The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: 10 Year Challenge Edition

Featured image What’s with this sudden “Ten Year Challenge” business? And when will it be applied to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (also AOC, in between her busy dating schedule), i.e., in ten years can they come up with a coherent sentence? I’m reminded of the old Will Rogers saying, “It’s no trouble at all being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.” The good news is that »

The Geek in Pictures: Disapproval Edition

Featured image Look around the world and you’ll see that many heads of state are underwater in their public approval ratings—many of them worse off that Slow Joe Biden. But there are some exceptions. India’s Modi is clearly doing something right. I’m hard pressed to explain Mario Draghi though. Boris Johnson’s problems are easily explained: he’s been a disaster on COVID, and an even worse disaster on energy prices, because he inexplicably »

The Week in Pictures: Dating Game Edition

Featured image If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not exist, Steve Bannon would have to invent her. She is indeed the gift that keeps on giving, well after the holiday season is over. And now we learn that the person whose “democratic” socialism requires carbon dating to see how old and decrepit it is thinks Republicans don’t like her because they secretly want to date her. How that’s hot, as in hot mess. I »

January 6 in Pictures: Dem-Media Overreach Edition

Featured image As a footnote to yesterday’s leftist jamboree about January 6, let’s note the signs and symbols that the left is waaaayyy overreaching with this. I hope they keep up with this narrative, as it is certain to alienate more and more Americans, even ones with little or no sympathy for Trump. (There are several surveys, in fact, finding a majority of the public regards the events of last January 6 »

The Week in Pictures: Happy New Year Edition

Featured image Out with the old, in with the new. The eternal slogan of the optimist on this day. I’m going to lose weight . . . after I finish that muffin over there. Edna St. Vincent-Millay is supposed to have said that history isn’t one damn thing after another—it’s the same damn thing over and over again. I’m thinking this is now the motto of the CDC and our public health »

The Week in Pictures: Merry Xmas Edition

Featured image Only in a world distorted by progressivism could people be pleased—and kept warm—by a lump of coal in their Christmas stockings, yet here we are. Kamala Harris is Biden’s lump, and I doubt even the dancing nurses are cheering up the White House this weekend. Anyway, here’s to your own nuclear-powered holiday week.   Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

The Geek in Pictures: Winter Solstice Edition

Featured image Welcome officially to winter. And what better way to welcome winter than some charts and graphs? Okay, so this first one isn’t exactly a chart or graph, but it includes numbers and fits the day: • The media call this a “split,” when it ought to indicate a five-alarm fire. Has this question ever been asked of any previous president? • Kamala Harris has been giving primal screams about how »

The Week in Pictures: Unhappy Liberal Holidays Edition

Featured image This holiday season finds the left very unhappy. Not only are their green energy stockings hung over their recycled-pellet stoves filled with an extra lump of coal to keep the lights on, but their secular saints Jussie Smollette, Andrew Cuomo, and Alec Baldwin have been laid low by the Scroogelike gears of American justice. And the Biden-Harris Administration can’t even deliver a cut-rate spending bill for their dancing elves of »

The Week in Pictures: Smoldering Smollett Edition

Featured image Has there ever been a self-immolation as complete as Jussie Smollett? Beyond the imagination of Tom Wolfe. It would be good if it marked a turning point in the media-race-hustle-industrial complex, but I doubt it. Still, it might be nice if the phrase “You’re Smollettin’ us again!” caught on. One person who no doubt likes this story: Chris Cuomo. It gets him off the top headline. Headlines of the week: »

The Week in Video: Remy, the BB, and Libertarian James Bond

Featured image I’ve long resisted attempting a regular “Week in Video” feature to go along with Week and Geek in Pictures, but a few recent ones are worthy of sharing, and might as well do it as a bunch. First, good to see the Babylon Bee folks getting into video, with this entry on what liberals with kids named Brandon must be going through right now: Next, I share the disappointment (or »

The Geek in Pictures: Delta-Omicron Edition

Featured image Well if the WHO can run through the Greek alphabet for every new variation of the Wuhan flu, then why can’t we do the same with our occasional chart roundup? • Speaking of COVID and the games the “public health” community like the play, here’s a clinic about the use and abuse of the Y-axis: Meanwhile: I thought Germany knew how to do lockdowns. . . • Bubble blowing? Crash ahead? »

The Week in Pictures: The New New Deviant Edition

Featured image Good grief. No sooner to do I label last week’s gallery the “new deviant edition” than Fredo Cuomo is put in limbo at CNN for his covering up his brother’s predations, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial got under way (speaking of deviants), the Jussie Smollett trial got under way, Alec Baldwin borrows a page from the killer Waukesha SUV and claims the gun went off by itself and it isn’t his »

The Week in Pictures: New Deviant Edition

Featured image Oh that’s just great: a new COVID variant. A new variant is Christmas come early for the  deviants in government. And the news broke so late Thursday that the memosphere hasn’t generated much new material yet in time for today’s gallery. We shall have to make do the best we can, with the usual targets. Which brings us to. . . headlines of the week:   And finally. . . »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Special Thanksgiving Holiday Edition

Featured image This year we give special thanks for the meme-makers who are delivering a heaping pile of tryptophanic material about the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal, with no thanks to the Biden Administration for inflation and their inflated excuses.   And finally. . . a Turkey Day bonus gallery: »

The Week in Pictures: Well-Acquitted Edition

Featured image The reaction from the left to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse tells you all you need to know about the left’s regard for the rule of law and due process. But there was other good news this week, such as the announcement that Beto O’Rourke is running again in Texas, and I’m still wondering just what Jedi mind trick Gov. Abbott used to pull this off. And, of course, more »

The Geek in Pictures: Blowout Edition

Featured image So, the budget blowout bill has passed the House. You know things are bad when the nation’s prospects hang by the slender thread of an egotistical senator from West Virginia. If the bill passes the Senate, expect this historically high gap in favor of the GOP to grow even larger: • Meanwhile, the other blowout numbers from this week are the soaring deaths from drug overdoses: • We’re also Number »

The Week in Pictures: Inflated Edition

Featured image So inflation is back, and thus TWiP will have to raise its prices, or at least its picture and meme count, to adjust. Meanwhile, the steady deflation of the Biden presidency continues.  And the latest UN climate summit—COP 26—has adjourned with an important agreement . . . to meet again next year! Because the time for words is over, but there’s always time for more meetings where everyone says the »