The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Travis-ty Meme Edition

Featured image So this was the week we got The Meme to End All Memes: Travis Kelse beating up on Wilford Brimley, everyone’s favorite grandfather figure. We can Swiftly—I mean swiftly—expect it to replace Arena Explainer Guy, Distracted Boyfriend, Superhero Dilemma, Change My Mind, Drake, Angry Cat Lady, and the other staples for the Meme Generation. Senile Biden remains current, though. And file this away for future reference: Headlines of the week: »

The Week in Pictures: Dementia Joe Edition

Featured image Seriously, how much longer can Democrats let this charade go on?  Well, there’s this to be said for Slow Joe’s obvious dementia: it makes filling out the Week in Pictures an easy chore! Special bonus: Tucker Carlson has everyone upset. Just wait till he interviews Taylor Swift.   Headlines of the week: And finally. . . Since it’s Super Bowl weekend, how about some cheerleaders in shotgun formation: »

The Week in Pictures: Psy-Op Edition

Featured image Have you heard? The Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift tie-up is some kind of deep state psy-op that will culminate in a Swift endorsement of Joe Biden at midfield at the end of a victorious Super Bowl victory in which Kelce will set new pass reception records with the help of an officiating crew drawn from suspended UNRWA staff. But this is just one giant misdirection, and I can’t believe people are »

The Week in Pictures: Stuck Out on the Border Edition

Featured image Why is the old Eagles song (which, like Lebowski, I hate) coming to mind just now: Never mind your name, just give us your number, hmmNever mind your face, just show us your card, hmmAnd we wanna know whose wing are you underYou better step to the right, or we can make it hard I’m stuck on the border(Whoa-ooh) all I wanted was some peace of mindDon’t you tell me »

The Week in Pictures: Devious Davos Edition

Featured image It’s that time of year again: the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Festivus for the global elite. Think of it at the anti-Mont Pelerin (site of the 1947 meeting that launched the movement against international socialism), and ask yourself which movement rooted in a Swiss mountain location has done the most good for the world. Cue your best shots at puffed up posers like Klaus »

The Week in Pictures: Houthi and the Blowhard Edition

Featured image So it’s Houthi and the Blowhard now playing at the Red Sea right now. Biden sent another strongly worded letter to the Houthis, which the British thought should be accompanied with some cruise missiles and drone strikes. Biden is likely thinking, “Golly, I didn’t know we could do that! I mean, my Defense Secretary never told me! Actually he doesn’t tell me much of anything.” Meanwhile, in the Annals of »

The Week in Pictures: Gay Times Edition

Featured image Well, this new year is starting off much better than expected. It’s not often that a schadenfreudey moment like the self-immolation of Harvard’s Claudine Gay lasts an entire month, so by all means let’s revel in it for another week. Let it roll over us like hot chocolate syrup on a vanilla ice-cream sundae. (I’m sure some ninny somewhere will think this imagery racist, unless they stop and think about »

The Week in Pictures: Happy New Year Edition

Featured image Another year, another set of ignored new year’s resolutions. But we’re ready to ring in the new year with expectations for more of the last year—Biden bumbling, Kamala cackling, Hunter huffing, Trump trumping, Ukraine underperforming, the media mediating, etc. We resume with Colorado’s threat to democracy, which spread to the mean streets of Maine this week. Happy new year everybody!   Headlines of the week:   And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Don’t Say Gay Edition

Featured image Gay sex in the Senate, Gay plagiarism at Harvard—no wonder the left wanted to get out ahead of things by promoting the “don’t say gay” slogan last year. I’m awaiting a re-write of Nietzsche’s Gay Science to offer up a field theory of how the left’s identitarianism is hitting the wall harder than an EV-driving coyote chasing after a white supremacist road-runner who just filled up his jalopy with gasoline. »

The Week in Pictures: Gay Context Edition

Featured image Next up, we’re going to be told that plagiarism is a matter of context, right? (Though I am tempted to go with “Claudine Gay is a plagiarist is My Truth.”) Actually the entire monotonous campus left is one big plagiarism racket, since all the ideas, and much of the vocabulary, are identical. This is why I call every invocation of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” the modern academic Nicene Creed (“We »

The Week in Pictures: Context Edition

Featured image Harvard Prezident Claudine Gay has moved on from “context” to “my truth.” I guess “truth” is proprietary now at Harvard. Gay clearly doesn’t know the First Law of Holes: “If you’re in one—stop digging.” Has there ever been a more pathetic display of academic arrogance and cluelessness? It ought to be embarrassing for three Ivy League president to be humiliated by a bunch of Congresscritters, around whom Ivy Leaguers are »

The Week in Pictures: Smackdown Edition

Featured image In political news the big event of the week perhaps was the DeSantis-Newsom debate, but for some reason my in-box got a flood of fresh Chris Christie memes, and almost none about the debate. Biden and Harris always take care of themselves. And I am starting to like some of these AI-generated pics. But we’ll mostly just go back to our old standby meme themes this week. I’m really starting »

The Week in Pictures: Populist Surge Edition

Featured image Populism—the phenomenon whereby the wrong candidate wins a democratic election and thereby “threatens democracy”—had a good week. A very good week. Two candidates without official hall passes from the global elites—Milei in Argentina and Wilders in The Netherlands—romped to victory without the permission of the media. Viktor Orban twisted the knife by sending congratulations to Milei and announcing that he’d travel to Argentina to attend Milei’s inauguration. If Trump were »

Special TWIP: Thanksgiving Day in Pictures

Featured image Why not a special edition of TWiP for Thanksgiving? Why not indeed! It gives me an excuse to delay my day-drinking start time by a couple hours, though it will not delay or deter dinner table rants. Because of course it will (the obligatory headline): Also this predictable hed: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Deja Vu All Over Again Edition

Featured image With each passing week the manifestations of anti-Semitism grow louder, more brazen, and more menacing. And now Tik-Tok is piling on, rehabilitating Osama bin Laden in ways that must make Ward Churchill wonder when he gets his job back. Meanwhile, leave it to the Chinese to figure out how to make San Francisco clean up its streets. Maybe we should hold Xi hostage, and solve two problems at once?   »

The Week in Pictures: Weimar America Edition

Featured image So somebody is scum. Heels are ammunition. Anti-Semitic raves keep expanding. Biden continues to bumble. Social Security is still going broke. Bankman-Fried is certified as Bankrupt-Fraud, and is going away for a long stretch. Maybe he’ll be able to wave across the yard at Elizabeth Holmes. Obama reminds us that collective guilt goes before collectivization. Another week in Weimar America. Headlines of the week: And finally. . .   »

The Week in Pictures: American Kristallnacht Edition

Featured image This is the week we saw American universities go full Kristallnacht, culminating in Cornell cancelling classes on account of threats from anti-Semites it trained and encouraged in its own classrooms. Perhaps it is time to dust off the de-Nazification manuals from 1945 and update them for campus use. This spectacle of intellectual depravity is almost enough to distract from our incompetent president. Well, at least conservatives can celebrate our favorite »