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Judge Ho’s Yale boycott

Featured image Fifth Circuit Judge James Ho gave the keynote address at the Federalist Society’s Sixth Annual Kentucky Chapters Conference last week. Judge Ho gave his talk the title “Agreeing to Disagree—Restoring America by Resisting Cancel Culture.” Nate Hochman obtained a copy of the text and broke its most newsworthy aspect in “Federal Judge Vows to Stop Hiring Law Clerks from Yale Law School.” We followed Hochman’s account in “Bravo, Judge Ho.” »

Laurence Silberman, RIP

Featured image Two weeks ago Judge Laurence Silberman traveled to Hanover, New Hampshire, to meet up with classmates celebrating their sixty-fifth reunion at Dartmouth College. While in town Judge Silberman gave a Constitution Day talk defending free speech under the auspices of the college’s Rockefeller Center. We posted a link to the text published by the Wall Street Journal and the related video of the event over the weekend in “Bravo, Judge »

How’s he doing?

Featured image By my lights, nothing in John Fetterman’s record suggests that he is fit to hold public office. He is both a sponger and left-wing extremist. Having suffered a serious stroke just before securing the Pennsylvania Democrats’ nomination for the Senate, his mental capacity is in doubt as well. Most recently, on MSNBC this past Friday evening, he proved unable to answer the opening question posed by host Chris Hayes without »

Affirmative action forever or not?

Featured image Linda Brown was the young girl who gave her name to the four cases consolidated for consideration in Brown v. Board of Education, the 1954 Supreme Court case that effectively invalidated the regime of public school segregation. She died in 2018 at the age of 75 or 76. Neil Genzlinger’s New York Times obituary recounted her story. Genzlinger dealt inadequately with the Brown case. “In its ruling,” he wrote, “the »

Bravo, Judge Silberman

Featured image Yesterday I briefly noted Fifth Circuit Judge James Ho’s keynote remarks at the Federalist Society’s sixth annual Kentucky chapters conference. With a little work I was able to obtain a copy of Judge Ho’s remarks. I hope to revisit them with a few quotes from the text in the next day or two or three. In my comments I referred to Senior D.C. Court of Appeals Judge Laurence Silberman as »

Inoki down for the count

Featured image The Associated Press reports that Japanese wrestler and politician Antonio Inoki has died at the age of 79. I was a high school teacher who paid good money to attend his whatever-it-was with Muhammad Ali televised live from Tokyo’s Budokan over closed circuit at the Minneapolis Auditorium in June 1976. Inoki contended with Ali during most of the 15 rounds by kicking him while positioned on his back. Ali taunted »

The Star Tribune judges Judge Guthmann

Featured image A week ago Ramsey County District Judge John Guthmann called out the Star Tribune by name in a a press release he authorized regarding the Feeding Our Future case. This is the key passage bearing on the Star Tribune: On February 26, 2022, the Star Tribune reported on a federal investigation of FOF. The article included the following false statement: “In April 2021, Ramsey County District Judge John Guthmann told »

The cancelations: If the law doesn’t fit (2)

Featured image President Biden’s student loan giveaway is blatantly illegal, but standing presents an obstacle to lawsuits challenging it. I noted the lawsuit filed by the Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of Frank Garrison earlier this week. The Indiana federal district court has already denied Garrison’s motion for preliminary relief in an order that casts doubt on Garrison’s theory of standing. Now six states with Republican governors and attorneys general have commenced »

Veep thoughts with Kamala Harris

Featured image The point of this series — and I do have one — is to invite the kind of derision of Democrats that the Democrat/media establishment routinely inflicts on their political opponents (though without the justification). Raygun! Bushitler! It’s almost enough to make a sane person doubt the Trump-Hitler hysteria as just a little over the top. By contrast, Joe Biden visibly deteriorates before our eyes. Kamala Harris is a bona »

Bravo, Judge Ho

Featured image NRO’s Nate Hochman obtained a copy of Fifth Circuit Judge James Ho’s keynote address to the Kentucky Chapters Conference of the Federalist Society and reports on it in “Federal Judge Vows to Stop Hiring Law Clerks from Yale Law School.” Judge Ho’s address — “Agreeing to Disagree — Restoring America by Resisting Cancel Culture” — cited a number of high-profile examples of speakers being shouted down or otherwise censored at »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrlll is feeling THE SPIRIT OF 76. She writes: Another month down, and another month down, and another one bites the dust. And by this time next Friday, another birthday as well. 75 was startling enough; 76 is just ridiculous. I keep thinking of trombones for some reason. And, as it happens, this year my birthday falls on Yom Kippur. Nothing more festive than a 25-hour Fast of Atonement. »

This senior moment

Featured image Yesterday at the White House conference on hunger etc. President Biden sought to acknowledge deceased Rep. Jackie Walorski among those in attendance for the event (White House transcript here): And I want to thank all of you here, including bipartisan elected officials like Representative McGovern, Senator Braun, Senator Booker, Representative — Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? I didn’t think she was — she wasn’t going to be here — »

In free lunch fraud: Analyze this

Featured image I’m scheduled to join Jon Justice on KTLK this morning at about 8:35 to discuss the massive $250 million free lunch fraud. The $250 million represents the payment of federal funds administered by the Minnesota Department of Education. The show can be live streamed here. I want to compile related materials for listeners in this post. United States Attorney Andrew Luger announced charges against 47 defendants in six indictments and »

In free lunch fraud: Bill Glahn explains

Featured image The Center of the American Experiment hosted a webinar on the massive Minnesota free lunch fraud that has now given rise to charges against 49 defendants and counting. When it comes to pandemic fraud, we’re number one. Center president John Hinderaker quizzed adjunct policy fellow Bill Glahn on the scandal before an online audience. Bill laid out the case as of this date for 30 minutes and then fielded audience »

Senior moment of the day

Featured image President Biden delivered an address at the first White House conference on hunger since 1969 today. (The White House transcript has not yet been posted.) My impression is that childhood obesity is a bigger problem than childhood hunger and that however big the problem of childhood hunger is, a lack of government spending devoted to it is not the problem. Some redefinition of the problem as one of “food insecurity” »

The cancelations: If the law doesn’t fit [updated]

Featured image President Biden’s “cancelation” of student loans in the aggregate amount of hundreds of billions of dollars is bad public policy in several dimensions. It lacks any respectable justification. It is also of dubious legality — although they have a theory. The theory is a farcical stretch. They couldn’t care less about the weakness of their pretense to legality. If the law doesn’t fit…what they really count on is the difficulty »

Media feeding our fraud

Featured image Governor Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison have a line on the massive Feeding Our Future fraud. Their fallback defense is that the Minnesota Department of Education brought the case to the FBI and that MDE’s $250 million payout of federal tax dollars to the perpetrators of the fraud was required by the FBI so as not to blow the investigation. They count on the inability of friendly and »