Bonus Podcast: My Address to Incoming Grad Students

Featured image This classic format episode of the Power Line podcast features me all by himself, and breaks some news: I am returning to Pepperdine University in the spring semester of this academic year as the Edward Gaylord Visiting Professor at the School of Public Policy. I will be filling the large shoes of the late Ted McAllister, who passed away earlier this year, leaving a big hole in the SPP program. »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Mugged by Reality

Featured image Wondering what to make of the first GOP debate, Trump’s arrest and mug shot, and the apparently deteriorating battlefield situation in Ukraine? Then you’ve come to the right place. John Yoo hosts this week’s episode while we break it all down in crisp fashion, partly because our schedules this week prevented us from recording at a time suitable to have our whisky glasses filled. Next week, we promise! Listen here, »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Ricochet Overtime Edition

Featured image As loyal listeners know, yesterday John, Lucretia, and I took over the flagship Ricochet podcast in the absence of both Peter Robinson (still somewhere in the Witness Protection Program) and Rob Long (out walking a Hollywood picket line somewhere), and we made James Lileks’ life completely miserable. We decided that a couple of issues we brought up deserved some extended discussion in this bonus episode, starting with the “trust” question: »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Screwball Edition

Featured image The late week news was so screwball that I surrendered to Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey to cope while Lucretia the Lightweight settled for Irish coffee while John, out of place as usual, passed on a liquid lunch to have a real lunch from Jersey Mikes instead of McDonalds. How the mighty have fallen! (By the way, the Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey is not recommended. Better to go with an old »

Podcast: The 2WHH on the Scene in Europe, with Edoardo Raffiotta

Featured image This isn’t our normal 3WHH; John isn’t here, just me and Lucretia. So maybe a 2WHH. The occasion for today’s extra episode—since we moved up our usual weekly offering on account of the latest weekly Trump indictment—is to take note of two related items. First, did you know that Italy’s new and very popular prime minister Giorgia Meloni recently visited Washington and had a brief meeting with President Biden? I »

Podcast: The 3WHH Special Midweek Edition on the Trump Indictment

Featured image Our normal weekend rendezvous at the whisky bar convened early this week—first thing in the morning in fact, so too early to break out the single-malt—to get out our fresh reactions to the Trump indictment for his role in the events of January 6, and our general reaction after reading the filing is—is this all there is? Where is incitement? Where is conspiring with violent groups like the Proud Boys »

Podcast: The 3WHH on a PIG Goes to Market & the L-Word

Featured image After clearing the decks of the latest headlines from the week involving Biden trials and Trump tribulations, we get down to business discussing John’s new “PIG book,” The Politically-Incorrect Guide to the Supreme Court (co-authored with Robert Delahunty). Naturally Steve and Lucretia have some issues to pick with John. Steve manages to annoy everyone by noting the Statute-That-Cannot-Be-Named-On-This-Podcast (rhymes with Lean Fair Fact) and connecting it to the “L-Word,” meaning »

Podcast: Special Edition with William B. Allen on Harris’s Demagoguery

Featured image I knew when I saw news of Vice President Kamala Harris claiming that Florida’s new African-American history standards for public schools taught that “enslaved people benefitted from slavery,” I knew instinctively that this was a lie of unusual medacity even for her. Don’t take my word for it: read the curriculum guide for yourself, especially page six, where Harris and the rest of the race-obsessed educrat-complex twists one sentence in »

Podcast: The 3WHH, on “Eternal Infernal Optimism”

Featured image With John freshly back from the land of Spam singles and McDonald’s stock price near an all time high, the Three Whisky Happy Hour gang drains its glasses over the question of the anticipated coming Trump indictments. Defrauding the federal government? Obstructing Congress? Violating the Ku Klux Klan Act? This is indeed John McEnroe territory—”You cannot be serious!” But is it going to work? Let’s just say this episode revisits »

Podcast: The 3WHH on ‘The Narrow Passage’ by Glenn Ellmers

Featured image John Yoo is away overseas this week, so Lucretia and I are joined by Glenn Ellmers, author of the brand new book The Narrow Passage: Plato, Foucault, and the Possibilty of Political Philosophy. Do not be intimidated by the mention of Foucault or anything else in the title, as this crispy-written and very accessible book comes in at a reader-friendly 79 pages (Glenn admits that it began as an essay »

Podcast: The (Uncensorable) 3WHH, Still Loitering Around the Courthouse

Featured image You’ve heard of the Avengers. And the Incredibles. We at the Three Whisky Happy Hour consider ourselves The Uncensorables. (Only because Justice League is taken.) In any case, just when you thought it was safe to pass by the courthouse and law library because the Supreme Court term has finished, along comes a bracing district court opinion slapping the Biden Administration hard for its collaborating with social media companies to »

Podcast: The 3WHH, That’s a Wrap!

Featured image The Three Whisky Happy Hour hosts were actually together in person this week to record this episode, and marked the end of the Supreme Court term with a several nice rounds of Makers Mark. And what a week it was! It’s over. The fat lady has sung. The Supreme Court ended its current term with a big bang, delivering a long-overdue smackdown of affirmative action that with any luck history »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Standing Down?

Featured image The submersible that is the sinking Biden presidency looks to be under as much increasing pressure as the Trump reboot tour, and maybe both will implode? And when is the Supreme Court going to end the suspense and deliver the rulings on the big cases we’ve all been waiting for? The Court did deliver a disappointment of sorts in U.S. v. Texas, which rejected a state challenge to the Biden »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Pardon Me?!?!

Featured image By the end of the week when we three bartenders assembled, the Trump indictment had been pretty well munched and masticated, so there wasn’t much left to say about the matter for the moment. But John Yoo has a wild idea to resolve the controversy: President Biden, he says, should pardon Trump right now, and say “Let’s put everything before the voters next year on the issues.” Of course the »

Podcast: The 3WHH Brings the Smoke and Fire (Brimstone to Come)

Featured image Who needs my peaty, smoky whisky this week when Canada is supplying a surplus for half the nation? (But it ain’t Canadian Club they’re serving.) After clearing the smoke from our eyes—and our whisky glasses—we get down to business on what is known so far about the Trump indictment (we recorded before the full details of the indictment were released), and wonder if the Dept. of Justice isn’t blowing a »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Featured image John Yoo is away traveling this weekend, so the Three Whisky Happy Hour reverts to old form, with Lucretia pummeling me like a chiropractor working on a stiff neck for my conventional thinking about the debt ceiling deal. But otherwise we’re in a jolly mood this week, as we see signs that a “Revolt of the Normies”—that is sensible middle class Americans—against gender wokery is finally underway. Just ask the »

Podcast: Marx, Neoliberalism, and the 1619 Project, with Phil Magness

Featured image Phil Magness of the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) is one of the most productive—and provocative—working scholars today (with emphasis on working, as his output is prodigious). This classic format episode features me and Phil in a one-on-one conversation about three of Phil’s major areas of current research, starting with his co-authored article that breaks new ground in the history of Marxism, “The Mainstreaming of Marx: Measuring the Effect »