Podcast: Carpe Diem!, with Mark Perry

Featured image What do you do when you wake up and see the news story of how the University of North Carolina is once again violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with a scholarship that specifically excludes white students from eligibility? Your first thought is that you need to call Mark Perry, except he’s already on the job! Perry, professor emeritus of economics and finance at the University of Michigan/Flint, filed »

Podcast: The 3WHH—Can Elections Be Fixed (and Not Just Rigged)?

Featured image John Yoo is back at last from his latest Italian junket—yes, Lucretia let him back across the border unharmed!—and hosts this week’s episode of the Three Whisky Happy Hour in which we clarify some of the over-hasty arguments from last week’s highly thymotic episode (as many readers noted!) about exactly when and how it is legitimate to contest the Supreme Court over the application of the Constitution. This opening elided »

Podcast: Michael Walsh on “Against the Great Reset”

Featured image We live in a time of “crisis addicts,” in which the left cannot shake its addiction to what might be called “crisis porn.” Remember Rahm Emanuel proclaiming in 2009, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”? He was merely stating openly what has been obvious for a century now—that governments use a “crisis” to expand its power and reach permanently, never entirely relinquishing new powers and higher spending after »

Podcast: The 3WHH—”You Went Full Lincoln, John; Never Go Full Lincoln!”

Featured image Hoo boy, this week’s Three Whisky Happy Hour very nearly descended into a full-scale bar room brawl, even though we recorded in the morning over coffee instead of single-malts because John Yoo is still over in Rome! (And may not come back after this episode!) After noting a few late breaking news stories, such as Harvey Mansfield’s retirement and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s surprise announcement that she’s becoming an independent, we »

Podcast: Ilya Shapiro on the Supreme Court

Featured image With the new Supreme Court term under way, and with several potential landmark oral arguments already in the can, I decided to catch up with Ilya Shapiro, director of constitutional studies at the Manhattan Institute, and author of Supreme Disorder: Judicial Nominations and the Politics of America’s Highest Court. It turns out that the kind of confirmation battles that have become famous ever since Robert Bork in 1987 are not »

Podcast: The 3WHH on the Crisis of Our Time

Featured image This really should be a Two Whisky Happy Hour this week as the whisky bar is short one bartender. John Yoo is overseas yet again to Italy for some nefarious purpose, so it’s just me and Lucretia slinging the 180-proof analysis of the Twitter revelations and other news headlines of the end of the week. But the main topic is following up on the mid-week conversation with Glenn Ellmers on »

Podcast: Glenn Ellmers on “Hard Truths & Radical Possibilities”

Featured image Glenn Ellmers has done it again, with a new provocation that “the constitutional republic created by our founders no longer exists.” His article posted at American Greatness, “Hard Truths and Radical Possibilities,” backs up this startling proposition with five very stark supporting arguments, starting with the fact that elections no longer suffice to control our government (even if they are fair and above reproach). Elections are now a mere nuisance—barely a »

Podcast: The 3WHH Special Thanksgiving Holiday Edition

Featured image Posted a day ahead of the usual schedule, this special Thanksgiving long weekend edition with John Yoo sitting in the rotating host chair finds the 3WHH bartenders sharing some wine, whisky and food pairings from the big meal. I supplemented the usual fare with popovers, washed down with some 2015 Trump Meritage red, expecting that it was likely past its prime, and although it had indeed lost its fruit, the »

Podcast: European Conservatism, with Alvino-Mario Fantini

Featured image One of my favorite journals these days is The European Conservative, edited by the intrepid Alvino-Mario Fantini out of Vienna. Printed on heavy stock paper, its articles are adorned with fabulous reproductions of classic art, making it the kind of journal you’d happily put out on your coffee table alongside your gallery books from the Met or wherever. Back in September I wrote here about how the magazine was dropped »

Podcast: The 3WHH Goes Back to School of Athens in Milan

Featured image I’m posting this episode a day ahead of regular schedule as a couple of news items discussed in our mid-week taping have already been overtaken by events. . . Your Three Whisky Happy Hour bartenders wandered to Milan this week where we recorded a rare in-person episode, and since we met in Italy, naturally we taste-tested Austrian single-malt whisky, described on the label as “dark” and “peated.” You’ll have to »

Podcast: The 3WHH on the McRib Election

Featured image Some smart aleck wag at the Daily Caller has decided this midterm was the “McRib” election, saying “Democracy is like the McRib: It comes and goes mysteriously every two years or so and it is confusing.  And, like politicians, once the McRib is reintroduced with a big ad campaign, you remember months later why you didn’t like it in the first place.” Needless to say, with lingering threats by McDonald’s »

Podcast: The 3WHH with Final Election Analysis and Predictions

Featured image With John Yoo in the host chair this week, the Three Whisky Happy Hour bartenders are feeling very happy indeed, and enjoy some four-finger pours of mostly American whisky ahead of Tuesday’s midterm election, which Lucretia and I think is going to be a wave of tsunami proportions. In addition to reviewing the still-volatile findings of the latest polls, we offer ranges of GOP pickups in the House and Senate (you’ll »

Podcast: Baseball & the Midterms with Henry Olsen

Featured image With the World Series knotted at 2-2, and the mid-term election just days away, it seemed the perfect time for a classic format conversational podcast with Henry Olsen, the premier psephologist (trying saying that word fast just once, never mind seven times) of all things data-related when it comes to politics—and also baseball. We disagree about the decision to remove a starting pitcher working on a no-hitter into the 7th »

Podcast: The 3WHH on The Day After at the Supreme Court

Featured image That was an extraordinary five hours at the Supreme Court yesterday—twice as long as the oral arguments were originally scheduled to last—and the longer the argument went on, the worse it seemed to get for the defenders of raced-based admissions for higher education. Maybe that was by design on the part of Chief Justice Roberts, who was sarcastic in his open scorn for what he has previously called the “sordid »

Podcast: The 3WHH on Affirmative Action Game Day at the Supreme Court

Featured image On Monday the Supreme Court takes up the Harvard and University of North Carolina affirmative action cases in what is the Super Bowl of civil rights litigation—arguably the biggest moment for the Court since Brown v. Board of Education. Naturally that is the focus of this episode, though we do briefly review a couple of the key news stories of the week, such as Fetterman’s collapse, the early spin on »

Bonus Podcast: David Bernstein on Racial Classification

Featured image Next Monday the Supreme Court takes up the Harvard and University of North Carolina affirmative action admissions cases, but before getting to the constitutional doctrine of the matter, there is a vexing matter that is often overlooked: if we’re going to be giving out racial preferences for admissions (and government contracts, etc), who counts as a member of which minority group? The government’s racial classifications turn out to be something »

Bonus Podcast: The *Two* Whisky Happy Hour—Cleanup on Aisle 1776

Featured image Lucretia and I give John Yoo the day off for this special interstitial (and abbreviated—only 30 minutes long) episode that we’ll just call the *Two* Whisky Happy Hour, in which Lucretia and I clear up some confusion from our most recent fast-paced episode, where a few main points got muddled. Several new listeners want us to clear up exactly what we mean by natural right, how natural right (especially its »