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For the Covid dead

Featured image There is a Laughter Is the Best Medicine quality to the psychedelic Jen Psaki’s wrestling with the devil of a question asked by Peter Doocy in which President Biden is subjected to the judgment of his own previously announced standard of fitness for office (video below). Psaki swallows hard. She gazes sternly at Doocy. She lies. She avoids tthe question. She circumnavigates the fact that Biden’s vaccine monomania is dependent »

Russia hoax whitewash era begins (2)

Featured image The Clinton presidential campaign’s fabrication of the Russia hoax is the dirtiest trick in American political history. Beginning with Glenn Simpson/Fusion GPS and the Perkins Coie law firm, it enlisted co-conspirators in the Obama Department of Justice, the FBI, and the mainstream media. The principals are not only still at large, they have achieved high office, wealth, riches, and Pulitzer Prizes. They will never be brought to justice. They won’t »

Deep meaning of Chris Cuomo: Fulfillingness’ first finale

Featured image Yesterday evening CNN terminated Chris Cuomo from his employment by the network. His termination converted an indefinite suspension into a permanent arrangement. Both the suspension and termination followed up on the news that Cuomo had participated in the defense of his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. To promote his false image of effectiveness in dealing with the epidemic, Governor Cuomo had frequently appeared on his brother’s show with the »

Getting minds right at Yale: The Ayres report

Featured image In the multilayered saga of Trent Colbert at Yale Law School, we last noted “Dean Gerken regrets.” Dean Gerken is the dean of Yale Law School. Her regret over the false disparagement of second-year law student Trent Colbert was inane, shallow, and phony. Now David Lat updates the story in “As the YLS world turns.” Lat reports that an investigative report ordered up by Gerken herself and prepared by Professor »

Kevin Roche: On the Moronic variant [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Listening to President Biden’s monomaniacal remarks on the Omicron variant, I found it hard not to conclude we are stuck inside an Escher lithograph. I commented on Biden’s primary theme of vaccination, but testing is also part of the loop. It isn’t only my friend Kevin Roche who finds the emphasis on PCR testing in particular misguided. Scott Atlas also writes about “the role and pitfalls of PCR testing and »

Biden’s Covid-19 winter plan

Featured image Yesterday President Biden went out to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda to deliver “Remarks by President Biden on the COVID-⁠19 Winter Plan.” He spoke in the animatronic style to which we have grown accustomed, with the occasional short circuits and misfires included. He opened with a haywire attempt at humor: I’ve seen more — (laughs) — of Dr. Fauci than my wife. We kid each other, but — »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll recounts MY WOKE WEEKEND. She writes: I have been so impressed with the wondrous advice of Saint Anthony of Fauci – “don’t get masks, they will do no good and, besides, the medical folks need them; DO get masks, now they are essential; wear TWO masks; in a restaurant, wear your mask from the door to your table; then, when your food arrives, take a bite and then »

Not just the NBA

Featured image Only last week J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon humbly abased himself before the Chinese Communist regime. “Dimon found himself in potential trouble with the current executors of the Mandate of Heaven when he repeated a joke he said he had told in Hong Kong earlier,” Gerard Baker explained in his excellent Wall Street Journal column. This was Dimon’s joke: “The Communist Party is celebrating its hundredth year. So is JPMorgan. »

Speaking of anti-Semitism (or not)

Featured image Within tacit limits, President Biden attacked anti-Jewish bigotry in his remarks “During a Menorah Lighting in Celebration of Hanukkah.” Nary a word, however, about the genocidal Iranian regime, which the administration seeks avidly to appease and accommodate, or about the anti-Jewish and anti-historical “Jerusalem” resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly yesterday. The Jerusalem Post covers the “Jerusalem” resolution here. The UN covers it here. UN Watch covers it »

Biden yanks our supply chain

Featured image President Biden read at excruciating length from his teleprompter early yesterday afternoon “on the Nation’s Supply Chains,” as the title on the White House transcript puts it. I have posted the video below. It was a big day for Biden. This was only one of three sets of remarks he struggled to read. Later yesterday afternoon he also delivered “to Commemorate World AIDS Day, Launch the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, and »

Biden’s pandemic history

Featured image In his November 29 Best of the Web column “Biden’s partisan pandemic history,” the Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman took up President Biden’s remarks the previous day on the Omicron variant (transcript here). Biden’s remarks implicitly trashed President Trump’s handling of the epidemic in a characteristically ungracious, ungrateful, and dishonest manner. I call it “The Biden variant.” Freeman writes in a more dispassionate spirit (links omitted): At Monday’s [White House »

Deep meaning of Chris Cuomo, cont’d

Featured image Yesterday evening CNN indefinitely suspended Chris Cuomo from his evening gig on the network. The suspension followed up on the news that Cuomo had participated in the defense of his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (f/k/a the luv guv). To promote his false image of effectiveness in dealing with the epidemic, Governor Cuomo had frequently appeared on his brother’s show. Chris Cuomo’s service as an advisor to the luv »

The Biden variant

Featured image President Biden gave two sets of remarks yesterday. First he appeared at the crack of noon to deliver “Remarks by President Biden Providing an Update on the Omicron Variant.” Then he appeared two hours later to deliver “Remarks by President Biden During Meeting with CEOs of Companies to Discuss the Holiday Shopping Season and His Administration’s Work to Move Goods to Shelves.” Good title! I take it that the minders »

Somebody said something, Star Tribune style

Featured image The Star Tribune covers the latest developments in the matter of hometown Rep. Ilhan Omar and Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert in “Omar ends ‘unproductive call’ with GOP lawmaker who made anti-Muslim remarks.” Subhead: “The Minnesota Democrat said she wanted a direct apology from Rep. Lauren Boebert.” Reporter Hunter Woodall luxuriates in the allegations of Boebert’s bigotry and Republican inadequacy before inserting this apparent concession in the interest of fairness (link »

Deep meaning of Chris Cuomo

Featured image It is somehow big news that CNN anchor Chris Cuomo advised his brother (f/k/a the luv guv) on how to stay afloat amid the flood of sexual harassment allegations that brought him down. AP covers the story with two reporters on the case here this morning. The actions taken by CNN’s Cuomo threaten CNN’s reputation as a legitimate source of news! The AP reporters extract this hilarious quote from our »

Somebody said something

Featured image Politico Playbook serves as a vehicle for Democrats to vent their thoughts and float their balloons. Playbook’s Rachael Bade leads this morning with Democrats’ mulling over the offense taken by Rep. Ilhan Omar to comments by Rep. Lauren Boebert. Bade’s Playbook report is headlined “Dems’ dicey decision: Punish Boebert or not?” Here is Bade’s accompanying report minus the links: IS AN APOLOGY ENOUGH? — The drama surrounding Rep. LAUREN BOEBERT’s »

Pictures at an exhibition

Featured image I probably learned from reading William F. Buckley as a teenager that a farrago is a confused mixture. I learn from reading New Criterion managing editor James Panero’s Spectator column “Hunter Biden: portrait of the scam artist” that New York Times critic at large Jason Farago gave Biden’s first solo exhibition the full review treatment. The exhibition is entitled The Journey Home: A Hunter Biden Solo Exhibition. Farago reviewed it. »