’s greatest comedy chops, so this one highlights some of his serious work. I decided to highlight here just four aspects of many that draw chiefly from one of his enduring books that everyone should have on their shelf »

Podcast: Grilling Weber with The New Thinkery

Featured image Today’s remedial education opportunity offers my guest appearance on The New Thinkery podcast that is hosted by Alex Priou, Greg McBrayer, and David Bahr. The trio likes to do a deep dive into a classic text with their guests, and we chose Mad Max Weber’s famous 1919 lecture “Politics as a Vocation” as the hub for a wide-ranging discussion. To be sure, my 3WHH partner Lucretia doesn’t think much of »

Podcast: The 3WHH With Glenn Ellmers on the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon

Featured image Jordan Peterson took the intellectual world by storm in 2016, bursting on the scene in a way not seen by a non-leftist thinker since Allan Bloom in the late 1980s. His idiosyncratic mix of Jungian psychology, existential philosophy, and common-sense self-help advice (also lobsters!) as expressed in his best-seller 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, is hard to sort out at times. Glenn Ellmers, one of our favorite »

Podcast: Ricochet on Mickey Mouse Mandates

Featured image Not to worry—the Three Whisky Happy Hour will be out tomorrow morning as usual, with a special guest, but for today’s listening vacuum, I sat in for Peter Robinson on the flagship Ricochet podcast today, where John Yoo joined us to break down the aftermath of the mask mandate ruling, and the unfolding drama of Disney in Florida. You can listen to the episode here, or you can wander over »

Podcast: Geopolitical Risk After Ukraine, with Terry Hallmark

Featured image Suddenly energy security and geopolitical risk are back on everyone’s mind again, so I decided to consult a true expert on the subject—Terry Hallmark of the University of Houston, for a classic podcast format conversation. Terry currently teaches ancient, medieval and early modern political philosophy, American political thought, American foreign policy and energy studies in the Honors College at the U. of H, but in a prior life was an »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Back in the Classroom with CRT and Mad Max

Featured image First, we are pleased to appoint Lance Izumi, a previous guest on this show, to be the official whisky master of the Three Whisky Happy Hour, even though he doesn’t drink whisky (or anything else for that matter), because anyone who can pull off this look deserves the recognition.  And we’ll have him back soon to talk about the latest on K-12 education. (Notice Laphraoig front and center in his »

Podcast: The 3WHH on Mad Max Postponed

Featured image For this episode of the Three Whisky Happy Hour Lucretia and I intended to head back into the seminar room, with a treatment of Critical Race Theory (because why should the 1619 Project get all the love?), and some reflections on the puzzle presented by the head-scratching fact that Bill Clinton claims that Max Weber’s famous 1919 lecture “Politics as a Vocation” is his favorite “book” about political life.  But »

Podcast: The 3WHH with Richard Samuelson on the Fools at Harvard

Featured image Historian Richard Samuelson turned up for Friday evening happy hour this week, with 14-year-old Oban in hand, to kick around this week’s less-than-neat headlines. Is it merely a coincidence that Jen Psaki chose April Fools’ Day to have the news come out that she’s going to join MSNBC? Irony is truly dead. Meanwhile, on the great existential question of the week—”Team Smith” or “Team Rock”—Lucretia disdains either choice, while affirming the »

Stan Podcastpalooza Day

Featured image If you just can’t get enough of our dual-format Power Line podcasts, today there appeared two long-form podcasts where I am the guest, ostensibly to talk about the book I have out last week that perhaps, maybe, you have heard about (M. Stanton Evans: Conservative Wit, Apostle of Freedom), but in both cases the conversation wandered into current topics: Trump, Ukraine, conservatism, Reagan, the Smith-Rock Slap Heard Round the World, »

Podcast: Phil Magness on the Latest 1619 Project Absurdity

Featured image Just in time for your evening commute home today, a classic podcast episode, just 15 minutes long, on the latest nonsense form the 1619 Project. It would be easier at this point to start a list of everything that is not caused or tainted by racism, because it is becoming absurd. The latest from Nikole Hannah-Jones is that tipping is a legacy of slavery. No, she really said this, on »

Podcast: The 3WHH, on Judge KB Jackson—Originalist???

Featured image Is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson a constitutional originalist? Of course not. In no possible universe will we get a Justice Jackson who turns out to be a closet moderate or even a conservative. The last Democratic Supreme Court pick who moved to the right was Byron White, appointed by President Kennedy. Democrat court appointees never defect. But for some reason Judge Jackson felt compelled to say this in her confirmation »