The Week In Pictures

The Geek in Pictures: Cancel Edition

Featured image Now here’s a depressing survey out this week. The left likes to say that “cancel culture” is just as prevalent on the right as it is on the left, but take a look at this chart and see if you spot a conspicuous difference: This finding comes from the 2021 American College Student Freedom, Progress and Flourishing Survey, just out from the Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation »

The Week in Pictures: Kamala’s Kookies Edition

Featured image It was a tough call deciding on the lead theme for the week, given how Jeffrey Toobin’s reinstatement at CNN summons fond memories of the eternal return of Anthony Weiner. It just shows that the Toobin Missile Crisis wasn’t armageddon for his media career. But Kamala Harris distributing faceless cookies of herself has to be perfectly fitting for her faceless, clueless vice presidency.   Headlines of the week: And finally. »

The Geek in Pictures: June Gloom Edition

Featured image • With today’s bad inflation number, here’s what the trend looks like—but not to worry, I’m sure it’s nothing, and I’m sure the Biden Administration and the Fed are on it: • According to Gallup’s latest polling, a majority of Americans now prefer returning to normal life as soon as possible, and getting outside. There’s a catch, though. There’s a sharp partisan divide. Democrats—the “party of science,” remember—prefer to keep »

The Week in Pictures: Grouchy Fauci Edition

Featured image Have you ever seen fame and fortune turn so quickly against someone as it is right now against Il Fauci? The scandal of his emails ranks right up alongside the massive leak of the “climategate” emails back in 2009; they are the “Pentagon Papers” of the COVID fiasco. And does every media headline have to include “racism” in it right now? It seems like it from the ones we’ve assembled »

The Geek in Pictures: Keynesian Crime Wave Edition

Featured image With Biden’s proposed $6 trillion budget, we’re back to full-blown Keynesianism, which fits with our full-blown liberal crime wave. So let’s start with this pair. Speaking of race, I know I had these two charts a few days ago, but they bear repeating: • Incentives matter: Ohio vs. the US: • The rot in higher education: • Is this good news or bad news? • One of my favorite energy »

The Week in Pictures: Media Leak Edition

Featured image Has the media ever had a worse week than having to admit, however indirectly, that Trump was right about the Wuhan Flu? Of course there will be no introspection about how the media’s TDS caused them to rush to judgment. The dodging and weaving would do Muhammad Ali proud. The media is used to receiving leaks; now they’re the ones leaking—leaking out the last shred of their credibility. Headlines of »

The Week in Pictures: Cease Fire Edition

Featured image So after a typical conflict between an intransigent freedom-loving people and the malignant force out to conquer and oppress them, a cease-fire was finally settled this week, though not without spasms of media sympathy for the malignancy and Democratic Party outrage at the freedom-lovers. I refer, of course, to the CDC and the American people. Did you think I meant something else? But first up—a reader sends along this perfect »

The Geek in Pictures: Graphology Unbound [With Comment by John]

Featured image • ZachGoldberg strikes again: You may want to embiggen this first chart (clicking on it should work), and notice in the first panel on the left how white liberal sympathy for Israel has plummeted in the last few years. The left likes to claim that Israel is engaged in “genocide” against the Palestinians. Some genocide: • More evidence (from Zach Goldberg again) that white male liberals are indeed girly-men: • Mark »

The Week in Pictures: Gas Mask Edition

Featured image Is it merely a coincidence that the CDC abruptly announced this week that masks are no longer necessary for people who have been vaccinated? Could it be that with multiple crises piling up for the Biden Administration, they need to do something to improve the mood of Americans suddenly re-enacting the gas lines of 1979? If the Cardigan sweater was the emblem of the Carter administration, the mask-uber-alles of the »

The Week in Pictures: Wide-Angle Edition

Featured image Has there ever been a more fitting picture for our humble Week-in-Pictures feature than this seemingly LSD-infused pic of Joe Biden hulking over Rosalynn Carter? What’s up with this? Is the “one pill makes you larger” idea come to life? Not since a swamp rabbit attacked Jimmy Carter in 1979 has a photo seemed so unreal, but perhaps it is a fitting metaphor of Biden’s bizarro left-wing presidency, not to »

The Geek in Pictures: Special Energy Fantasy League Edition

Featured image Here’s a great barroom game you can play (well okay, at a nerd bar anyway): what would a “Green Energy Fantasy League” draft look like? How high would the bids go to have Greta Thunberg and Al Gore on your fantasy team? Can Amory Lovins be the Tom Brady of energy hucksters, still able to throw long at his advanced age? With John Kerry in the draft, it would be »

The Week in Pictures: Narcolepsy Edition

Featured image I heard Joe Biden gave a speech to Congress this week. Or at least some of Congress. I heard Ted Cruz fell asleep in the middle of it. Maybe he was merely emulating (P)resident Biden, our first fully somnambulist president? Meanwhile, Biden’s blowout spending proposals are giving a whole new meaning to “go for broke.” (Hat tip: RS.) Headlines of the week:   And finally. . . our very own »

The Geek in Pictures: No Country for Young Leftists Edition

Featured image Let’s start with demographics. As we know, the Census delivered losses in House seats mostly to blue states, and gains to red states. And guess what, mom? States where more people say “guess what, mom?” are the red states; in other words, red states are out-breeding blue states. Or to put it yet another way, states where Vogue magazine is read in large numbers are not having enough babies to »

The Week in Pictures: Knife & Razor Edition

Featured image So have I got this right? This was the week we learned that knife-fighting is just a typical rite of passage for youth today, and the police should just stay out of it. Occam’s Razor would suggest this is idiocy, but I guess a knife beats even Occam’s blade, though I am surprised some nitwit hasn’t suggested that police officers deploy rocks, since rocks beat scissors, and I’m sure there’s »

The Week in Pictures: Riot Preseason Edition

Featured image Prediction: If Derek Chauvin is found guilty by the Minneapolis jury, there will be riots anyway, like we sometimes see in a city that wins the Super Bowl or World Series. Dust off Edward Banfield’s chapter on “Rioting Mostly for Fun and Profit” in The Unheavenly City.   Which I may just talk about on our podcast this week. In the meantime. . . Headlines of the week: And finally. »

The Week in Pictures: Infrastructure Edition

Featured image First, an announcement: there won’t be an episode of the 3WHH podcast this week. Both Lucretia and I are traveling, and we just don’t have the infrastructure to pull it off. What?—you say! Are we the only two Americans left out of Biden’s “infrastructure” bill? Apparently so. (Meanwhile, if you’re still jonesing for a podcast fix, I did another guest turn on the Ricochet podcast last night. Drinks were had. »

The Geek in Pictures: Risky Business Edition

Featured image What are the biggest risks out there right now? Listen to what the “experts” are saying, and then ignore it, because “expert” predictions are wrong most of the time. This first chart about major risks over the last decade, as estimated by people in the financial community, is very hard to make out (though you may be able to embiggen it), but the point of the chart is not the »