The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Googleplex Edition

Featured image “Googleplex” used to mean a 10 followed by 100 zeros, but as of this week it is the new analogue to “perplexed.” It will henceforth be used for liberal faceplants in the following way: “Man you must really be Googleplexed by that!” Meanwhile, although Google’s headquarters is also apparently known as the “Googleplex,” when rendered into numerical notation it will have to be 10-100. Headlines of the week: And finally. . »

The Week in Pictures: White House Daze Edition

Featured image I think I’ve figured out Trump’s secret strategy. This 71-year old energizer bunny of a Tweethead is simply going to wear out the opposition (i.e., the media and senescent Democrats). He won’t need to drain the swamp: it is going to evaporate into its own self-generated white heat. No wonder he has that mischievous grin so often. Now, if only the GOP Congress could figure it out. . . Headlines »

The Day in Pictures: No More Mooching Special Edition

Featured image I was all set this morning to post up my picks for the best tweets of the day, when the news of Scaramucci’s dismissal came across the transom, and upended everything. I am wondering whether Trump is testing to see if he can crash Twitter completely with his daily drama. Still, since he have four more days till the Friday night close for our Week in Pictures gallery, it appears »

The Week in Pictures: Moocher Edition

Featured image Trump is a genius. He must have foreseen that the Senate would fail to repeal Obamacare, and arranged for the Scaramucci Show and the Priebus Putsch to distract us from this massive failure. He’s adding new dimensions to his three-dimensional chess game. And now John Kelly is the new chief of staff. How long till the White House figure out that when Trump said “Call Kelly to fill the job,” »

The Week in Pictures: Groundhog Day Edition

Featured image As I surveyed the cartoons, memes, and photos in the large inventory for this week, I couldn’t help but think—”Isn’t this just like last week? And the week before? Is CNN still beclowning itself? Is Trump still provoking Tweetrages? More Russia fanaticism from everyone? Is Gov. Christie still on that beach?” I’m afraid right now that we may be in this pattern for the next three and a half years. »

Some Pictures Just Can’t Wait Till Saturday Morning

Featured image I’m traveling today, but not to worry: I’ve got the Week in Pictures in hand for tomorrow morning, going up at 6 am (central time) sharp as usual. But sometimes a picture comes along that is so extraordinary that it deserves to be separated from the crowd: I mean seriously: what the hell? Clinton between two Bushes? Does Slick Willie not know how symbolically accurate this photo is, displaying his »

The Week in Pictures: CNN Beatdown Edition

Featured image Some time last week I tweeted out a question of whether the old adage “never get into a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel” is obsolete in the age of pixels, and CNN’s serial face plants, along with the relentless internet mockery of said face plants, would seem to have answered that question firmly in the affirmative. CNN must be thanking its lucky stars that Gov. Christie »

Mid-Week in Pictures: July 4 Edition

Featured image Look at the bright side (so to speak): at least Governor Christie didn’t take off his shirt. That would clear any beach, and might have brought down the plane the snapped the pic of him validating why the government should own as little land as possible. In any case, here’s to the 4th: But let’s remember what we have to celebrate on the beach this summer: And coming next month—more »

The Week in Pictures: Media Meltdown Edition

Featured image Is this the week we’ll look back on for the moment when the mainstream media crossed over into full stark-raving madness? CNN had to fire three reporters and producers for running a genuine fake story, Sarah Palin is making a strong bid to become a minority shareholder of the New York Times (even as its reporters stage symbolic walkouts to protest layoffs), and Salon cemented its spot in the so-called “reality-based »

The Week in Pictures: Toxic Democrats Edition

Featured image I haven’t seen Democrats this dispirited since. . . yesterday. And I haven’t seen Democrats this angry since. . . also yesterday. They lost a special election because the rubes in Georgia just won’t recognize their nobility (though to their credit a few Democrats have openly admitted that their brand is “toxic”), and their complaints that a proposal to control health care spending is going to kill literally millions is a »

The Week in Pictures: Civil War Edition

Featured image There’s been a vigorous debate going on about whether our political divisions can or should be described as a genuine “civil war” as opposed to just a “culture war” or merely “hyperpolarization.” James Hodgkinson’s heinous act this week argues for the full on civil war characterization. But does the left really want open warfare in America? For all their talk of “fighting in the streets,” they might want to think »

The Week in Pictures: Comey Chameleon Edition

Featured image Yes, I’d have to say Comey Comey Comey Comey Chameleon is the perfect persona for our media age of Boy George Stephanopoulos, not to mention Anderson Drooper-Cooper and the appropriately named Don Lemon. Why don’t we just get it over with and rename CNN the “Comey News Network.” And were you as disappointed as I was that Russian hookers didn’t get mentioned once in Thursday’s hearings? I was promised there »

The Week in Pictures: Covfefe Edition

Featured image This week will go down in the history books as the week of Covfefe. All hail Covfefe! Is Covfefe the name of that great glowing orb Trump placed his hands on over in the Middle East? Or is it just another great example of how Trump is stimulating the economy—or at least the digital economy? Oh yeah, and Kathy Griffin committed career suicide this week, and Trump interred the Paris »

The Week in Pictures: Body Slam Edition

Featured image So the Democrats got body slammed in another election this week. It’s to be expected in the Year of the Liberal Freakout. I expect Elizabeth Warren’s foreign policy platform in 2020 will be “Get the United States Out of Montana!” Meanwhile, liberals continue to hunt for the motive for the Manchester terror bombing. It’s almost as if liberals have a motive not to find a motive. What could that be? »

The Week in Pictures: Can Anyone Trump This Edition

Featured image Another week—though it seems like a month—another turn-it-up-to-11 on the Liberal/Media Trumpomatic Outrage Meter. Can they keep this up? Yes, because it is the most congenial mode of contemporary liberalism. I think the most secure job in America right now is Keith Olbermann’s psychiatrist, or perhaps Michael Moore’s dietitian.   Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Omnibus Edition

Featured image The media/Democratic idiocy over Trump now comes so fast that I can’t keep up. As someone put it somewhere, I’m running out of evens to can’t. But realize what Trump accomplished this week: before this week, he was Hitler. Now he’s Nixon! Quite an upgrade! By July 4, he’ll be George W. Bush (who was also Hitler I think—boy is this confusing). Meanwhile, a fresh campus outrage or absurdity now »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Special Agent Comey Edition

Featured image I just have to. Because in the modern news cycle this story will be more stale than Wonder Bread the day after a kegger at a frat house if I wait till Saturday to post. Besides, my inventory of properly empowered feminists is really starting to, um, stack up. And finally. . . (as if I need an excuse): »