The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: The Same Subject Continued Edition

Featured image “The same subject continued” is how many of the individual numbers of the Federalist Papers are titled, and it is entirely fitting for the political Category F5 storm that is Donald Trump in the White House. Liberals continue to melt down worse that the Fukushima reactor, which is only fitting in the aftermath of the Trumpian Tsunami that somehow didn’t get the memo about “the side of history.” (Or the »

The Week in Pictures: Trump Train Keeps On Rolling Edition

Featured image With the left sputtering counterproductively, it appears the only thing that can possibly slow down President Trump is carpal tunnel syndrome: his wrist will lock up from signing so many executive orders. Hopefully this is just practice for signing a lot of good legislation from Congress. So much winning! I expect this is even more winning than the New England Patriots can take. So much winning. . . And finally. »

The Week in Pictures: Trumpocalypse Now Edition

Featured image Has any recent president raced as fast out of the gate as Trump? I can’t think of one. He’s issuing executive orders faster than he tweets No wonder the left is in full meltdown mode.   And Congress hasn’t even gotten in on the act yet. It already seems like Obama’s presidency was in the last century, not last week. Anyway, extra big lineup this week.     And finally. »

The Week in Pictures: Regular Saturday Edition

Featured image Aw come on, this is just too much fun. So here’s a short bonus round to enjoy while we get ready for the NFL conference championships tomorrow. Many thanks, by the way, to the many Power Line readers who turned out in Austin yesterday to hear my lunch talk at the University about Ronaldus Magnus, which I’ll lead off with. But note, in the second pic, that Trump has indeed »

The Week in Pictures: Special Inaugural Gala Edition

Featured image I know, the Week in Pictures usually appears on Saturday, but given that it’s Inauguration Day today, it seems to me that we ought to have it up as a nice way to pass the last few hours of President Obama. By noon, we can start saying that happy phrase, “EX-President Obama.” And right after, the remarkable words, “President Trump.” I distinctly remember being in Washington on January 20, 1981, »

The Week in Pictures: Transition Edition

Featured image Do you realize that by the time the next Week in Pictures gallery is posted, Barack Obama will be an ex-president? Woo-hoo! (That is unless Rosie O’Donnell indeed persuades Obama to declare martial law.) I recall the Reagan transition in 1980-81 very well, but this one has been even more fun to watch. Buckle up: there isn’t enough WD-40 in our universe to keep the unhinged left from squeaking. And »

The Week in Pictures: Countdown Edition

Featured image Less than 14 days until Obama leaves the White House. So this week we feature lots of happy photos of moving vans showing up on the grounds. They may as well pack up Obamacare while they’re at it. And can it really be true that Hillary is thinking of running for mayor of New York City? Can we really be so lucky? And has she never pondered how well that »

The Year in Pictures: From Brexit to Trumpit Edition

Featured image Well, to paraphrase the famous Car Talk sign off, you’ve wasted another perfectly good year making our picture gallery your Saturday morning coffee creamer. Obviously Trump was the big story of 2016, with Brexit running a close second. Both have in common that they drove liberals out of their minds, except that is redundant. Now we get to enjoy President Trump, who I predict will be even more fun to »

The Week in Pictures: Yuletide Edition

Featured image Now I know perfectly well that in a certain region of the country, the salutation right now is more likely to be roll tide! than Yuletide. Whatever. We’re an ecumenical, interfaith site anyway, so we can roll with it. And speaking of whatever, I understand the Pew Research people have found that whatever is the most annoying word of the moment, and I guess so since whatever has become so »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Electoral College Graduation Edition

Featured image People are working overtime to produce good visual material about the liberal faceplant over the Electoral College results yesterday, and since this will be old news by Saturday, it seems to me a special edition of the Week in Pictures is justified: Amazingly, Scott Adams drew this Dilbert cartoon 26 years ago. . . And finally as a special bonus: »

The Week in Pictures: From Russia With Love Edition

Featured image So our news media hacks are up in arms about hackers, and no wonder: they resent the competition? First, tilting the news against one political party is supposed to be the closed shop oligopoly of the New York Times, CBS, etc. Who are these people to be airing out secret information? Do they think this is the Pentagon Papers or something? Second, how can Mother Russia, home of the old »

The Week in Pictures: Man of the Year Edition

Featured image Did Time magazine really need to think about it? And you know who else was Time‘s Man of the Year once? Hitler. QED. Our friend Jon Gabriel at Ricochet warns lefties that they ought to pace themselves better. Trump is going to be around for at least four years, and lefties are going to exhaust both their vocabulary and their adrenaline at the pace they’ve set for themselves. Michael Moore »

The Week in Videos: More Fun Times

Featured image Well let’s just start piling these up, starting with Trump Air flying celebrities to Canada (40 seconds): And another round of the TV talking heads assuring us that Hillary was going to win in a landslide (never gets old, 2 minutes): Wisdom from the late, great Jack Webb (3 minutes): Wanna really embarrass a liberal? Just ask actual black people on the street about voter suppression (4 minutes): Tucker Carlson »

The Week in Videos

Featured image I’m not saying this will become a regular feature, but a few good ones have piled up on the spindle, starting with this extended version of the schadenfreudtastic video of the predictions that Trump would never make it (4 minutes): And I haven’t seen Tucker Carlson’s new show on Fox News, but this segment with New York Times editor Liz Spayd is pretty good, as Spayd is remarkably honest about the »

The Week in Pictures: Victory Lap Edition

Featured image I’d be totally fine if Trump just went on a constant road trip holding rallies and just turned the government over to Mike Pence. It would drive the media out of their mind. Well okay, that mission has already been accomplished. Heck—that suggests a great idea: Why not hold a victory rally in front of the New York Times building, with a banner hoisted on the Times building that reads, »

The Week in Pictures: Black Friday/Saturday Edition

Featured image Isn’t “Black Friday” racist? Or consumerist? Or something politically incorrect? Of course it is. I don’t know exactly why, but there must be some reason. Anyway, the hangover from the election must be setting a new hangover record—well beyond the imagination of the most enthusiastic St. Patrick’s Day reveler. Which is saying something. Me: I spent Black Friday at the beach, and am going to spend Black Saturday at wineries. »

The Week in Pictures: The Trumpening Sequel Edition

Featured image The left’s total meltdown over Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. I suspect they’ll be giving us this gift for much of the next four years. There’s talk of a “million woman march” the day after inauguration, giving Bill Clinton a good reason to stick around after Trump is sworn in. Fun times! Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »