The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Take a Flyer Edition

Featured image How do you lose an advanced fighter jet? A metaphor of our incompetent times perhaps? Almost as incompetent at John Fetterman’s tailor and valet. Almost as incompetent as Joe Biden’s brain. Almost as incompetent as Kamala Harris. And who knew that Bob Menendez was a gold bug—a real hard money guy? I can tell you from my temporary outpost in Budapest that even dour Hungarians are wondering how the U.S. »

The Week in Pictures: Knife Sharpening Edition

Featured image Do you get the feeling the Word has gone out from Left Central Headquarters that Biden needs to be sidelined? The knives are being unsheathed and sharpened, and the tea leaves are starting to pile up into a thick broth. Kamala isn’t being spared either. Better cue up more indictments, UFO sightings, phony economic numbers, and foreign scares. Meanwhile, New Mexico discovers that it actually lives under a Constitution that »

The Week in Pictures: Hurricane Biden?

Featured image Karine Jean-Paul-Pierre-Sartre keeps telling us how vigorous and energetic (P)resident Biden is. If Biden was a hurricane, he’d be a Cat 5 storm for sure. You can’t keep up with him! Maybe we should take her at her word, since Biden is wrecking so many parts of the economy and social order like a tornado in a trailer park. Mask up!       Headlines of the week: And finally. »

The Week in Pictures: Geezer Edition

Featured image Mitch McConnell, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden, and John Fetterman are making me pine for the youthful vigor of the old Soviet Politburo. But rather than age limits, I think we ought to do IQ tests, which would rule out Biden immediately. Hero of the week: Headlines of the week: And finally. . .     »

The Week in Pictures: Mugshot Edition

Featured image Only Trump could turn a police mugshot into campaign swag in half an hour. I hope rebellious colleges students will make the Trump mugshot rival Che Guevara iconography, which will surely trigger large numbers of trigglypuffs everywhere. Oh yeah, there was also a Republican presidential “debate.” And Joe got to go to Hawaii. Headlines of the week:     And finally. . .   »

The Week in Pictures: The Peter Principle Edition

Featured image The “Peter Principle” holds that within any hierarchical organization, many people will eventually be promoted to their level of incompetence. This certainly explains Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In a poetic way, it make Biden’s choice of “Peter” as his email alias in a corruption scheme somehow appropriate, as it may prove his undoing. Incidentally, speaking of organizational incompetence, sales of Bud Light continue to fall. Headlines of the week: »

The Week in Pictures: Penalty Kick Schadenfreude Edition

Featured image Let’s see: this week began with the deep schadenfreudey goodness of seeing the (maybe) U.S. women’s soccer team ousted ignominiously from the Whirled Kup on a failed penalty kick by their most obnoxious ex-citizen on the team, and the week ended with Hunter Biden getting the worst penalty kick of all—his own personal DoJ special counsel investigation! Trouble is, special counsel Weiss will probably muff his chances on goal just »

The Week in Pictures: What Next?

Featured image Another week, another Trump indictment. I hear there may be another one coming next week. Yawn. I know there is a premium on reruns while the Hollywood actors and writers strike is going on, but this is getting tedious. Can’t we at least get another UFO hearing or something? Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Hunter or Hunted Edition

Featured image Hunter Biden must have misunderstood his lawyers, and thought they said “flea bargain” instead of “plea bargain,” as they hoped they could sneak a general grant of immunity by a federal judge if it was written in a font the size of a flea in an appendix the judge only received the morning of the hearing. Hunter still hasn’t actually been formally indicted for anything (important not so small detail), »

The Week in Pictures: Barbenheimer Edition

Featured image I’m confused. Am I supposed to go see a movie about an atomic bomb, or an atomic blonde? Or is it just one movie about a blonde bombshell? I wish Hollywood could put down its picket signs long enough to sort us out. Speaking of bombs, have you looked at Joe Biden his week? His deterioration now seems to proceed visibly with each day. And Kamala is starting an obvious »

The Week in Pictures: Peak Farce Edition

Featured image This week the Biden Administration reached full farce stage, reaching the territory Woody Allen described as “a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of two mockeries of a sham.” Both Biden and Kamala were out in public at the same time trying to one-up each other in their ongoing banal inanity contest ; John Kerry said the “climate” was the biggest casualty of the Ukraine war; »

The Week in Pictures: Cocaine Bear Edition

Featured image Why do I have this sudden urge to screen “Cocaine Bear”? I skipped it when it was in theatrical release a few months ago because the story line seemed so preposterous: a hairy mammal gets hold of a large quantity of cocaine and goes on a rampage. That could never happen. It turns out to have been prophecy of a sort. Hunter Biden—the Biden who really puts the “white” in »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Special July 4 Edition

Featured image Why not celebrate today with a special TWiP since there are so many good July 4 memes that will be stale by Saturday? I’m still not sure just what I’m going to grill this afternoon, but it won’t involve any B– L—- beer. And finally. . . Chaser—J.P. Sears with tips on how to celebrate July 4: »

The Week in Pictures: Halfway Point Edition

Featured image So 2023 is half done? It seems fully-baked already, at least when I look at the White House. The biggest question right now is which Biden is going to implode faster than the Titan submersible: Joe or Hunter? I’m halfway to filling my impeachment Bingo card with proceedings pending for Biden, Mayorkas, and Garland. Who else? And then there’s Putin. . . Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Trans-Biden Edition?

Featured image So let’s take stock. As the week began everyone was still talking about how much trouble Trump was in. By the end of the week, we’re starting to talk about how much trouble Biden is in. The plea deal with Hunter was supposed to put the matter behind us, but this plea deal, coupled with the dynamite revelations of Hunter’s shakedown tactics with foreign business figures, takes me back to »

The Week in Pictures: Pride and No Prejudice Edition

Featured image I can’t help it: Biden began his week with a Pride Month celebration that got out of hand (so to speak), and ended with him saying “God save the Queen, man!” Now, everyone thinks he confusingly meant Queen Elizabeth, whom God has already secured without the help of Antony Blinken, but in fact is it more likely that Biden still had that other queen category on mind from Monday’s spectacular, »

The Week in Pictures: Blowing Smoke Everywhere Edition

Featured image The old saying “blowing smoke up your skirt” got taken to absurd lengths this week. Canada has lots of company in the smoke blowing department. Biden blew chunks of smoke about the economy and much else. The Justice Department promises that Trumpsmoke means there’s a real fire somewhere, while Target and the rest of corporate America are asking “what is a skirt that someone should blow smoke up anyway?” Headlines »